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  • Zil
    12-24 05:25 AM
    I am not sure if it was posted before, the immigrant visa fee will go up to $400 from $380 effective January 1, 2008.

    Also, Bombay and Madras consulates switched to NVC appointment processing (NVC takes over the scheduling of immigrant visa appointments). Delhi and Calcutta are still standard processing posts, but expect them to be converted in the near future as well.
    Chinese, Japanese, Australian and some other (mostly Asian) consulates still follow standard processing, but expect them to be converted in 2008 as well.

    They convert consulates without any notice to the public, so always check here before sending in DS-230 and supporting documents:

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  • FinalGC
    05-15 11:33 AM
    yes for current employer. Also say you are only for corp-corp arrangements.

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  • gcby2099
    05-14 09:45 PM
    I joined new job using EAD, didn't invoke AC21, my 140 was approved and I filed 485 in July2007.

    There was a RFE for geographical discrepancy explanation and EVL from 140 filed employer or EVL from new employer if changed jobs on 04/29/2009.
    (Changed address using AR11 after filing 485)

    RFE on 485 on 04/29/2009
    LUD on 140 on 05/01/2009
    USCIS received EVL from new employer with AC21 - on 05/11/2009
    LUD on 485 on 05/13/2009
    LUD on 485 on 05/14/2009

    Don't know whether they are soft LUD or Hard LUD.

    Couple of questions, Is LUD on 140 normal when there is a RFE on 485?
    Continuous LUD's on 485 normal?

    can some one answer ...

    thanks in advance...

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  • ivjobs
    11-07 10:56 AM
    It's a good idea for our iv members to post comments to such articles which disseminates the idea to a greater audience who otherwise wouldn't know the benefits of offering the green cards.


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  • Blog Feeds
    07-09 12:30 PM
    Iranian-born Omid Kordestani was Google's 12th employee and he is one of the key executives who has turned the firm in to one of the world's most successful companies. I just read an interesting article about Kordestani where he credits his immigrant background for much of his success and urges America's young people to adapt an immigrant mindset: �To keep an edge, I must think and act like an immigrant. There is a special optimism and drive that I benefited from and continue to rely on that I want all of you to find. Immigrants are inherently dreamers and fighters�...

    More... (

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  • Blog Feeds
    03-24 09:40 AM
    According to a recent report from Business Line, demand for H-1B visas may be on the rise for the coming fiscal year, the filing period for which will open on April 1. While demand will most likely pale in comparison to that of the pre-financial crisis years (when quotas were reached in the first days of the filing period), a turnaround in business sentiment -- and an increased demand from Indian IT companies in particular -- may result in the cap being reached well before the protracted filing period of nearly 8 months during the last fiscal year. While we...

    More... (


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  • gc_chahiye
    06-19 10:51 PM
    anybody used this lawfirm for I485 filing?

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  • Blog Feeds
    05-18 11:10 AM
    I think most Immigration Judges try to do their job in a fair way. But there are a few that really cross the line way too often. The press has covered this and I've tried to bring some of these problems to light in this forum. Now EOIR wants people who have been victimized by poor conduct from an Immigration Judge to complain and they've established a complaint portal on their web site.

    More... (


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  • kirupa
    02-28 04:15 PM

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  • ivp33
    05-30 05:56 PM
    Hello forum participants.
    I am a dependent on an I-485 application, with my father being the primary applicant. The application has been pending since 2001, so I decided to first threaten USCIS with a lawsuit, and then maybe file a writ of mandamus. My question is whether I have authority to do so as a dependent. Can I represent the whole family or at least myself? My father is leaving the country for some time and it will be hard for him to participate in the process.


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  • Macaca
    03-11 06:42 PM
    Some paras from Securing Iraq Votes, One at a Time ( -- House Democratic Leaders Methodically Build Support for War Plan

    By Jonathan Weisman, Washington Post Staff Writer, Sunday, March 11, 2007

    Rep. Jerry Nadler was the only lawmaker at a meeting of all House Democrats on Thursday to stand up and declare that he could not support a compromise plan to fund the Iraq war with a timeline to end the conflict. So some party leaders had written him off even as he joined House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for a private meeting.

    In the confines of the speaker's suite, Nadler (N.Y.) could be specific. He sought assurances from Pelosi (Calif.) that President Bush would be compelled to withdraw all troops from combat by August 2008, as the legislation proposed. He wanted to know: "What is the legal compulsion to follow this timeline?"

    A Pelosi aide disappeared from the meeting for a few minutes and returned with a few lines of legislative text offering what Nadler wanted to hear: Once troops are out of Iraq, no money would be available to put them back in, outside the narrow exceptions of targeted counterterrorism operations, embassy protection and efforts to train Iraqis.

    "You know," Nadler said after a pause, "I think that's okay."

    Nadler's conversion was a sign of the member-by-member, slow but deliberate headway Democratic leaders say they are making in their efforts to cobble together the 218 supporters they need to pass one of the most consequential pieces of defense legislation in decades, a $105 billion war-funding bill that would impose strict standards of rest and readiness for the military, establish clear benchmarks for the government of Iraq and set a timeline to end U.S. involvement in the war.

    Through closed-door meetings, pep rallies, private phone conversations and horse trading, Democratic leaders are moving outward from the 180 solid votes in the party's political center to win the votes on the party's left and right that will be needed to pass the bill later this month.

    The cajoling will continue tomorrow as lawmakers return to Washington and the legislation is readied for markup later in the week. But there are roadblocks: Rep. Allen Boyd (D-Fla.) said some conservatives are withholding their support until the language McDermott wanted is removed.

    As Democratic leaders balance those demands, the calculus is fairly straightforward, said one conservative Democrat involved in the process. Leaders are counting on winning all but a dozen of the 43 conservative Blue Dog Democrats and all but a dozen of the 75 or so members of the liberal Out of Iraq Caucus. Then, Democratic leaders are hoping, enough Republicans will break ranks to put them over the top.

    By last week's end, House Democratic Caucus Chairman Rahm Emanuel (Ill.) said, they had secured about 200 votes.

    But the last 18 votes will not be easy. That point was brought home Thursday morning, during the closed-door meeting in which the legislation was detailed for Democratic members. As Pelosi gave her pitch, Reps. Lynn Woolsey (Calif.), Barbara Lee (Calif.), Lloyd Doggett (Tex.) and Nadler stood up to leave for a news conference of their own. After an uncomfortable pause, Pelosi growled that she wished Democrats would be courteous enough to hear her out before talking to the media. Nadler sat down. The rest walked out.

    Democratic aides concede that some party members, including Woolsey, Lee and Doggett, are all but lost. But they are not giving up.

    "There's nothing guaranteed in life, but I feel very good," Emanuel said.

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  • rana123
    04-14 08:30 AM

    I am from India.I am on H4(dependent visa),with a stamped expiry date of May 7,2010 on my H4 visa and I-94.I got a J1 offer for further studies in USA.Till I get my required documents for J1 visa,I am guessing it will be beyond this date.My husband has already applied for his visa extension.

    1.Now,if I plan to get stamping of J1 in Mexico after the H4 expiry date but with necessary receipts and documents (for H4 related),will I face any problems?
    2.Do I need to go to India(my home country) for sure for stamping?
    3.Is it better to have status change in USA itself(will delay start of the course)?

    Awaiting for feedbacks.


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  • baldev.thakur
    03-02 09:39 PM
    Hi Folks
    My wife was working in India all this time and I am in US. H1 expires end of 2010. I believe I used up my extension .
    I got my EAD and AP already after I filed for my 485 under Eb2.
    My Question is , how long can she go on H4 ? Only till my H1. If she comes to US on H4 can I file her EAD or do I have to wait for the category to be current to do so .
    If its not possible to get her and EAD , and her H4 expires in 2010 ( assuming that her H4 is commensurate with my H1 Life span ) then what options do I have so that she is in status .
    Please advise.

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  • voldemar
    02-06 09:35 PM
    My friend has his I-485 filed and has got EAD/AP, but the priority date is so behind, that he has no chance of getting a green card before his marriage. So, as I understand he should be able to bring his wife on H4 (as long as he maintains H1). My question is: does he have to re-file for I-485 to include his wife and if so will the priority date remain the same as the first application?She needs to file her own I-485 but only when PD become current. She has the same PD as primary applicant.


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  • aarohis123
    03-07 07:44 PM

    I am in a situation where I changed my Job and new organization has filed the Visa Transfer process on 28 May 2010.
    My and my dependents current H1-B / H4 and I-94 from the prior organization is expiring on March 14 2011 and the H1-B Transfer process has not been completed and rather it is now in the RFE Status as of Today i.e March - 7 2011.

    Am I still eligible to stay in US or not. What should be my next course of action.

    Please suggest at the earliest.

    Thanks in advance for your help and support.

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  • chanduv23
    09-16 10:23 AM
    Do you know what is team spirit?

    Each and everyone contributes for their own cause and collectively contributes for the cause of the community.

    IV has built the great platform for you. IV has created all opportunities for you to stand up and speak for yourself.

    Everyone can achieve results by working together as a team.

    Please start looking beyond your cocoon - you must come out of your closets and show your soladirity.

    Come on folks IV is nothing but you. You can make the difference


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  • Blog Feeds
    08-09 10:40 PM
    California taxpayers need to cover higher fees of private lawyers, who are hired by the state as the Attorney General's Office doesn't have the staff to handle all of the cases internally. In some instances, the state has employed outside counsel at hourly rates that reach $450 even while most of its in-house lawyers earn less than half that. Rates can be much higher, if the suits require private attorneys having a particular expertise.

    Since January 2008, the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has signed about $24 million in contracts with private lawyers hired because the Attorney General's Office says it's too shorthanded to take the jobs. The corrections department is seeking the additional help despite having about 80 lawyers of its own to handle a gamut of cases, with about a dozen of those assigned to prisoner-filed litigation.

    More... (

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  • kandhu
    03-29 09:54 PM
    The time spent in H4 does NOT count towards the 6 year H1 time. So in your case the H1 clock starts from Sep 2004.

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  • kirupa
    03-22 05:13 PM

    10-13 10:14 PM
    Can students with post completion EAD work for more than one employer at the same time in their own speciality area? I mean to ask, can they work full time with one and part time with other?

    My son just got his EAD for post completion OPT.

    08-15 05:49 PM
    Created a poll here.

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