Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • hpandey
    06-11 10:43 AM
    In a weird way, I feel this is good news. An old saying in China says 'Things will turn to their opposite at their extremes'. The moment before dawn is the darkest hour of the day.

    I agree with you buddy. At least USCIS has removed uncertainity from the visa bulletin which is in one way a good thing. Now at least no one would keep a thread open every month for next month's prediction.

    I still have a hope that anything can happen . Being pessimistic never helped anyone. Look what happened at the end of the 80's when all the illegals were given GC and how visa recapture happened in 2000. You never know what the future holds.

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  • sam_hoosier
    01-03 04:26 PM
    I come from a nuclear family in India and see no reason why my kid cannot develop into a good citizen the way my parents made sure I did..........

    I learnt at a very young age that living with your cousins/uncles/aunts is not necessarily a guarantee of being close........ I am a lot closer to family I never lived with in the same city than I am to family who lived a few blocks from where we did.........

    It is all in how the parents mold the environment for their kids. if we as parents fail in our duty towards our kids, does not matter where you live, we will do a great disservice to society..........

    Sure, I dont think there is any one correct answer for this dilemma. Most of us are going to base our decisions on our personal circumstances and hope that they turn out correct in the long run :)

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  • vkannan
    02-23 06:22 PM
    I just now talked to an IO and she said that last Friday the processing dates for NSC are all wrong and its a mistake. Those will be corrected soon in couple of days.

    here we go again....looks like USCIS never learns by their mistakes.........anyways I feel Processing dates does not matter anyways for USCIS to process the applications..........

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  • Raj12
    01-22 05:35 PM
    Labor certified in Jan 2007, RIR

    PD: Sep 2004


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  • malaGCPahije
    07-15 03:06 PM
    Total So far 1340.00. We are Well short of our target of 2000.00. Let's Go Guys. $5 to IV = Hope for GC = Subway FootLong Sub.

    Using BOFA billpay. Should reach in 4 days...Will send more later...

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  • sriv1
    07-15 10:43 AM
    Contributed 25$ today..
    Immigration Voice IV $ 25.00 07/21/2008 7YDSQ-08C91

    Total contributions till today 125$.

    Can anyone shed some light on this... I want to know how to pay thru BOA bill pay option.

    For BOA, you can add your own Payee.
    Under Payee tab > Search browse Payee List > Then on rightside see 'Pay anyone- Add your own Payee'. Select this add IV as a payee.


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  • chisinau
    09-28 05:37 AM
    Sen. Cornin submited an ammendment for all Shedule "A"!
    Wondering why all are so calm... Do we realy lost our hope for immigration this year?
    Check this out:

    Senator Cornyn has offered an amendment SA 2143 to the current appropriation bill HR1585. The bill provides relief for nurses under schedule A.
    excerpts from SA2143:
    Recapture of Unused Employment-Based Immigrant Visas.--
    ``(C) those immigrant workers who had petitions approved based on Schedule A under section 656.5 of title 20, Code of Federal Regulations, as promulgated by the Secretary of Labor.'';
    I guess that's us, got that from Thomas Library. The bill is being considered in the Senate.

    Durbin also got one "favorable" amm. for us - another $1500 for each recaptured visa number. I believe after all expenses, and all time spended on the immigration and exams, majority of us could deal with that extra cost, or "bonus" if you like::))) So I hope that Durbin's amm. will calm down anti-immigrant forses and Cornin'n one will pass!

    Let's hope for the best!

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  • Raju
    07-06 01:55 PM
    Yeah but if the PDs are set as unavailable, what can they do about those cases anyway, as the priority date has to be current on the day of approval in the consulate.
    Furthermore, unlike with 485s they can't consular process 18K cases on a Sunday! It is not a centralised process for them to do that.

    I think they have to be current when they get an appointment or something like that. I am pretty sure that they accounted those 18k as CP numbers


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  • santb1975
    05-22 01:33 AM

    Fundraising Target: 50000

    Total $$ so far: 19931

    Recurring Contributions: 14

    Members Contributed so far: 193

    Members listed below helped us reach our first 10K:

    gconmymind-51, snathan-50, smanikandan-100, ahasan-100, MunnaBhai-100, vineet-100, rameshk75-50, mariusp-35, gcfordesi-50, belmontboy-100, Houstonguy-200, vikasw-50, kshitijnt-100, pune_guy-100, walking_dude-100, prasha98-100, ivvm-50, manojp4-100, Pineapple-200, sammyb-50, ca_gc-100, santb1975-100, nav_saini-100, gcpadmavyuh-100, pcs-100, akbose-100, eastwest-50, ubetman-100, pmurgai-100, deba-100, 5-Jun-100, wa_Saiprasad-100, chaukas-100, arunmohan-50, jimytomy-100, aspiration-50, prshah102-100, czar_the_king-100, maverick6993-100, eb3_nepa-100, kumar_77-50, Alien-100, nagio-100, vin13-100, manja-100, loti_GC-50, sonaliak-100, mdmd10-100, surabhi-100, m306m-100, malaGCPahije-100, patbose-50, clif-100, goel_ar-50, dba9ioracle-100,djit71-100, Jitamitra-100, rajtp-100, espoir-50, rp0lol-100, kicca-50, rajmalhotra-100, anuraj1234-100, yetanotherguyinline-100, MI member 1-100, MI member 2-100, NolaIndian32-50, poreddyp-100, Karthikthiru-100, pshah-100, tapukakababa-100, h1techSlave-100, uffyegc-100, rameshk75-50, Nagireddi-100, srinivas_o-100, nc14-50, aa2aa-100, add78-100, jbr-100, jayleno-100, naidu2543-50, vansvenkat-100, amit_sp-100, gova123-100, psvk-100, xlr8r-100, 65B4GC-100, asanghi-100, GCneeded-100, tampa2006-100, gnlbigte-50, newuser-100, deafTunes123-25, gandhig-100, srmeka-100, akred-100, gc_maine2-100, gconmymind-50, gc78-100, sirinme-100, lalithkx-100, aspiration-50, reedandbamboo-100, GreenMe-100, GreenMe-50, jnayar2006-100, wizpal-100, aubGC-100, raminmd-100, mpadapa-50, nightowl76-100, NolaIndian32-100, birbal-100, coopheal-100

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  • GCplease
    03-11 01:19 PM
    I received the rfe details today..Here is my list of documents needed by uscis

    1) updated properly completed form G-325A
    2) employment letter from my new employer to prove that i am working on the same/similar job as my LC (since I did not submit AC21 documents), I need to do it now, since I changed my address and the letter mentions that I am not staying in the same state as of my original LC and now they require AC21 documents.

    Hi eb3retro,
    I understand from your signature that you Receipt date is 7/2/07. was your case transferred to Vermont or something and transferred back to TSC. Do you know what was the Receipt date mentioned in the Transfer Notice.

    I am just trying to guess when they may come to my case. My receipt date for 485 was from Vermont and is 7/31/07. But then it was transferred back to Texas and this has a Receipt date of 10/1/07. I am just trying to find out which Receipt date will be considered to pre-adjudicate my application.



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  • vayumahesh
    12-02 10:38 AM

    I would say to follow your attorney's advice though I don't think of any issues with going for premium processing as you are with the same employer. My friend has recently filed I-140 under regular processing and got approval within 2 1/2 months. Just make sure if your attorney submitted porting request while filing new I-140 under EB2. All the best.

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  • gonecrazyonh4
    04-25 11:27 AM
    The current Priority date based Labor application system makes the most higly skilled immigrants bonded laborers where the employers can exploit them. This especially happens to people who are highly intelligent but donot try short routes to Green card and do not think of jumbing ahead of others in the que or moving to other companies to get green card processed faster. Reality dawn sonly when nearing the six year completion date of H1B.

    We need to change this unjust immigration system so that atleast in future merit gets rewarded and people who really deserve get their green card.


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  • casinoroyale
    03-18 10:49 AM

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  • santb1975
    06-20 12:53 AM
    Are we not reaching 20K even??


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  • susie
    07-06 12:01 AM
    Ref cspa and age outs

    I have a lawsuit filed for cspa and awaiting outcome

    Suing Attorney General, Goeff Gorsky head of VO opinions section at dept of state, Evelyn Upchurh of TSC

    They have 60 day to reply from end March 07, then requested additonal 30 days which my immigration attorney agreed to for professional ethics.

    So we were at 90 at end Jun 07 and the day before the lawyer for attorney engeral called my lawyer,

    Apparently my case file is very thin and as of that Date Geoff Gorsky had not replied to his own attorney!! Their attorney has requesed yet another 30 days and stated on the phone to my lawyer that he wants a resolution to my sons case. For more info go to

    But will update here when I get any news

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  • webm
    03-20 01:26 PM
    See my comments in Bold


    Can my wife switch to the EAD status and start working even though I remain on H1 status till my visa expiry? Is this allowed?


    If yes, then can she travel on AP while I'm still on H1 visa?

    If we're both re-entering the US, can the IO ask why is the spouse on EAD/AP and not the primary applicant?

    --No i dont think he will ask..Even if he asks you can tell clearly Primary applicant (yourself) still on H1 and derivate(your wife) using EAD for work.



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  • skv
    08-12 05:35 PM
    I meant :

    We have to take some risk, if we want some progress on our I-140 cases. :-)

    Good night folks!

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  • vandanaverdia
    09-09 02:06 PM
    My husband & me are flying from Seattle & will be there at the rally!

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  • indio0617
    03-09 10:38 AM
    Talking about real -id act....

    06-17 02:02 PM
    not sure why is this question imp , but it's nov 2006 .....
    nov 2006 still pending!!!
    Man, mine is march 2007.....guess I will miss the bus......cuz as per my lawyer dates will retrogress in october big time

    02-23 10:45 AM
    Me too. Actually , when the movement is not systematic and the gates are wide open, then they randomly pick up the cases and approve whatever file comes to them. The ones with older PDs suffer a lot while the ones with new ones get their GCs.

    I totally hear ya.....

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