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  • Robert Kumar
    03-15 05:43 PM
    btw you can check it out at

    welcome to the icert portal (

    !!! T h a n k y o u !!!

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  • greenlight
    06-10 03:33 PM
    My PD is Dec. 04, and my I-485 was filed during the july fiasco in 2007. My PD was current since March 08 until it will become "unavailable" in June 08.

    My attorney got update from Nebraska SC in May stating "Your case is in queue for green card." Now what will happen to my case since EB-3 ROW will be unavailable in June? Does that mean an IO once opened my file after March and will close it without processing any further because of the change in the June Visa Bulletin?

    I am confused. Please share your insights and experiences.
    Thank you.

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  • WeShallOvercome
    06-18 07:09 PM
    contributed $50 via paypal

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  • Blessing&Lifeisbeautiful
    07-29 06:29 PM
    hi all,

    i also have been ff this blog but have not been sharing much bcoz i dont see a lot of sched a bloggers in here.anyway.please read the hammond law group about an amendment that apparently passed the senate to allocate the unused visa from 2001 till 2004 in which 50% will go to sched a of the bloggers mentioned so.cant verify the authenticity of such but it certainly lifts my dampen is the bill that was introduced by senators hutchison and schumer.i am happy to see the support of the IV members towards the mission of this has been a great source of info for me.MY PD is oct 2006 and have been separated from my wife for over ayear now and our lil girl is growing up without the presence of her is very heartbreaking,not to mention my life without her.hope all our sufferings will end soon.

    Welcome to our thread and thanks for joining.


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  • needhelp!
    09-13 02:07 PM
    Just mailed out letters to nine more radio/tv/news media addresses in Texas that AILA media site didn't allow email for. I hope USPS will deliver by tomorrow??
    texanmom, I did a few Houston/Austin emails as well.

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  • SkilledWorker4GC
    07-15 04:51 PM
    Can we send out an email to all 30k members asking for contribution to High Five funding drive? It is quiet possible that many might not have logged on since yesterday.


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  • needhelp!
    04-12 11:15 AM
    Is there any advantage with starting an LLC if you are the only person working for the company or simply filling out 1040 Schedule C is the better option in that case?

    Sole proprietors are unincorporated businesses. They are also called independent contractors, consultants, or freelancers. There are no forms you need to fill out to start this type of business. The only thing you need to do is report your business income and expenses on your Form 1040 Schedule C. This is the easiest form of business to set up, and the easiest to dissolve. (An LLC with only a single shareholder, a so-called single-member LLC, is taxed as a sole proprietor on a Schedule C.)

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  • baburob2
    03-15 06:25 PM
    Overall no big progress w.r.t our title's though Brownback's comment on immigration numbers is good.

    Senate Judiciary Committee Continues Slow Progress in Markup of Immigration Reform Legislation
    Cite as "AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 06031540 (posted Mar. 15, 2006)"

    The Senate Judiciary Committee continued its consideration today of draft legislation on comprehensive immigration reform sponsored by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter. The Committee officially took up the bill, known as the �Chairman�s Mark,� on March 2 but has made very slow progress to date.

    The following is a very brief summary of the amendments that were addressed during today�s session. See our previous update on last week�s markup sessions. We will continue to update you as action on the bill continues.

    1. The Committee passed by a voice vote a compromise amendment by Feingold that would preserve some level of judicial review over naturalization applications.

    2. A Specter 2nd degree amendment to a Sessions amendment on evading inspection passed.

    3. A Leahy amendment on security-related issues passed by voice vote.

    4. A Kennedy amendment to ameliorate the Mark�s retroactive provisions was debated and deferred.

    5. A Feinstein amendment to modify the provisions of the Mark relating to border security was deferred for future action.

    6. A Durbin amendment to strike the Mark�s criminalization of unlawful status was once again deferred for future consideration. Feinstein attempted to offer a 2nd degree amendment that would provide aliens with a 60-day grace period for visa overstays before they are subject to criminal prosecution under INA � 275(a), but Specter would not allow it since Durbin�s underlying amendment was set aside.

    7. A Durbin amendment to ameliorate the Mark�s smuggling provision so as not to criminalize humanitarian assistance was once again debated and deferred. Kyl spoke in opposition to the amendment. Cornyn had a second degree that Hatch thought was insufficient. Hatch, Schumer and Biden spoke in opposition to Cornyn�s 2nd degree. Cornyn was not convincing, but Kyl did some damage.

    8. A Sessions amendment to affirm the inherent authority of state and local law enforcement personnel to enforce federal civil immigration laws during the normal course of carrying out their duties was discussed. Specter offered a 2nd degree that would limit the inherent authority of states and localities to the enforcement of the criminal provisions of the immigration laws. Sessions would only support the 2nd degree if the provisions of the Mark criminalizing unlawful presence remain intact. Thus, if the Durbin amendment to strike those provisions passes, Sessions wants to revisit the Specter 2nd degree. Specter�s 2nd degree passed by voice vote.

    9. A Sessions amendment that would require the Secretary of Homeland Security to provide information to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) related to aliens who may have violated certain immigration laws passed by a voice vote. The broadly worded amendment would encompass visa overstayers, other civil violators, and even members of vulnerable populations such as asylum-seekers who are improperly documented but seeking relief. Leahy and Kennedy voted against the amendment and Leahy spoke in opposition to overloading the NCIC database with individuals who do not belong in it. A Specter 2nd degree amendment that would provide a procedure for requesting removal from the database and modify the group of individuals included in it passed by voice vote.

    10. A Sessions amendment that would require at least one law enforcement agency in each state to enter into a � 287(g) cooperative enforcement agreement to enforce immigration laws against alien smugglers was considered. Sessions accepted a Coburn 2nd degree amendment that would clarify: (1) that such agreements would be purely voluntary, and (2) that the �287(g) enforcement authority would not be limited to alien smuggling. There was no quorum to vote on these, however, and they were set aside.

    Part way through the markup, Specter attempted to jump to a debate on the issue of the undocumented population, noting that he has reiterated to Senate Majority Leader Frist that he (Specter) opposes bringing immigration reform to the Senate Floor before the Senate Judiciary Committee had completed its consideration of the Chairman�s Mark. Biden and Kennedy voiced their support of Specter�s desire to complete work in Committee. Kennedy added, �this issue is NOT going away, like some other issues,� and urged deferral of the Title VI discussion until tomorrow (Title VI contains the provisions dealing with the undocumented population). He added that we need to deal with ALL aspects of reform to have real, lasting border security�going forward with any of these components alone will fail.

    Durbin said that, to defeat the House bill (H.R. 4437), the Committee needs to pass a strong bipartisan bill with the support of about 12 members. He feels the Committee should do an extra markup session on a day when there is no other Senate business. �We need to watch the House,� noted Durbin, adding: �They have a bill we need to fight at all costs. We need bipartisan support out of this Committee.�

    Brownback stated that the Committee has started a process to create broad bipartisan support for good policy, and that this is the most significant legislation of the year. �We have serious problems with immigrant numbers,� he said. �We can�t live with these and need to change them. McCain/Kennedy would deal with this. How do we get the Mark to deal with these numbers? We need a way NOT to end up here again after 10 years. We can�t move too quickly.�

    Cornyn described the process as akin to �digging out of a big hole,� noting that with enforcement done first, other issues would get simpler. He believes we need to impose circularity---not permanent immigration.

    Coburn said that, like it or not, we have to deal with issue of the undocumented population. He urged the Committee to split the bill in two and do enforcement first, and work to reach consensus on other parts later in the year. �No one in the country trusts us on this issue because we haven�t enforced our existing laws,� he said.

    Feinstein stated her concerns about the process, and also spoke out against comprehensive immigration reform and in favor of her more limited agricultural pilot program idea. She said she had met with Senator Craig (the sponsor of AgJobs) yesterday to see if they could work out their differences but there has been no resolution yet. She also expressed much frustration with Frist�s artificial timeline. She indicated her opposition to the House bill, and said that consensus was needed in the Committee (she believes the Committee has come to some consensus on the enforcement pieces but little else). She urged Specter to go back to Frist and ask for more time.

    Sessions said we need to focus on enforcement now, and then have a national discussion later on the other elements of immigration reform. He believes Congress needs to focus on enforcement to build credibility with the public. �I�m not prepared to repeat 1986,� he said. �We should slow down.�

    Specter repeatedly voiced his concern about �line-jumping,� arguing that the McCain/Kennedy bill would �leap frog� the current undocumented population over individuals who have been waiting in the backlogs. He also said that he�d prefer it if the legislation contained a path to citizenship but, as Chair, was trying to balance both sides.

    In other hurdles to the Judiciary Committee�s completion of work on the bill, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Grassley, who is also a member of the Judiciary Committee, argued that the Finance Committee should have jurisdiction over the provisions of the Mark relating to the Social Security Act, adding that the IRS has raised serious concerns about some of these amendments. However, several other senators argued for consideration of these provisions in the Judiciary Committee. It is also possible that Grassley could exercise the Finance Committee�s authority by managing those amendments during floor debate.

    The Committee disbanded about noon, due to a number of votes on the Senate Floor and the attendant low probability of maintaining a voting quorum in the Committee.


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  • AllVNeedGcPc
    03-22 10:05 PM
    ... thanks for sharing.

    My First Post :

    Initial EB3 - 07/2003 with fortune 200 company, got laid off in 10/2010 after working with them for 11 years.

    Joined small company in 11/2010, Perm EB2 - 12/22/2010 - Approved on 01/06/2011
    I140 Premium - 03/02/2011. Both 140 and 485 approved on 03/15/2011 - Current Law Firm received 140 approval notice on 03/18/2011, Previous company's law firm received 485 approval on the same day.

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  • h1techSlave
    04-17 07:58 PM
    After I have submitted the 485 receipt, my loan guy went to a meeting. I will hear back from him in a couple of days.

    485 does mean some thing to them. But they seem to avoid that so that they can charge more interest rate.

    Right now, there is huge demand for loans. So they are bringing in many artificial road blocks to increase interest rates.

    H4+ I-485 pending still is a valid status. Now what rules they have regarding approving the loan to someone who is not working (because of H4 status) is something I am unaware of and not immigration related, I guess.

    But if you are going to send them a copy of your I-485 application, that should mean SOMETHING in their eyes.

    Do let us know how it goes. It will also be helpful to others in your situation. Good luck!


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  • mw_immi
    01-07 08:37 AM
    Do you posses a valid / current visa along with EAD. They seem to be okay with visa, and seems to lack knowledge on the EAD/485 stuff. Can you please PM the link to the loan office you worked, if he is agreeing to talk / provide updates. BTW, mine is a re-finance, and never had problem before and this is the first time, the visa issue is causing difficulties. The reason I went through this loan agent is the rate I am getting.

    Finally, BOA approved your loan or not. I am in exact same situation as you & they have denied my refinance.

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  • singhsa3
    09-12 02:23 PM
    Looks like backward clock is the most popular idea so far.
    There are two scenarios someone suggested to me in the office:
    Scenario 1: Send these indiviudually (one per person).
    Scenario 2: Send collectively a set of 10 backward clocks, with a greivance/protest letter , where as 10 represents month of October and signed by IV.


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  • jonty_11
    07-06 12:58 PM
    I see lots of frustration here. July fillers, you will definitely feel good after hearing my story. At least you are not in my situation. Read this: I was eligible to file in June under June visa bulletin. My deshi blood s^#$* employer did not provide me the letter in time. I am in my 7th year of H1B and they refused to provide my I-140 approval copy. I have the receipt# only. Attorney will not give it to me either. Now what should I do. You guys at lest will be able to file may be in future. What about me! Please suggest anyone!! Now I can not go to a new employer also! See, you are in better position than mine.
    why cant u go to another employer...I think if ur current employer is not willing to file 485 for u..then u have NO OPTION BUT TO SWITCH EMPLOYER....

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  • JunRN
    09-28 01:37 PM
    It is not even considered yet and I don't think it will ever be considered. That amendment includes not only schedule A but also others and with proposal to increase the number as well.

    How could it pass if it's carrying heavy-baggage, it won't move!!!


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  • knnmbd
    04-26 12:57 PM

    Is the SJC convening on 27th to discuss immigration reform? Do you have any more details? The website talks about voting rights?
    I just got this off the Immigration-law website"The Chairman Specter called Executive Committee business meeting on April 27, 2006, Thursday, and it is anticipated that the debate on the Judiciary Committee's redrafting of the comprehensive immigration reform bill may take a center stage. Please stay tuned"

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  • chanduv23
    09-10 10:01 AM
    They most of the approvals are of US Master degree and above as it is straight fwd EB2 no need to verify skill set etc..

    Not quite true - this is done at 140 not 485


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  • shi120
    12-27 03:35 PM
    I am in the same boat, was planning to leave for India on 12/25 had to cancel tickets. My spouse is on an F1 and hence cannot re-enter without AP. Tried to expedite by contacting CSC, senator, congress rep. Know that it has been approved, but is waiting for production which could take 2-4 weeks. Applied on 08/03, notice date 09/13, supposedly approved on 12/12 awaiting production. This has been really frustrating. If you are on a valid H or L visa you can come back on it without any issue.

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  • cpbaherwani
    06-03 11:29 AM
    Mailed a check for $100 today.

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  • greyhair
    05-10 01:37 PM
    I finished calling all Senators for the 2nd time. It feels good talking with them about my green card. I also called my Senators in CA. The person on the phone said they support CIR and green cards.

    09-10 10:28 AM
    Not quite true - this is done at 140 not 485

    Yes. By Law and by the Book. But I just saw in my friend circle. Most of them were US Masters.

    06-10 03:54 PM
    We are in a lot better shape than we were sometime back.

    I totally agree ... just look one year back ... today most of us are enjoying EAD/AP, and security net of AC21. Compare this with the situation we had on just H1B.

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