Friday, June 24, 2011

cristiano ronaldo 2011 portugal

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  • punjabi
    09-10 08:42 PM

    Keep the cool. USCIS is very unpredictable as we all have seen. Get ready to see the dates move forward pretty quickly this year! There are more chances to have increased visa numbers and things can only go UP from here on.

    Watch the documentray "The Secret" and put your positive thoughts out there...

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  • mmanurker
    09-26 11:00 AM
    This is the worst DMV in NJ... You may be better off going to Jersey City, Princeton or anywhere else.

    Princeton/Trenton are also worst...FYI...My DL already expired on 9th Sept.
    I went to Trenton with original receipt and employer letter but still they refused to renew my license.
    My attorney forgot to upgrade my H1 application to premium process and then started to defend himself by saying that he did not get any approval from my employer and at the same time he never told me that he did not get my employer authorization till Sept 11th where as I asked him to upgrade to premium sometime in last week of July'07. So from July to Sept'11th he kept making excuses one after another but never mentioned that he needs an employer authorization.Thats how these attorneys work and screw our lives....

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  • manderson
    09-24 02:00 PM
    it has to be similar job PLUS with an established company.

    from what i have gathered it seems that if USCIS issues a RFE or calls u for interview during adjucation they might ask for 2 yrs of tax filings of future employer to prove that it's an established company (although they are not suppposed to bring up 'ability to pay' issue which is already covered in approved 140 -- but being USCIS anything goes...).

    i also wondered about the conflict of interest becoz it's your relative that u clearly identified in your G325 (Biographic) form -- but I guess if ppl are doing it then it's possible.

    Ok. Now lets say I have EAD cards for me (primary applicant) and my wife. I can now have my wife start a company and have a job position similar to where I work. Now after 180 days, can I work for my wife's company invoking AC21 with my EAD??:D
    and so when an RFE comes from USCIS , can this be shown as the similar job offer?

    Really speaking, The USCIS only wants a promise of employment when they are adjudicating form 485 saying that I will be given a job after I get my green card:). So can I literally work anywhere for any job using my EAD until green card gets fully approved as long as I have a promise of employment (by my wife's company)? :p
    Ofcourse i am risking the chance of being out of status if my 485 gets denied. i just want to make sure it wont get denied because the "similar job" offer is from my relatives (wife's) company.

    any thoughts??:confused:


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  • josecuervo
    07-11 07:00 AM
    Here's the link

    No good news for EB 3 WW ?!


    I couldn't believe this. Wonderful news. Thanks


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  • ronhira
    07-06 02:02 AM
    I agree, what did I do for IV for the past few months, nothing. Responded to one or two threads. Been very busy at work and was not able to contribute constructively to this organization. I am wondering how many of us are in this same boat, what are we all actually doing in helping the organization from either volunteering, getting more people to open their eyes and recognize a problem and organize and mobilize people. I have been trying for the past 4 years and its not easy and not always successful. To see the leadership team constantly juggling between work and working on different initiatives and putting in self less hours really requires appreciation. Now I think its worth asking ourselves, how much have we done or are willing to do to take us to where all of us want to be IMHO.

    let me ask you this. did anyone from "leadership" call/email/contact you when you were inactive/busy with your life. if the leaders did not call/email you, how will you know if your help is needed. i don't see how its u'r fault

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  • ramus
    06-02 09:09 PM
    please contribute to IV with whatever you can.. If you haven't please send web-fax now..

    Can any you help in answering my question?

    I am trying to change my job and have an approved I-140 with a priority date of August 2006. The question is if I am successful in porting my old August PD for my new I-140 applied after May 2007, would I come under this new merit system? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • singhsa3
    07-21 01:55 PM
    Look at this post. The thoughts are compelling. Is this something that we should get some clarifications on?

    It is certainly a good deal that we are able to file for 485 and we can enjoy the benefits of EAD/AP.

    Mark my words...when apply to renew your EAD and you are not sure if spouse can work when one EAD has expired and the other is in the process of being approved you will realize what we are trying to say...after you keep applying to renew AP/EAD beings to wonder if it was all worth it.

    In short, after we file our 485/EAD/APs we should work with IV and try to lobby for better laws...we should not be complacent and think our work is done, we crossed a small hurdle thats all.

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  • satishbsk
    07-13 07:14 PM
    Some one get list from Walk In Medical Care who all went to medicals for 485 in June :D :D .
    When I went for submitting and collecting medicals there were around 15 + each time last month.

    Contributed $280 so far


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  • gc26
    07-06 07:27 AM
    Changing title to "Homeland security compromised in mad rush to process Green Cards" may provide fuel to anti-immigrants. They may argue that the process is better served by taking for 25 years to ensure no would be terroists get green cards !

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  • desi3933
    08-03 06:27 PM
    EB-3 I wake up and send the letter out..we need to make relevant authorities aware of our situation. Uncertanity and doom stares us come on EB-3 I lets see some action!

    Hi Pani_6 -

    In your letter, the subject line is "Employment Based (EB-3) green card applicants waiting over a Decade"

    How it be a decade, when your PD is 2001 or later? Even for EB-2, the wait time is 4-5 years.

    Your letter should be based on facts and not on emotions (that, usually, tends to cloud the good judgment)

    Good Luck! I hope you get GC soon.


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  • nareshg
    10-09 12:56 AM
    Was there a similar thread started by pappu ?

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  • sroyc
    07-11 01:37 PM
    In order to avoid visa wastage, there is no �per country limit� during the last quarter, that could be the main reason for this quantum leap in EB2-I PD movement.

    The per country limit was not adhered to even in the 3rd quarter. Remember how EB2 India rose like a phoenix from Unavailable to April 2004? Once they determine that there are enough visas for spillover, the per country limits don't exist. The question is how they decide to distribute it among the retrogressed countries.


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  • GayatriS
    01-08 06:43 PM
    And respect and humility are another thing that differentiate us Indians from others!

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  • sparky123
    07-19 11:32 AM
    Why would it work against? After all, is H1-B is a dual intent visa...

    Only lawyer or the employeer contact can call for labor status queries. DOL does not know you exist. Be careful there is no relation between labor and green card AOS. If you call it shows that you intend to immigrate while on H1. It might work against you.


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  • niraj1207
    09-11 01:39 PM
    My contribution: Google Order #431974134732049 for $100

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  • ramus
    09-09 10:50 AM
    Member Join Date: Aug 2006
    Posts: 25


    Contributed $100.00, a small contribution from my side.


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  • imv116
    07-19 01:39 PM
    what are we grouping for?


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  • gene77
    03-14 10:44 PM
    Sent interfiling request on Mar-03 and raised a SR last week. No LUDs yet .....

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  • sundevil
    03-05 10:44 PM
    Me and my wife's 485s had LUDS on 2/18, 2/19 and 2/20. But no status change, and we know for sure we should be getting atleast one RFE. When we applied in July 07 we could not include my Wife's medical/vaccination reports with the application, but no RFE for that yet.

    07-06 02:25 PM

    Please stay away from hard language. Having suggestion for election is a completely acceptable but please lets not accuse anyone. If anyone needs accoutability, I don't IV Core people would have any issues to give you those in person. I know they are really really shy discussing them openly.

    Please don't forget end goal, to have a fair GC process. Any suggestions for action items are encouraged like snathan has a nice action item suggested for visa re-stamping. Please support.

    You don't need IV core's approval to do something good for community. They are only concerned when you use IV's name.

    07-06 12:34 PM
    This is too confusing, it looks like USCIS is going crazy.

    Something is cooking and they try to cover their as.... before the legal action takes its stand....:-)), but it is too late for them..

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