Saturday, June 25, 2011

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  • insbaby
    08-13 03:58 PM
    We can write letters, emails, fax, contribute to IV but nothing is gonna help. This is the fact!

    Yes. It may help, but EB3 is not the one who is going to get any piece out of it, as EB2 is increasing in huge amount. Even if it is CURRENT for 10 years, thats not going to help anyone below that level as everyone will qualify for EB2 in future, almost all the future candidates will have minimum of 5 years experience.

    1. Live with this. Don't come to any forum, don't think about VISA bulletin. Take your Gc when it comes to your doorstep. May be by then, we may not need it. We may be tired of being on the same job and GC may not bring any
    motivation to our career.

    Well, if one decided to continue the process of waiting, there won't be any career to talk about at the end.

    2. Move over to EB2 - If possible, take all the pains of changing job, place of living, unpredictability in PERM queue and I140 queue and move over to EB2. But you never know. One of our Indian brothers might have just won a lawsuit to stop us from moving over!! In that sense, EB3 I is worst than illegals. Least wanted legals in the USA!!

    Not possible for all to go to EB2 as most of the companies hesitate to spend huge amount again and same is applicable to the individual too. It may not be worth at the end to spend another 5K on this. Well said, we should then fight with our own friends (because they may not like us to get the Lion's share) before going to DOS and USCIS.

    3. Get out of this country - Give up the American dream and come to reality and start a new dream. May be Canadian dream or Australian dream...

    I am waking up from 'abroad' dream. The real dream in front is "Home", without any issue that works for me.

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  • Alabaman
    02-24 10:04 AM
    Yes story is thesame. The US is unfair to high skilled immigrants. I lived in the US for 8 years. School, worked, volunteered, purchased a home, etc. When the down turn came, I was left high and dry. No unemployment benefits with all the taxes and social security that I have paid. To make matters worse, I was required to depart the same day. I had properties... been living here for 8 years!!

    Even though I made this choice, it does not make it humane to have such a system. You ask, what does the US really gain by making people go through the stress, anxiety, sleepless nights? Nothing.

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  • vpadman
    01-14 12:06 PM
    You can check the dates on this link,

    Hope this helps,

    Thanks for the link - the only issue is that the link reflects the processing as of Dec 14, 2007.

    Is there a way to check on the dates they are processing at present. Can we call USCIS customer service regarding this information ?

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  • ajaykk
    01-09 02:48 PM
    Guys anyone pls provide me the fax number or tell me where I can find it to expedite the process. Appreciate it.



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  • vbkris77
    02-24 12:14 PM
    With US becoming in-tolerant to Legal immigration, Australia moving to toughen rules, BNP winning seats in UK, Singapore curtailing immigration, India denying visas and the list continues..

    It is clearly the order of the day.. We human beings forgot that it is basic human right to immigrate as recognized by UN. We are on verge of becoming herding animals if not more restricted.

    I hope things change. But I think it is going to change by the time most people don't care anymore about immigrating.

    I have seen/heard of Indian elite university students declining US offers just to avoid immigration headaches.. My close friends back in India are kind of joking about those waiting in the line just to get the papers filed to move to any other country than India.

    This year H1B quota is an eye opener. I think the trend continues next year and year after.

    But most of the times, all governments realize about the ground reality only in the end when the damage is made, not when it started.

    Such thing can never happen. Also, don't lose hope. Look at how the world was before. Slavery, racism, castiesm, untouchability, intolerance, poverty etc.... it has always been a struggle to navigate through all these barriers and we are still navigating.

    Basically the attitude is "when my house is burning why should I accomodate these people" - it is how the world is and we have to navigate.

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  • javaconsultant
    01-13 11:46 PM
    My PD is June 2002 from CA in EB3/RIR category.
    I did not get my approval yet !


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  • nursekm
    10-03 11:03 PM
    Thanks ! But it still unsure how long it will take ....

    Concurrent filing can be done by anyone with approved Labor Certification. Schedule A applicants already have pre-approved LC.

    This means, that not only Schedule A can file concurrently but also others as well.

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  • spicy_guy
    09-02 01:00 AM
    I'm only posting a response cause my response is sad and funny at same time. No one's beat me yet???

    Came in Dec 1990
    Been on various visas including F1 (grad and undergrad) and H1.
    Didn't get to file GC till 2007 unfortunately...

    Oh Man! You should be in your 40s now....And you are still waiting for GC. You must be knowing this. You will have to wait for 15+ years more for your DMAN GC!! By that you may have been retired.


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  • pkv
    05-07 10:09 PM

    Congress penalizes U.S. troops, legal U.S. residents in attempt to punish illegal immigrants
    By Ken McLaughlin
    Mercury News
    Article Launched: 05/07/2008 06:51:18 PM PDT

    map loc val immig state

    When Congress passed an economic-stimulus package giving hefty rebates to most taxpayers, it tried to make sure that illegal immigrants didn't get any of the cash.

    But in doing so lawmakers inadvertently penalized hundreds of thousands of legal U.S. residents - and tens of thousands of U.S. troops stationed overseas - simply because their spouses lack a Social Security number.

    "Imagine an American soldier in Iraq whose foreign-born wife is waiting for an immigration petition to be approved and doesn't have a Social Security card. Now the couple can't even get a rebate," said Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-San Jose. "That is really stupid."

    Others in the predicament include about a million legal residents whose spouses are still overseas because of long immigration queues and hundreds of thousands of H-1B work visa holders in Silicon Valley and elsewhere.

    The scope of the problem is only now becoming clear as the government begins mailing out rebate checks. The first checks were electronically deposited in bank accounts last week.

    Because illegal immigrants don't have Social Security numbers and instead routinely use "tax identification numbers," Congress banned rebates for taxpayers who use the IRS-issued numbers.

    If a married couple files jointly and one spouse doesn't have a Social Security number, the couple won't get the $1,200 checks that other couples will receive. They're also ineligible for the $300 rebate per child. Many Armed Forces members stationed overseas have foreign spouses who can't get Social Security numbers.

    William Luong, stationed at a U.S. naval base in Yokosuka, Japan, said his fellow seamen resent that they've landed in the same category as illegal immigrants.

    "They understand the reason they're getting the shaft," said Luong, 21, who is from the Los Angeles area. "but a lot are frustrated or angry about it."

    More than 288,000 troops are stationed overseas, according to the Pentagon - not counting those in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many live in places - Korea, Japan and Germany - where extended stays often result in marriages to locals.

    The unintended situation developed after the House in late January passed the economic-stimulus legislation at the urging of President Bush. But anti-illegal immigration groups then lobbied the Senate to add the Social Security requirement, fearing that illegal immigrants would get their hands on the checks.

    The Federation for American Immigrant Reform - whose members went on radio talk shows to bash the House version of the stimulus bill - has no apologies.

    "No law was ever written that doesn't find someone falling through the cracks," said Ira Mehlman, a FAIR spokesman, who said he hoped government officials will come up with some way to help Armed Forces members.

    But H-1B visa holders and legal immigrants who are being denied rebates say they want some justice, too.

    "If the government collects taxes from us, we should be able to get rebates given to other legal residents, it should be a level-playing field," said Parveen Kumar, an H-1B visa holder who lives in Sunnyvale.

    Kumar moved to Silicon Valley from India with his wife three years ago. He now works as an engineer at Intelliswift Software in Fremont. But his wife, Anu, is on a H-4 "dependency visa" that doesn't allow her to work.

    After he found out about the rebate law, he went to the Mountain View office of the Social Security Administration and asked if he could get a number for his wife. He was told no.

    John Johnston, a spokesman for the Social Security Administration, confirmed on Wednesday that the agency's policy is not to issue Social Security cards simply for the purpose of issuing tax rebates.

    According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, there are now between 600,000 and 800,000 H-1B visa holders in the United States. Exactly how many are married to spouses ineligible to work in this country is unclear.

    Another group of immigrants - about a million nationwide - are non-citizen green-card holders who are already facing seven-year waits to get permission for their spouses to immigrate to their country.

    "I've been in America for well over 20 years, and I consider myself an American," said Amir Nikpouri of Orland Park, a suburb of Chicago. "All I'm trying to do is obey the laws, but this one seems really unfair."

    Nikpouri, 31, was married three years ago, but his wife won't be eligible to immigrate from Iran for a few more years.

    "We are here legally and paying taxes and enjoying what a married family should be enjoying," said Aung Moe of San Jose, 33, a Burmese political refugee who works as an engineer at Applied Materials. His wife, Mon, is an electrical engineer who is forced to live separately from her husband in Singapore.

    "Already we cannot be together, and now she cannot get a Social Security number," he said. "This needs to be fixed."


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  • chisinau
    08-02 04:27 AM
    Does anyone know the answer wheather they are proceding our DS230 till 17 of August, or next summer we should submit DS230 one more time, and this will last forever???

    My attorney is just useless, maybe your lawers have information about it...
    Or there is a way how we can check the status of our DS230, maybe on-line or by phone?

    All usefull information appreciated!


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  • lskreddy
    04-30 02:41 PM
    Someone by Steve King is expressing his reasons why we should not let this happen as this is a 'backdoor' way to increase the number. What a start..

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  • Dhundhun
    06-11 01:13 AM
    When do you think would EB2-I hit Feb 2005? Before this year end?

    Perhaps not. With many I140 getting approved, there are always chances of dates going back instead of moving forward.

    I can think of average movement of one or two months moving forward per quarter. The two bills in pipeline can ease this situation:
    1. Removing country quota
    2. Recapturing of unallocated GC Visas


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  • immig4me
    05-03 01:48 PM
    Cornyn Open to Working on Immigration Reform - Roll Call (

    Can the members in Texas and others call on Sen. Cornyn's office and ask him to support the bill. I just called their office, and the staff says that he has no statement from the senator, and therefore has no position as of yet. I asked him about the above report, and all he offered was "no comments"

    Hope IV members step up their efforts in calling the list of Senators and post their feedback on this forum. We can learn from each others feedback and bring more pressure on these legislators.

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  • santb1975
    05-27 11:56 PM
    still under 20k :confused:


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  • NKR
    09-10 11:20 AM
    Just curious, is it possible they have some reasoning to push applications to the end of the year? it'll be interesting to think of what could be the reason...

    There is no reason for this madness, stop analysing, it will drive you crazy..

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  • mango_man
    06-11 07:21 PM
    Just eat mangoes and have fun! GC doesnt taste half as good as Indian mangoes.


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  • Mouns
    04-30 04:47 PM
    "To maximize visa number usage while working off its backlog, USCIS has adopted a production strategy that focuses on completing cases where visas are immediately available and on working cases to the point just short of approval (pre-adjudication) where visas will be available in the coming months. Pre-adjudication includes completing all required background checks and resolving all eligibility issues except for visa availability. This allows for immediate approval and visa number allocation as visas become available for pre-adjudicated cases."

    does it mean that if your EB3 (I) , your I485- file is not going to be looked at for the next several years?

    Yes I believe that's what it means... If you date is not current or not about to become current in the next months, then your case would be unlikely to be adjucated...

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  • RNGC
    06-24 03:04 PM

    Here is an article on contribution of Legal Immigrants to Social Security:

    RNGC, excellent thread, looks like pessimistic folks have taking this thread for a ride.

    America stands to loose in many ways. Here is why..

    A study by Kauffman Foundation shows that "an average 13.25-year lag between a key founder�s arrival in the United States and firm formation" - source :
    Loosing well trained individuals due to frustration with the immigration system or due to expired visa duration is equivalent to outsourcing. impact of outsourcing to the US economy is very well debated these days.

    Another Kauffman report shows Immigrants were involved in 25% of the US patents approved in 2006 - Source :
    This leads to reverse-brain drain phenomena who's effects to the economy are well documented.

    Here is couple of NFAP study about

    The impact of immigrant Entrepreneurs and professionals on the US competitiveness: 6.pdf

    Driving Jobs and innovation offshore:

    Stalling the career path through GC backlogs will impede the creativity of the individuals and hence dampen their entrepreneurial spirit. It also kills the innovative spirits in the individuals.

    Those who feel that "grass is greener on the other side" will jump to the other side irrespective of their GC backlog issues, their criteria is different. But there are many who believes that the American system cultivates innovation and entrepreneurial skills, for them the GC backlog is a drag on their growth.

    EB1/2/3 is not a delimiter to innovation, innovation happens at all levels. All EB1's aren't PhD's, there are quite a few PhD's in EB2 and similarly there are quite a few MS folks in EB3 too. By saying US just wants EB1 is utter disrespect to fellow professionals who are not on EB1.

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  • Libra
    09-11 11:30 AM
    OMG, thank you so much coopheal. :cool:

    IV rocks�.. Just made contribution of 500$
    Cannot come to rally because of personal reasons. Feeling terrible about that�.

    Order Details - Sep 11, 2007 10:46 AM CDT
    Google Order #636002683618849

    07-11 03:32 PM
    They are talking about the EB-3 Other Worker category, NOT EB-3 India (one row below EB-3-I in the bulletin)
    If you see July bulletin
    the EB-3 - Other Worker was 01Jan03 which is now U in August bulletin

    Oh - I got excited for nothing! Thanks for correcting me.

    So "Other workers" is also considered EB3? who falls in this category...?

    08-14 01:07 PM
    If we can collect some data regarding the home purchasing trends among skilled immigrants vis. their GC status, that would be great.

    For example:
    % of people who have a home while they are in H1B status: a%
    % of people who have a home while they are in EAD status: b%
    % of people who have a home while they are in GC status: c%
    % of people who have a home while they are US Citizen: d%

    If we can collect the data for the variables a, b, c and d and if the value of c is significantly higher than a or b, then we do have a strong case.

    But how will we collect data for a, b, c and d? I do not know?

    This is the third place where I am posting this ..well why not ..In my view this is worth a shot since greenspan is also talking about it.
    Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan predicts U.S. house prices will begin to stabilize in the first half of next year, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday.


    Greenspan also offered a novel suggestion to bolster the housing market -- increase the number of potential home buyers by admitting more skilled immigrants

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