Friday, June 24, 2011

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  • RNGC
    06-25 11:46 AM
    well put in a nutshell "Desire and Inovation is flushed by immigration wait ...."

    This is what I think America loses due to delay in green card process. I can say this from my own experience. People with advanced degrees in Science and Technology have to keep doing same job to maintain status for 8 - 10 years since changing job / company reset's their GC process. When a guy comes to US for education the average age is around 23 - 24 years. MS completed by 25. Most guys at that time have burning desire to do something new and innovative (either in job or starting own business). But the most fortune 100 companies do not sponsor H1B or GC (Example Raytheon, Toyota, Lexmark .... based on my personal experience as electrical engineer) so you end up compromising with career to maintain status and work for companies that sponsor H1B ( future career prospects take a backseat). Then after 8 - 10 years when you get GC you already are married and possibly kids to look after you are already burnt out and want to keep working in the same desk/ clerical job that you have been doing for so many years. So its a lose lose situation to all neither government gains from the GC (by which they hope to make US a more innovative place) nor the immigrants since by then all they can think is a full time job, home and 401K.

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  • Humhongekamyab
    02-18 04:27 PM
    Mine too is the same. I hope we are not from the same company. I remember, I had to fight asking my employer to file the labor since they were delaying without giving any reason and they did filed a bunch of labors on the same day.

    No we are not. I work for a company which has only filed two PERM since it was incorporated. Nice to know our priority date is same. Stay in touch - let's see if they approve our applications around the same time. All the best.

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  • Kodi
    06-22 11:50 AM
    If you have the username and password you can check the status in the DOL site. Usually only the lawyer and employer can check it as they don't give you the login details but some don't mind.

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  • SGP
    04-21 05:45 PM
    Hi: Does anyone have update on how long is it taking to get PERM approvals now days? I have applied for my 2nd labor under EB3 at end of March 2011.

    Replies are always appreciated. many thanks in advance.


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  • songlan
    04-25 09:16 AM
    Pushing too much requests into amendends means to get more risks to be removed /denied. Please satisfiy with 1/2 what you are dreaming of. Moreover, IV core group is too much busy with the existing goals (Existing goal = file 485 despite the "current date" , h4 wifes get EAD ...). IV core group need energy for the more realistic goal.

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  • GCwaitforever
    04-02 11:59 AM
    I don't know what to tell you guys.. I'm surprised to see how some people's thought process work.
    I have no Idea what's wrong in requesting USCIS to release some data which would tell how many applications they received of which chargeability and in which EB categories’ This is the only information needed to stop predicting, everybody here can make almost exact estimate when they can expect their application Adjudicated. And also in the mean time they should provide us assurance that they will issue EADs and APs in less than 90 days. We are in a foreign country and we need to travel to our home countries, if we are stuck with 1 year approvals our file is always in process, how do you plan a trip ???
    Death in the family is the only reason they recognize as urgency for travel.
    We are Humans, we have family back in our home countries, marriage in the family or family visit is also urgent..
    To ask this you don’t need citizen rights you are asking a public agency a service which they are supposed to provide and they are charging us to do that...

    The problem is paper-based application process of USCIS. They spend lots of time opening up mail and sorting out the applications. Sometimes, information is not all in one place or misplaced. Also USCIS emloyees have vested interest in continuing the status quo. If everything is filed electronically, you would see layoffs in USCIS.

    Also they have other issues to deal with. There is a rush of naturalization applications last year. Similarly when crop season comes, they tend to agricultural workers visas. In these cases, staff is diverted from one paper mount to other. After getting the GC, let us apply for positions in DOL/USCIS and bring some positive process change internally.


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  • hypersphere
    01-03 05:25 PM
    I am going back, but GC is only to keep the door open incase I have difficulty in india and decide to return back to US. In mean time, I will switch jobs on my H1B extensions. ..

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  • nitinboston
    06-11 12:32 PM
    Instead of ruining our life running after GC, here are few options

    1) if you really want to live in a developed country, move to Canada or Australia. their process is much simpler and faster
    2) cash out your investments and move to India. you might end up back in US on L1 :)
    3) since some of us have had babies here, wait till they can sponsor you.

    i have personally done 2 of the above. I have a Canadian PR and i have established contacts in India in case i need a job there. What am i doing here? saving as much money as i can, and waiting for the right opportunity in Canada or India. GC can kiss my ......., i got better things to do in life.


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  • govindk
    06-03 10:26 AM
    Contributed $100 just now
    (Receipt ID: 3118-4400-XXXX-XXXX).

    $200 contributed so far

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  • coolpal
    02-04 12:23 PM
    Hello everyone.
    Please share your experiences if you renewed your NJ DL with EAD renewal notice.

    My nj dl is due for renewal. I have applied for EAD renewal. I have the receipt notice and am working on EAD.



    I assume you want to renew DL based on the receipt notice for your EAD renewal not the valid EAD itself. If so, I know the Edison DMV located on kilmer rd (near edison train st) gives you 6 mo. renewal... I got it from them in dec based on my h1 rcpt notice...

    If you have a valid ead, then they'd renew your DL till the expiry shown on EAD.

    pal :)


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  • needhelp!
    09-10 03:25 PM
    Based on the number of contributers, my guesstimate is that we are at close to $6000 right now...

    $24K more to go...

    Thank you Amma, caliguy, biomd, GCOP , natrajs !!

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  • chanduv23
    05-15 11:11 PM
    Thanks for your wishes.
    I agree with you regarding the timeline and evidence. I have mentioned it to my attorney numerous times. My attorney was insistent that adjudicating officers can see all my info on their computer screens. It is only a matter of looking at the info correctly.
    It looks like the first MTR went to the same IO who denied my I-485. I could say it from ID in both the denial letters.

    Well - I think it was a dirty little trick where supervisor was convinced that this is not an AC21 case and did not even bother to look up your case information.

    This is definitely a slap on the face of honesty and integrity


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  • gbof
    02-08 01:59 AM
    Unfortunately, I had to deal with my so-called high society, dim-wit, shame-less, tradition-less-good-for-nothing in-laws (my wife's parents n all). They wanted me to run their family too and were becoming a kind of big emotional/medical liability and financial burden on me (although, they had ALL resources and I assume LOT of money too. After tolerating and caring for nearly a decade, I HAD to DUMP them 9-years ago (after I landed in US) as they were becoming too much for me. They will care only for their own-self (will never bother to see even if you like it or not), will never care if it will be convenient to me in high demanding professional job. They will never shy an opprtunity to brag, steal/rob credit for anything even not remotely linked to them and were simply loose-mouths.

    They could dare not to open-up again. But this 'Dumping' slowly and gradually has affected my family life. I really donot understand what tradition-less craps in the society there or here finally gain...If they are not capable of rejoicing the prosperity of their own daughter's family. I believe, it is actually not so common as any normal well thinking individual will never ever do this. I can never think even in worst of my times, if I can do any of that stuff to my two growing up daughters. Well this is first-ever I opened my heart anywhere..

    I only pray 'God bless our family (GBOF)' as you see in my IV-handle

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  • beppenyc
    03-02 04:38 PM
    ok, one day is gone, now what`s will happen??


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  • Green.Tech
    06-03 05:09 PM

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  • conundrum
    04-30 11:06 AM
    does the new 180 days rule apply to these numbers if they are not counting the ones stuck in name check?


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  • skd
    04-13 11:16 PM

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  • jonty_11
    09-10 03:04 PM
    Yes, we should. What is going on is a major screwup. I wonder why it is allowed to continue that way.
    no....if u hae been around long enough u know this is how USCIs works...with no regard for they are not working for a VOTE BANK.....

    Last year therer was the July VB fiasco..Thisyear its surprises at all...they dont want to follow process...coz OMG that will need effort...just approve those whose files u can lay hands on.....with utter disregard for PDs....

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    10-21 11:24 AM
    I have sent the email to Cisombudsman and will update the poll also.

    Great. Thanks.

    Target 500 emails by this week. Lets show unity, lets show power of unity.

    06-11 03:40 PM
    Nitinboston is right. He is not saying that we do not deserve it. Just saying that we should not behave that we are entitled to it. The Govt did not promise that one will get green card in X years...and broke that promise. Yes, the system is flawed and all sorts of people get ahead in line..and some get stuck.

    However, this crazy rants critizing the country where we want to settle down is a bit hypocritical. If you hate so much...please leave...its a choice.

    Once again, I am not saying we do not fight for improvement..and better quotas..better visa allocation (and more of them). But let us not behave like bad guests.

    I am personally suffering big time despite being in the country for 10 years..and will support initiatives. But I will not behave like as if I have been wronged. If one feels so wronged..please pack up and leave. If you think you have been cheated of your social all means...please go to a country where you can earn more money and keep all that.

    Once all of us become citizens...we will then start wondering that our jobs are being taken away by new immigrants..and the cycle continues........

    09-10 03:45 PM
    Contributed $100 on 09/09/2007.

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