Tuesday, June 28, 2011

ford fusion 2012

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  • immi_2006
    05-20 05:36 PM
    I sent my 485 to NSC in July 2007 and got the receipt from NSC after 2 months. I filed my wifes 485 in first week of August 2007 to NSC but got the receipt from TSC. We live in Texas but our employer was from NJ when i applied 485. After that we have been applying for EAD and AP regulary at respective service centers with out any issues.

    1. Has any one been in this situation and got their GC approved?
    2. Do i need to request my wife's application to be moved to NSC if that can be done?

    I am few days short of getting current and hope this doesn't delay approving our cases.

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  • andy_traps
    07-27 05:57 PM

    Is it true that the old (i.e., July 1st - July 29th) filing fees still apply through July 27th - August 17th? The new fees (which would have been applicable from July 30th) will now be applicable from August 18th, right?

    Is this true for I-485, I-765 and I-131 forms?


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  • prads
    08-16 03:22 PM
    I heard that around 250,000 applications were received by early August!

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  • gcfriend65
    03-22 11:57 PM
    Don't worry. Arlene Specter is coming up with his bill.



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  • H42H1BHelp
    08-14 01:39 PM
    I graduated in Dec 2008 from USA and then returned back India. My F1 visa is valid till dec 2011 and am planning to come back USA for pursuing my phd. I got I20 from a different university. Do I need to attend for f1 visa stamping again ? . Please help .

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  • Blog Feeds
    03-15 09:30 AM
    Senators Schumer and Graham presented a three page outline of their reform proposal when they met earlier this week. The Los Angeles Times gave a few hints in an article that appeared yesterday: Although details of their blueprint were not released, Graham said the elements included tougher border security, a program to admit temporary immigrant workers and a biometric Social Security card that would prevent people here illegally from getting jobs. Graham also said the proposal included "a rational plan to deal with the millions of illegal immigrants already in the United States." He did not elaborate on what the...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/03/details-starting-to-emerge-regarding-cir-bill.html)


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  • Hassan11
    03-14 10:45 AM
    from my personal experience and from others, you can't get to talk to an Immigration Officer by calling the 1-800 number. you need to get an Info pass appointment and that way you can talk to an IO.

    good luck

    When ever I call the customer service they say they are unable to get more information. So I was wondering who can be contacted to get the accurate information about our case.

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  • Joe77
    07-27 10:05 PM
    perm filed on 03/13/2010. Today my employer HR emailed me that my case was selected for audit. They didn't give me any letter confirming that my case is really selected for audit, on the other hand instructed me to sign ETA form 9089 and send back the original form. ETA form has OMB Approval : 1205-0451. Does that mean that my case has been approved and my employer is lying to me? I read somewhere case filed electronically are needed to be signed and original form be sent back for final processing.
    Please advice.



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  • ab3
    04-01 05:54 PM

    I am filling out an LCA online for an employer who is hiring someone as an H-1B transfer. I am using iCERT and had a question as I go through the process:

    Part E. Attorney of Agent Information
    16. Law firm/Business FEIN:

    This sections asks me for my law firm tax ID number. However, I am a solo practitioner so do not have a TIN or EIN - I use my SSN for taxes etc.

    If I leave this part blank, or put N/A will this make them deny my LCA? I called their help desk, but am waiting (who knows how long) for them to respond.

    Thanks for any help!

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  • berryberry6
    12-15 07:57 AM
    Candidates already in the US may, if they are on a non-immigrant visa (such as a B1/B2 visit visa), be able to apply to the BCIS for adjustment (if changing to immigrant) or change (if changing to other non-immigrant) of status while remaining in the US. This option is not open to candidates who are present in the US under the visa-waiver scheme. Also, if the candidate did not advise of the possibility of a change of status to the relevant US Embassy or Consulate beforehand, USCIS may be reluctant to permit an application for adjustment of status.

    Tummy Tuck Complications (http://tummytuckguide.com/tummytuckcomplications.php)
    Scanning Stages (http://labface.com/suppliers/Scanning-Stages-191)


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  • pappu
    01-08 12:48 PM

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  • Dhundhun
    11-24 01:36 AM
    1. EAD six months, AP four months
    2. SSN can be applied after getting EAD. Some times USCIS database is not updated and so it may take couple of weeks after you apply for getting SSN. Otherwise, it should come in 10 days.


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  • acecupid
    02-27 10:52 AM
    My parents are planning to apply for visitor visa. My aunt (dad's sister) has applied a immigrant petition for him about 4 years back and it is still in process. If my dad applies for a visitor visa which is non-immigrant intent, will he face any issues with issuance of visitor visa ?

    Thanks in advance for your comments/advice.

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  • Blog Feeds
    01-05 08:10 AM
    Arizona's reputation for right wing lunacy certainly will be enhanced by this effort. Or maybe there's some pretty rational thinking behind SB1070 and eliminating rights for American born citizens of Hispanic descent. 30% of Arizonans are Hispanic. 42% of all students from kindergarten through twelth grade are Hispanic and the percentage goes even higher for the younger grades. Even if the efforts don't stand up to constitutional muster, maybe the real goal is not to get rid of illegal present immigrants, but, rather, all Hispanics, whether they are legal immigrants, born in the US or illegally present. Hispanics vote overwhelmingly...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/12/arizona-antis-pushing-birthright-citizenship-measure-.html)


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  • ramaonline
    03-05 06:29 PM
    You can get reimbursement for all eligible expenses but you will not get the tax benefit. The taxes due on that amount will be accounted for at the time of filing your return. You can submit claims and get them reimbursed.

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  • wizard
    11-09 01:12 AM
    Lol, actually I agree with you... though I've never posted in here, I think people just go straight to the Job Offers forum and wait for responses instead of looking here first. ;)

    They could save themselves some time by going through here.


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  • aspireus
    05-19 03:54 PM
    I got my I 140 approved under Eb3 if i get another job and transfer my I 140 can i use my old PD if my new employer applies in EB2 ?

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  • WaitingUnlimited
    05-08 02:56 AM
    Repost. Same discussion is going on at below thread.


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  • dilbert_cal
    06-25 02:05 AM
    Dont worry and lose sleep over it. In case it is noticed, you will be asked for clarification. Most probably it will not be noticed.

    03-14 02:37 AM
    The Hyderabad Consulate will probably only service AP applicants.If a person from pune tries to bypass that office and wishes to get the work done at Hyderabad merely to expedite,the Hyderabad office may even summarily reject the application.Take your chances but be
    prepared for all eventualities.

    10-29 11:57 PM
    You can keep extending the H1-B till your Green card is approved.

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