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Animal Cell Parts And Functions

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  • roseball
    07-25 01:41 PM
    There is no mandate about that....They can come back anytime before Aug 17 as long as their PD is on or before July 31st, 2007.....Since USCIS said it will not reject 485s without medicals, you can get the medicals done later and submit when they send you an RFE....However, make sure to keep all the applications filled in and ready for mailing except for the signatures and I-94 information of the returning individuals......

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  • BEC_fog
    06-02 04:23 PM
    USCIS has mentioned that it will be available for premium processing. When?...the agency will notify by putting on its website.

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  • Blog Feeds
    04-27 05:20 PM
    The U.S. Embassy in Mexico City has suspended processing of the approximately 5100 non-immigrant visa appointments scheduled Monday, April 27 through Wednesday, April 29. In the US, All USCIS offices remain open for business. Applicants should plan to attend all previously scheduled appointments, interviews and ceremonies unless they are feeling ill. It seems that re scheduling due to illness is a perfectly acceptable reason.

    There are no reports of problems to enter the US from Mexico, no refusals due to Swine Flu issues as of now. But this may well change as the issue develops.

    Follow the WHO updates here (

    More... (

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  • Viz2007
    12-09 02:40 AM
    Hi everybody,

    I am in pretty awkward situation. i have got my H1b Stamped in august 2008. Did not go to US because of the bad market situation and opted for woking in India. Now my current indian comapny wants me to travel to US on business visa( i have got B1 stamped in 2004 for 10 years) for 1-2 weeks.

    Now i want to know , if i have both the visa stamped( H1b & B1), can i travel to US on business visa without affetcing my H1B visa because i am planning to go US whenever i hear that market is improving.


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  • bharmohan
    05-23 07:54 AM
    Hello Gurus,
    I have filed my PERM through my employer and they mis-spelled my name wrongly. How can I correct this. Still my labor is in pending condition. My employer says we will change it once got approved. But is there a way to correct it before it gets approved?. Please advice me.

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  • Macaca
    10-01 08:04 AM
    Taxes, Health Lead Hill Agenda ( After Iraq Fight, Both Parties Welcome Shift By Jonathan Weisman | Washington Post Staff Writer, October 1, 2007

    Out of a political stalemate over Iraq, domestic policy is surging to prominence on Capitol Hill, with Republicans and Democrats preparing for a time-honored clash over health care, tax policy, the scope of government and its role in America's problems at home.

    The brewing veto fight this week over an expanded children's health insurance program is only the most visible sign of the new emphasis on domestic issues. Democratic White House hopefuls are resurrecting a push for universal health care while talking up tax policy, poverty and criminal justice. Democratic congressional leaders are revisiting Clinton-era battles over hate crimes and federal funding for local police forces.

    The White House, at the urging of congressional Republican leaders, is spoiling for a fight on Democratic spending. And GOP leaders are looking for any opportunity for confrontations on illegal immigration and taxation.

    At the heart of it all is a central question: Thirteen years after the 1994 Republican Revolution, has the country turned to the left in search of government solutions to intractable domestic problems?

    Democrats think that the answer is yes. "As conditions deteriorate, Americans are asking, 'Who can make it better? Where can we look for help?' And not surprisingly, government is increasingly the answer," said Peter Hart, a Democratic pollster.

    Even Republicans see a growing unease as the driving force in the domestic policy resurgence.

    "There's no question the economy is good, but it's not a good for everybody," said House Minority Leader John A. Boehner (R-Ohio.). "When you look at family incomes, there hasn't been much rise. But there has been increased health-care costs, increased energy costs. They're nibbling up more than the family budget. It just drives more concerns."

    For both parties, domestic policy fights are a welcome break after three election cycles dominated by terrorism and war. Republican and Democratic political leaders say they cannot shy away from the Iraq war. But for much of the year, the fight over the war has only shown Democrats to be ineffectual and Republicans to be intransigent.

    For Democrats, a break in that fight could allow them to focus on issues that voters say demand attention. Last year's election victories by Democratic Sens. James Webb in Virginia and Jon Tester in Montana, and by Democratic governors in Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa and Ohio, show that a populist message can prevail even in swing states.

    For Republicans, changing the subject is simply a relief.

    "I think it is territory that tends to unite us more," said Senate Minority Whip Trent Lott (R-Miss.). "Republicans tend to squabble, but when it's fiscal issues, when it's economic issues, we tend to come together. That's what makes us Republicans."

    If so, the GOP may be having an identity crisis. Boehner, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and President Bush have met regularly on what Boehner calls his "rebranding" initiative: winning back for the GOP the mantle of fiscal discipline and limited government.

    But in the first big domestic battle on Capitol Hill, 18 Republicans in the Senate and 45 in the House abandoned their leaders to side with the Democrats on a five-year, $35 billion expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program.

    House Republicans are expected to muster enough votes to sustain Bush's anticipated veto of the SCHIP bill, but Boehner conceded that Congress is liable to override the promised veto on a $21 billion water-project bill so crammed with home-district projects that it has been denounced by taxpayer and environmental groups alike.

    "There's deadlock on Iraq. Bush is intransigent. It's clear we're not going to get the 60 votes to change course on the war. But Republicans are hurting too, so they're breaking with him on all these domestic issues," said Sen. Charles E. Schumer (N.Y.), chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

    Indeed, on the domestic front Republicans may be in the same bind that they face on foreign policy: Their conservative base is not where the rest of the country is.

    For more than a decade, the Democratic polling firm Hart Research and the Republican firm Public Opinion Strategies have read two propositions to Americans: "Government should do more to solve problems and help meet the needs of people" and "Government is doing too many things better left to businesses and individuals."

    In December 1995, at the height of the Republican Revolution, a less-intrusive government won out, 62 percent to 32 percent. This month, a more activist government won out, 55 percent to 38 percent. Independent voters sided with government activism, 52 percent to 39 percent.

    But Republican voters, by a margin of 62 to 32 percent, still say government is doing too much.

    "The big tectonic plates of American politics are shifting, and the old Republican policies of limited government aren't working like they used to," Schumer said. "Their problem is, the Republican primary vote is still the old George Bush coalition -- strong foreign policy, cut taxes, cut government, family values. But Americans aren't there anymore."

    But the same poll did find some hope for the GOP, said Neil Newhouse, a partner at Public Opinion Strategies. Americans said they do not see a role for the federal government in the current mortgage crisis.

    "Americans seem to be saying that the problems the country is facing demand a more activist government, but that this does not extend to all issues or every problem," Newhouse said.

    That's a difficult needle to thread, but it can be done, said former senator Jim Talent (R-Mo.), a top domestic policy adviser to Republican White House hopeful Mitt Romney. Then-Texas Gov. George W. Bush showed in 2000, with his stand on education and his general slogan of "compassionate conservatism," that Republicans can win on traditional Democratic turf. They can do that again, especially on health care, Talent said.

    "Part of what is at the core of the party is smaller government, fiscal restraint," said Sen. Mel Martinez (Fla.), general chairman of the Republican National Committee. "But like in this debate on SCHIP, it's very important that we as Republicans make it clear we are for insuring children."

    "It's no longer permissible for us to think 47 million Americans being uninsured is okay," Martinez said.


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  • hemendrac
    08-03 02:43 PM

    I have an interview scheduled for my H1B revalidation stamping at the Mumbai consulate next week. My son will be accompanying me for his H4 stamping.

    My wife is already in the US(she travelled using her AP).

    The FAQ page of the Chennai consulate says that incase both parents are not accompanying the child for the interview, then the absent parent must submit a signed and notarized 'no objection certificate' to the parent going for the interview. There is no such mention on the Mumbai consulate FAQ page.

    Question - Does this apply in my case - since my wife is already in the US ?

    Thanks for the help.

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  • Blog Feeds
    03-17 09:20 AM
    Dick Armey, former Republican House Majority Leader and one of the national leaders of the Tea Party activists, had some surprising comments on immigration. From the Arizona Daily Star: Republicans are alienating Hispanic voters with their rhetoric on the immigration issue, former House Majority Leader Dick Armey said Monday. 'These guys are trying to blow it,' Armey, a Texas Republican who now works closely with Tea Party activists, said at a National Press Club luncheon. Armey, one of the creators of the 'Contract with America' that launched the 1994 Republican revolution, says the party needs to be more careful when...

    More... (


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  • kirupa
    03-24 12:02 AM

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  • Blog Feeds
    10-25 11:40 PM
    How Senator David Vitter (R-LA) is still in Congress after his prostitute scandal escapes me. If his latest legislative effort is some kind of attempt to redeem himself with voters, he's living in a very warped world. Vitter is proposing to cut off funding for the 2010 Census unless the survey checks the citizenship of all people responding. Even if you didn't think it was bad public policy designed to exploit anti-immigrant passions, there are three very, very big practical problems with the idea. First, it would cost a fortune to make the change at this late stage - upwards...

    More... (


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  • Blog Feeds
    07-30 03:50 PM
    The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee voted today to scrap the controversial REAL ID law which will require states to begin implementing tough new standardized technology requirements for drivers licenses in just a few months. A number of states have rebelled against the requirements and they risk their licenses not being accepted for federal purposes - including boarding airplanes. The measure that passed today is called the PASS ID bill and would extend deadlines and provide more government funds to help in the transition. From Govexec: A Senate panel approved legislation today that would establish federal security standards...

    More... (

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  • saibaba
    12-10 10:57 PM
    I'm going to India and is planning to get my h1 visa stamped...

    How are stamping scenarios these days at Chennai?..esp"lly due to PIMS stuff...

    I have followed lot of discussions around H1 stamping and people got struck for weeks/months in India due to PIMS and other issues..

    Is it advisable to go for H1 stamping as i'm into 7 th year of extension and I can't afford getting stuck in India for more than the granted period of vacation...I have approved AP documents handy and can use them while coming back to US...

    Can someone pls advise me on this?


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  • determined_indian
    08-14 10:17 AM
    Since H1 is for 6 years, you can extend for another year without filing I-140. You can apply for renewal within 180 days before expiry.

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  • Blog Feeds
    01-12 07:40 AM
    While many are assuming that the public won't accept immigration reform during this recession, polling numbers tell a different story. America's Voice commissioned recent polling that shows firm support for CIR: Sixty-Five Percent of Respondents Supported Congressional Action on Comprehensive Immigration Reform in 2010. According to the December poll, 65% of voters prefer for Congress to take up the immigration issue this year rather than wait until later. Sixty-six percent of respondents supported comprehensive immigration reform before even hearing details of the plan. Support for reform continued to cut across party lines, with 69% of Democrats, 67% of independents, and...

    More... (


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  • SGP
    03-30 05:35 PM
    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$GOOD AFTERNOON GC$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Deadline = April 30th, 2011
    Goal = 5000 votes on survey (see I-485 filing w/o current PD thread) and momentum to continue with this campaign.The survey is a platform to gather and push for launching action items. Based on response by 04/30/2011 - IV will decide whether to even proceed with initiative or not.
    Actions - 1) Vote on survey.
    2)Email with PD, ph#,email & subject "I485 filing impacted�,
    3)Print/Circulate Fliers and spread FB, wiki link (see "support thread")

    This is a supporting thread to the "Want to File I-485 without Current Priority Date? Gather here" thread started by pappu.

    As suggested by pappu/starsun, this supporting thread provides impacted members with additional information and tools to help the initiative.

    Visit Immigration Voice Wiki ( 2C_and_EB3.29) - for overview of Employment Based - Green Card process
    Visit I485 Filing w/o current PD Wiki ( - for overview of this initiative

    As pappu stated in the first post of the above referenced thread - some of the ongoing efforts include finding how many IV members would get benefit from such a provision and get basic details such as username/Priority Date of impacted members. Future action items might include drafting documents and letters to support this provision. There maybe actions such as sending emails etc. However we would not be able to open a public action item unless we can have thousands of our members willing to participate in a grassroots action item. This survey intends to understand the needs of our membership for this provision and collect grassroots information.

    The fact is we have a dedicated group of volunteers (and we need more) who have been trying their best to spread the message about this initiative so that a strong grass-roots support can be created leading up to launch of the public action items. So far we have around 1100 people who have responded. Based on quick calculations carried out using PERM data, it is estimated that there are at least 60K-70K EB applicants waiting to file I-485/EAD/AP (this is a very conservative estimate..the actual number could be much more). Grass-roots initiatives require time and patience and we request maximum number of impacted folks to participate actively.
    What can you do to participate?
    1) Vote on the poll/survey created by Pappu.

    Then please send an email to (starsun) with subject - "I485 filing without current PD - Impacted Member". Include your a) IV username b) Email address c) Phone #, d) State of Residence e) Priority Date - so that grassroot efforts can be coordinated

    2) Print out below Flier and circulate at all asian/indian malls/groceries/theaters. Forward the flier to your friends/co-workers and ask them to do the same.

    I485 Filing Initiative Flier (

    3) Volunteers have created a facebook community and an Immigration Voice WIKI page to spread the message about this initiative. Please circulate these links among your friends/co-workers who will be helped.

    Please "Share" and "Link" and "send to friend" the facebook community via your Facebook account. Also include these two links when you post on the IV forum.

    Facebook - IV I485 filing w/o current PD initiative community (!/pages/Immigration-Voice-Grass-roots-Campaigns/150562351660693?v=info)

    (Just FYI that you might have to be logged in for the above link to direct to the facebook community. Alternately, search for "Immigration Voice Grass-roots Campaigns" to find the community after logging in. Search "Immigration Voice" to go to the IV's main facebook page)

    Immigration Wiki -
    I485 Filing Initiative - IV Wiki (

    PM these members for additional info:
    nmdial ; geevikram ; vbkris77 ; ashwin_27 ; snathan
    Dedicated members can also join the leaders group:

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  • gcformeornot
    02-25 07:03 PM
    I am curently on h1b visa on 7th year.My i-140 got approved 3years back and filed i-485 in 2007 and waiting for gc.Now if i switch my job to different employer using my EAD,Can my previous employer revoke my i-140 affecting my gc processing.Does he still have control to withdraw.Can you please help on this.Thanks.
    Employer can withdraw anytime. But you should be OK with AC21 provisions.


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  • Blog Feeds
    11-02 08:50 AM
    On October 20, the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) rolled out its new website. The EOIR is composed of the (1) Immigration Courts; (2) Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) and the (3) Office of the Chief Administrative Hearing Officer (OCAHO). The EOIR announced the coming of the new website in a press release dated October 19. The agency stated as follows: "The EOIR website has been a prominent site for respondents, representatives, nongovernmental organizations, the press, and the public to gain updated information about the agency. The new site offers a clean design that mirrors the look and feel...

    More... (

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  • trivial science
    11-18 07:55 AM
    Hi there!!!

    hairstyles Plant cells do a lot for Animal Cell Parts And Functions. animal and function cell
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  • bestin
    10-02 06:32 AM
    I was under the impression that they send only one notice for each case and that too to the attorney.My attorney has send me a mail that he received the receipt notices and the original would have been sent to the employer.In case the employer has not received,he will send me a copy.

    Do i need to have the original receipts.I have a valid L1 stamping and planning to travel early next month.I heard that i need to have atleast receipt notices if i dont have the AP approval by then.

    10-16 12:13 PM
    Are we so lazy that we do not care forr ourselves?
    Don't we have confidence in ourrselves?
    Can we not achieve results???

    Come on folks buck up. Get active on IV, join your State chapters and get going .........

    Everyone here must get fired up

    08-10 10:06 PM
    Hi all,
    I received an I-485 RFE for me and my spouse on July 28th. For the primary applicant it was Employment verification letter (currently dated letter from employer describing duties,position and salary info) and for my wife it was about proof of bonafide marriage.

    My attorney replied to RFE on Aug 6th with necessary evidence and EVL.

    Online status for both of us changed today Aug 10th from RFE SENT to RESPONSE TO RFE RECEIVED AND CASE PROCESSING RESUMED.

    Hope this info is helpful in estimating time for people in similar situations.

    PD DEC 04 EB3 I . Whats next ??

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