Saturday, June 25, 2011

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  • ivgclive
    12-11 02:55 PM
    i sent all documents to loan officer at wells fargo for refinance. I sent I-140, EAD copy for immigration documents. just got email from loan office that he received my file back from underwriter and ask for greencard copy front and back as underwriter said EAD is not acceptable (Employer can not sponsor borrower).

    could anybody please tell me what to do now?

    thank you:(

    May be they approve loan for only people who run away and screw up economy.

    Try with a different bank.

    There are many who bought home with H1B visa.

    My street has 3 people who are in H1B (not even 140 approved) and great homes.

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  • kans23
    07-18 01:40 PM
    One time contribution $100. Already Contributed.More to come.and also added new members to contribute

    Good Luck to our team.

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  • needhelp!
    05-28 05:44 PM
    Thanks for your contribution. Please join us also in calling the important list of representatives:

    Contributed $100 and ready to volunteer...
    Receipt ID: 1265-7063-2043-8518

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    10-21 04:41 PM
    It is tricky. The intent can be proved only by how long the employee has worked for sponsor. If he/she worked considerable period (lets say for 2-3 years in non-immigrant visa (H.L,E) before filing 485 and worked for about 1 year after filing 485) then, it is very easy for the employee to prove his/her intent to have a permanent employment relationship with sponser, if employer try to revoke 140 based on the fact that employee does not have intent. The longivity of the employment relationship with sponser is a great proof. Some people are abusing (by misguidence of few lawyers, as they claim GC is for future job) AC21, without even working for single day with sponser, trying to get GC. USCIS may be controlling that kind of abuse.

    One historical background reason for AC21 is that, in 2000, even though all catagories are "current", INS was very slow in approving 485. The delay for approval of 485 in year 2000 is caused by USCIS poor customer service. It took atleast 2 years for 485 approval, though the visa numbers were continously available for the entire 2 years. Therefore, the AC21 is an incentive for USCIS delay.

    Now, if the visa numbers are continously available (for example EB1, EB2-ROW) USCIS is approving 485 within 6 months, except july 07 fiasco surge. So now AC21 users are only those who suffers in retrogression, not by USCIS administartive delay. That may be the another reason why USCIS becoming hard on AC21.

    I understand what you say but interpretation differs from IO to IO. It still goes to chances....


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  • alterego
    06-24 12:31 PM
    America is losing its attractiveness to the worlds top talent. Those of us in the system may feel that having invested so much time/effort/money already in the process, we cannot turn back now and cut our losses, however looking at it from the perspective of a promising 24 yr old researcher or graduate, the vantage point can be quite different. He has very little invested in this country and looks at the situation of those like us ahead of him/her in the pipeline to make a decision.
    That decision might become that the US is not a place to settle down, that it is not a welcoming nation, that opportunities are choked off for the non natives, etc etc. Those would be the worst messages to send to the cream of the world's talent. The reaction would be to either not come in or to come in with a mindset to take the best of the education system etc and move on to the best opportunities. The US has never had to react to his type of thing, because hitherto it was a minimal issue. The current policies however are changing that.

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  • caydee
    06-02 09:00 AM
    Hi All,
    I want to know if my 19 year old son can be affected by aging out.
    I have just received ALC certification and will now file I140 and I485 concurrently as my priority date NOV 22 2004 EB3 Rest of World will be current in June.
    Can someone who understands the aging out rules tell me if my son may have a problem?
    Thanks in advance...

    Based on the information provided, I believe your son will not be affected.

    Please help others who aren't so lucky by writing to senators and house representatives on the age-out issue. You could add this issue to IV's standard letter. None of the bills being considered currently benefit children of would-be legal immigrants, while the children of illegal immigrants are protected by the proposed DREAM ACT.

    Appreciate your contribution to IV.


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  • m79
    08-11 08:16 PM
    I am July 2nd filer, Got finger print notice from NSC with notice dated 8/7.

    Hi, Congrats,
    Did you get the receipt notices

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  • Madhuri
    09-10 04:42 PM
    Order Details - Sep 10, 2007 4:01 PM CDT
    Google Order #722113062529813
    Unfortunately I can not make it to the rally since I'll be starting on a new project. Contributed a small $100 towards this GREAT effort.
    Go IV!


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  • billu
    02-27 07:30 PM
    is there any hope for bridge legislation in '08?....or this year will pass by due to the elections? there any realistic chance of bridge amenment ever being passed?....i am starting to lose hope now......

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  • chanduv23
    06-10 10:09 AM
    How about having another session of flowers campaign? Got to practice gandhigiri continuously. Should we select a date for that? I will say 23rd June'08? We need to draw media attention!!!

    Phone calls "is the need of the hour" - please call the CHC members urging them to support Congresswoman Lofgren's bills.

    Making phone calls is the best form of Gandhigiri at this moment


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  • cpbaherwani
    06-03 11:29 AM
    Mailed a check for $100 today.

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  • 9years
    10-22 08:03 AM
    our attorney did not port yet. He will (if not automatically ported ) now. I am not sure how one should do, we will port after I-140 approval. I-140 approval time, I am not sure 2 days - 4 months. In my case it took 2 days (premium processing).

    Hope it helps.

    Thank you.


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  • kevinkris
    07-14 01:23 PM
    Conf Number: 7YB0F-K01XZ

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  • needhelp!
    09-11 12:57 PM
    1, mamthavijai, theMan, lccleared, GC2015


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  • snathan
    08-12 11:51 AM
    This will infact increase offshoring.

    These companies will pay the extra fees, but will change their onshore/offshore model. Will use less H1/L1 visas , but will increase the headcount of offshore operations.

    So the smart senator will force more jobs to be outsourced. These jobs will never comeback once gone. If we look back at the 2000 recession, it caused a major shift in the way US companies looked at outsourcing. Pre-2000 many companies didn't believe that all jobs could be outsourced. 2000 recession forced them to think otherwise.

    These kind of bills will cause a re-thinking in corporate america's thought process. They will think of creative ways to outsource. Against this senator's hopes, it will reduce jobs here.

    Not true. Whatever they can outsource, its already gone. There are certain position where the clients demand onsite resource. I am not supporting this bill in anyway, I hate infy as much as I hate this bill. Remember these companies did not leave any stone unturned, milked the client every possible way and expoilted the employees to the maximum extent. In one another post - VLDRao was saying these companies does the tax filing on behalf the emoloyee, get the refund and again claim that tax in india using double taxation aoivdance treaty.

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  • wa_Saiprasad
    07-18 01:02 PM
    So that puts on to 350$ and 50$ monthly. Common people lets us all donate to help urselfs.


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  • mashu
    07-10 08:18 PM

    I 140 PP approved
    I485 FedExed overnight, reached USCIS at 1am on July 2 (according to my lawyer)

    I am in Northern San Diego county, I am in!

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  • centaur
    07-20 05:42 PM
    Correct me if I am wrong, ---but I thought that "This Ammendment" was attached to a defence bill. I dont think that it was the ammendment that was shot down, but the whole defence bill.

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  • s_r_e_e
    08-14 11:45 AM
    Dear IV,
    Its not about me. I am planning to do a flower or some campaign that all will agree upon in less than a week. We must do before the next bulletin comes out.
    Is it possible for IV to send a very good number of flowers to the departments.

    i believe IV leadership has mentioned many times that 'more visa numbers' is the only solution to this mess. Which can be only done by changes in law.When IV planned some thing for it (recapture bill phone call campaign) the participation was not great.

    I wonder, every one running like headless chicken solves any thing.

    what demand are you planning to put forward with this new flower/other campaign?

    03-12 03:20 PM
    With all due respect to the selfless hard work of IV core, I concur with ItIsNotFunny. There are many members who feel this way. IV core should be more open to members. I feel a cloud of secrecy always surrounding IV. Of course they cannot be public about all their activities, but more needs to be done on this front. You will see more members actively participating if core is more open.

    I totally agree to this. Everytime i try to bring this point across all that is being asked is go contribue some money. I have contributed money before and i will contribute lot more if i know what it is getting used for.

    There are several of my friends who are not actively looking at IV site. I am sure they will contribute money if they know the initiative IV is currently working on.

    09-12 12:23 AM
    I wouldnt mind sending old bata slippers:D to beat themselves with

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