Friday, June 24, 2011

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  • nc14
    07-06 08:20 AM
    One of the most comprehensive articles reflecting our plight. Please digg.

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  • reddymjm
    03-08 11:50 PM
    Nothing wrong in dreaming.

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  • Macaca
    09-14 07:22 PM
    Immigration Paralysis ( By George Melloan ( | Wall Street Journal, Jul 27 2007

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  • geofu54
    07-18 08:32 PM
    Thank you for all the great work. I'm a new poster, but a long-time lurker/reader/supporter of this site. My spouse and I supported IV about the bulletin fiasco thing (we wrote letters to congresspersons and media... no way let the agencies set a precedent of getting away with murder about the legal immigration issue). We just now made donation for IV's next action.

    My own case was approved early this year (and I do consider myself as a "lucky" one), but my spouse's case is still pending. Her security checks all got cleared within a month after we filed I-485, so we have no idea exactly what holds her. And now looks like we are engulfed by retrogression... legals' fight is far from over.

    We will make another donation... and will spread the words to our July filer friends. keep up the great work guys!


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  • gctoget
    09-10 06:09 PM
    Placed a google order for $100
    Google Order #570596617489866

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  • gondalguru
    07-24 11:19 AM
    I don't think what u wrote is possible.

    what is yoru priority date?

    Do u have an older PD or Is it Sept 2006 EB-3 india then how can u file for I-485 in June 2007 when your PD was not current??

    I think I have been very lucky so far. I don't think USCIS processes based on anything concrete, I think it's a little random. Or maybe I am just lucky.

    I applied for PERM in Sep 2006 - EB3 - India.
    I got approved for PERM in Mar 2007.

    I applied for I-140 and I-485 concurrently in Jun 2007.
    I-140 got approved July 20, 2007 and on July 23, 2007 I received all 4 receipts for I-140, I-485, EAD and AP. So my approval came before my receipt. I live in California so everything went to Nebraksa.

    Lawyers emailed saying they also received the EAD card yesterday July 23, 2007.

    Now I have to wait for only AP and Adjustment. And I still have 5 years left on my H1-B (2 years on this visa and then another extension).

    So I say, anything is possible. I wake up every morning and pray to USCIS because they made my life better :) :) :)


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  • Green.Tech
    06-11 10:46 AM
    Let's see who the first HERO will be to break the pattern of 2 days of zero contributions...

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  • Blessing&Lifeisbeautiful
    07-24 04:12 PM
    Calling all Schedule A professionals? Anyone concurrently filing this July?

    Hope everyone has seen the USCIS release of yesterday


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  • pbojja
    09-11 04:21 PM
    We need to do some thing about it so that they dont repeat the same mistake again . Lets attach a message or real calculators along with flowers and start campign ..atleast we get the attention like we did in July 07

    I know we are too scared of doing any thing because they have our applications to process ...I think this is the time to step up again ...

    even though I m EB2 2006 applicant , I was so frustated to see 2006 approvals , how can they do that ? Why they move to 2006 in first place raise hopes and dash them in less than weeks ...

    Come on lets do some thing..

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  • sbindval
    07-06 11:31 AM
    As the saying goes..."Justice delayed is Justice Denied"

    Considering our opportunity cost, many of us may be better off packing our bags and heading back - this may have an impact on the feds, the companies and people at large who think that WE are a burden on the society. All these artificial barriers and hurdles are a reflection of this.
    Its quite apparent that there is no end game in sight, there is no motive here(ref to subash and gandhi message by asharda), no end can only get worse. The Feds have succeed in Scr....wing US.

    bottom line - Do we really add value to the society here?
    convince the people and this will be the ONLY solution to our problems.

    My brothers in blood, please calm down� Mahatma Gandhi had his own way of fighting for freedom and so did Subhash Chandra Bose. They must have agreed and disagreed with each other on many things. But at the end of day, their motive was the same �Justice and Freedom�.

    We might have our differences, our opinions and ways of doing things, but we need to understand that our motive is the same. We should stop bickering with each other and concentrate on the main goal. We should keep encouraging our members to join hands and unite and fight for the cause.

    Though you might not agree with each other, you still need to see how severely the issue must have affected the other person which is why they are here and ready to fight.

    Please pull your swords to fight the injustice rather than fight with each other.



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  • GCwaitforever
    03-31 11:08 PM
    Yesterday I sent an e-mail to Secretary Chao indicating poor performance of Philadelphia Backlog Processing Center.

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  • nlssubbu
    07-24 06:42 PM
    If they are such smart to calculate numbers like you said, which is theoritically possible, they would not be creating mess like this for years.

    Yes, it is easy for them to know how many applications are filed and from which country and how many are in which category etc etc. Based on visa numbers availability, they could very well process the applications are request the visa numbers from DHS. When USCIS handles all the 485 processing, then how come DHS is responsible for moving the dates in VB. It is insane and ridiculous for DHS to have this functionality when they do not have any idea on 485 apps with USCIS. They are scewing up immigrants deliberately without transparency between them.

    As I already stated, it is proven beyond the point that DOL and USCIS has only the ability to count the numbers. They do not even know exactly how much labor is pending by country. The same is true for I140 as well.

    There is confusion even about how the count works. When your name is struck at FBI name check, it is not counted as backlog itself by USCIS anymore :( [I vaguely remember someone posting this quoting some reference from USCIS memo regarding reduction of processing times].

    This is why in many cases you see the sudden forward movement in PD followed by heavy retrogression. Historically those who got approved when the PD is moved forward are always lucky.



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  • satyasaich
    07-16 01:06 AM
    As i pledged, i will add that additional $50 to make it to $2000 for today
    I'm hopeful


    Common people just $150 short. Pacific time people. Please help. We need 30 good souls from the West coast :)

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  • 9years
    10-21 09:08 PM
    You are correct, it took around 10 months. From prevailing wage to labor approval. 2 months I mean filing actual labor application to approval.


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  • yabadaba
    08-02 08:15 PM
    Pappu...emailed it to u. Core IV let me knoe if u want it.

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  • Caliber
    03-12 11:14 AM

    I have a suggestion! I don't think forcing monthly $25 contribution to keep donor status alive is a very good idea, especially in current economy. Take an example of myself. It is decided that I am going to loose job on 17th March, may not be able to contribute every month. Rethink!

    Dear ItIsNotFunny,

    For committed people like you, we can request IV core for some special consideration.

    But I support this initiative. Just see the FOIA thread. We could not even pool up 5K and there are at least 5000 members out of which at least 500 active users.

    Unless there is some intiative like this, it will be impossible for pushing any lobbying activities. There are many people who wants every thing free.

    I support IV


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  • billu
    09-04 08:10 AM
    i feel sad for our country of birth which is in such a bad shape that we would rather be exploited and wait 10+ yrs for GC in USA than go back!!!

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  • stldude
    08-07 01:08 PM
    What's the source of of this information... Is this u'r guess or from any other source ???

    July 2nd filers can expect their receipts by Friday(8/10) or Monday(8/13). It will take 3 days for them to just process July 2nd receipts.

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  • 9years
    10-21 02:30 PM
    I am not sure how porting works. I heard in some cases they will be ported automatically and in some cases we (attorney) have to request for porting. I will talk to my attorney and post the information here as I get it.

    Thank you and best of luck every one.

    06-24 10:00 AM
    Refer to the following thread. You may get some points.

    07-24 04:59 PM
    Even if you are RN licenes and educated in the USA. You still need a visa screen. I had to apply for visa screen. In my case it took only 1 week to get it. you can apply on line and send your documents. I'm not sure about the EAD though. YOu may wwant to post your question on the free Consultaion thread.

    I have applied for my visascreen, but the lawyer is saying that EAD and probably the application may be denied! I thought that it is required at the later stages of the GC process.

    Now please share the secret of HOW you got a visascreen in 1 week! I'm flabbergasted. This is the first I heard. Please share

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