Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Birthday 43

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  • tejonidhi
    02-04 04:43 PM
    I am working for a client which gave me an offer for a respectable amount. it is much higher than the amount specified in ETA 9089 (F/5) column. my Onet code for the original labor is 15-1071.00. my new job is defined as System Specialist. my job functions( roles) are pretty much the same as my original labor certificate. I tried to search the Onet Code for System specialist and did not find a good match.
    Can any one suggest me what are the options.

    I also wanted to know weather USCIS will send any letter to new employer regarding to the offer extended to me. MY situation is the client is not willing to sponsor me.
    Thank you

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  • jrad
    07-23 08:48 PM
    Can we apply for I - 485 without having the I -140 receipt notice.What is the work around so that I dont miss the Aug 17,2007 date for filing I -485.Are there any chances that my I - 45 will be rejected, or will I ge an RFE.
    My I - 140 was applied during the 2nd week of July, 2007.


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  • atul555
    06-14 03:57 PM
    Since everything is current now, and happy as I am, it jumped quicker on me than i anticipated. I am in precarious position to apply I-485 right away or see it get retrogressed again.
    My dilemma is that I am unmarried and want to get married to someone in India, but also take my time selecting my mate.
    My question is if I apply for I-485 in july or august, how much time do I have to get married in India and still make my spouse eligible for green card with me.

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  • Yass
    10-04 09:05 PM
    Hi All,

    I'm looking for solutions in my situation.
    I'm currently under a L1 visa for a company A but I would like to resign and look for another Job.

    The thing is, as far as I understood, If I resign I have to leave the US. So here are my questions:

    1) How long can I stay in the US after I resigned from my company under a L1 visa? Can I stay in the US even if my I-94 is valid?

    2) How is the USCIS notified that I resigned from my company? Should I send a notification or is that done by my company?

    3) Can I apply to a H1B COS by myself to then look for a job? Or will I need a company B to sponsor me?

    4) If I can't apply to a H1B COS by myself, do I have any other visa options?

    Thanks a lot for your advice!



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  • glosrfc
    02-28 02:40 PM
    ...via the Declaration of Independence.

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  • test005
    05-12 11:43 PM
    Please suggest.


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  • siva74
    06-09 08:37 PM
    Hi, I need your expertise, please help me. Following is my situation.

    My EB3 labor priorty date was June 2003 was in pending, later same company filed in EB2 and I 140 got approved in Dec 2005.

    I filed I 485 application in july 2007 and I applied in so hurry, I forgot to send a copy of I 140 approval as part of 485 filing. I got all the receipt notices.

    My EB3 labor got approved before my 485 filing and I140 got approved this month

    I would like to port the EB3 priority date. Please input your suggestions.


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  • Blog Feeds
    01-21 09:50 AM
    The National Foundation for American Policy has released a policy brief regarding the new GAO report on the H-1B program and notes that the GAO blows a torpedo through the common complaint that the H-1B program is just a way to bring in cheap guest workers. NFAP GAO H-1B report

    More... (


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  • rizwan39
    09-22 05:49 PM
    My company is offering my retention contract for 3 years. As I told them that my GC can take long and I haven't filed for I-485 to use AC-21, I will be in trouble if a loose my job. Based on that they are making a written promose that I will have a same job for the next 3 years with all benifits and the only reason I can loose my job is through a decipline action (bad performance, fight, harrasment, etc).

    I want to ask the attorney's and gurus if there is such a contract exist and does it have any value ?

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  • LostInGCProcess
    11-03 03:29 PM
    If we are on H1 and able to file I-485(AOS) and continue to be on H1 until it expires. Then are we automatically on AOS after the expiry of H1? Or do we have to inform USCIS our intent to switch to AOS?

    The reason I am asking this question is: I saw a case, although not similar, where the individual was on H1 and applied I-485 (inJuly 2007), he continued on H1 until it expired and decided to stay on h1 and so his employer applied for extension of H1 in 2009. At that time he received an RFE, the employer did not respond to the RFE. So, eventually the H1 Extension was denied.
    After that USCIS denied his I-485 also. Reason give was: "Since the H1B EOS (Extension of Status) request was denied, it did not grant, or have the effect of granting, a lawful status during its pendency."

    Please have your thoughts on this. Cause I am sure many of us have started using EAD, but did we transition the right way from H1 to EAD?


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  • samuel5028
    02-28 03:50 AM
    your father can apply for visitor visa, but there are no guarnatees she will be approved. Even if he is approved and comes to the USA, applying for adjustment of status would be a mistake (entering as tourist while in fact intending to immigrate) and could lead to permanent bar. If he applys and is approved, she can come to visit and return to home country thats the better option.

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  • immigration1234
    04-22 03:11 PM

    I have filed my AOS last july and I have moved to a new address. Could you please let me know how to contact USCIS for the address change?

    Thanks and Appreciate your help!


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  • arnab221
    06-26 12:11 PM
    If your petition has been physically "Mailed" to the Atlanta Service center . Do they give you a tracking number . Can such cases be viewed online on the website ? How much time does the Atlanta service center take to acknowledge the reciept of such application ?

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    05-03 05:07 PM
    I have a approved I-360 (Batter Spouse Petition) and a pending I-485. However I got a letter in the mail stating the will revoke my 1-360 based on Section 204(a)(1) of the Immigration and nationality Act! It further states that I am not a person of Good Moral Character.

    I was arrested in Belize my home country on November 19 2002 for Harm.Which would be Assault, and charged $100.00 and released.
    This was not include in my initial application becausse it was outside the 3year period since my application was in 2007.

    So I got the court documents and I am ready to submit it! but I am not sure if I shoudl seek legal advise or just submit the required document that they want!

    They are asking for:
    1.) Arrest Report.
    2.)Copies of Cout documnet showing final disposition.
    3.) relevan excerpts of the law for that jurisdiction showing Maximum possible penalty for each charge.

    Please advise! is this something I should be feareful of?


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  • jliechty
    June 10th, 2004, 09:10 PM
    Looks good to me, but I'm clueless about portraiture.

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  • upuaut8
    08-17 12:58 AM
    thanks for deleting those posts. :)


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  • Tina73
    01-23 02:11 AM

    I am GC holder & right now I am living out side USA with my husbad whom I am married for more than 8 yrs. I have 2 kids, they are US citizen. I visit my parents (US Citizen) every year to US for couple of months & come back. In past my husband tried for US visitor visa few times but he was denied. Is there any way I can apply for my husnad a non immigrant VISA from US for a visit? As we would not like to migrate to US but just to visit there. Is there any way or I have to apply for him immigrant visa only & wait for 5-7 yrs.?

    Please guide.


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  • Blog Feeds
    05-04 01:30 PM
    Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama will become the ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committee under which the Immigration Subcommittee is included. Sessions has been one of the Senate's most vocal opponents of immigration reform. Sessions may only be in for the remainder of this Congress and then he is expected to pursue the ranking position on the Budget Committee. Iowa Republican Chuck Grassley has indicated his interest in pursuing the Judiciary job when the next Congress is sworn in.

    More... (

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  • chrs
    03-30 01:34 PM
    Hi, I just read your message but what can I do??... May up load the drawings right now!?

    chrs - please break your entry into three separate threads instead of lumping multiple entries into one.


    07-10 05:17 PM
    It's alwas better through lawyer,

    04-20 10:35 PM
    My I-140 on EB3 category is under appeal and decision may come in Aug 2011. I applied for Labor in EB2 category in Nov.2010 but it went for audit. This audit decision might come after 20 months. If my I-140 of EB3 is denied then can I extend my H1B status based on pending Labor Audit. My current H1B is valid till Feb 2012.

    Please advice.


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