Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • sreedhar_ch
    09-28 06:25 PM

    I-140 Approval alien(A#) number is not matching with I-485,EAD,AP Receipt notice, please let me know any one of you also having same issue.

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  • badluck
    07-20 10:37 AM

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  • kanchiru
    11-09 06:43 PM
    Hi All,
    I have applied I-485,I-765 and I-131(AP) for my wife as derivative when my priority date(March 26th 2006) became current on September 1st.

    We recieved the Reciept notices for I-485,I-765 and I-131(AP) for my wife on September 30th.

    My I-485 got approved on 11/05 .We didnot recieve FingerPrint notice still.

    I would like to know how much time it generally takes for derivative I-485 approval .


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  • michellezbb
    04-18 10:31 PM
    I saw a thread creatted by IV about how to open a company when 485 pending yesterday, but I couldn't find it now. Anyone can help? tons of thanks


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  • sparky_jones
    01-08 02:55 PM
    I received a status update email from USCIS yesterday on my wife's pending I-485 application. The status says "On November 5, 2007, the post office returned the notice we last sent you on this case I485 as undeliverable�.

    The status used to say "application is pending" as recently as a week ago. If some notice had indeed been returned to them, wouldn't the status have changed around Nov 5, 2007? Could this be an erroneous online status change? We completed our FP back in Oct 2007. we have received EAD, AP, etc. on our address properly, and haven't moved.

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  • desih1b
    08-03 05:42 PM

    I need advise from gurus.

    i have taken an appointment at the chennai consulate on aug 24th.
    I have the old h1b approval valid till October 3 2006 to October 4 2007.
    I have the new h1b approval valid till from october 5 2007 to october 4 2008.

    I have taken the appointment for the new h1b approval. my question is:

    since its valid from october 5 2007, can i come back to USA before october 5 2007? Do they give the visa stamp validity all the way from october 6 2006 to october 4 2008 since i have both the h1b approvals?

    how does it work? we have to use only h1b approval? can somebody let me know they had the same situation?



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  • Blog Feeds
    02-15 09:30 PM
    Immigration policies at today's USCIS may change in a flash. They can be announced and then, without forewarning or explanation, withdrawn in the milliseconds it takes for the agency's webmaster at www.uscis.gov to push the upload and delete buttons. At times they are as reliable and ephemeral as the inducements of a carnival barker. Take for example a January 19, 2010 policy memo, "Signatures on Applications and Petitions Filed with USCIS" (penned by USCIS Acting Deputy Director, Lauren Kielsmeier). The memo appeared evanescently and then, as Ron Ziegler, Richard Nixon's former press secretary in the Watergate era, might have said,...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/angelopaparelli/2010/02/signature.html)

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  • ragz4u
    05-30 08:28 AM
    Thanks a ton to Prabir for helping us out with this article. Thanks also to Dave Williams for writing this excellent article.

    Dave heard about us through our Washington Post article and had contacted us via email. Prabir, who is from that area, willingly agreed to speak to him about issues faced by Legal High-Skilled immigrants



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  • yaseen_ka
    06-03 03:52 PM
    I have applied for my H1B transfer from my current employer to a new company. I have not had any issues with my current employer with pay or anything like that. I have maintained my H1B status with my salary coming on time as promised and have all the paystubs and correct documents. My new employer is a big american MNC and they have hired a well known law firm for transfer process.

    My only question is I have not informed my current employer yet and will inform him in a weeks time once my LCA is done and transfer is filled. He will not be very happy about this and I have initially signed an offer letter which says I will work with him for atleast a year and its only been 6 months so far. Can he create any problems in my transfer by cancelling my current H1 or any other problems with my reliving? Pls help.

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  • voldemar
    06-25 05:31 PM
    Does someone can throw light at:

    Can I track EAD online ? And which address is EAD delivered at (Lawyers or Home address)?

    Yes, you can track EAD online. All you need is case number. EAD will come to applicant address.


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  • senk1s
    10-24 08:20 PM
    I've got some questions/comment to understand your situation

    1. How do you know it is stuck in security check? What is your attorney's suggestion

    For regular EB applications you can apply for 485 when priority date is current

    2. EAD is generally adjudicated within 90 days

    3. She should have a visa of her own - if she cannot be your dependant

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  • man-woman-and-gc
    04-22 12:50 PM
    Can someone please respond?


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  • vin13
    01-10 09:08 AM
    You should be able to contiue your GC without interruption even if you did not work for the sponsoring employer. but just make sure you are employed with the sponsoring employer before filing for I-485.

    You may need a new H1 to go back to the previous employer. But GC should not be affected.

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  • Blog Feeds
    11-08 03:30 PM
    H1B Visa Lawyer Blog Has Just Posted the Following:
    The Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) Processing Times were released on November 4, 2009 with processing dates as of November 1, 2009

    If you filed an appeal, please review the links below to determine the applicable processing time associated with your particular case.

    Administrative Appeals Office (http://www.aila.org/content/default.aspx?docid=30471)

    The current processing time for an I-129 H-1B Appeal is 13 months. The current processing time for an I-140 EB2 Appeal for an Advanced Degree Professional is 27 months. Most other cases are within USCIS's processing time goal of 6 months or less.

    More... (http://www.h1bvisalawyerblog.com/2009/11/updated_administrative_appeals_1.html)


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  • lotta
    07-18 11:43 PM
    My mother is a GC holder since 91. I came to US in 2002 on F1 and then H1 and now GC.

    Will the fact that my mom was a GC holder and I did not use that impact my GC? I have answered all the questions correctly(true i mean) always.

    Please answer.


    Nope, it should not.

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  • prads
    08-16 03:22 PM
    I heard that around 250,000 applications were received by early August!


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  • johnggberg
    07-19 07:23 PM
    may be eb2 in 2002 and eb3 somewhere 2001

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  • Blog Feeds
    12-22 07:20 AM
    Montana Democrat Jon Tester voted against the DREAM Act last Saturday. While he was not alone, he did manage to upset one person who actually mattered a lot to Tester's being elected - Markos Moulitsas at the Daily Kos, one of the web's most popular blogs. Moulitsas is extremely influential with young liberals and he was able to raise a significant amount of dollars for the Tester campaign in 2006. Perhaps Tester thought there would be no consequences to voting no on DREAM, but Kos is furious and I wouldn't be surprised if he uses the site to promote a...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/12/tester-starting-to-feel-the-heat.html)

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  • tarunsri
    02-28 02:34 PM
    Dear forum members,

    I have a question regarding transferring my H1b. My scenario is i am on my 7th year of my H1b and it is expiring on Oct 2007. My current employer will be filing an extension of 3 years based on my approved I-140 in the month of June 2007. If everything goes well i will get my three year extension(2007-2010) by Aug 2007.

    Question is

    1) If i get a new job opportunity after 3 year approval ( start date will be Oct 2007) can i transfer it to my new employer by aug or i have to wait till the start date of H1 approval?

    2) When can i start working for the new company?

    Any response will be appreciated.


    04-14 07:57 AM
    is there a way to give a cube (or any other object) an outline and make them transparant in swift 3d? or do i have to do this frame by frame in flash?
    if someone could tell me...thanks

    07-14 05:24 PM

    I am sure others might have noticed that 485 processing dates at NSC (for example) have literally crawled from the beginning of the year to now. Here are the processing dates (per USCIS status).


    12/15/2007 Status - 04/24/2007
    01/15/2008 - 07/19/2007
    06/15/2008 - 07/28/2008

    Thats roughly 9/10 days worth of 485 processing from mid-Jan to mid-Jun 2008. I wonder what the processing date looks like for the mid-July status update (which should probably be out tomorrow).

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