Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • hebron
    10-22 10:00 AM
    Hi 9Years and VayuMahesh,
    Thanks for the info. This helps people who are planning to port.

    1. Did you refile under EB2 with the same employer? If so, would you mind sharing details - job description used for EB3 and EB2? I have an MCA from India with 12+ years of experience. My current employer filed my GC under EB3 (PD 2004), job description used was Software Engineer. I was promoted since then to Principal S/W Engineer and I was hoping I could ask my current employer to refile under EB2. But my attorney says that it is risky since the current job description of Principal Software Engineer has to be different from Software Engineer by atleast 50%.

    2. Did you get any RFE during the new PERM or I-140?

    It will be of great help if you could advice.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • skd
    04-14 10:53 AM
    That is why I wanted to know

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  • sampath
    04-25 01:38 PM
    The priority date based on the person first entering the US on H1B visa, or converting to a H1 status from any other visa status in the US is an excellent one.

    This eliminates all the issues that H1Bs face today when applying for a GC. Employer portability, Visa retrogression etc ( and not to mention employer manipulation of H1Bs workers in delaying to file GCs ) are applied in fairness to everyone. This takes the fear out of H1B workers to change jobs at will without regard to negative impact on their pending GC applications..

    Way to go.. Why can't IV propose to add this one liner to any of the impending amendments or find another lawmaker to support this which can alleviate most issues faced by H1Bs today.

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  • prinive
    07-06 01:38 PM
    That is what my law firm told me. Just an FYI.. I did file my I485 in june. Today I called the law firm to check whether they got my Receipt number. That is when I was told this. I wish that is true. Usually they give accurate info. They even told me that July VB will be revised (within 10 days after the release.) So I wish this time also this becomes true so every one can be benifited.

    When you come with such statement please give source?


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  • beppenyc
    03-08 02:15 PM
    Did at least a dem join the debate or they are still at lunch?

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  • geesee
    07-18 04:21 PM
    Made my first (small) contribution of $100 today !!
    Google order no. - 952531454379821

    Many thanks to all of IV members !!!


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  • bkam
    04-26 11:44 AM
    When you apply for permanent residency in a developed country, you have to cover certain criteria and then you get the approval prior to entering the country. This criteria may include job invitation from a local company (New Zealand recent approach) etc but the point is that the relationship between the potential immigrant and the country-recipient are clear.

    The situation in the US is different - you come here to work temporarily only and you must state that you will return back upon expiration on your visa. On the other hand, there is an option to apply for permanent residence but it is not guaranteed - it is only a possibility.

    OK, I can live whit this approach. But when applying for a GC and would like to BE ABLE TO GET REPLY IN A RESONABLE PERIOD OF TIME - 2-3 months, not 3-4 years ! If approved, I would like to BE ABLE TO GET MY GC IN A REASONABLE PERIOD OF TIME - 6-12 months, not another 5-6 years ! Than I can take a decision what to do and where to go.

    I also do not mind to pay for SS and Medicare. That is OK as long as I get these money back if I do not became a permanent resident/citizen of this country. And I should get it back with an average market interest rate for those 6-7 years. Same if I would have invested them in bonds or so.

    That is a fair approach ! Why I have to state that I am coming here temporarily only and then be forced to pay for SS and Medicare ? Because I am retarded and do not understand what is going on ?!

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  • ramus
    09-09 01:06 PM

    Contributed $300 for rally. Go IV!

    Contrib $600 so far + $300 for rally
    EB2 India PD 03/05
    I140 09/07
    I485 07/07


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  • paskal
    08-13 05:50 PM
    now can all the 7.55 am filers breathe easy and work for the rally?
    let's go guys- end retrogression forever and ever...never again worry about the time fedex delivered- sounds good? see you in DC 9/18!

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  • hopefulgc
    08-13 04:54 PM
    please close this thread.


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  • sledge_hammer
    03-04 05:31 PM
    One last question, if you don't mind.

    I assume yours is a conventional loan, how much equity do you have on your home, and how much down payment did you make on your home purchase first time?

    I didn't pay any points. I locked in two weeks back and closed this week. Lender is a local bank in Mass.

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  • Winner
    06-11 03:04 PM
    I keep reading we should fight for out rights and all. I am just curious
    where does it say if on is on H1B or F1, he or she has a right to get a GC. GC or citizenship is a privilege, we cant demand it or force someone to give it to us. Its a simple demand and supply situation, there are more visa seekers then there is availability and therefore there is a waiting period. i am not sure why we don't accept the simple fact that there are way too many people from developing country like ours moving to US, and not everyone can be accommodated ASAP. i think US has every right to do what it thinks is best for her, even if we don't agree with that,
    And those who say its discrimination, discrimination is when people from Bihar are beaten up on the streets of mumbai cause they are taking jobs away from marathi manus. Had there been so many techies from around the world taking up jobs in India, we would have seen street lynching.

    You got me all curious now, if you accept the status quo, why are you here in this site as a member? Don't get me wrong, but I'm curious to know what is your objective in becoming a member of IV.


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  • pappu
    06-10 01:08 PM
    USCIS to Issue Two-Year EAD for I-485 Waiters at End of June 2008
    The Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security announced on 06/09/2008 that the DHS would start issuing two-year EAD beginning from end of June 2008 for the I-485 filers. Hooray!
    Announcement: "I'm also pleased to announce that we will be extending the validity period of the employment authorization documents that we issue to individuals who are waiting adjustment of status to lawful permit residenture or in colloquial phrase, the green card. Currently, adjustment applications are granted employment authorization documents with only a one year maximum validity. Beginning later this month, we'll start issuing these documents with a two-year validity period for aliens who are waiting adjustment of status if their application is expected to be pending for more than a year. This, again, is eliminating a persistent source of frustration for workers who are here, who have a pending adjustment application but have to go and renew their employment documents every single year. It's going to cut the paperwork there."

    That is the victory due to our admin fixes campaign. Your thousands of letters are working here.
    We had received good feedback in our meetings with the administration.
    The whole process of making final announcements is just too slow!!

    We recently had another meeting to discuss one more admin fix item that has not been addressed yet and was part of our letters. Let us hope some decision comes out soon enough.

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  • apb
    09-11 06:29 PM
    Contributed $100 yesterday. Contributed $100 more today. (Paypal Transaction ID: 3SC70877BD390151N).

    Coming to the rally on 9/18.

    Downloaded the petition and already got 20 signatures (not including family and friends).

    Thanks for your effort IV.

    You rock superdesi.. That is the spirit. Getting 20 signatures is awesome.


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  • mirage
    04-01 07:11 AM
    You are exactly getting down to the problem, we need to ask the government we are paying high fees but where's the service ???

    That's exactly the point..USCIS is HEADED by fools...the problem lies within...the heads dont really care if their staff is underpaid and over-worked..but the fact of it is that they just don't have the money nor manpower to get the work done. When USCIS adjudicated all those cases in 2002, it was not of their own volition but because Congress mandated it..6 years later they dont care for the immigrants..u think they'd (policy makers) care 2 hoots for the the USCIS officers...just take a look at the Infopass centers...from my experience I havent seen more than 2 officers helping customers at a manpower

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  • Jimi_Hendrix
    11-30 01:10 AM
    Day: Thursday, November 30,2006
    Time: 7 PM PST
    Conference Dial-In: (712) 432-3000
    Conference Bridge: 227974

    All new members including Thiru please dial in to the conference. Also new members please forward me your e-mail address at


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  • sandiboy
    08-02 04:01 PM
    This is from my lawyer:

    Where is my application for adjustment of status filed?
    All employment based adjustment of status applications are filed at the Nebraska Service Center (NSC). The NSC will keep half of the cases it receives and send half to the Texas Service Center . There is no way of indicating which Service Center you want your case adjudicated at. Once the receipt notices are received you will know where your case is pending. All family based adjustment of status applications are filed at the National Benefits Center.

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  • BECsufferer
    03-04 12:55 PM
    Not sure if anyone else has faced this so wanted to put this out: I own a home and have a loan on it since 2003 (I was on H1 when i took the loan), now that the ARM is about to adjust i am in the market for refinance.

    There is however a question on all the loans underwritten by freddy/fanny asking for immigration status and if the answer is EAD the loan is denied. They even sent me an explanation of denial.....:confused:

    A loan application can be denied for any reason and as amatter of fact due to current financial mess, lenders are very wary. So don't be surprised by denial. Try another place.

    I secured loan after 2.5 months of constant battle. My lender tried all possible means to discourage me and only after I fired-back with technical arguments did they clear my loan. But than I was also asking for 5% down, which nowdays is no more entertained by lenders.

    Try different sources and atleast you have the house in possesion. You will get a new lender, don't worry!

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  • jonty_11
    07-06 01:18 PM
    Forgot in a hurry, it is updated now
    no problem buddy, I just dont want u getting caught plagializing....just kidding!

    Hope for thebest..I am hoping rumors abt accepting all July applications turn out true

    09-01 09:20 AM
    Landed in April, 2000. Filed labor in Dec, 2004. 6 years and still counting.

    07-18 05:00 PM
    Think about the guys who are stuck with PBEC / DBEC. These are very unfortunate guys / gals who are going to get screwed further due to this receipt date processing for 485. Everything is caused by July VB fiasco.

    This would suck for older priority dates.

    My priority date is March, 2002!! Application was delivered to Nebraska on June 15th but the Receipt date is in mid-July.
    So all those filers with priority dates after me (did not come across any with PD older than mine) that got their receipt notices before me would jump ahead in line!! Who knows how many years more...

    Hopefully they will change their procedure after this fiasco to go by Priority Dates first and then the receipt dates.


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