Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • chanduv23
    11-26 09:17 PM

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  • andy_traps
    07-27 05:57 PM

    Is it true that the old (i.e., July 1st - July 29th) filing fees still apply through July 27th - August 17th? The new fees (which would have been applicable from July 30th) will now be applicable from August 18th, right?

    Is this true for I-485, I-765 and I-131 forms?


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  • coronapup
    07-27 07:01 PM
    I140 is pending, Filed EB2 485 on Jul2nd, no receipt yet, and we don't know when it will come.

    My wife's F1 is going to expire on Aug28. I was planning to file COS to H4 for her now. However, today I heard that filing AOS and COS at the same time will be a conflict and one case might get denied.

    Should I still go ahead and file her COS now or wait some more time till we get the 485 receipt? The concern I have is that AOS is not a safe status since 140 is still pending now. However we don't want to mess up 485 just because of the COS application.

    Can anyone give me some suggestion on this situation? Hope this is the right place to post the question.

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  • vban2007
    04-23 10:35 AM

    Hi All,

    Would request any answers or any practical experiences in regards to my queries:

    My wife and my infant daughter originally came to the US in 2004 on H4 and my wife got her H1-B also in 2004.
    In Oct 2007 I and my wife got our EAD (The GC processing is through my company). Also since our arrival to the US in 2004 we did not go to India . But we are planning to go this summer.

    My queries: We are planning to use AP to enter US

    What will be my status once I come back from India. Can I maintain H1B Status without going for stamping since I changed my company. to enter US

    My wife has no H1-B stamp on her passport (since she came on h4). Can she come back on H1B, without going for stamping? Or is it advisable to go for stamping of her H1 and come on H1-B?
    My daughter has H4 visa based on my H1-B, can she come on H4?

    Appreciate your response.


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  • vidyas_m
    01-30 07:59 PM
    I am currently in my 6th year of H1-B. I started working for my current company on H1-b work visa in June 2010. As my 6 year visa period expires in June 2011, I need to apply for a H1-b extension (based on I-140 approval) pretty soon. My employer had paid the $1500 ACWIA fee recently i.e. 8 months ago, when they filed for my H1-b the first time. Next month, when they apply for an extension of my H1, do they have to pay the $1500 ACWIA fee again?

    In I-129 instructions, it specifies that one of the exemptions for paying the ACWIA fee is "second or subsequent extension...". Would my case be considered a subsequent or second extension?

    I would greatly appreciate your response.

    Thanks much.

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  • senk1s
    05-14 01:20 AM
    one of my friend (EB2@TSC - India PD 2001) didnt see anything happen after the infopass ... YET
    but definitely worth a try (it worked for our EAD).


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  • go_guy123
    10-19 10:36 AM
    Someone thought this was okay?

    More... (

    This also points to the fact that illegal immigrant amnesty is such a charged issue, CIR is extremely difficult to be passed into law (passed by Congress and Senate)

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  • gxr
    02-13 01:10 PM
    My EAD and AP have the wrong birth date and I just noticed it. I have to re-send form I-765 and I-131 with the original EAD and original AP for correction. My case was originally filed in NSC along with 485, but I live in Texas.

    But, as per instructions for I-765 and I-131, form should be filed at:

    "Service Center with jurisdiction over your residence or Local Office - depending on where your case is pending."

    Can someone guide me please ? Where should I file - TSC of NSC ?



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  • mendes91
    11-27 09:16 PM
    how do i make a custom 3d model in v 2.00 ?...-_- im reeeaaallly new at this,

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  • satyasrd
    05-24 10:46 AM

    This question is to all attorneys for their input on whether there will be another window (or something called pre-filing) for all GC applicants waiting for file their I-485. It would be great if there could be 'pre-filing' with eligibility for EAD since H1 renewals are becoming tougher by the minute.
    Attorneys please add your comments if there is a probability of this happening and if not is there any way we can request USCIS to consider?

    Thanks in advance !


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  • gxr
    02-14 04:55 PM
    Can someone answer please ?

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  • Blog Feeds
    11-17 08:30 AM
    Here's my take on the new Visa Bulletin First, bad news for Dominicans. Separate cutoffs have now been established for the Family First and 2B preference categories which are now earlier than the worldwide dates. Family First is 01 JUN 2004 and 2B is 01 JAN 2002. Also, Indian numbers are pretty bad again with most categories stalled. Mexico is the only bright spot with some strong improvements in the employment categories. Family 1st- no improvement for most countries; three week advance for Mexico. Family 2A - world numbers jump from June 2010 to August 2010; Mexico stalled at March...

    More... (


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  • ChiefBill
    March 23rd, 2010, 02:48 PM
    Got another question for Nikon people - a friend sent his D300s in for repair. Nikon upgraded the firmware, and now he can't open the RAW (NEF) files in CS3. Any thoughts?


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  • Anna35
    10-09 08:13 PM
    Looks like everything is following a cycle...


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  • skagitswimmer
    July 26th, 2005, 12:00 PM
    These are nice photos but I for one would appreciate it if new threads are started for discussions and new photographs are added to your personal galleries and if you like critique requests. That way we can look at your photographs by thumbnail and keep the topics on new threads to ones which are topical.

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  • namu01
    06-21 10:25 AM
    In the form it asks the following questions:

    Have you ever before applied for employment authorization from USCIS?

    If yes, which USCIS office?

    Date for application:

    my question: I had applied to Vermont service center and later it was transferred to Texas Service center... So Should i put Vermont or Texas as the applied USCIS office?

    Also, The date of application is that the day i signed the application? or the received date that i see on the approved EAD?

    Thank You. input would be highly appreciated.


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  • kart2007
    01-12 09:56 AM
    Visa Bulletin For February 2011 (

    (Employment based):

    EB2I - 08MAY06
    EB3I - 22FEB02


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  • pachinko
    06-24 03:49 PM
    Hi all, I have a question regarding my current situation. I'm currently working for this non-profit organization under my OPT that is good until the end of Oct of this year. My question is basically whether or not I can ask my employer (already agreed) to petition for me for an H1-b visa? Can I still apply right now before my OPT expires or would it be better to apply next year on the first day of April? If I can get an approval for my H1-b would it be good to get a TN in the meantime and later have my employer petition me for an h1-B then?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I don't want to waste the opportunity to apply if I can get one at this time. I heard is better and easier to apply for one while under OPT than TN to H1-B but I'm not sure or rather confused about this!

    Thanks in advance.

    Pachinko Dude

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  • ns521
    02-11 08:12 AM
    I applied for I-485, I-140,and EAD almost 2 months ago..The package was received by USCIS but no receipts yet, no checks are cashed yet...We called and they said it may take 3 months to issue receipts...what should I expect?Receipts and approval of EAD in a month given that they usually honor the 3 months period to approve EAD?or nothing is guaranteed!!

    02-05 02:30 PM
    Hello All,
    As per the latest regulations, the employer has to pay for all the labor application cost. My employer has agreed to do my green card, but are little hesitant to pay the cost (due to budget constraint). What legal options/adjustments can I make with my employer so that the cost process is not delayed? Thanks in advance.

    03-03 10:00 AM
    Thanks Kutti.

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