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Keira Knightley Rupert Friend Pride And Prejudice

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  • harinim
    06-03 02:46 PM
    I am currently on H1B status with 3 yrs left on my visa. I've used 3 yrs already.

    I'm not a project at the moment and if I convert to H4 now, can I continue on the same H1 after a couple of yrs.

    Your replies are much appreciated.


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  • Keira Knightley and boyfriend

    10-05 05:41 PM
    My husband is on pending I-485 MTR & my denied I-140 is in appeal. My husband has to apply for H-4 status based on my approved & stamped H-1 status.

    My Queries:

    1) I am told that he cannot apply from USA as his I-485 is denied and he is pending I-485 MTR?

    2) Can he apply for canadian visa for H4 consulate processing even though he doesn't have valid USA stamp on his passport? All we have is pending I-485 MTR receipt & my pending appeal letter from AAO office.

    3) How safe is it to apply from canada?

    Your response will be highly appreciated.
    Thanx in advance

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  • engineer
    03-20 09:11 PM

    Can one apply for Admission in US University while one is on Visit Visa in USA ?

    If yes, will he/ she get I-120 while staying in US ? or one has to leave USA to get I-120, apply for f1 visa and then come on that visa ?

    I will appreciate your answers.


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  • raghu112
    12-27 06:04 PM


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  • Blog Feeds
    06-09 02:10 PM (
    USCIS updated the H-1B cap count for Fiscal Year 2010. It now has 45,700 cases against the regular (non-Master's) H-1B cap. For more information, see the previous blog posts here ( here (

    More... (

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  • insight08
    01-14 09:47 PM
    In 2002, I left my employer(A) and joined another company(B). New employer applied for my h1b and in 3 months we got an RFE. Coincidentally, I did not like that job and just left that employer(B) to join the previous employer(A).Never tried to get the h1b reciept from. Now that company is folded and there is no information about that company(B). Later that year, company B gave me a W2 for 3 months pay which I had to file later that year.

    While applying for 485 in june 2007, in mad rush I had to fill up G-325 form and I did not write anything about working for company(B) for 3 months. Rather I mentioned that I worked for Company A thru 2002.

    Thanks in advance for your help. Lazycis, UN and any other gurus , please help!!!
    Could USCIS find that out? If so, am I in trouble? How to overcome this situation?


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  • spicy_guy
    06-22 04:17 PM
    Proposed immigration measure stirs up Nebraska city - (

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    11-08 08:50 AM
    May of you may be familiar with Professor Vivek Wadhwa from his columns in BusinessWeek and his major papers published on skilled worker immigration. I got to meet Professor Wadhwa when we both spoke at an ImmigrationWorksUSA conference a few months back. He gave a very informative presentation using the slides I'm attaching. Professor Wadhwa kindly agreed to let me publish them on my blog so readers could benefit. Many thanks Professor Wadhwa. Wadhwa presentation

    More... (


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  • iCu MeHoo
    10-08 07:22 PM
    all u need is .3ds =] =]

    /me ducks

    heh.. ALOT.. do me a favor.. open it up.. press file.. import.. press the down arrow.. and tell me what it says.. then i will tell you what u can import =] j/k it shoudl be there.. whether in help files.. or right there in front of ya..

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  • themagicflasher
    07-10 07:36 PM

    I wish the one in his hand looked like it fit as good as the ones in the boat...but this is really really funny


    Keira Knightley Rupert Friend Pride And Prejudice. Starring: Keira Knightley
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  • keni
    March 29th, 2005, 09:06 AM
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  • Macaca
    09-06 05:22 PM
    Leaders Look to Protect Freshmen ( By Jennifer Yachnin | ROLL CALL STAFF, September 6, 2007 Thursday

    In an attempt to dissuade the Republican minority from offering contentious procedural amendments tied to the hot-button issues such as immigration, Democratic leaders are discussing how to give their lawmakers a vote that would inoculate them against such pressure in the future.

    The discussion comes as a new House select committee prepares to investigate an Aug. 2 vote that Republican leaders allege the Democratic majority mishandled, resulting in the defeat of a GOP-authored procedural measure that would have amended the fiscal 2008 Agriculture spending bill by prohibiting illegal immigrants from accessing certain federally funded programs.

    House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.) said he has discussed the issue with House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), and leadership staff from both offices are working on a proposal.

    "I'm particularly concerned that these motions to recommit are tinged with a bit of ... let's just say this whole issue of immigration, it's too serious an issue for us to ... have it used as a wedge issue," Clyburn said, and later added: "We ought not be using this very serious issue in this way."

    Neither Clyburn nor Hoyer would provide details for any potential proposal, including whether the measure would be new law or a nonbinding resolution.

    "We're talking about a lot of options and I don't want to prejudge what options we're going to choose," Hoyer said.

    The Maryland lawmaker added that because the Republican amendment at the heart of the August incident would have restated existing law - a point the GOP refutes - Democrats could opt to ask the executive branch to enforce statutes already on the books.

    "We may just reiterate the law," Hoyer said. Democrats also have pre-emptively discussed expanding the new effort to other hot-button legislative areas targeted by the GOP.

    One Democratic lawmaker, who asked not to be identified, said the plan has been presented to some Members as a blanket measure that would prohibit the use of taxpayer-funded programs, such as food stamps, by immigrants in the country illegally.

    "The idea is to reject them out of hand because they'll be clearly redundant," the Democrat said. "They'll come up with some other ridiculous avenue to use, but hopefully this takes that off the table."

    But House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) spokesman Brian Kennedy immediately dismissed the Democrats' new plan, saying, "It's certainly a very clear indication of just how effective Republicans have been in using the motion to recommit to affect legislation."

    The procedural motion is one of the few options available to the minority party that allows it to offer legislative alternatives when a bill reaches the House floor, and it is used immediately before a final vote on legislation takes place.

    During the first half of the 110th Congress, the Republican minority has offered numerous motions - winning on 11 to date - that present difficult political decisions for Democrats, particularly the large number of freshman lawmakers in competitive districts.

    The National Republican Congressional Committee also targeted five Democratic freshmen in their districts Wednesday over the controversial August vote, more than six weeks after the incident. In press releases, the NRCC accused Democratic Reps. Jerry McNerney (Calif.), Kirsten Gillibrand (N.Y.), Zack Space (Ohio), Harry Mitchell (Ariz.) and Nick Lampson (Texas) of helping to steal "a vote in the dead of night," citing the lawmakers' decision to change their votes and oppose the Republican procedural measure after initially voting in favor of it.

    During the vote, three Florida GOP lawmakers, Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Lincoln Diaz-Balart and Mario Diaz-Balart, similarly switched their ballots to support the measure.

    House Democrats have thus far opted against issuing a blanket edict to rank-and-file Members to oppose the Republican motions, instead instructing lawmakers in April to object only to "killer" amendments that would shelve legislation.

    Despite the failure of nearly 20 Democrats to initially abide by those guidelines in early August - prompting some of the last-minute vote changes that contributed to the apparent disagreement on the House floor - Clyburn indicated that Democrats have no immediate plans to otherwise change their strategy on such motions.

    "I don't think anybody on our side confuses the issue - we know these are procedural issues," he added.

    But at his weekly press conference, Hoyer said he would speak with those Democrats who voted in favor of the Republican motion.

    "It presented a big problem. We are working on it. I am going to continue to work on it," Hoyer said, and later added: "In terms of the Members, the consequences are [that] I'm going to talk to them."

    In the meantime, the new House select committee established to investigate the disputed August vote is expected to soon hold its first meeting, following the appointment of its three Republican members Wednesday.

    Republican Reps. Mike Pence (Ind.), Steven LaTourette (Ohio) and Kenny Hulshof (Mo.) will work along with Democratic Reps. Bill Delahunt (Mass.), Artur Davis (Ala.) and Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (S.D.). No meeting date was set Wednesday, but the committee is required to file an interim report Sept. 30, with a final report due in mid-September 2008.

    "I'm confident we're going to be able to put our heads together and follow the facts, be judicious and take an impartial and thorough look at what happened that night," said Pence, the panel's ranking member.

    Davis, noting that members of the committee have worked across the aisle, said: "The House voted for the committee and the committee will diligently do its work."


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  • gonecrazyonh4
    04-08 07:46 PM
    Is it possible to change employer when you are in the 7th year of H1B ?

    Is it possible to have the new employer file PERM for you while you are with current employer?

    Is it possible to have 2 PERMS from 2 Employers for the same person. Please let me know any information you might have on this topic.

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  • JunRN
    09-13 07:11 AM
    Question: If the I-140 is pending and not yet approved and I filed for I-485, will I receive Fingerprint Notice or I-140 approval is needed before Fingerprinting?


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  • sbmallik
    11-29 10:20 AM
    I-140 is employer's petition, so your tax returns are unnecessary. For information sake please check this link ( D&vgnextchannel=7d316c0b4c3bf110VgnVCM1000004718190a RCRD) for details.

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  • desixp
    05-25 04:03 PM


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  • kittu1991
    03-30 03:34 PM
    One of my friend who is an accountant's H1 visa was sponsopred by a non-accounting firm who needed an accountant who is familiar with accounting pratices here is USA and India. Now that the firm who initially hired him and sponsored his visa doesn't have a full time accountant requirement and he is finding it difficult to find an accounting firm to sponsor his visa. But the firm who originally hired him is willing and has an opening to place him in an accounting firm as accountant. But since the firm who originally hired him is not an accounting firm is there any legal issue in doing so. If it is legal, what should the either of the firms and/or he should do as far as paperworks are concerned.

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    08-12 09:50 AM
    U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has issued instructions on making inquiries with the agency�s four Service Centers. Customers, community-based organizations and liaison groups should follow this guidance when inquiring about case related issues. This new process standardizes customer service and streamlines processing of customer inquiries at USCIS Service Centers. The step-by-step instructions are as follows:
    Step 1: National Customer Service Center (NCSC) can be contacted at 1-800-375-5283. The NCSC can assist customers, community-based organizations and liaison groups with case related inquiries. Please get your Receipt No. the NCSC please have available your receipt number, alien registration number, type of application filed and date filed. We recommend you note down:
    -The name and/or id number of the NCSC representative
    - The date and time of the call
    - Any service request referral number, if a service referral on a pending case is taken.

    More... (

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  • pamposh
    08-05 02:19 PM
    I sent my application to vermont based on the USCIS answering system on June 30th that folks with approved I-140s should send 485 applications to the center where it was approved. Any ideas, if there is a problem with that and if the app gets transferred how much time it will take.

    anyone else in the same boat?

    06-16 07:33 AM

    My current status is

    I currently work for Company A (on H1B) and Company B is processing my GC (EB2, I140 approved; I485 in process) .

    This month, I found a new job with Company C which I have to join on EAD (they don't do H1Bs). Also, in this month's bulletin, my PD became current. I had a few concerns/questions

    1) Could the change in employment trigger any flags since I am changing companies and this is a future employment GC case (though its almost 3 years since the I-485 was filed)

    2) What do you suggest I do since its so close? I waited all this time just not to complicate things (and remain on H1) but then as soon as have to start work on EAD, the date also becomes current (which I am definitely very happy about ) but now since both these events are so close, I am not sure what to do.

    3) What other things are there to keep in mind in case of a future employment case?

    Thanks for all the help,

    01-31 08:16 PM
    Hi I just graduated last year as an accounting major. I recently got an offer for a Property Accountant position at a real estate company. So it's not a pulic accounting firm. I was wondering if I'm eligiable to apply for H1B without a CPA?

    Thanks a lot!

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