Friday, June 24, 2011

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  • kumar1
    03-12 05:03 PM
    Received an email from CRIS yesterday. They have issued a FRE on my I-485. I can not think of anything. My immigration history is clean, no status issues, ever. I remember submitting all the docs during July fiasco. I am waiting for the actual RFE letter to arrive.

    Only good part is - there is someone "OUT THERE" who looked at my file.

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  • Green.Tech
    05-26 04:37 PM
    Another bump!

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  • royus77
    07-17 11:23 PM
    Given That All Dates Are Now Current And There Will Be Hundreds Of I-485 Filings By August 17, Will The Uscis Process Them In Order Of The Original Labor Cert Priority Date Or The Date Of Receipt Of The I-485 Filing Itself?
    Only on PD when the date is current

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    07-06 10:42 AM
    Check OH Law Firm post.
    I'm afraid that the fire has alerady started.

    With the lawsuit and the explanations that they have to give, most likely this issues will come up and this is going to be used against us from now on ....

    Just what we needed ...


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  • gc_buddy
    10-21 01:35 PM

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  • FSL
    09-10 11:19 AM
    This might be good news for EB3 ROW guys like me? PD AUG 2003 still waiting?
    Any thoughts ? EB3 ROW visas were unavailable !!


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  • JunRN
    05-29 12:59 PM
    I don't want to argue either.

    In my case, I saved $400 per month as I got mine on 4.5% interest rate. If I got mine on 6% interest rate, I would have paid $144,000 more in the entire duration of my loan. I can't say enough on the value of my house because it is the lowest compared to all my neighbors with same model. The location has the best school district in the city and the elementary school is 3 blocks away.

    Refinancing is a tricky part of this game. Refinancing is not always good because most of the time, you will start at month 1 again where the interest part is higher than the principal. It also has closing cost. One should only refinance if the difference is greater than 1%. 1% is only break even.

    I am not saying all others should buy now. What I am saying is that we cannot say it's not a good time to buy either. It depends on where you're buying.

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  • rahulpaper
    04-30 11:13 AM
    Shouldnt this I485 number include all of following:
    Employment based or
    Family based or
    Anyone in FBI Net (name check) or
    Anyone in RFE loops etc

    Those numbers can be misleading. USCIS does not count petitions pending under FBI Name Check as backlogged.


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  • 485Mbe4001
    08-15 11:50 AM
    True, once the people realize that they are close to GC they forget all tasks and move on to the other forums (R2I or USC or whatever) there are very few who actually stay on and help add this to the fact that most of the EB3-I's got fed up with the nonsense going on (most were only looking for a sounding board to voice their dismay, instead they were reminded of the caste system). So EB2's stop working because their PD is current and EBs stop because there is little hope/chance/help. We can dissect the VB as much as we want, the fact of the matter is that EB3 as a whole and EB3 (india &China) in particular are screwed big time. There is hope in the Logfren bills but the congress seems to have other 'important' issues to discuss.

    We should take the campaign to a new level move from individuals to involving groups and compaines. They have more money and power to make things move. EB3 & EB2 discussions will go on for ever, we can either decide to wallow in our sorrow or do something. Lets identify groups who can help us and write to them. Each EB should talk to his/her HR and ask them to write a letter to their congressman/Senator it will have a bigger impact.

    What are your thoughts?

    actually people are already complacent ..eb2 is in joy and waiting impatiently, eb3 people have given up hope and there is not much news from core. people may not like my post but that is the fact

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  • gene77
    03-22 09:28 PM
    @AllVNeedGCPC : Did you get any updates on I-485

    @gene77 : When was your I-140 approved and what is your priority date.


    I wonder what is needed now? Has anyone experienced RFE at this juncture? What should I be expecting ?

    @piliriver: 140 approved last month, PD Oct-2004


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  • Jerrome
    01-10 10:55 AM
    I have been reading all the posts, in my opinion we all came here broadly because of 2 reasons.

    a) Want to earn more money
    We have considered our parents are of Middle Class family and We wanted to be the UPPER Class parents to our childern.

    b) Want to achieve Career Goals.
    We have always considered US is the place where you would find the latest of everything ex. Car, Electronics, Life Style etc.. We wanted to enjoy.

    When time passed these things have got changed in our home country, But at the same time we could not make a decision because of other factors which would influence our Decision.

    In my opinion IF YOU have become a US citizen MENTALLY then you don't think of going back, You have to ask this question to your self. AM i a US Citizen Mentally or Indian Citizen?. If the answer is Yes to US Citizen then having Green card or not having does not matter, you would stick to US and won't think of going back.

    The problem lies with people like me Who could not find a answer to the Question So simply because of following reasons.

    a) Professional Life
    I like to work in US because, i can spend more time with family, i don't have to drive a lot to go to work, i can leave at 6 every day.

    b) Personal Life
    I am afraid because i dont like the family or personal life style here is US. I COULD NOT accustom myself to this life style and i am afraid What if my Kids started behaving like American youngster at his/her 20s and 30s, i am afraid about my 60s.

    c) How much($$$$) do i need to Settle in India.
    when i came to US at first i thought i would go back to india if i have 1 crore, but when time goes by, i came to know that now a days in india people who have 1 Crore are considered as Middle Class, The ultimate reason for me to come here to us is to become UPPER CLASS but the TARGET keeps slipping. Somehow i could not conclude how much i need to go back to INDIA.

    So i am also confused like you guys.

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  • honeyB
    01-23 02:25 PM
    AP filed on august 16th still waiting for approval


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  • Waitingnvain
    05-04 10:21 AM
    Hey Guys:

    My PD is June 2001. I believe my attorney replied to the 45-day letter in Sep 05. Nothing has happened after that. The wait continues..

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  • polapragada
    09-14 05:32 PM
    That is exactly the point. How can you then argue that all PD porting is unethical, period?

    There should be a clause that when porting of PD is being issued, Like "At the time of EB3 Labor was the person eligible for EB2"! Thats the whole point ..

    No one will have problems with that except some posers
    What Say??


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  • amitjoey
    06-05 04:25 PM
    Instead of giving like that why don't IV open a "IV Store" and sell T-shirts for 100 or 200$ ?

    we can use or other sites which provide this service.

    Great Idea conchshell !!

    That idea has already been implemented, please feel free to buy the apparel
    A lot of us bought shirts, sweat shirts for the rally in washington and Sanjose last year.

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  • susie
    07-06 12:01 AM
    Ref cspa and age outs

    I have a lawsuit filed for cspa and awaiting outcome

    Suing Attorney General, Goeff Gorsky head of VO opinions section at dept of state, Evelyn Upchurh of TSC

    They have 60 day to reply from end March 07, then requested additonal 30 days which my immigration attorney agreed to for professional ethics.

    So we were at 90 at end Jun 07 and the day before the lawyer for attorney engeral called my lawyer,

    Apparently my case file is very thin and as of that Date Geoff Gorsky had not replied to his own attorney!! Their attorney has requesed yet another 30 days and stated on the phone to my lawyer that he wants a resolution to my sons case. For more info go to

    But will update here when I get any news


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  • singhsa3
    09-12 12:06 PM
    Thats is also not a bad Idea. But how the logistic will work. i,e how we will inflate and deliver those balloons
    how about sending balloons with a message on it?

    the balloon would represent our dreams and each passing day of inaction on the part of uscis lets the air out of them

    inflated balloons would be visible also when the delivery arrives

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  • Green.Tech
    06-19 03:25 PM
    Stay on top!

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  • delhirocks
    07-21 03:57 PM
    There are no US embassies on US soil..I think you meant USCIS local office and are alluding to "interim" EADs. USCIS discontinued that practice last year.

    I thought if we dont get the EAD after 90 days, we can walk into the US Embassy in the city nearer to us and get the EAD on the spot(more like a driver's license).:eek:

    03-03 04:37 PM
    Everyone feel like giving up but none of us give up :)

    07-05 10:11 AM
    I met the local office of my Congressman with the following documents to make it easy & simple..

    A copy of the Congresswoman Lofgren's letter written to USCIS etc ( download it from IV homepage )

    A copy of Today ( July 5th ) Wall Street Journal . This issue has story about this fiasco.

    Downloaded news flash from regarding Visa bulletins of 13th June & the screwup bulletin on 2nd July

    Above was good enough to convince them regarding the mess & they promised action on their part..



    This really made them very comfortable as she said, we keep writing to concerned offices about procedural matters.

    I told them that they should ask USCIS to " RECEIVE" aour applications to minimize our finanacial loss and other headache of refiling at a later date

    Please note, it is real easy to meet the Congressman as they have local offices may be one mile away from your office or home.

    Small towns like mine are great for this effort as compared to big towns. I encourage all of you particularly living in small towns to make this small move, which I am sure can resolve our issue & we will save all the $$$ in refiling & avoid further agony

    Since your butt is on fire like mine.... I do not think I need to convince you to act on this

    Best wishes

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