Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • prax_14
    03-05 04:04 PM
    I am currently on L2 visa with EAD and working for a company as direct employee. My wife is in L1. Both of our visas,I-94 and my EAD are valid till OCT-2010.

    My wife has to go back to India as her current project is over.

    My question is can a L2 visa holder with EAD stay back and continue working in U.S.A, after L1 has left the country ?.

    Any information regarding this is highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • va_dude
    09-29 12:11 PM
    I think the PD is usually posted on the I-140. Right people?

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  • kopra
    02-25 01:07 PM
    Since you were working all these times, please carry the W2 for 2008 ( for both of you). They may/may not ask for this, but its safe to carry the document

    I am currently on H1 but planning to go on H4 due to current economic scenario.
    I am planning to go to India due to some family reason and planning to get COS from H1 to H4 in India.
    I have my salary slips and my husband has also maintained his status throughout.
    Has anyone heard any horror stories about H4 stamping cases getting denied.

    What documents they ask for when you go for COS from H1 to H4. Besides salary slips can they ask for my W-2's or they need my husband's W-2's only

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  • Bazuca
    04-03 08:00 AM
    Poser is a great program and I think you can export swf.:smokin:


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  • mkrao
    10-04 02:08 PM
    My I 140 was transferred from NSC to washington DC office on July 27, 2007. Since then, Online case status does not say anything more than this. I am in my 7th year and worried. Does anyone has any idea as to why I 140 cases are transferred to local offices. Do local offices have authority to decide on I 140 cases? How long would it take for the local office to send a decision on it? How do I ollow up with the case? Attorneys / gurus please help..

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  • loku
    12-27 07:35 PM
    I wanted to know how can we find out online whether our company cancelled my I-140 approval or not. I do not want to ask my company so I was looking for any other option telling me whether 140 is still good enough.

    let me know.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • baskarvarun
    05-24 04:02 PM
    i am having cid visa i came usa 18 month ago i went my country dec11 - 2006 i come back u,s jan 20 can i able to apply for z visa my status - illegal

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  • pappu
    01-10 09:50 AM
    This topic has been discussed before a few times. you may want to look at old threads.


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  • rvr_jcop
    02-25 05:39 PM

    I had visited US for 6months in 2005 on H1B visa and currently my H1B is expired( Expired in Jun 2007). Now, I am in US on H4 visa. Can anyone please let me know is it possible to renew expired H1B now? If so, what is the procedure for the same?

    Your help in this regard is highly appreciated.


    That would have to be in the form of COS., and I think that counts towards the cap, am not 100% though.

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  • vallabhu
    08-07 09:33 AM
    I know this is dumb question to ask as I should not lie on the application and hide my previous application details but the question really is what all documents should I furnish from my existing application.


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  • raysaikat
    08-03 04:54 PM

    We filed a dependent I-485 for my wife while she is on a F1 status. She has a EAD card (but my I-140 is pending). My understanding is that once she finishes school, she will not be able to get an OPT. Does it mean that she can accept employment using the EAD even though the I-140 is not approved?

    In case my I-140 is denied, will she lose her status and would have to leave the country?

    Thanks. Yes.

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  • joo
    03-23 12:08 PM
    Has anyone travel to london Can anyone suggest which is the best airport transfers
    I heared of some

    Any Suggestion Remarks about the price reliability?


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  • imrads
    01-26 04:30 PM
    I'm working on L1 & have H1 petition without COS.

    Can my H1 employer apply for COS, so that I can change my status from L1 to H1 without visiting India?

    Also, I've an offer from a third company... can this company file for Change of Status from L1 to H1 & transfer the H1? I've the H1 petition I129 number, but no paystubs on H1. I've paystubs on L1.

    Can I transfer to H1 to this third company? Will I have to get my H1 stamped frmo INdia then join this third company?

    If not, is there any other option?

    Please reply. Help appreciated.

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  • arulz
    11-10 09:55 PM
    I had a question about using using AC21.

    Here is the scenario: Let us say I work for XYZ Brothers who applied for my 140 and 485. I have approved 140, H-1b, EAD and AP.
    If XYZ laid me off or I left them for career progression or more money 180 days after my 485 was filed and 140 approved what happens to my 485 application?

    Wouldnt USCIS question that since my sponsoring employer does not exist anymore, who am I going to work for once I get my green card? or is this coverd under AC21?

    Please advice!


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  • Openarms
    04-30 11:27 AM
    any comments on this??

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  • skp71
    07-18 06:45 PM
    My PD is 09/2002. I have already renewed EAD for 3 times. Still I have been using my H1, not on EAD. Due to lot of expenses, I don't want to renew EAD again. Current EAD is expiring in September. Is that okay? or better renew? Thanks.


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  • whoever
    03-24 12:41 AM
    how did you get h1 without quota?

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  • Blog Feeds
    08-07 09:40 AM
    As of July 24, 2009, approximately 44,900 H-1B cap-subject petitions have been received by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and counted towards the H-1B cap. Approximately 20,000 petitions qualifying for the advanced degree cap exemption have been filed. USCIS will continue to accept both cap-subject petitions and advanced degree petitions until a sufficient number of H-1B petitions have been received to reach the statutory limits. The H-1B program allows foreign nationals to work for their U.S. sponsor employer in a specialty occupation that requires theoretical or technical expertise in specialized fields. This may include scientists, engineers, and commuter programmers to name a few. The cap count for H-1B fiscal year 2010 is available at (

    Call us at 214-999-9999 and Kraft & Associates will answer your H-1B questions.

    More... (

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  • nrekha
    10-05 11:13 AM

    I am planning to get my H1B extension Visa stamped in Montreal, Canada. i am in US right now. I have completed the online application. I have paid the fee through my credit card and the status of the transaction is showing as "Pending" in my bank account. I can able to see "MRV Fee Receipt Number". i can also able to see Schedule Appointment First Available: Friday, November 12, 2010 09:30 AM. But I am not able to schedule an appointment. All of the steps I performed on Yesterday. So I have waited for today for any changes and all remains the same.

    Please help me.

    With regards,

    09-19 12:12 AM

    Thanks for reply..Can i file for new LCA right now?Is filing new LCA mean filing new H1-B?
    if i apply for new LCA how easy the procedure will be?

    08-26 01:04 PM
    Just call them and get infopass to verify that corrections have been made..

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