Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • sagittarian
    03-27 06:27 PM
    Well this is a peculiar case:

    My OPT started may 15 06. I started working for my present employer from July 06 and we missed out on last years qouta and I was sure that they will apply for this years. Today my manager calls me up and says that we CANT. Now I am in a soup. May 15 -- Oct 1 break and on top of that I need to find a consultant who can sponsor me visa at this time. These are my questions:

    1. I can get my general qouta H1 done by a consultant. So if I goto India, will there be any problems while stamping ??

    2. Whats wise?? staying here, getting a new I-20 or going back to India ?? Because 4.5 months is a long time and I dont think I can afford the expenses here.

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  • nixstor
    12-01 02:04 PM
    I think we need to expose employers who are taking advantage of us in different ways just because we are stuck with them due to retrogression. This way if we cannot change the legislation right away we can atleast scare the crooks by exposing them so that they cannot trap new people.

    Yes! First start out with your VA state chapter.

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  • Blog Feeds
    12-05 09:20 PM
    HuffPost Hill reports on how some of the middle of the roads are planning to vote Thursday on DREAM in the Senate: REID FILES CLOTURE ON DREAM ACT - The bill to create a pathway to citizenship for the children of undocumented immigrants who either attend college or enlist in the military will get a vote Thursday. One fence sitter, Democrat Mark Pryor, will courageously oppose the the bill because it ain't popular in Arkansas. "I will probably be against the DREAM Act, probably on both [cloture and final passage]," Pryor told reporters in the Capitol today. "For one thing,...

    More... (

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  • senthil
    12-11 10:10 AM
    howdy -- im jumping in to see what i can do to help-win this collective effort.


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  • Macaca
    10-22 08:07 AM
    Can Washington Be Fixed? ( The war. Healthcare. Airline delays. Katrina. Americans are fed up with inaction�and demanding change By Kenneth T. Walsh, October 19, 2007

    There they go again.

    The White House and Congress are in a nasty stalemate over expanding access to children's healthcare. President Bush predicts a "fiscal showdown" this fall with Democratic legislators over virtually all his spending priorities. "We're now more than halfway through October, and the new leaders in Congress have had more than nine months to get things done for the American people," Bush told a news conference last week. "Unfortunately, they haven't managed to pass many important bills. Now the clock is winding down, and in some key areas, Congress is just getting started." In a familiar tit for tat, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi shot back: "There is no better example of why Washington is not working for the American people than the president claiming to seek common ground at the same time he is bitterly attacking Congress."

    Beyond that, no solution has emerged for the subprime mortgage meltdown that may cost hundreds of thousands of Americans their homes and endangers the wider economy. The Iraq war grinds on, with no apparent end in sight. Idaho Sen. Larry Craig is reviving the sleaze-factor saga that has been so damaging to Washington by trying to withdraw his guilty plea to disorderly conduct stemming from a restroom sex sting.

    It's the constant refrain from the presidential candidates, political scientists, and, most important of all, everyday Americans: Washington is broken. Rancorous partisanship has nearly paralyzed the government. The nation's leaders have lost touch with the people. Above all, it's time for a change. Historians and pollsters say the zeitgeist is clear. Americans are more frustrated with their government today than they have been in a long time, even more so than during the Watergate scandal. And those negative feelings have become the subtext of the 2008 presidential race. "Distrust of politicians and politics are part of American culture," says Princeton historian Julian Zelizer. "But the distrust is getting worse."

    With good reason. The government can't seem to solve any of its major problems, from reforming Social Security to illegal immigration. "Anytime there is a major policy failure," such as the disastrous government response to Hurricane Katrina, Zelizer says, "it decreases Americans' belief that government can do good." The Democrats and Republicans are increasingly relying on their base voters and aren't reaching out to anyone else, making compromise nearly impossible. Corruption scandals have increased public cynicism. The 24-hour news cycle emphasizes conflict and wrongdoing more than ever. The Iraq war has deepened the nation's anxiety. President Bush and Congress endure record-low approval ratings. In fact, 7 out of 10 Americans now say the country is headed in the wrong direction. "People feel nothing gets done in Washington, that the hot air of summer has become a permanent condition," says Kenneth Duberstein, former White House chief of staff for Ronald Reagan.

    The need for change is such a dominant theme that all the main presidential contenders are calling for an end to business as usual. The Democrats, trying to draw contrasts with the GOP White House of George W. Bush, are the most pointed. Front-runner Hillary Clinton says her experience as first lady and as a senator from New York enables her to bring more positive and effective change than her rivals. "She has represented change all her life," says Mark Penn, her chief strategist , "and she's been fighting the special interests all her life." Illinois Sen. Barack Obama goes further. "There are those who tout their experience working the system in Washington," Obama says. "But the problem is the system in Washington isn't working for us, and it hasn't been for a very long time." And John Edwards told U.S. News: "Washington is severely broken. And I think the system is rigged, and I think it's rigged against the American people and it's rigged by powerful interests and their lobbyists in Washington."

    The Republicans are more restrained in attacking Bush, the titular head of their party, but they realize that public resentment of the status quo runs deep. "When, every day, Americans are being shot and Iraqis are being blown up, it feels lousy," says former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. "I happen to think that the failures in Iraq have a great deal to do with the wrong-track sentiment that exists in the country today."

    Can't say no. Beyond Iraq, other reasons for public frustration with Washington include anxiety about job security, wage stagnation, retirement, and access to affordable healthcare�all situations that the White House and Congress have failed to improve. "Because the two parties are so evenly balanced, it's not possible for one party to pass its own agenda," says conservative strategist Grover Norquist. "When you've got a fifty-fifty balance, each team needs all its most motivated players and each team can't say no to its radical special interests."

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  • Mark123
    08-14 06:34 AM
    I am currently attending a college here in China. However, I have been offered some interesting jobs . These jobs require that I have a resident visa. I have been told that I can't change from a student visa to a resident visa, while in mainland China. Is this accurate? If so, is Hong Kong an option for me?

    China visa (

    Thanks & Regards


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  • Tarheel1997
    07-08 09:24 AM
    Hi, this might not be the right forum for my question but at least I am hoping that I can either can an answer or steered to the correct direction. So I quit my job in the US about a month ago because I was immigrating to another country. My job was located in Arizona and I immigrated to Israel. My company knew this was the reason I was quitting. So I am wondering if I should have received a severance package or unemployment benefits because of the reason of immigrating to another country.


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  • venkatakrishna07
    03-27 12:08 PM
    I have quick question, coming month (April) I am going to Indian and planning for stamping. I have advance parole with me. If my visa got rejected or delayed can I come back to USA using my advance parole?


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  • lecter
    October 27th, 2003, 09:12 PM
    Here it is...

    same sensor, same image size....

    10MP ?

    doesn't seem to fit....

    what do the members think?

    I am not anti Sigma or anti anything, but I do watch the competitors closely so that they might make a "better 1Ds" to bring the price of the canon gear down for us struggling artists....


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  • nshethia
    08-26 08:14 PM

    I am working with a company in US on a H1B Visa. My Visa has been expired. I had applied for H1B extn thru my employer. Today I recd something is very unusual. I recd a H1B extn approval notice in one mail, and another mail with a RFE with the same receipt number as my receipt#.

    Not sure what this would mean, Not sure what takes precedence. I know for sure, this is a unusual case. Let me know in this case what should I do. I have asked my employer to question USCIS on this, they will be doing their part tomorrow morning.

    Let me know if someone has gone thru this experience. I am sure this is a one off scenario, but for sure there may be lot of helpful souls around who know how much pain it is for not having a valid I94. Personally I am going thru a tough time as my state has expired my driving license as my Visa has expired.

    All help and advice is welcome with loads of wishes and good luck to all you there

    Thanks and Regards


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  • krn2010
    02-23 11:17 AM
    I am currently on H1B with a temp status (B1) and in-between jobs. My partner is in the process of becoming a US citizen. He has had his Green Card for years and obtained it through his ex-spouse's job while they were still married. He has been divorced for about a year now and started the citizenship application process a couple of months ago. We are thinking of getting married after he gets his citizenship. My question is: does it matter if we get married before or after he obtains his citizenship? We heard rumors that a previous marriage might be a factor in whether I will be able to obtain a Green Card. Thank you very much in advance for your help!

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  • Blog Feeds
    12-11 10:00 PM
    The Senate voted 59-40 this morning to table Senator Durbin's latest version of the DREAM Act and will instead take up the House version passed last night probably early next week. That's important for a couple of reasons (and probably good news overall). First, the bill will not need to be sent back to the House to reconcile differences between the two bills. Second, the tax bill that has given some on the fence Republicans the excuse to filibuster the DREAM Act may be dealt with by then. Finally, there is some additional time to round up a couple of...

    More... (


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  • xgr3
    05-14 08:59 PM
    No, I have not moved to different state. I am in the same state since the day I filed my labor.

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  • chanduv23
    10-16 12:13 PM
    Are we so lazy that we do not care forr ourselves?
    Don't we have confidence in ourrselves?
    Can we not achieve results???

    Come on folks buck up. Get active on IV, join your State chapters and get going .........

    Everyone here must get fired up


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  • sujit_help
    02-01 01:16 PM
    My PERM was filed in Dec, 2006 and was denied on April, 2007. As per my employer's lawyer it was erroneously denied by DOL. The lawer has received the denial letter but no reason was stated. He was keep on follwing up with DOL but no answers. On Aug 2007, lawyer was followed up again directly with the DOL office in Atlanta , with the liaison at the American Immigration Lawyer's Association and also it was sent to the congressional office. Through Senetor we came to know that there was typo in the date field. The lawer is persuing to get the denal letter again with reason so that we can appeal. But we have 10% chance to get the another deial letter. Now lawer is asking for filling a new PERM. In between I lost 8 months and now I'm running out time. My 6th year is expiring on Sept08. Just incase if we din't get denial letter and file the new PERM on Mrach can we get the 7th year extension ? (We will show all the documents etc for previos denail case and there was no reason in denail letter. PLEASE HELP

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  • sdeshpan
    04-23 01:49 PM
    I believe they promise a 15-day (business days, I assume) turnaround on Premium Proc applications. So it could take anywhere between 1 and 15 days, if not longer in certain cases.

    Also, why is going to India dependent on receiving on an approval of I-140??


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  • dks
    03-01 09:06 AM
    I think you have the wrong information. Senate is not ready to vote on it yet. S 2198 which is a part of PACE and holds relevance to the employment based immigration is still in committee hearings.

    Thre is a sub commitee hearing today:
    Subcommittee Hearing Protecting America�s Competitive Edge Act: Helping K-12 Students Learn Math and Science Better : March 1


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  • lordoftherings
    06-16 01:40 PM

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  • willgetgc2005
    04-13 06:33 PM

    Here is the BEC update. GUYS, Any thoughts on the claim that RIR cases wil be complete by end of April 2007 ?

    AILA's 03/15/2007 Liaison Meeting minutes reflect the following statistics:
    Total Cases Pending: 96,304
    TR Cases: Approx. 75,000 [Recruitment instructions and job order will be completed by Mary 2007]
    RIR Cases: Approx. 20,000 [Most of RIR cases expected to be completed by the end of April, 2007, except problem cases]
    Total RIR Conversion Received: 6,000
    RIR Eligible Determination Cases: 5,100

    10-01 07:41 PM
    Please help with funding when you get your issue resolved

    Blog Feeds
    01-04 08:00 AM
    When respected, albeit left-leaning, members of the punditocracy, like Chris Matthews and Maureen Dowd, begin to make hard right turns, it's time to pay close attention. Yesterday, in reaction to the Christmas Day suicide bomb attempt on Northwest Flight 253 as it approached Detroit, Matthews, the host of MSNBC's Hardball, came closer than ever before to embracing what sounded like race- and faith-based profiling of air travelers and the willing surrender of large chunks of our civil rights if those measures would make us safer. Today, Dowd, a New York Times Op-Ed columnist, likened President Obama to Spock (not Benjamin,...

    More... (

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