Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • sachuin23
    11-18 06:06 PM

    I recently upgraded by I-140 to Premium processing. Soon after the filing of I-907, my status on USCIS status website changed from initial review to Acceptance. The message displayed is that my case has been rejected because of incorrect filing fees. I contacted my lawyer and he is confident that my upgrade was filed properly. He also told me that he has been observing same issue for several clients ,where USCIS website is displaying incorrect message. I am not sure what should be my next step. Is it something I should be worried about?

    Is there some one with similar experience ?

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  • wishdutt
    07-11 10:26 AM
    My friend just forwarded me this link and it shows 1-jun-2006 priority date for EB2. For EB3 it still shows Unavailable. However US State website still shows old dates.


    If this is not a mistake, then its a very good news.

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  • Blog Feeds
    04-26 11:20 AM
    Tough talk from the Senate Majority Leader. Some, including my good friend Tamar Jacoby, think this is a really bad idea. I'm not so sure. I think fear of losing the Hispanic vote for a generation or more and the sudden urgency of the situation created by the Arizona fiasco could make responsible Republicans at least seek to block a filibuster and allow for a majority vote (as seems likely with financial regulatory reform). But Tamar is right that we'll get a better bill if pro-business Republicans play a role since some of the overreaching protectionist efforts of the unions...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/04/reid-to-graham-you-have-three-weeks-to-deliver-republicans-or-were-doing-it-ourselves.html)

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  • Redeye
    01-15 12:53 PM
    Did you staple them altogether and surrender them?


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    04-09 01:28 PM
    I filed for EAD (new application) 30 days back along with my AOS applications. Finished my FP on the 25th day.

    Normally How long it take to get EAD from Texas Service center. ??

    Any idea. ??

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  • giveit
    10-09 04:15 PM
    i have to make an intro. My idea is that a guy will be walking to school and then entering it. I just need to know how to make the guy walk to the school and how to make the background. Please reply quick.


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  • rammustie
    05-11 10:17 AM
    I would apply for the renewal EAD now. Are you using the EAD to work ? Normally if the EAD is not approved after 90 day wait, then one can get a temp EAD form the local office. Give yourself some time, just in case something gets dealyed.

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  • marcus12
    01-26 09:40 PM
    I got a email from school today that because of my unability to attend the school for 1 sem I have been dropped off of the school

    I have a question. How many days I can stay in USA after my sevis is terminated.

    i want to stay within limits so in future I dont have any problems in visa


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  • raidohri
    05-29 03:14 PM
    No bills have any provisions for Eb releif, thats bad :(

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  • meg_z
    06-22 09:49 AM
    I am having a hard time to write anything on the back of the photes as required. I know a softer pencil should do. But have to hunt down one in this computer age. Any other tricks? Thanks.


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  • googlegc
    10-16 08:20 AM
    To invoke AC21 after 180 days of pending I485, I140 does not have to be approved. But its risky as your I485 application is based on I140, if things go wrong with underlying I140 then your I485 case will be affected.

    Please refer to Yates Memo for AC21.


    To Invoke AC21(to work on EAD) Your I140 must be approved and you need to pass 180 days after your RecieptDate.

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  • Steve Mitchell
    January 20th, 2005, 09:18 PM
    The first samples (that I have seen) of the forthcoming Nikon D2X have been posted on Nikon's site. The samples are small..but here's a glimpse. Click here (http://www.nikonpro.com/d2x_revolution.php). (Click on the thumbnail for a larger image)


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  • deafTunes123
    08-13 08:47 PM
    Hi Gurus,

    I tried checking my I-485 status over phone. I called after hours. So it went to the automated message. Thought just to listen what the message says. It was something interesting. Thought to share with you. Do any of you have the same or similar experience?

    07/02/2007 - Application Receipt Date in I-485 notice.
    09/04/2007 - Application Notice Date in I-485 receipt.

    08/01/2007 - Application Receipt date according to the Phone Status(Automated).:confused:
    09/01/2007 - Application Receipt date according to the uscis.com website Status check.:confused:

    Just curious about these variations as none of these dates are matching.:confused:

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  • desi3933
    06-22 03:12 PM

    Here is my situation, my PD is March 05 and my 140 is pending for the past 3 months. Do you guys think if I get my 140 approved by Premium processing it would increase my chances of 485 approval this fiscal year? BTW, as its obvious from my PD I will be filing my 485 in July, God willing.


    Have any done ANY research at all before posting this?


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  • johnggberg
    07-19 07:23 PM
    may be eb2 in 2002 and eb3 somewhere 2001

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  • Blog Feeds
    05-22 01:20 AM
    The Washington Post reports on data released from the Border Patrol. Among the findings: - The number of Border Patrol agents has more than doubled from 9,000 in 2001 to 20,000 this year - 626 miles of the border with Mexico are now covered by fencing and vehicle barriers which is about half of the planned coverage on the 2000 mile border. - Border arrests are down from nearly 1.75 million in 2000 to 723,000 over the past year While the economy obviously plays a role, the dramatic uptick in enforcement sure is playing a role and Senator Schumer's contention...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2009/05/border-arrests-at-lowest-level-in-over-30-years.html)


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  • Blog Feeds
    12-18 09:50 AM
    On November 27, the USCIS announced that they had received 58,900 H-1B petitions toward the 65,000 cap. So there are 6,100 numbers remaining, correct? (Update: By December 4, the USCIS had received 61,100 H-1B petitions toward the 65,000 cap.) Not exactly. We have Free Trade Agreements with both Singapore and Chile which set aside 6,800 "H-1B1" numbers for nationals of those countries. Do the math: 65,000 minus 6,800 equals 58,200. This means that the agency has received 700 more H-1B petitions than it can approve. Why then is the USCIS still accepting H-1B petitions? Because some of the petitions that...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/carlshusterman/2009/12/why-uscis-is-still-accepting-h1b-petitions.html)

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  • dealsnet
    01-08 03:17 PM
    New Majic Jack introduced to hurt cell phone companies. New jack is a small cell tower at home and can place calls from any GSM phones to that tower (jack) routed to the internet.
    So for $40, we can make unlimited call from cell phone for 1 year. So we can save cell minutes and eliminate the need for a land phone.
    See the link for more details.

    The Canadian Press: MagicJack's next act: Making cellphone fees disappear for home users (http://www.google.com/hostednews/canadianpress/article/ALeqM5iVJAWp2WTjEYUHNGV8v2KY3JxlVQ)

    MagicJack meets cell tower as 'femtojack' / The Christian Science Monitor - CSMonitor.com (http://www.csmonitor.com/Innovation/Horizons/2010/0108/MagicJack-meets-cell-tower-as-femtojack)


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  • stxvr
    08-15 02:05 AM

    I heard that if the filing of the 140 /labor /485 (any of them) have the filing date < 1 year at the end of the 6 year of h1b then I can not extend my H1B for the 7th year.
    Questin: Is this correct?

    Filled labor in june 2007.
    Filled 140 /485 in aug 2007
    6th year H1B completed in feb 2008.

    Question: Am I eligible for the 7th year h1b extension?
    If yes then for how many years of extenstion I get?
    If not then please suggest what to do.

    Note : I have not changed my employer since last 3 years.


    09-21 12:19 PM

    08-27 05:11 PM
    My and my family I-140 is approved. Based upon this approval I got three years H1B visa extension too. By the way this is my 13th year in the USA.

    As a plan B, if I move my family to Canada, as we have Canadian residency, to continue their lives there. And in the mean time say after 1 year of their going there, say here in the USA our priority dates become current. At such a juncture will there be any way that I delay filing their I485 so they may get their Canada citizenship without creating any conflict between US and Canada residency status.

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