Saturday, June 25, 2011

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  • psaxena
    06-11 04:34 PM
    hey if you know more about goa, please PM me , I want to retire their.. I was in Goa in 1993. It was beautiful that time..

    Although I can think of better drinks, and Goa isn't what it used to be any more. :)


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  • TomTancredo
    03-04 01:45 PM
    I have an RFE on my 485 (EB3 I SEP 2004 )....

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  • satyasaich
    07-14 04:37 PM
    Please please come forward .
    $5 is truly a small amount but can make a big difference, only if all of us contribute

    Reasonable begining for this, but can be done more.

    Please support IV

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  • addsf345
    12-01 02:16 PM
    1. MTR -USCIS fee$585, Lawyer fee vary between $750 to $3500. Dependents another $500 extra in lawyer fee
    2. US court no idea - but RG website says they take cases free of charges if case is strong as they can get attorney fee from USCIS..

    Do you mean the district court asks cis to compensate candidate??? I have never heard this - wondering!!! Don't think its true!


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  • Jimi_Hendrix
    11-20 05:50 PM
    Can you e-mail me at with your contact information and your availability this week for a conference call?

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  • sj2273
    06-11 07:05 PM
    Dear Nitinboston,
    I am in 100% agreement with you on the notion that Congress probably doesnt care about people who are not voters/citizens etc. But let me quote you an example from history. I am making an extra effort to be optimistic here, but in saying that, nothing can be done will not lead us anywhere either. If we try, then we can atleast go to bed in peace thinking we tried! Here is the example though:

    Blacks in this country did not have any voting rights before 1965. In order to be a registered voter they had be recommended by a white person and go through an exam. they practically had no rights. no status. nothing! I am talking about Alabama in early 50s when blacks were not even allowed to board buses from the front door. The bus driver had the right to pull out a gun if a black person did not give up his/her seat. Rosa parks ignited the Montogomery bus boycott in 1955 December and that lasted for more than a year. The result was that blacks came together and held together persistently till people in higher ranks noticed it. It wasnt easy, black leaders were bombed, harrassed and threatened for doing so. In 1964 the civil rights act came about and 1965 voters right act. And today we have a black president. Unbelievable transition from a time when even the drinking water fountains were seperate for whites and blacks.

    This is just an example but what I am really trying to get to is that the Government today is much different than it was several years ago. If they could make the congress hear at that time, why cant we.

    It wouldnt be wrong to say that this country still is the most tolerant country in the world. Compare this to Australia or New Zealand or Canada.

    People in the government will listen if the cause is right. Its just a matter of making enough noise in a decent manner that people hear.

    Thats all I have to say! I hope we can take you in the stride of our optimism. You will make a terrific addition to our optimistic force!

    Thank you for reading my post.


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  • desi chala usa
    01-06 10:25 AM
    Don't forget the education is the biggest business in U.S.A and the immigration is the second one, thats what I learned from my 5 years experience. Both businesses dragging money from foreign ppl (International student has to pay 3-4 times more than local).

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  • apet2007
    03-10 11:18 PM
    You must be a permanent resident to open or own an S-Corp. An LLC is the best way to go and if you are not engaged in actual sale of goods, you can register this LLC in Nevada and pay no corporate taxes. I've done it. All income then passes through your own filing. Have a CPA and I strongly recommend you do this. Registering a NV LLC only costs $195 annually. Go to and it will walk you through.


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  • cygent
    09-02 08:04 PM
    Oh man! Landed here in 1998. But your PD is 2008 and IN EB3?!?!? Originally Posted by kalinga_sena
    * Landed here on jan 1st, 1998 (F1)
    Survived 2 recessions
    No hope as labour filled in eb3
    You must be the oldest person in this thread as well. :D

    In my signature... 13 yrs.; '97 as student, survived 2 recessions & a huge bloodsucker from '00 (who has since been sued & investigated & closed). Tried to leave, but H1 issues kept me. By Luck, hard work & planning managed to file 140/485 in '07 & by God's grace 140 approved 12/08, which enabled me to leave aforementioned bloodsucker. Working on EAD since 10/08.

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  • kannan
    07-19 12:09 AM
    Paid one time of Payment of $100 through Paypal (confirmation Number: 46W44575JB938171V), more to come.

    Thanks to IV Team:)


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  • priti8888
    07-24 11:42 AM
    But how cud they accept and process the application if his date was not current in june ??

    Correct, They would accept only if his dates were current in June

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  • santb1975
    05-31 02:43 PM
    That is awesome

    $50 recurring sent to IV yesterday.

    .................................................. ...
    $320 + $50 recurring

    Proud to be an IVian. GO IV GO..


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  • jonty_11
    07-06 02:02 PM
    They posted the revised bulletin in a hurry. They should have done this on July 2nd. The actual july bulletin consists FB dates and other dates.
    i think they did revise it on July 2nd..didnt they?

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  • aerady
    05-09 05:40 PM
    I have been a victim of this rule implemented by DMV. On Texas the rule is like this. If you have Visa validity embedded on your DL, you will get a letter before 'Valid till Date period' on DL to show proof of approved I-797. In TX your approved petition you need to satisfy two conditions (1) When you go to DMV office, your approved I-797 should have atleast 6 months validity (2) The period on your I-797 should be more than one year. If you disqualify on any of these, they will suspend your license until you show a I-797 that satisfies the above two conditions.
    So, My case is like this:-
    My TX driving license(Valid till 2017) was suspended by DMV when I went(I tried online but it didn't work) for address change on 5/8/2010 saying that I don�t have a H1B visa which is valid for more than 6 months (Valid till 10/26/2010 � approx 5 months and 20 days) at the time of my visit for Address change.

    I quit driving after that and my employer applied for Visa extension and they got the visa approval from 10/27/2010 to 9/19/2011. I got the approved petition from USCIS on 2/15/2011.

    I went to the DMV office on 2/16/2011 and again DMV denied me license saying that even though the visa is now valid for 8 months, the total period for which the visa I got is less than 1 year(10/27/2010 to 9/19/2011 =11 months)

    I am on 6+ years on US and my employer is processing my green card. USCIS will give only 1 year or less increment H1B extension after the 6th year till I get my I-140 approved.
    The USCIS processing time is 4 months to 6 months for visa extensions, which puts me in a loop like sometimes when I get the approved extension, I will not have 6 months validity from the time I receive the approved petition from USCIS OR USCIS may not give one full year extension.

    I am literally stuck without driving for the last one year. I was driving in US from 2003 to 2010, I don't have any accident history, I pay taxes regularly and always been a good citizen, but see what I get back!


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  • lonedesi
    08-11 12:58 PM
    Wondering how many members who answered in the poll that they are victims of slow processing actually got to participate and join in this campaign. People who mailed out letters & DHS Form 7001, please post so that we can motivate others to join this campaign.

    dresses Chelsea Tyler, Steven Tyler steven tyler is hot. steven tyler is hot.
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  • axp817
    07-18 09:28 PM
    I started off with a one time contribution many months ago, and then signed up for $20 monthly contributions.

    Today, when I saw the action item for the new funding drive and that the recurring contribution request had gone up to $50, I couldn't initially bring my stingy self to changing my contribution from $20 to $50.

    Then I asked myself, If I were offered a green card today, at an additional 'premium' fee (Besides the filing, attorney fees), how much would I be willing to pay? probably, $2, 3, 4, 5, or even upto $10000. That being the case why was I being a miser about spending $50 a month supporting a great organization like IV.

    With that thought, I immediately went ahead and signed up for the $50 a month contribution and cancelled my old $20 subscription on Paypal.

    I am single and don't have a family to support like most of you do, but this $50 a month will go a long way. We have seen IV get results. From what has gone on in the last few months, up until last night, we know that IV is the only organization that really works for our interest. Oh, Shusterman, ILW, Murthy might all be good attorneys but they don't push our interests like IV does.

    With that, I would request all of you to join hands and work with IV in bringing a revolutionary change to the employment immigration system.

    Thank you all, in advance.

    20,000 members of which at least 15,000 are real (not non-immigrant trolls).

    If all sign up for $50 a month, IV would generate $750,000 a month. That kind of money = serious lobbying efforts = we get our green cards well before it is time to retire


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  • unseenguy
    02-14 12:51 PM
    No matter how many years it is....its the willingness and responsibility.

    Yeah so lets check your willingness and responsibility 6-7 years in your marriage.

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  • vengaiah
    10-17 05:02 PM
    fromcisombudsman <>
    toVengi Mutthineni

    dateFri, Oct 17, 2008 at 2:49 PM
    subjectRE: Please consider the request

    Thank you for your recent inquiry.

    Under the authority of the Homeland Security Act of 2002, the CIS Ombudsman assists individuals and employers who experience specific problems during the USCIS benefits seeking process, largely to identify problems and to formulate recommendations to improve the USCIS service. Please see our website for more information about the CIS Ombudsman (

    Our office believes that first hand information from individuals like you is the best source for identifying systemic problems in the immigration benefits process. Accordingly, our office will consider the information you provided regarding AC21 as we develop recommendations to improve USCIS� practices and procedures.

    Thank you for taking the time to contact our office, and for giving us the opportunity to serve you.


    CIS Ombudsman

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  • needhelp!
    03-12 03:40 PM
    Please do not convince your friends.

    If you are yourself not contributing, how will you convince them to contribute. :D
    Agree with you.

    06-11 12:59 PM
    In a weird way, I feel this is good news. An old saying in China says 'Things will turn to their opposite at their extremes'. The moment before dawn is the darkest hour of the day.

    I agree. Since politicians have no incentives from helping our cause, it has to come to an extreme breaking point when USCIS/DOS or politicians take any action. I think we have reached that point and that will help in highlighting the mess we are in.
    Just trying to be optimistic!:)

    06-24 12:30 PM
    Hasn't this been discussed already?

    It does not make a difference to America, if a few hundred thousand foreign workers get their GCs today or 10 years later. The people America would really be concerned about are outstanding researchers, but then these people fall in the EB1 category which is always current and so they have no cause for complaint. The other category that the US is concerned about is cheap and illegal labor, but that is not related to GCs. So in short, there is nothing about the Eb2/Eb3 GC backlog that America needs to worry about.

    The delay causes anxiety & frustration only for us applicants. So the impact is only on us.

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