Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • eeezzz
    07-11 12:24 PM
    07 case is different. we can't infer much from that. I hope DOS has some insight into the no of pending cases when the move dates like this. I am sure there will be language in the actual bulletin that saves them from flak when the move dates back. The primary aim is to utilize the visa nos. But with all the information available to them the movement should be proportional to the nos available from spillover and etc.,
    I don't see what is really different. I am not talking about July 2007. I am talking about May or June bulletin 2007. Do you mean the bulletin on May or June 2007 is to utilize the visa so the dates are not the "real" date? Then how do you know Aug. 2008 move is not for the same purpose? Especially if this movement is caused by spillover.

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  • pd_recapturing
    11-25 09:37 PM
    bkn96, Thanks a lot for this information.

    Guys, I was just wondering whether we can talk to Ron Gotcher/Greg Siskind to take up our case with AILA or USCIS. Ron Gotcher seems to be very very unhappy about this wrong doing of USCIS. Any suggestion?

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  • wolfsappi
    09-13 11:53 AM
    just made a one time contribution of $100
    confirmation number : 1V989630TG1266458

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  • pappu
    07-14 08:22 PM
    Thanks. The thread is a sticky now. Let us see how much we can collect. Someone, please add up on the thread. Thanks.


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  • eb3_nepa
    04-25 11:47 AM
    Guys what about the type of visa? I mean shud the start date be ur H1B start date or ur F1 entry date? Coz if some people start on an H1 a lot of us also started on an F1. In that case doesnt it make more sense to root for the clause that says the immigrant can apply for his own GC that is employer independant? If i am not mistaken, is that not already a part of the PACE act?

    Besides a lot of people are not sure for a while, if they even want to apply for their GCs or not initially. I personally know of atleast 3 such people. By putting the responsibility of application of the GC into the immigrant's hands, and empowering the applicant to apply for himself/herself, the process becomes a lot more transparent and fair. That way the day the immigrant decides to apply and applies is their PD. That way if someone does not start it as soon as he/she can, it is now up to them. Since the applicant Can apply for himself instead of being sponsored for a GC by an employer, it is no longer employer based, so no one can fault the employer saying that, "They didnt file for me for a year".

    In my opinion, just pushing ur PD to the date u entered will not really help a lot. Coz say ur current PD is Feb 2002 EB3 but u had entered in 1998. DOL/UCSIS will say, ok lets do that, and the next day they will say, Now the Retrogression goes back to the year 1996. Is that not possible? Currently what we need is the immigrant to be in total control of his/her GC process. That way the GC can take even 10 years, so long as the applicant and dependants can avail of EADs and Travel permits which are longer than just 1 year increments. If we are thinking long term, then shudnt we be looking at this aspect? The GC itself represents nothing more than total freedom in ur career and it's choices. If we can achieve the same thing without the actual GC, isint that our goal?

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  • ags123
    03-07 02:08 AM


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  • ramus
    07-06 12:10 PM
    Please change subject of this thread or close it . It seems like we have new visa bulltein from DOS..

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  • Milind123
    09-13 04:14 PM
    I'm ready to fill the sixth slot . I have contributed to rally before and i will match Milind's next contibution.

    Thank you Bala. Guys this is the best opportunity. Where else will you get a 50% return on your money? This is the time not to hesitate, but to pull the trigger. When you contribute 3 more people will follow and after that the last two shots are guaranteed.


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  • santb1975
    05-25 02:31 PM
    The amendments were on the senate side and the HR bills are from the house side. Please contact your state chapter lead (walking_dude for MI) for updates and find out what's happening. We have lot of work to do and we really need volunteers. I am unable to post any info. on this public forum which is open to the world.

    so the amendmants which were linked to war bill are differant than all this HR bills.....?

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  • paskal
    08-01 11:24 PM
    Hey all,

    hope you guys have visited the IV physicians blogspot.It is very good.One of the bloggers mentioned about supporting such a move, but the question is how do we start.I myself is technlogically challenged so we have to get the expertise of the IT people.I think we should start now.


    i'm not a techie either, but creating a blogspot is very easy
    the site is practically pre made
    you just choose your templates and features
    try it.. we would be happy to carry a link to "iv-schedule a" on the physicians blogspot


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  • gene77
    08-18 12:53 PM
    Please continue to post your comments on the letter - the sooner we can all agree upon the content, the sooner we can start sending these out.

    Also, is there a possibility of having a common meeting (all retrogressed EB3 candidates) with Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren expressing our situation - just a thought.

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  • americandesi
    05-02 11:10 PM
    what king meant was that anyone could apply for 485 and get an EAD which has no work restrictions as a H1 and enjoy the same benifits someone with a GC holds..down the line(after years of wait) even if the 485 gets rejected he/she has njoyed all the privilages or work/travel by getting his/her AP/EAD...

    well damn you king, issue GCs faster then!

    King's statement doesn't make any sense. If you equate the same logic to GC holders, then they had enjoyed all the privileges of work/travel by getting his/her GC, even if their naturalization gets rejected down the line.


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  • gc_check
    07-21 07:31 AM

    I recently got a aloan from BOA on EAD without any probem.
    The Loan officer was fully aware the visa sattus. Dont know how he maneged but for me I didn't face any problem in financing from BOA.

    If you still face problem send me a private message an I will pass his informations so that you will be on right loan offcer hands who understand visa status etc.

    Do you posses a valid / current visa along with EAD. They seem to be okay with visa, and seems to lack knowledge on the EAD/485 stuff. Can you please PM the link to the loan office you worked, if he is agreeing to talk / provide updates. BTW, mine is a re-finance, and never had problem before and this is the first time, the visa issue is causing difficulties. The reason I went through this loan agent is the rate I am getting.

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  • arnab221
    06-21 01:54 PM
    I am just hoping we do not mis the July Bus :cool:

    Relax Buddy , now that the bus has come they will keep coming .Most of the people will go in this bus. The dates will retrogress for some time and will be current maybe next year . If not this bus then the next bus . No use raising your blood pressure for this . Attorneys and the media have a habit of scaring people unnecessarily . This Current date is not the end of the world , so take a chill pill ..


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  • qualified_trash
    01-02 07:20 PM

    I know this has been discussed in the past on this and other message boards but I wanted to hear some more opinions about it. What is the value of green card to you?

    I know different ppl have different reasons like ability to switch jobs, ability to travel freely, ability to have a job for spouse etc. All said and done how many of you would like to go back to your home countries in the next 5-6 years? I know a lot of people have issues such as aging parents back home or they simply don't see themselves living in a foreign land forever. I guess my question is what percentage of ppl aspiring for a GC view it as a convenience vs percentage of ppl who actually see it as a path to settling down in US for good.


    you should maybe set it up as a poll. as for me, I am here for good unless asked to leave :-)

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  • sertasheep
    08-03 09:49 PM

    You can write to me at 'sertasheep AT immigrationvoice DOT org' or poll any of the techie members here on how to create a blog. The suggestions would be to create a blog on with a google account, as several of the other blogs (iv-tristate, iv-physicians, etc.,) are all on

    Please keep your profile updated so that we may contact you. We are glad to welcome Schedule A professionals into the IV community.

    Please support "paskal"(physician) in his efforts as he will be able to liaise with policy makers and influencers in the healthcare segment. is one such effort- don't let the name dissuade you. As long as there are people who are willing to champion a particular cause (provided it is aligned with IV's core objectives and agenda, you can help make a difference, and help yourself as well!)

    Hey all,

    hope you guys have visited the IV physicians blogspot.It is very good.One of the bloggers mentioned about supporting such a move, but the question is how do we start.I myself is technlogically challenged so we have to get the expertise of the IT people.I think we should start now.


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  • mhathi
    07-19 09:23 AM

    Just sent a one time contributiion of $80 to show our appreciation. Will sign up for recurring in few months.

    Check should be delivered by 7/25.

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  • bpratap
    07-21 12:53 AM
    They may not consider EAD, but if you submit a copy of I-140 they will consider that.

    I also had to go thru a cycle of process, but finally they approved on on submitting a copy of I-140 Approval letter

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  • freakin_gc
    12-15 07:16 PM
    diptam : Whether your I-140 is approved now?

    I've sent 7001 to Ombudsman , Contacted Congressional offices and ultimately filed a Service request in Nov 1st week. After all this NSC opened my case yesterday Dec 9th and the status changed to "RFE sent" - there you go ! They bought at least 2 months extra time.

    What a bunch of jokers at NSC - my case was extremely straight forward :(

    08-04 12:49 PM

    I don't understand why you are picking up on facts and faults on other post.What mirage is saying is true.I know 3 families stuck up in this GC process...all true cases.

    There are some lucky people who have bought old labor substitution ;)who came to US in 2004 and got their GC's cleared and are very :D.

    Some really who have come here to in US for past 10 years genuine appliers are really stuck in this.They have all applied their labor and got them cleared only dec 2006.

    people who are interested can send those letters if not ignore the thread.

    If you are EB2 good for you...Its not that easy to change jobs having families..and when you are satisfied with the employer ,why would they change.

    Everyone here want GC to stay in this country.And we all are here to find solutions thru IV - active participation is better.

    Pani's letter is not that bad...if you dont like alter what you want to express and send it.People can write what they are facing only.

    this is not an argument...just felt bad when you were point blankly picking on them.

    I dont undestand :confused:

    But one thing I understand there are many , in general like to irritate and hurt other's sentiments and thoughts and pinpoint only faults.

    Becoz of this lack of unity only ,most of us face problems.

    First of all, I do support issues faced by EB-3 India applicants. However, a letter with many factual errors and words like bonded is not going to help. I am just trying to present my views.

    If I were OP, I will at least show my letter for some kind of legal review before sending. After all who would like to make condition bad to worse?

    Please refer to post by internet couple of posts back. He has raised many good points.

    Good Luck to everyone!

    12-16 11:06 AM
    we need to write to Sen Joe Lofgren now more than ever..she will try to push the legal bill..also we need to write to her to compensate for some of the waiting time that it gets counted for the least from when the I-485 was applied..I think we will see some sort of push for this only concern is that we again will get caight with the illegals and our issue will be pushed to the side

    Can some IV members in CA meet Sen Joe..?..and see what the Sen plans to do..

    time for some action now..

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