Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • inbobabo
    12-09 03:21 PM
    Hi everyone,

    I have just received my H1-B, and I'm planning on a two week vacation back to my country.

    I'm not on a good relationship with my company at the moment, and even if they granted my vacation, I'm afraid they might cancel my H1-B visa while I'm on a vacation overseas.

    If they do, would I be not able to come back into US, or would they at least give me a few days to pack up my stuff?

    Any advice and comments would be appreciated.

    Thank you for your time.

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  • pillagandhi
    05-18 02:53 AM
    I have an approved I 140 by my previous employer from 2007. (EB2I)
    They would like to employ me again but in a higher position - they are doing the labor certification and I 140 process all ovver again.(EB2I)

    Lawyer suggested that we apply for transferring PD after the second I 140 gets approved, instead of doing it at the time of applying for second I 140.

    Is there any risk or benefit involved in either approach

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  • latina
    03-05 10:34 AM
    I am from Philadelphia and might just be available then (not sure though)

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  • a1b2c3
    07-02 08:45 PM
    Edison residents, officials outraged by Time magazine column about Indian immigrants | (

    Do a satirical piece on hispanics first before picking on low skilled indian immigrants in Edison. Not only do hispanics breed like rabbits (just count the number of kids you see in a hispanic family) some of them act as if they own america.


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  • jambapamba
    08-08 06:51 PM
    I have filed for AOS for myself and my wife. She is visiting india next month and needs to return on H4.

    Since I have valid h1....can she apply for h4 or is that risky?

    Hard to tell not knowing these things:
    1. Were you ever out of status from the last time you entered?
    2. Do you have paychecks for all the months on H1?
    3. Which visa center are you visiting ?
    4. Was your wife ever out of status from the last time she entered US?

    It's all in the history. If it's clean, its not a problem. If you are not sure, then wait for AP as it would be a safe backup.

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  • pjalan
    04-03 11:20 PM
    how is travel and job change related to eb2 movement.

    Even if you were current what is the guarantee to that you will get your GC soon.

    Rely on AC21 for job change and AP/H1B for travel.


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  • bharat2008
    04-18 12:14 PM
    Hello Gurus ,
    I am looking for H1 Transfer with 4 months left in H1 six year limit .I lost my job 10 days back.I have approved I-140 but its has not been six months yet after approval .I have not yet filed 485 .

    Will I qualify for 3 year H1 extension based on my approved I-140 .?

    Thank you in advance

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  • Blog Feeds
    06-19 03:51 AM
    A new poll from ABC News shows a seemingly contradictory result. Nearly six in ten support the controversial Arizona law SB1070. That will make the Tea Party crowd happy. But the buried headline is that almost the same number support legalizing illegally present immigrants. Why the seemingly conflicting data? I think it shows Americans want action on reforming what they perceive is a broken immigration system. Americans are not anti-immigrant just because many support SB1070. They are upset that Congress and the President have refused to deal with immigration and are giving credit to states taking matters in to their...

    More... (


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  • gcv
    07-25 12:34 PM
    If someone to apply I-485 before Aug 17, do they need to be here in USA by July31, please reply urgently.

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  • babita
    04-23 07:01 AM
    i m making a windows application in C#. and i also want to crop an image in circular form but i m unable to do that...can any one help me. its very urgent for me

    thanks in Advance...


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  • nmdial
    03-31 12:13 PM
    I initially voted in favour of this, but on further reflection, I think this is bad policy and urge others to not support this.

    Giving I-485 benefits to people without current PDs is a bad idea. It creates a class of immigrants who are neither non-immigrant visa holders (h1b) nor are they lawful permanent residents (i-551) with a set of rights that falls into neither category. The AoS pending status is intended as a short-duration temporary "gap" coverage for people who are a matter of months from having actual I-551 rights.

    Essentially, this proposal aims to make every month into the July 2007 fiasco. In addition, and this is the truly horrible part of it, relieves US employers of the pressure and costs they feel now, extending H1Bs every 3 years. That means that the only allies that legal EB immigrants have (US Employers who require their services) are detached from the immigrants themselves...they no longer have a dog in the hunt, and will stop whatever pressure they are bringing to bear now upon Congresscritters and Senators to increase the number of EB visas available.

    Disconnecting the interests of foreign-national employees from their US employers will weaken the political position of the foreign-national employees. We cannot vote or contribute to campaigns, our employers however, can do both. If employees are shifted to EADs and APs, with no further involvement of employers in their immigration status needed, then those employers become disconnected from the process, and the one and only ally the legal immigrant has is no longer interested. That's a horrible thing for the immigrant to advocate.

    I strongly urge IV to back away from this proposal, as it is not in the long-term interests of the EB Immigrant community. I urge IV to instead focus their resources on items that will help immigrants long term, like increasing the number of EB visas available through initiatives like eliminating the DV program and allocating the visas to EB applicants.

    Thanks for your insight. This is another perspective and it demands further discussion and analysis. The wait time between filing I-485 and receiving the green card is already beyond the norm and a lot of companies are aware of this. Imagine the wait times for the people who haven't yet been able to file for their Adjustment of Status. Wouldn't it help them (and their dependents) if they are at least allowed to file for their AOS? I invite the members to provide their perspectives on the issues raised by JeffDG above. Please do not attack each other. Let us fight together in lieu of fighting each other..

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  • GC4US
    06-14 06:52 PM
    Here is my situation, I will file for I-485 on July 1st.....but on July 21 I have to leave U.S....and my question is:

    Can you leave the country as soon as you filed for I-485? or you have to wait for I-485 reciept?...I know it's mandatory to stay in U.S at the time of filing for I-485.....And is it true that after you file for I-485 you can leave U.S without any problems?

    Please advise me.

    Thank you in advance!


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  • vrkgali
    06-19 03:15 PM
    Hi Gurus

    My I-140 petition was denied 2 months back and My attorney is trying to re apply for it. In the mean while there is a query on the company it self and our attorney is working hard to get it cleared.

    In the mean while I am thinking about switch the employer.

    I am in 8 th year extension and My VIsa is valid until jan 2008.

    1.Assuming some comany offered me to apply for I140 and 485 and join that the company, what will happen If I140 has not been cleared before Jan 2008?.

    2.What are the pros and cons I should think about when I switch the company.?

    Thanks in advanse ..

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  • lakshman.easwaran
    07-23 08:50 PM
    Yes you can apply for 485 without 140 receipt. Check


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  • sunnymit
    02-26 12:25 PM
    When my wife went to get her H-4 stamped, I gave her my original I-797. I think the applicant need to carry the original I-797 document with them for the interview...

    Hope this helps...

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  • kirupa
    07-25 01:34 AM
    Added :)


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  • rameshraju11
    07-07 02:20 PM

    girlfriend Buy: Compaq Presario compaq presario. The Compaq – Presario laptop
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  • kumar_herald
    04-04 05:23 PM
    I need expert advice -

    My I-140 has been approved and I-485 pending for more than 18 months. I have a valid EAD & AP. I also have a valid H1-B visa valid till 2011,
    that I am using for my current employment with my current employer

    1. If I get laid-off, how long can I stay in US without another job?
    2. I understand that in order to maintain my eligibility to "port" to a new employer / sponsor under AC21, I should have another job in same or similar occupation. Till I find another job, am I allowed to do some part-time job in different occupation?

    3. If new employer gives me the option to move permanently to its subsidiary in another country, what are the available option for me to continue with green card processing?

    4. If after going out of the country , I want to come back in future before Green card approval, what will be the available options?

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  • averagedesi
    06-22 02:45 PM

    Here is my situation, my PD is March 05 and my 140 is pending for the past 3 months. Do you guys think if I get my 140 approved by Premium processing it would increase my chances of 485 approval this fiscal year? BTW, as its obvious from my PD I will be filing my 485 in July, God willing.


    Blog Feeds
    08-21 10:20 AM
    ICE has announced sentencing in two cases related to visa fraud. Houston immigration lawyer Kenneth Rothey has been sentenced to fourteen months in prison for money laundering and visa fraud. Rothey was convicted for his role in securing L-1 visas based on manufactured corporate relationships. ICE also announced the sentencing of Kwan Tsoi to nineteen months in prison for her role in arranging fraudulent marriages and then submitting immigration applications based on the marriages.

    More... (

    07-09 10:12 PM
    AILF lawsuit update from Murthy website. Includes forms and FAQs.

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