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Natalie Portman Age 15

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  • kufloyd
    03-11 01:04 PM

    Is it possible for a resident of Pune to apply for a tourist visa at the Hyderabad consulate? The Mumbai consulate doesn't seem to have any openings online, so not sure how to make an appt with the Mumbai consulate..


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    11-08 03:30 PM
    Last year, employers submitted so many H-1B petitions, the USCIS had to pick the winners by lottery. This year, seven months after the opening of the filing season that started on April 1st, the H-1B cap has yet to be reached. However, the numbers may not last long. During the first week of April, the USCIS received almost enough H-1B petitions to fill the 20,000 cap for persons with advanced degrees, but only 43,000 petitions against the 65,000 general cap. Over four months later, only 2,000 more H-1B petitions had been approved. Why so few? It's the economy, stupid! But...

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  • go_guy123
    10-19 10:36 AM
    Someone thought this was okay?

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    This also points to the fact that illegal immigrant amnesty is such a charged issue, CIR is extremely difficult to be passed into law (passed by Congress and Senate)

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  • mzafar125
    10-21 12:19 AM
    Hello folks. I hope someone can help me out on this issue. I applied for my wife's EAD back in July 2007. The EAD was processed in two weeks and we received the card. However, my wife's middle initial was incorrect and we sent it back to USCIS with an explaination concerning the mistake. USCIS stated that it would take anywhere from 2 months to 6 months to process the correction. Last week I received a letter from USICS stating that I need to submit a completed I-90 form. A I-90 form is used to replace a green card. We just applied for our adjustment of status in 6/2007 and are not permanent residents at this point. Getting the EAD has become a nightmare for us. Do I try and write a letter back to USCIS stating that they are asking for the wrong form. I tried to call them but they said to respond to the letter sent. I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. Any help/advice would be appreciated.



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  • samsg
    05-23 03:01 PM
    Did any body have experience with Zhang & Associates. Could you shear it with us.,


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  • shri_n
    01-12 06:42 PM
    I lost my original passport and was issued a new passort which is valid till 12 feb 2007. I mailed my application to the indian consulate but they stamped the extension of passport for 1 more year. The first page of the passport say it expires the on 12th feb but on the next page th consular general stamped the extension of the passport till 12th jan 2008. I am goin to india on 26th jan for H1b stamping. I wanted to know what are the chances of the visa getting rejected at the US embassy. Alsp is the passport valid for travel



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  • va_il
    07-17 12:19 PM
    I am surprised at how much information / misleading information spreading around.

    Lets gauge how people perceive IV role in the outcome, that tells a lot.

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  • ameryki
    01-03 07:33 PM
    mate take it easy. my appli's were sent to NSC on august 1st and i still haven't seen any receipts come through for 485, ead nor AP. Although I have received Ead card and done finger printing so that way I know what my 485 appli # is but no info on the AP


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    08-19 05:30 PM
    The early retirement of US Senator Mel Martinez (R-FL) has opened up an appointment opportunity for Governor Charlie Crist, himself a candidate for Martinez's seat. Crist will likely not appoint himself and a number of names are circulating for potential replacements. According to Politico, one person being considered is Jacksonville-area State Representative Jennifer Carroll. Carroll would be the first black female Republican Senator if she were selected. Carroll is a native of Trinidad and a retired US Navy officer. Carroll's immigration positions aren't clear from her record, not exactly a surprise given that state legislatures don't consider very many immigration...

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  • srox
    03-03 08:59 PM
    Hi all...

    i'm Srox from malaysia...n this is myself , sketches in 10 minutes using wacom :)

    Happy voting!


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  • desiap
    02-04 11:03 PM
    I was on F-1 when I applied for I-485 (my wife was the primary applicant). My I-20 expired 6 months back, and I'm working on EAD. I'm planning to travel to India and use my AP for return. Will that be fine ?

    What about my I-94 expiry ? I still have a 2 yr old I-94 on my passport, marked F-1/D-S.

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  • rrajendra
    08-05 04:11 PM
    The expiry date of B1/B2 is printed on the visa. Getting F1 does not invalidate B1/B2. Unless the visa issuer put a stamp on the B1/B2 as "Cancelled", it is still valid!


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  • smsthss
    07-18 12:21 PM
    There is an article in AILA about VISA BULLETIN REVERSAL: NOW WHAT?. Does anybody have any access to that..

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  • sapota
    11-15 11:26 AM
    on a lot of things like your priority date, country of birth, EB category. But bottomline is this : Its gonna take much longer than you think.


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  • stefanv
    07-01 07:15 AM
    Lol! Up till now this is my favourite!
    Know what? I might just print it!!

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  • NolaIndian32
    04-24 10:57 PM
    Hi Belmontboy,

    If you would like to get involved with supporting IV's fund raising, please consider joining Team IV. We have reached a potential fundraising goal of $9,500 in just 3 weeks.

    Please see discussion thread on main page for details on Team IV.

    Team IV Captain


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  • Templarian
    03-10 01:19 AM

    girlfriend Natalie Portman Natalie Portman Age 15. Natalie Portman: My Pregnancy
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  • gparr
    July 3rd, 2005, 05:57 PM
    Agree with the cropping suggestion and also suggest you bring the highlights down some to bring out the detail in the barn roof and level out the barn. Just did a quick-and-dirty adjustment. You'll get better results from the original.

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    11-03 08:30 AM
    Obviously, the prospects for major immigration reform legislation are being dealt a blow this evening. But it looks like the lord of the anti-immigrants - Tom Tancredo - is going down to defeat in the Colorado governor's race. Marco Rubio seemed to push an Arizona-like law for Florida in the election campaign, but his speech this evening was all about the immigrant dream. Perhaps he'll follow in Mel Martinez's footsteps and lead in re-establishing a pro-immigration Republican caucus. Exit polls are showing that immigration was NOT driving most voters decisions. And it's a little early to call it, but it...

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    01-18 04:04 PM
    Hi Guys-

    I am on H1B, working in US. I got my status changed from F1 to H1B last yr and never got it stamped ever since. I am going to get married next month in India and would require a visa stamp on my passport. I believe it is a straight forward process but would appreciate your experiences and suggestions for this.

    1. I am planning to take visa appointments both for myself and my future wife togther at the Delhi consulate (ofcourse by paying separate fee). Can I do that here in US for both of us?

    2. Once I get an appointment, we both should appear togther for the interview (for my H1B and her H4) . Right?

    3. The forms 156 and 157 are required to be filled during the interview but not while taking appointments. Is it right?

    3. I will take all my docs. along with our marriage certificate, and pictures from wedding. Do I need something extra to that?

    Please suggest me any other important thing which I should be aware of in this process.

    Thanks much!:)

    09-21 08:47 AM
    My 485 is currently pending from current employer.Getting a new offer from the client for full time job. My labor certification wage is very high around 95k(no benefits) and the new offer is for 80k with benefits. Doing the math the new offer is lucrative. With Current employer paying $1100/month for insurance and with zero vacation time.

    Is it recommended to use AC21 and take the new offer even though the salary is less than 15k from labor certification wage. The Job responsibilities are similar.

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