Saturday, June 25, 2011

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  • sledge_hammer
    04-17 02:20 PM
    H4+ I-485 pending still is a valid status. Now what rules they have regarding approving the loan to someone who is not working (because of H4 status) is something I am unaware of and not immigration related, I guess.

    But if you are going to send them a copy of your I-485 application, that should mean SOMETHING in their eyes.

    Do let us know how it goes. It will also be helpful to others in your situation. Good luck!

    Thank you Mr. Hammer.

    My question was about H4 + 485 pending? Then what is the status? I have earlier given EAD, but they did not accept that. I am submitting 485 receipt with A#. Let me see how it goes.

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  • hopefullegalimmigrant
    12-28 12:15 PM
    According to this

    many of us should have got AP by now. As usual a status does not match the fact.

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  • GCplease
    03-13 12:33 PM
    Received an email from CRIS yesterday. They have issued a FRE on my I-485. I can not think of anything. My immigration history is clean, no status issues, ever. I remember submitting all the docs during July fiasco. I am waiting for the actual RFE letter to arrive.

    Only good part is - there is someone "OUT THERE" who looked at my file.

    I can see that your 485 recipt date should be around 7/25/07 which is around mine.

    Was your 485 transferred to TSC or NSC ? If so, did the Transfer notice have a different Receipt date ?

    I am just trying to figure out when they may get to my case. My 485 Recipt date was 7/31/09 and then it was transferred to TSC and the transfer notice had a receipt date of 10/1/09. Not sure if they'd consider the Receipt date in the 485 Receipt or the 485 Transfer Notice.

    The reason for my my anxiety is, I provided a change of Address (more than 200 miles) to USCIS and am wondering if I'd get a rfe.


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  • andy garcia
    10-01 04:26 PM
    Cut-off days not only determine number of applications that can be received at their end, but also the make eligible applications approvable. I think at times when the cut-off date resulted in more approvable cases than USCIS can handle, then they move it back as well.

    May be they should have two cut-off days instead of one like this:
    1. One for receiving applications beyond that date.
    2. Another for approval.
    This may help them to pick necessary applications needed from this pool and approve them without losing the allocated visas.

    I think change has to come from the legislation wing to amend the procedure in USCIS.


    This might work, except that the law would have to be changed he other way also.

    If they allow you to apply for 485, the law says that you have the right to EAD and AP which will make it then too cumbersome for CIS to handle.

    That is why when you apply for Consular Processing, your approved Visa petition(140) remains on NVC(National Visa Center) and you do not get any fringe benefit until your PD is current.


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  • Googler
    04-30 03:28 PM
    Taking a break at work so decided to listen in. Aytes said something astonishing a little bit ago -- the FIFO was a great idea but under present circumstances it is not...something about very early PD applications may take longer...

    This is an outrageous statement and he deserves to be berated and grilled about it. I hope IV core is paying attention and will bring this to Lofgren's attention.

    I hope a full transcript will be made available. There should be a point by point response to all their BS.

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  • Suva
    07-23 04:11 PM
    Congratulation to you and your family.


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  • plassey
    07-21 12:13 PM
    It says at least 55,000
    According to LATimes article,1,3932099.story?coll=la-headlines-business&ctrack=1&cset=true
    only 55000 applications so far this month.

    "There was intense public reaction," said Bill Wright, spokesman for the citizenship and immigration agency, in explaining the reason for the reversal. "We heard that and did listen."

    Wright said at least 55,000 applications had been filed this month; the window will remain open until Aug. 17. "

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  • smc
    09-29 08:15 AM
    If this guy Emilio were the CEO of a company here, and if they wasted visa numbers in October after announcing in July that they had exhaused all of them, he would be fired almost immediately.

    I guess they think that they are not answerable to anyone, so they can get away with it.There is no one to question them.


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  • newbee7
    07-05 11:48 PM
    Guys...digg this one religously..
    For the first time one article connects our needs to what Americans are interested in; Homeland security.

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  • mbawa2574
    07-06 01:33 AM
    IV will become ready for elections when we have real candidates with real faces. I request all real candidates to publish their photos and accomplishments, their ideas for the organization; so that we can choose the best person for the job.

    Any volunteers? Why don't I see a single volunteer! Seriously, can we have an election without candidates?!

    Pictures and videos will come out if we as an organization are ready/serious to hold elections. Otherwise this is not going anywhere. Everytime someone questions the stratergy and leadership, blaming back members for inaction is the standard excuse. Let's stop whining and do something. We are being funded and we have a great member base. Leadership and stratergy is the only deficiency.


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  • Libra
    09-11 04:56 PM
    thank you saikatmandal.

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  • Macaca
    09-12 07:53 PM
    Ruben Navarrette


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  • santb1975
    06-02 09:35 PM
    This is Great

    Contributed $100 for June
    Receipt ID: 47W850****

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    03-04 05:14 PM
    After reading all these, got curious and checked status of my cases online after a year. I got a soft lud on my, my wife & son's case on 02/25. Something is definitely happening.


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  • kshitijnt
    04-30 05:09 PM
    atleast there was bipartisan frustration on part of congressmen on both sides except for the king guy

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  • augustus
    04-30 10:08 AM
    I did my part and called the Missouri Senator office. They said they will pass the message. I am not sure how effective it will be. But I will continue my efforts regardless. We come from a country where Gandhi got us independence through non-violence. I believe it is in our blood.

    Remember Gandhi here and march ahead for what is purely discriminatory.

    Indians can repeat this all over again, if only we put our hands together unity.

    Jai Hind.


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  • DCQC
    08-21 04:03 PM

    Can we use the I-485 receipt notice for extension of DL for my wife. She was on H4 which expires Oct 20. She plans to use the EAD card to work and we will not extend her H4 unless EAD does not come before Oct 20. She got a letter from DMV yesterday asking for additional proof for extended stay. Also will EAD suffice as evidence?

    We live in California.

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  • selvaela
    07-16 09:34 AM

    Donated 10 dollar. Here are my details.( DCU allows me to release the payment only on 7/21. Sorry about that.

    Confirmation No: 7YHSG-0JVVC

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  • senthil
    07-23 06:12 PM
    couple of my friends who had PD's 2004 feb and april
    EB3 india too got their I-485 approvals last week.

    12-18 04:22 PM
    one way to demonstrate our worth is for our employers to come out and speak loudly. i am trying to get my employer to do exactly this. but we need new ideas.

    BTW: sidenote: in all these years of reading about Gandhi, and I am a big fan of history, I have never heard of a mountain called "Gandhigiri." Exactly where is this mountain located? :)
    qplearn that was a good one. !!!!!!:)

    For the benefit of non-Indian members of our group. "-giri" is the slang for "-ism" in hindi(one of India's many languages.) So Gandhism translates to Gandhigiri....

    08-15 02:04 PM
    America has always been a favorite destination for immigrants. In the past, labor jobs were abundant and there were enough immigrants to do those jobs. This mutual dependency contributed to the growth of the United States making it the fastest growing industrial nation in the world. Things have changed, labor immigrants have been replaced by high-tech and skilled immigrants, but two things have not changed. 1. America depends on immigrants to sustain growth and 2. Immigrants come to America to fulfill their dreams. This 300 year old interdependence is very important yet under appreciated by the lawmakers.

    Skilled workers of foreign nationality are well educated, creative and ambitious individuals. They act as a �steroid� for the nation. They charge the nation with prosperity and growth. Generally countries depend on their younger generation and hope that they will become highly productive and good citizens contributing to the growth of their nation in future, however only few countries are blessed with the strong stream of immigrants with highly desirable qualities to make progress today, not tomorrow. It seems America is highly blessed in that regard. But unfortunately the lawmakers don�t seem to recognize how fortunate their country. Following facts support my observation:

    1. World has entered information and biotech age. India and China has the biggest technological talent pool
    waiting to settle down in USA, yet the immigration quota for these countries is locked to extremely small
    and fixed number for decades due to half-century old laws. The laws does not take reality into account.
    2. In the days of online stock trading, visa processing is still done at extremely slow pace.
    3. The positive impact of immigrants has been taken for granted.
    4. Immigration is considered a charity rather than an important factor in country�s growth. The attitude is not right.

    If such ignorance continues in the United States following will happen:
    1. Innovation will slowdown. It has already begun.
    2. Technology companies will migrate to India and China.
    3. Large scale outsourcing will occur for technological and knowledge based jobs.
    4. Stock indexes will move south, as there won�t be many attractive places to invest money. High profits normally come from high growth companies and today�s high growth companies come from technology sector.
    5. Tax revenues will decrease, which will affect all government activities including defense and public education.
    6. The effects of illegal immigration will become severe as American�s will compete for low wage �blue collar� jobs as a result of outsourcing.
    7. Severe retrogression in immigration will not allow skilled workers to settle down or adapt to ever changing skills market. It will hinder the growth of each skilled worker due to lack of long-term planning, long-term investments and developments. These people will not be able to plant the trees that can reap the fruits for generations to come.
    8. The effect of not having skilled immigrants in the country will not be zero , but it will be negative and counter-productive as most skilled workers will go back to their home country and instead of contributing to the growth of America , they will compete.
    9. National moral level continues to decrease as more American citizens are going into jails than good foreign nationals coming in!

    All these effects will be slow in the beginning, but will be visible when it will cross the �tipping point�. A place from where there is no return.

    The solution:
    Remove the limit on immigration quota for technology professionals for 5 years to solve current retrogression crisis. There after update the quotas (increase or decrease) every year to keep delays constant at 1,2 and 3 years for EB1,EB2 and EB3 categories respectively.

    In my view, 5 million well educated and talented legal immigrants are always better for the country than 5 million illegal immigrants. Its better to rely on technology to improve American life style than on illegal immigrants to do cheap labor.

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