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  • john2255
    07-23 10:47 AM
    NY/NJ/CT/MA Members -

    Please write to Sen.HILARY CLINTON expressing your dissatisfaction or concern with regard to failure of Sen.Cornyn Amendment. It's critical that we as Indians get her opinion on this issue. She voted NO on this amendment DESPITE the indian lobby contributing to her campaign. Also its likely that she might become our next president.

    Obviously, Sen.Obama does not care much for Indians!

    This is also a very good idea. By the way how many wrote to their senator's.

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  • achiever2001
    07-20 03:38 PM
    You need to chill out dude. I do not see anything wrong. Whats wrong in analyzing and preparing yourself for future. I have plans to travel in 3 months.After looking at this thread I think it might take few more months. I think this is a valuable thread.

    Preparing for future is one thing but if you think that this is a valuable thread then go with it and enjoy, i just find it disheartening that people are trying to undermine whatever has been achieved by such threads (Like i said, he might be completely right but is there a need to tell it this way) and what are you going to prepare for the future ;) Do you know it ? (If you do, please keep it to yourself and enjoy or cry about it). Right now, i want to be positive and enjoy the fruits of what IV has done to get some relief, why use negative logic to undermine it and that is what i am saying. Leave us alone, who like IV and who want to have a moment's respite. Chill out dude, no offence meant and this my only response, will not reply if you attack me, so cool off.

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  • knnmbd
    04-26 12:57 PM

    Is the SJC convening on 27th to discuss immigration reform? Do you have any more details? The website talks about voting rights?
    I just got this off the Immigration-law website"The Chairman Specter called Executive Committee business meeting on April 27, 2006, Thursday, and it is anticipated that the debate on the Judiciary Committee's redrafting of the comprehensive immigration reform bill may take a center stage. Please stay tuned"

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  • java_jaggu
    06-02 08:33 PM
    Canadian_Dream, I think your interpretation is wrong..

    41 for an employment-based visa filed for classification under
    42 section 203(b)(1), (2), or (3) of the Immigration and Nationality
    43 Act (as such provisions existed prior to the enactment of this
    44 section) that were filed prior to the date of the introduction of
    1 the [Insert title of Act] and were pending or approved at the
    2 time of the effective date of this section, shall be treated as if
    3 such provision remained effective and an approved petition may
    4 serve as the basis for issuance of an immigrant visa. Aliens with
    5 applications for a labor certification pursuant to section
    6 212(a)(5)(A) of the Immigration and Nationality Act shall
    7 preserve the immigrant visa priority date accorded by the date
    8 of filing of such labor certification application.


    I think what AILA, our core group and other attorneys are trying to say is that as long as you filed before May 15, 2007 you will be fine regardless of whether your petition is pending or approved. There is no dispute about this point. Any applications that were filed after May 15, 2007 will become null and void the day this bill is signed by the president to make it a law. The 'effective date' ( Oct 1, 2008 ) does not apply for applications filed after May 15, 2007. I will be glad if you can prove me wrong :)


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  • snathan
    03-12 12:33 PM
    No, it does not even do that. it does not let FOIA donors logon too.
    First, the whole concept of donor based organisation is so stupid.
    I mean really stupid.

    If the donor based thing is ON, the future of IV is not good.
    Yeah, IV does good work by talking to people all around, from different stratas of lawmaking and what not.

    but get real, look around guys, information is everywhere, not only here. and you are working for the greater good of the community, only donors are not going to be benefitting from this.

    Instead of making donor based posts, have a FOIA kinda drive every now and then.

    unbelievable, and to top that, even donors cant access the so called 'DONOR posts'.
    talk about low life bureaucracy, welcome to IV.

    Yes...this how we need to work. Why you dont support the donor idea. We dont need the free riders. We need only comitted people and not junks

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  • svr_76
    09-14 06:20 PM are right. I am with you.

    Rather I would like to add more items to what u have listed-
    1. Its wrong for EB2 filers to find/marry a us citizen. That will be unethical of them to do as they will be jumping lines. Because u would be unable to do if u would have married based on GCTest's logic please dont marry us citizen or if u have marriued continue to only use you EB2 application for processing :-)

    2. Also people who are now planning of using EB5 (assuming u have now saved/gather enough money). So EB2, EB3 or other people u have been saving money and are now thinking of risking ur money/career/life on EB5 filing..please dont do that...because that will be unethical.....u r doing it bcos u now have money. Per GCTest's logic u did not having money u filed ur EB2 or EB3 application so if u have money now...dont try to use it.

    GCTest...can u think of other conditions post them.

    Oh yes corollary to #1. Also bachelors in EB2/EB3 category make sure u dont fall inlove and plan to marry any girl/boy from the countries which are current. Help GCTest's cause.



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  • ca_gc
    12-27 08:17 PM
    My case is not yet approved, I Filed on Aug 01 st, Vermont Service Center.

    Can you really go for H1 stamping when you are coming back on AP.
    As far as I know, you should not use H1 at port of entry while coming back, if you do that your green card will be aboundend. Gurus please currect.

    If you are not coming back on H1, then why are you going for stamping?

    I think , if your I-485 is approved while you are out of US, then you are not supposed to enter on H1. Till that time, you can use AP to enter US, if you prefer.

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  • pappu
    09-10 11:30 AM
    Thanks everyone for the contributions. I will add up tonight and give the update. We have a 30K goal. So lets do it before the deadline.


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  • gctoget
    07-13 01:11 PM
    From November 2006 there have been 36 members interested in IV Sounthern CA chapter.
    Please can someone update me on the Thursday 7:00 P.M meeting?
    Also here is the list of members interested in the Socal chapter of IV.

    1 Jimi_Hendrix
    2 GCSOON-Ihope
    3 eagerr2i
    4 days_go_by
    5 485Mbe4001
    6 yogkc
    7 tcsonly
    8 willgetgc2005
    10 payal_nag
    11 genius
    12 Not2Happy
    13 thirumalkn
    14 meetdebasish
    15 GC Process
    16 baleraosreedhar
    17 caydee
    18 rkotamurthy
    19 hourglass
    20 murali77
    21 satishku_2000
    22 acruix
    23 imv116
    24 santb1975
    25 amaruns
    26 IN2US
    27 twinbrothers
    28 kumhyd2
    29 xstal
    30 mashu
    31 zoooom
    32 tcsonly
    33 drona
    34 DCQC
    35 jasmin45
    36 gctoget

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  • chanduv23
    07-06 10:14 AM
    Be careful in choosing the wording. Don't bad mouth the agencies or talk about scandals and security lapses. Just concentrate on how this fiasco affected you and millions of people legally waiting in line


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  • anandsubu74
    02-12 02:55 PM
    EB3/Nov 2003/NJ
    Labor Approved Oct 2006
    I-140 Approved Dec 2006
    I-485 i doubt even if god knows anything about this....

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  • cheg
    07-23 04:00 PM
    Thanks for the quick reply. So in my case since my husband doesn't have a RD yet for our I-485 then once we do get our RD, we can calculate that 2 yrs from that time we'll have our card ordered as well. :D :D :D I'm crossing my fingers!

    my PD Aug 2004
    RD Feb 2005
    eb3 india
    Last fingerprint in March 2007


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  • ebizash
    07-24 08:05 PM
    If somebody is sending this letter, please do not send it without taking care of word-suggested corrections. There are too many green lines, most of the times because of spacing between two words.

    OP - My intention is not to offend you but to point out the need for improvement in the document.

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  • mbawa2574
    09-16 07:49 AM
    For all those who have sent PM.... Please note I am not an attorney or accountant... But then I had consulted my account and few attorney's ( paid the required fees to get them answered)... So please use your own judgement/caution.

    1. Yes you can open a LLC singly or jointly with your wife/friend/anyone.

    2. You can start the LLC even when you are on H1B but it is better that you wait till you get your EAD to get oprationalized. reason very very conservative view is that you cannot even write a check for your company or deposit a check... but this is a very conservative view....

    3. To open a LLC you can use an accountant ( if you have one, it will be cheaper by a couple of hundred dollars) or use agencies like .... I have used both in the past....

    4. Intially you can just form LLC as single or joint partnership and then elect as S corporations for taxing.... I forget within which period it is to be done, if I correctly remember when you file your first tax return or within 6 months you need to elect as filing as single person entity( then it becomes like your personal income) or you could elect as S corp....

    5. You will a tax id for the LLC, business license and other documents when you form a LLC, You will need to maintain book and tax records for 3 years... best to have it managed by an accountant

    6. You/ your spouse can work for your LLC.... Some of you if you want to after 180 days change employers can move into your LLC and maintain that you are employed in same occupational duties for your own LLC...

    Hope I have been able to answer your questions....:cool:

    This was excellent.


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  • I_need_GC
    02-20 10:22 AM
    Today I got a LUD on my AP. Documents mailed. Finally after 2 weeks of waiting time. Nebraska center is slow really slow. But I am happy can now go on my business trip.

    Today I got my first soft LUD on my case. Last week I got a letter from USCIS that they had approved to expedite my case. I would rather have seen the AP but the waiting game continues. :eek:

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  • qualified_trash
    06-01 10:00 AM
    she is not stupid!! she is right. Your GC and H1 is being sponsored by the employer not by you. All documents etc are indeed the property of the employer. It is the employer's responsibility to keep you updated of any changes in your status.


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  • Green.Tech
    06-17 02:56 PM get us to $20k.

    Are you one of them?

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  • chocolate
    06-03 03:39 PM
    Well this is very confusing.
    What if a person files the I-140 after May 15th and his/her I-140 is approved. Later assume that I-485 date becomes current for that particular person (before Oct 2008), he/she files for the AOS/I-485 (before Oct 2008). While the I-485 petition is pending the date Oct 2008 comes what happens then? Will this nulify the filed I-140?

    My labor was approved 8 months ago. Although i submitted all the documents to my attorney 5 months ago My employer is yet to file. the fact is i am eligible to file for 140/485/ead/ap. So now i am stuck. Will this affect me.Thanks in advance.:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

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  • pappu
    12-16 03:37 PM
    I'snt tracker broken (Sorting by PD ) for some time now.

    We will improve it soon. But the data is still useful.

    09-12 10:51 AM
    It is a good idea, can please register your vote against "simple letter"
    In my opinion, we should do this:

    Just send two information to USCIS, DOS, President, VP, First Lady and all Congress person of the following:

    1. 1st info should have a photocopy of our degree certificate(s). On the same page, print your expereince in years and total tax paid till date to the US government.

    2. On a fresh page, type in all the H1B/L VISA approval information and type in bold, we were wanted/invited here legally (and admitted via H1/L).
    And, mention that our I140 is approved which means the immigration department has validated our eligibility to become PR.
    Ask a question (larger font) on the same page, why keep us on limbo?

    This would keep the whole thing short and sweet. We are explicitly saying that we are legals. And we were invited here - legally. We are approved by immigration team to be a PR.

    If we could send couple of thousands of letters, I am sure it would have impact as much as any other letter we have in mind.

    We are not humiliating them, we are just expressing our frustrations but in mass. May be we can say something like, "Legal Techie slaves in the land of liberty" or "Immigration process that enslave Legal Techies". But, we should keep it short.

    As always, ignore this idea if you guys dont like it.

    07-18 09:54 PM
    Joined in the month of July and contributed $100 and will sign up recurring one.

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