Sunday, July 3, 2011

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    02-05 06:40 PM
    The final season of ABC's Lost begins tonight wrapping up the groundbreaking science fiction drama that is truly addictive and has one of the most complex plots ever devised for television. The show also has an international cast that American's have rarely seen and which makes the show even more appealing. Here are some of the immigrants that have played important roles in the show over the last six years - Naveen Andrews - UK - Sayid Jarrah Daniel Dae Kim - South Korean - Jin Kwon Yunkim Kim - South Korea - Sun Kwon Evangeline Lilly - Canada -...

    More... (

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  • arunkk798
    03-18 09:25 PM
    Can some1 help me to sort out my problem:

    - I was working for a company A in L1-B which was about to expire by Dec 2006. So I applied for H1 and got the petition / application approved. I received the I94 also.
    - But due to some reason, I travelled back to India and didn't submit the H1-I94 @ the port of exit.
    - Now the same company A again processed me L1 in India and Im back to US after a yr. with the new L1 and never told any1 about my existing H1B visa

    I need to know whether can I start looking jobs on that H1B without legal procedures?
    Is there anything i have to do in order to activate my H1??

    Appreciate your feedback in advance....

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  • kirupa
    01-21 04:02 AM

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  • iptel
    04-03 02:22 PM
    My Husband's I 140 got approved and his lawyer included my name as well in the I 140 application.

    Can some one plss help me by letting me know if I can change to F1 for my further studies inspite of my name being included in the I 140 application

    Plss let me know at the earliest possible as I need to apply for change of status before may....!!!!!

    This is wrong forum to discuss this issue. We are here to discuss the general issues faced by people for greencard.


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  • obelix
    08-27 07:16 PM
    Those who were able to upgrade to premium processing before Jul 2, did you get a new receipt number for the upgrade? Or was the old receipt number valid?

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  • augustus
    06-15 08:43 AM
    My husband and I are in a big Dilemma whether to apply for EAD or AP? In the lawyer's note,it says that anyone who is I-140 Beneficiary will not be able to use EAD and AP. Is it true?

    We are on our 3 years H1/H4 using I-140 benefits only. What should we do?

    Please guide us.

    We still have 3 years remaining. Problem - We both have no visa stamping after we got our extentions which why AP is required at this point?

    Are there any travel restrictions after we file I-1485 with AP or WITHOUT AP.

    Please highlight. Will be very useful for us.

    Thank you sooo much


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  • Circus123
    04-04 11:21 PM
    This article is very interesting. The legal immigration dropped even though the applications flooded in last year.
    Check these links out!

    Interesting data statistics:

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  • gotoindia
    04-21 06:17 PM
    Hi All

    I am here on L2 and then Joined a Company in 2006. When I joined, that time the H1 Cap 2007 was already over so my company said that they will do my H1 this year. Unfortunatly I got the H1 Rejected as my case couldnt get in the lottery.

    In the Mean time my company have filed my Green card under EB3 and we have I-140 Approved (1 st stage) in August 07.

    Now, is there any way that anyone can Help me?



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  • djmaddy
    03-24 10:04 PM
    Real nice, btw ap desi ho na?!

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  • kevincuiyan
    05-29 09:12 AM
    Hi all,

    I filled I-485 in 2007. Now I am waiting on the status adjustment and I have a quick question about job changes.

    A starting-up company with only 2 employees has got a contract outside U.S.. They need to hire somebody to work for them outside U.S. for 1 year maybe longer. I happen to be their best candidate. My question is whether a small company like this one is able to sponsor me to get my GC. Does USCIS have minimum requirements for a company which can sponsor employees' GC application? For instance, a company must have at least 30 employees or over $3 million revenue. I really want this opportunity. But I don't want to ruin my GC application.

    I greatly appreciate your time and your answers.



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  • H1B-GC
    04-02 08:18 AM
    off the Topic! Sorry. Wondering if any IVian has good idea about itemized deductions we can take while working on 1099-MISC instead of on W-2? There might be good chunk of Spouses working on 1099 in IT or other areas of expertise while working on EAD.what kind of expenses where we need to save receipts while filing Taxes later on in '09.


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  • smahwal
    08-05 05:57 PM
    We got an approval and CPO email on my husbands (primaries) application. Nothing on mine yet but I would not be surprised if both come together. PD Dec 2005 RD July 2 2007


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  • mrdhoni
    03-17 11:39 PM
    Dear All,

    1. I was on H1B with company A from Januray 2003 to January 2008.
    2. I am on L1A with company A from February 2008 which is valid till December 2010 (my 7 year limit on L1A ends by December 2010).
    3. My Labor is applied in October, 2009 by company B.

    If my labor is approved or labor pending for 1 year, can I reactivate my old H1B with company B and start working with them.

    Please advise. Mr. Dhoni

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  • prince_waiting
    09-07 11:28 PM
    My biometrics appointment is scheduled at ATL ASC on the 19th of this month which is a Saturday. Has anyone on this forum visited ATL ASC for any work on a Saturday? Should I call up the USCIS customer service to reschedule my appointment? Or, do I need to be happily surprised to see my the USCIS working hard for me even on a weekend? ( The later part sounds like a 'Bizzaro World' from Seinfeld )

    Maybe they are going to advance the dates in the next visa bulletin to Jan 2006. Well something to think about for the number crunchers and the PD forecasters on this forum.


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  • spicy_guy
    10-25 08:07 PM
    Buy citizenship?!?!

    citizenship-for-sale: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance (

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  • notsure
    03-03 03:02 PM
    i updated my profile. pls let me know if i miss anything...


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  • vimouze
    07-24 12:05 AM
    Hello everyone,

    I'm new to this forum, but this is a great source of information.

    Here is my situation. My wife is a US citizen and we've been married for 2 year and 3 months, and I have the conditional green card for almost 2 years. I can't say this has been the best time of my life. She has kids of her own, and we ran into so much problem. And we both wish get a divorce. My conditional green card is expiring, and I know a divorce would affect my status. But seems like I can't take this anymore. During this time, I've been with another us citizen. She understand my situation, and has always supported me. I do want to marry her after my divorce. So, I'm seeking for some advice from everybody on what I should do in this situation. Thank you

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  • crystal
    08-04 01:09 PM
    What is so unique?

    Everything is answered here (not latest though)

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    05-03 05:07 PM
    I have a approved I-360 (Batter Spouse Petition) and a pending I-485. However I got a letter in the mail stating the will revoke my 1-360 based on Section 204(a)(1) of the Immigration and nationality Act! It further states that I am not a person of Good Moral Character.

    I was arrested in Belize my home country on November 19 2002 for Harm.Which would be Assault, and charged $100.00 and released.
    This was not include in my initial application becausse it was outside the 3year period since my application was in 2007.

    So I got the court documents and I am ready to submit it! but I am not sure if I shoudl seek legal advise or just submit the required document that they want!

    They are asking for:
    1.) Arrest Report.
    2.)Copies of Cout documnet showing final disposition.
    3.) relevan excerpts of the law for that jurisdiction showing Maximum possible penalty for each charge.

    Please advise! is this something I should be feareful of?

    10-01 07:41 PM
    Please help with funding when you get your issue resolved

    06-25 01:05 PM
    Can somebody help me on this one:

    Regarding the receipt notice of I-485: which is the difference between the receipt date, receipt number and receipt notice.....from my understanding....the receipt date is when your I-485 application hits Uscis and the receipt notice is when the Uscis is really opening your package and looking at it?

    Is it safe to travel( with valid H1b) knowing that your file hits the Uscis...or you have to wait for the receipt notice( now with so many filers for July, is it true that Uscis will send the receipt notice very late, maybe months, I mean later than the June filers.)?

    Is it safe to travel after you file for I-485 and before getting the receipt notice....hoping that the receipt will come after you returned to U.S?

    Thank you so much...I'm so confused about this receipt notice, I didn' find any law regarding this, that you can not travel witout receipt notice.

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