Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • willIWill
    06-16 03:09 PM
    USCIS has updated the processing times and the dashboard today .

    USCIS: National Processing Volumes and Trends (

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  • sideeque
    01-31 08:24 PM
    I140, we dont provide spouse information. I think, it should be fine

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  • Blog Feeds
    08-03 12:50 PM
    The folks at the Immigrant Legal Resource Center have come up with a list of recommendations for legislators as they craft a legalization plan in the upcoming comprehensive immigration reform debate: 1. Date of entry requirement for eligibility: The required date of entry should be as close to the date of introduction of the bills as possible. This will accomplish the goal of legalizing as many otherwise deserving immigrants as possible as well as simplifying the administration of the program by CIS. [Simple and Broad Eligibility Provisions] 2. No �known to the government� requirement: The legalization program should not include...

    More... (

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  • aj2000
    09-29 09:43 PM
    Any updates if you got it and when? Did you have to call them and request for a new card?


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  • udayak
    07-20 05:11 PM
    I am also looking for the same information.

    Please let me know, how can a person hold
    multiple H1's


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  • akkakarla
    07-17 11:39 AM
    Hello Folks:

    Sorry for this new thread. But I need help in interpreting the information that I got when I went to Local Office.

    My I485 is in Locak Office and it was transferred to the San Jose office after we had our interview in Boston back in October 2005.

    When I spoke with the officer (not IO) he said that quote:

    " Priority Date
    AUA 1 or / 7/1/07
    I 485 Forward to 245 Unit "

    What does this mean? Can you guys help me understand what he is trying to say. I mentioned that we are already interviewed.

    Thanks in Advance


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  • nirmal301
    03-23 12:12 AM
    G'day Mates & Buddies,

    Thanks for maintaining excellent site and answering all sorts of different complex questions.
    Now my story.

    I am going to apply in next H1B quota and was having below queries:
    1. I am confuse about what kind of h1b interview questions will be ask by consulate officer
    2. Will they ask my previous work experience letter.. because currently I am in Australia and my work experience was in India and there's no way I can have letter now.
    3. How's the job market for Enterprise Oracle DBA
    4. And Do I need to keep any extra precautions from start in order to be safe from all future legal problems being a consultant.

    Thanks in advance for viewing and replying.


    Go Desi's Go ;)

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  • xela
    01-30 11:13 AM
    So I was one of the lucky (yes a bit of sarcasm) people that got transferred in July 2007 to be receipted in California even though we sent the papers to Nebraska. In Sept 2007 they told me they are now transferring my application to Nebraska. And guess what just today I got the update on CRIS that it is now pending at the Nebraska office.

    What did they go on vacation for over a year or how can it take that long to transfer something that was never supposed to be transferred in the first place, because I did send it to the correct office, they just decided to move it because of receipting back ups.


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  • nvrao2104
    07-02 07:04 PM

    Following is my visa status:
    Working for company A on L1B visa which has expired and
    1) L1 extension got approved from company A valid through Aug, 2010.
    2) Also have Consular-H1B petition from same Company A valid till Aug, 2011.
    No H1B visa stamp

    Following are my questions:

    1) I am sure, in my case i can transfer my H1B petition to company B with Consulor appointment. Needed confirmation

    2) As soon as i get laid off from company A, can i immediately apply for H1B peition transfer to Company B with Change of Status (COS)? how much time i have before my L1 gets deactived?

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  • bond123
    07-11 08:10 AM
    I have an approved I797 from last year qouta. I got a 221g when I went to stamping for my H1 visa. The 221g was regarding some documents which the employer had to provide. Subsequently I obtained a L2 visa and I am now in the US. I would now like to apply for a change of status to H1.In this regard I had the following question:

    On my L2 I have applied for a EAD about 3 weeks ago. USCIS says that it could take upto 90 days to approve the same.During this time if I apply for a COS to H1, would it influence the decision making on the L2-EAD approval or they are completely separate processes?


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  • needhelp!
    01-25 12:11 PM
    Please declare your good deed here!

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  • sapota
    11-15 11:26 AM
    on a lot of things like your priority date, country of birth, EB category. But bottomline is this : Its gonna take much longer than you think.


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  • sargon
    10-20 11:51 AM
    please reply to linked thread.

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  • Rb_newsletter
    07-17 09:09 PM
    To answer you in one line, contact a immigration attorney.

    To answer you briefly, GC is not something that your company or you can handle by yourself. You definitely need an attorney. There are 3 stages and so many things involved in each stage:eek:. If you get hold of good attorney firm they will have all the templates and will guide you.


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  • hopefulgc
    07-18 12:55 PM
    What is the point of publishing dates for people to see if they have no relevance?
    If they are just for CIS employees to see... why publish them publicly and confuse the deuce out of the entire immigrant community?

    If they are "a statement of goals", why aren't these goals being adhered to?

    Why set and publish goals that are are not followed?

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  • Blog Feeds
    03-04 08:10 AM
    The concept of separation of powers, and of "checks and balances", is as old as Ancient Greece and the Roman Republic. Our Founding Fathers modeled the U.S. Constitution on principles derived from Enlightenment philosophers like Montesquieu who believed that "the judiciary was generally seen as the most important of powers, independent and unchecked..." He specified that "the independence of the judiciary has to be real, and not apparent merely." Unfortunately, in a stunning departure from such principles, under a law enacted in 1996, "discretionary" decisions of the USCIS and the BIA cannot be reviewed by the Federal Courts. And because...

    More... (


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  • Macaca
    03-11 06:42 PM
    Some paras from Securing Iraq Votes, One at a Time ( -- House Democratic Leaders Methodically Build Support for War Plan

    By Jonathan Weisman, Washington Post Staff Writer, Sunday, March 11, 2007

    Rep. Jerry Nadler was the only lawmaker at a meeting of all House Democrats on Thursday to stand up and declare that he could not support a compromise plan to fund the Iraq war with a timeline to end the conflict. So some party leaders had written him off even as he joined House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for a private meeting.

    In the confines of the speaker's suite, Nadler (N.Y.) could be specific. He sought assurances from Pelosi (Calif.) that President Bush would be compelled to withdraw all troops from combat by August 2008, as the legislation proposed. He wanted to know: "What is the legal compulsion to follow this timeline?"

    A Pelosi aide disappeared from the meeting for a few minutes and returned with a few lines of legislative text offering what Nadler wanted to hear: Once troops are out of Iraq, no money would be available to put them back in, outside the narrow exceptions of targeted counterterrorism operations, embassy protection and efforts to train Iraqis.

    "You know," Nadler said after a pause, "I think that's okay."

    Nadler's conversion was a sign of the member-by-member, slow but deliberate headway Democratic leaders say they are making in their efforts to cobble together the 218 supporters they need to pass one of the most consequential pieces of defense legislation in decades, a $105 billion war-funding bill that would impose strict standards of rest and readiness for the military, establish clear benchmarks for the government of Iraq and set a timeline to end U.S. involvement in the war.

    Through closed-door meetings, pep rallies, private phone conversations and horse trading, Democratic leaders are moving outward from the 180 solid votes in the party's political center to win the votes on the party's left and right that will be needed to pass the bill later this month.

    The cajoling will continue tomorrow as lawmakers return to Washington and the legislation is readied for markup later in the week. But there are roadblocks: Rep. Allen Boyd (D-Fla.) said some conservatives are withholding their support until the language McDermott wanted is removed.

    As Democratic leaders balance those demands, the calculus is fairly straightforward, said one conservative Democrat involved in the process. Leaders are counting on winning all but a dozen of the 43 conservative Blue Dog Democrats and all but a dozen of the 75 or so members of the liberal Out of Iraq Caucus. Then, Democratic leaders are hoping, enough Republicans will break ranks to put them over the top.

    By last week's end, House Democratic Caucus Chairman Rahm Emanuel (Ill.) said, they had secured about 200 votes.

    But the last 18 votes will not be easy. That point was brought home Thursday morning, during the closed-door meeting in which the legislation was detailed for Democratic members. As Pelosi gave her pitch, Reps. Lynn Woolsey (Calif.), Barbara Lee (Calif.), Lloyd Doggett (Tex.) and Nadler stood up to leave for a news conference of their own. After an uncomfortable pause, Pelosi growled that she wished Democrats would be courteous enough to hear her out before talking to the media. Nadler sat down. The rest walked out.

    Democratic aides concede that some party members, including Woolsey, Lee and Doggett, are all but lost. But they are not giving up.

    "There's nothing guaranteed in life, but I feel very good," Emanuel said.

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  • harithakb
    07-19 02:03 AM

    Because of some reason or the other it happend to be so bad that my I140 documents were sent by courier on Tuesday - 17 July 2007.

    can any one of you please suggest what best I can do to file my 485 during this current window July 17 to Aug 17 2007.

    I appreciate your suggestions / adive...

    Thanks & Regards,

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  • vikasgarg24
    07-26 02:04 PM

    Can you read my questions and reply on the same

    Thanks in advance

    06-29 05:25 AM
    Dear all,
    My Company x is acquired by Company Y in June 2010.
    I am going to India for H1 Revalidation.
    I have I797 from Company x.
    I have started receiving paystub's in company Y name
    My question is in DS 160 form which company name do i need to fill up?
    Plese respond !

    Thanks in Advance

    08-30 11:40 PM
    If the H1-B came with I-94 attached to the I797 form, then your status would be H1-B from the day written on the I-94 form. From that day, you cannot work with the employer A without filing another H1-B with employer A.

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