Friday, June 17, 2011

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  • subujee
    09-09 07:53 PM
    EVen though I was stuck in labor certification for 5 years and was able to file for my last stages before the mess, still I feel other folks in this immigration community should not be stressed like me . So, even though I can't make it to the immigration rally, I am contributed $100 rightaway and will try to convince my other colleagues on the same boat to contribute.

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  • diptam
    07-06 02:42 PM
    Ooh - you are right !!! It took me more time to write the above than it took 25 USCIS workers to approve 25,000 I-485's... (48 hrs X 60 mins X 25) / 25000 = 3 mins.

    They are thinking us dumb fools because we are immigrants and we have to accept whatever they say !!

    I doubt if anyone was denied. They have to approve anyone and everyone to meet the numbers.

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  • regacct
    05-13 09:34 AM
    Couple more days left on this phone campaign. Please flood the GOP senate offices with phone calls asking them to support the CIR framework.
    They need to hear from us (the other side of the coin), to believe that there are people in their constituency that want these changes/reforms.....

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  • 485Mbe4001
    08-13 05:14 PM
    Thank you. you are one of the very few, i commend you on your post and support.

    The last couple of VBs have brought out the worst amongst us, so much for together we stand, after reading the posts, it was more like 'you stand while i climb over you' :)

    I started a thread couple of weeks back. It met an untimely death because of lack of participation from people. Just to revive your memory :

    Today we are here almost on the verge of disintegration as an organization. And this is because we always believed in our minds that we are nothing but a bunch of opportunists coming together for our individual cause of getting a GC. What we see today is an outcome of what we always believed. Soon EB2 will disappear, and EB3 will be left alone fighting for their GC's. And at some point of time they will also go away, all that's left will be "guests" using IV as a discussion forum. May be what I suggested can be termed as "Quixotic" but unless we aim high, we will never reach high.

    Guys, I am an EB2 with PD in 2004, but I will always stand together with you, no matter what. A GC for myself alone will never satisfy me, because number of my friends, my family members are in EB3, and I am not mean enough to celebrate for myself when majority of my friends and family members are sad.


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  • lahiribaba
    07-06 01:51 AM
    Instead of hiring a full time lobbyist why dont we hire a full time manager who will contact IV members and drive funding drives , organize campaigns , send and spam USCIS with emails flowers and faxes and keep it moving. Heck may be we can even offshore and outsource it. Take a look at YourManInIndia ( . At 7$ per hour this wont take much. Lets take the help of our brothers and sisters in Inda to get GC .. let them help us while we help them..


    But we're never gonna survive, unless...
    We get a little crazy
    No we're never gonna survive, unless...
    We are a little...

    ~~~~~~~ Seal ~~~~~~~~~~

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  • vin13
    03-12 11:46 AM
    I feel contribution campaign for a specific initiative will have a better result than a general contribution.

    The home page should show all the initiatives that is being worked on. Who is leading the effort and then people can contribute for those efforts. This way everyone will have a say in what they feel is more important by contributing more to that effort.

    The reason i feel this is because currently the only way i can understand the progress about any initiative is by constantly reading the forum. A lot of times people change topics and open several threads. I need to keep pace with the posts. I spend several hours a day to keep up. I may not be able to do this forever.

    Legal employement based immigration has various aspects.Initiative are vast ranging from F1 visas to Advance Parole. If we break the contribution by initiatives, people can visit those areas so they can contribute their time and money more effectively.

    Just my 2 cents.


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  • sandy_anand
    06-16 12:58 PM
    If you are stuck at Atlanta PERM backlog center , please email your case number and explain them that your application has been pending for a LONG time and request them to help us get out of this grave situation. Also, please post on this thread after you have sent an email so that others can be motivated to do the same. We need to send as many emails as possible to get any positive feedback. I know that DOL mentioned that they will start processing our applications soon, but we need to keep up the pressure from our end so that it has some positive effect.

    I know most of the people on this forum are not in this situation ..... but let's see how many can come out of this selfishness and help others by emailing / phoning DOL Atlanta to help other brothers who want to file AOS just like them...... When phone campaigns / email campaigns happen .... we who are stuck at Atlanta help others tooo... so let's see how many on this form help us now...

    Here is the info :
    email :
    Phone : 404-893-0101

    Champak (Same as 1 and 2)

    Champak, I'm in the same boat as yours. Called the Atlanta number and left a message with my case number. My attorney sent an email this week. I have also asked my employer to do the same. Maybe I'll take your advice and send them an email too.

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  • Dhundhun
    03-18 01:55 PM
    Can you show us the source of your information? It is very clearly written on the IRS website that if Married and filing jointly, both need to have SSN. If one spouse has ITIN, you will not get ANY rebate.

    Here it is:,,id=179211,00.html

    I can feel my H1B friends being hurt due to such discrimination.

    I did not ask for my wife's EAD, while filing AOS, because she don't want to work. IRS is forcing us (indirectly) to take EAD, so that SSA will provide SSN and then based on SSN, IRS will give stimulus benefit.


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  • Marphad
    02-26 02:46 PM
    What do you mean they should???? Are they not already doing so?

    Either you are too new to community or your spouse is working for USCIS :).

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  • EkAurAaya
    07-11 02:20 PM

    :(Bad News is all of us who applied for EAD renewal after June 30th wouldnt get a 2 years EAD instead would get 1 year EAD.

    bang on the money... i think this is just another ingenious way for USCIS to milk us :mad:


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  • stldude
    07-06 03:20 PM
    Nobody was complaining b4 Jun 13th.. It's sucks when people get their hopes up and then go back to the infinite wait stage again... USCIS should be held responsible for it... Don't u agree ??

    why would you have sleepless nights till Oct? Did you have sleepless nights before June 13th? Your sleepiness should be the same as it was before June 13th!

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  • skv
    08-12 04:29 PM
    Hi Lonedesi,

    Thank you for your response. Are you saying that we can take a chance by just sending the letter which includes details such as A#, receipt numbers etc; without completed DHS Form 7001. This sounds to be good plan, where employer is not supporting. However., the only catch is, if employer knows about this later, it doesn't look good.

    Please correct me , if I'm wrong about understanding yout statement.

    Thanks again!


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  • gc_chahiye
    09-28 06:55 PM
    not that it makes a huge difference, are they atleast trying to use some of the visa numbers by working over this weekend???

    they are working overtime on receipting (see the FAQ). Wish they stop receipting for these last 2-3 days and use up ALL the visa numbers. Everyone should be put into I-485 approval work. If there are people stuck in NC, see if any of the June/July filers manage to pass the FBI database without a hit.

    A receipt notice coming 2 days late is not a big deal. If a visa number is not used up, its lost, gone forever!

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  • EB3_SEP04
    05-18 03:16 PM
    I agree with you. One of my friends got RFE regarding Birth Ceritificates and medical certificates. I would not be surprised if they ask me the same.
    So, how did you submit the Birth certificate then? Can you please share the experience?

    My brother managed to get one for me. the issue was that my BC had wrong date and first name (my uncle had reported my birth with that name which was never used again). My brother talked to the officials, gave affidavits, chai-paani etc and they agreed to correct date and put both first names with a slash(/) in between. phew ...what an experience dealing with the Indian beauraucrats.


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  • black_logs
    01-06 02:31 PM
    I thought they were doing jun'2002. If things goes this way. We're day dreaming of Green Card

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  • amsgc
    06-05 10:25 PM
    Lets make it happen folks!


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  • priti8888
    06-24 04:13 PM
    Think about this

    Only EB India /China /mexico/Philipines(ICMP) suffers the most for their GC's

    EB ROW do not worry about GC process as much as ICMP. Their wait is not more then 2-3 years.

    Its wrong to generalize that since ICMP's suffer , all other EB's suffer.

    Its totally baseless to generalize that since ICMP's dont invest , go back to home countries due to GC , everybody does.

    US does not gain from intelligent Indians only. There are PhD's and smart ppl from other countries as well.

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  • swarnapuri
    04-03 09:26 AM
    There is a Similar thread in where the statuses are maintained in a nice Excel sheet with lots of reports. Please check :

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  • tikka
    06-01 03:53 PM
    Senior members could you please encourage new and junior members to:
    send more web faxes
    make contributions

    thank you

    04-25 05:33 PM
    Tell me, in any of the bills that came in 2005, PACE, CIR. Dream Act etc., or later, IS there even one mention or a discussion of changing the PD? Let's discuss more on how to bring out more into the open, the issues the H1 visa holders are facing from their small time employers in applying for permanent residence, backlog issues and how redtape is destroying these young men's goals, about lack of visa numbers.

    Why there is even a provision in the last Senate bill, for illegals to SELF petition for GC, if employer doen't apply in 2 years. Let's discuss about a similar provision for H1 visa holders who are legally working here, paying taxes. Let's discuss even more important issue.
    Why should we pay, SS Tax and Medicare if we are temporary workers. Let them START collecting once I-485 is applied.
    This last point will resonate well with all It will be picked up easily; you will see the panic flying in the leven when a simple mention of it is made.
    These are the practical things we need to discuss. Not a theoritical PD definition, on which we have no locus standi.
    I have to respectfully disagree with you on that...just because it was never brought up doesn't mean it should never be taken up. I think you core members know better...if this does not sound practial...End of discussion.

    02-08 01:59 AM
    Unfortunately, I had to deal with my so-called high society, dim-wit, shame-less, tradition-less-good-for-nothing in-laws (my wife's parents n all). They wanted me to run their family too and were becoming a kind of big emotional/medical liability and financial burden on me (although, they had ALL resources and I assume LOT of money too. After tolerating and caring for nearly a decade, I HAD to DUMP them 9-years ago (after I landed in US) as they were becoming too much for me. They will care only for their own-self (will never bother to see even if you like it or not), will never care if it will be convenient to me in high demanding professional job. They will never shy an opprtunity to brag, steal/rob credit for anything even not remotely linked to them and were simply loose-mouths.

    They could dare not to open-up again. But this 'Dumping' slowly and gradually has affected my family life. I really donot understand what tradition-less craps in the society there or here finally gain...If they are not capable of rejoicing the prosperity of their own daughter's family. I believe, it is actually not so common as any normal well thinking individual will never ever do this. I can never think even in worst of my times, if I can do any of that stuff to my two growing up daughters. Well this is first-ever I opened my heart anywhere..

    I only pray 'God bless our family (GBOF)' as you see in my IV-handle

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