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  • gcpain
    04-25 04:41 PM
    This is good for everybody and solve lot of problems.

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  • jungalee43
    04-29 03:58 PM
    Can there be link for FAX for the guest members? I can get about 100 people to send fax. They are members of Indian community (many are citizens) and may not have time to make phone calls. But with simple provision to send fax at one time to all these senators, I am pretty sure I can get 100 people to send faxes.
    Again the provision is required for guest members who are willing to write their address and phone number.

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  • qasleuth
    03-12 08:05 PM
    ok...I am trying really hard to understand what you are trying to convey. What is your concern ? People will stop visiting IV and go to other websites ?
    No need to be over-dramatic (did not read any one calling you a traitor). People talk about going back to their home countries too (but I actually see a small fraction of people actually doing it).

    I am not sure you understand the concept of an organization offering 'services' to its members. X man hours to produce ? what are you talking about ?
    My friend it is not just 'information'. Information is money. All you are talking about is 'forums/discussion boards'. I have mentioned this before as well. IV is more than a discussion board and you can make no comparison to other tracker websites.

    Here is some additional info about non-profit orgs. You SHOULD read about non-profit orgs in the below link:

    So your definition of support is 'monetary support' only?

    I am sorry for being so critical, but then someone has to.
    If the idea of monetary only threads is to affirm the show of support, than am i a traitor to the greater good of retrogressed non-immigrants? This is not the right way to go.

    Donors here on this very thread have already started talking about people spilling over to sites like and also if members might float other immigration websites.

    why are we doing this? Why are we creating differences?
    What is the Donor only thread? is it a commodity, that took 'x' man hours to produce, that you are charging money for it?

    It is information. period. and as every hour passes, more organisations are providing or striving to provide information free of cost.

    Also, what are we discussing in these threads, that we have to be paid members to view it?

    Have you even thought about this legally?
    Usually, a non-for-proft org has a fund raiser or a money raiser drive or event.
    How are you even justifying asking for money to view threads, which is nothing but information that you do not own and have not worked to get it.

    Believe me, this is walking on a very thin line.

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  • isedkeem
    03-06 10:11 AM
    Sorry to hear about your ordeals. The good news is that EB3- ROW should move forward at a good clip in a few months - some estimates from a lawyer I talked to seem to indicate a jump into early 2006 by the end of this year, so hang in there and remember that it is darkest before dawn.
    If you are keen on a backup, have you considered immigrating to New Zealand? It is a great option if you need a peaceful life and the weather is just like California (unlike Canada) and they have universal health care too. For people who have worked in the US for a few years in recognized fields, NZ is quite easy to immigrate to and very quick. Your English seems to be quite good so I don't see why you should be so disheartened. I guess this advice also applies to Indians who are frustrated with the delays.
    Good luck!

    Immigrating legally to the U.S seemed like a gold opportunity when I was offered to work here six years ago with an H1B visa. As a matter of fact, all my friends and family considered that it would have been crazy not to take advantage of the "opportunity" to live and work in the most developed country on Earth.

    It's been six long years of challenges and learning experiences, but mostly it's been six years of financial distress, anxiety, paralysis and uncertainty.

    We applied for PR four years ago, but in the process my wife and I have eaten all our saving in lawyer fees - and at this point we're just one more number in the long list of EB3 applicants who don't have the remotest idea of when visa numbers will become available so we can have a normal life. I don't even consider traveling to my country cause I don't have the money to pay for APs for me and my wife. My career has been also frozen since I cant take promotions to higher positions that will fall off the job description stated in my PERM.

    If I had known about this ordeal, I would have never come to the US. I would have looked for other options, in countries that have a more sincere and generous immigration policies instead. If the US is not interested in allowing people to legally immigrate through visas based on employment, they simply should eliminate these visas and make clear that they don't want us to stay. Wouldn't that be easy for everyone?

    I would return to my country if we didn't have a nasty political turmoil and the social decay that comes with it. Yet, I feel that the days go by and our lives are entangled in this absurd situation.


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  • beppenyc
    03-08 01:05 PM
    Beppen, I joined the conference a little late and heard of Sen. Brownback's amendments for extension of J1 visa rule and no cap for nurses/physical therapists in H1. They will reconvene at 2.00 again and present more amendments if there are any

    Hope this helps
    Thank you so much, I can not listen it but please update when there is some interesting news. It looks that are determinated to do something. I feel a lot of positive odds.

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  • fruity
    07-22 06:27 PM
    I am glad to see sked A here. I have been following this forum for a long time now and there is nothing for healthcare prof though the discussions were very helpful. As I can see it, the july VB put benefits on those going through AOS but as a result those whom I know who are scheduled for interview in their home countries in AUg. was cancelled.


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  • javadeveloper
    07-18 04:35 PM
    This has been discussed before, People can send in checks of whatever denomination or pay it thru their banks - Set it up as automatic payment every month if they like. (for smaller denominations).
    $50 monthly is minimum. In any case, is $50 a big amount? for such a cause?

    Is this discussed already , I am not aware , because I am just following this site since a week.

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  • badluck
    07-06 01:05 PM
    Thats what he is saying.. he is an expensive lawyer...

    and about crap---who the hell are you to decide... if you dont like then just ignore the post...


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  • 9years
    10-29 11:13 AM
    NO LUD on I-485 yet.


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  • greencard_fever
    12-27 12:48 PM
    Applied in July 24 and transfered to Texas on 9/27.Wifes AP got approved and received but mine is still pending.


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  • makemygc
    07-06 01:15 PM
    Today.. 12:00 EST:)

    SKD's next question should be, what was he wearing when you talked to him? Hope he was not in his sleepwear..just waking up from his beautiful dreams.:o

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  • snhn
    05-02 02:42 PM
    I read here that King said that everyon on EAD and AP is getting a free ride even thought here green card might get rejected. What does he mean by that. I tahught every process goes thorugha security check. such as I 140, H1b, AP and even EAD.


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  • omega
    04-26 04:41 PM
    My H1 extension is under process. I had applied in Dec 2006. My DL expires on May 6. Is it possible to renew my license with the H1 extension receipt?. Is it possible to do Premium Processing now?

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  • GCNirvana007
    09-17 06:17 AM
    Hi Friends, I went to DMV PA (Bridgevile) to renew my drivers license recently. They are not accepting original EAD/ AP, copy of 485 receipt plus employer letter. They are asking for original 485 receipt. Unfortunately my ex-employer did not give the original receipt.

    Did any body renew the PA DL without original 485 receipt?

    Did you ask them to show you the rule book where it says you need I-485 receipt?. If not, please do.


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  • jimytomy
    05-24 09:56 AM
    Contributed $100 . Good way to start long weekend !
    Receipt ID: 2168-6313-9515-3493
    Have a nice Week End !

    - JimyTomy
    EB3 India

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  • sunny1000
    07-06 07:31 AM
    mbawa2574...IV is run by a bunch of volunteers as against full time execs (like Red Cross and La Raza) who are elected. For argument sake, even if we have elections, who are going to vote....anonymous handles like you and me??

    With all due respect to you, simply calling the current core team to quit does not make any sense. IMHO, they have done everything they could. The one thing that everybody has to understand is the current political climate for an immigration debate is so bad that it has become the 3rd wheel in politics that no one wants to touch. We are a drop of water when compared to the sea of undocumented workers that are in the forefornt of this debate and nobody gives a flying jack about the employment based applicants whom both the left and the right don't want anything to do with. With such a hostile political climate, why would I vote for a new team who has no experience in the workings of Washington versus the current team's 3 year experience?

    Yeah, you are right when you said we may need to think about new/different strategies. But, the big question is what are those strategies? let's say we have elections and elect new core team, how is that team going to change the way we lobby or the way we raise money or the way we get the message across?

    The one thing I would do differently as a core team is to reach out to a big community based org like La Raza, for example, and learn their method of communication and their fundraising efforts and see if we can implement it here at IV (easier said than done).


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  • vparam
    09-13 07:10 PM
    With EAD ,can you register a LLC/Inc ? Has anyone tried this ?
    yes, I did earlier this week :-)... You can anything GC can do in EAD....

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  • mzc123
    06-27 08:10 PM
    can someone please provide the link to the tracker? I'm unable to locate the link.

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  • billu
    08-05 07:20 PM
    I'm RN outside the US:cool:

    I will try to answer on your second question first. Shumer/Hutchinson amendment is the only our chanse for now. Try hammond law group, or shusterman, you will find info about it there. Shortly, it is the second try of Mr.Shumer and Ms. Hutchinson to amend an "Omnibous Bill" with a favorable for nurses and PT amendment. It would provide all schedule "A" with 61000 visas! If it is passed, we will be in chocolate:D , I mean you will get your GC in approximately 6-8 months (or a year). Nobody knows what are the chanses! My opinion that we have 50% that such a bill will be attached, and than we again have 50% that it will be passed and signed by Bush, before the end of the year.:rolleyes: If we are not lucky we would not see any favorable bills till after the elections of president and senate, late 2009(!).:mad:

    Under EB3(if no schedule "A", and there is no other favorable changes in immigration law),and you are from India, you will have to wait forewer (10 years or so)! But if you are in the US, and you will be able to file I485, DO IT!

    My advise is: file I140 as soon as possible, not sure about the avilability of premium processing, if you can, then use it also, if you can file I140 and I485 concurently - DO IT! I'm not familiar with procedures for PT, maybe you will find information here:

    hi chisinau,
    thanks for all the info...i missed the july opportunity as my employer told me that filing I-140 would take atleast a month....including applying for labor ETA 9089 form,job posting i could not file I-140 before july 31st....and the august 17 deadline is not valid for me anymore...
    it seems difficult to comprehend that all PTsts and nurses coming to US from india wud now have to face 10 yrs of wait for GC especially with acute shortage of these professions here....i am sure some kind of bill or extra numbers would be given for these professions to speed up the some states there is such an acute shortage for PTs that they are paying huge sign on bonus and pay package and the future demand is going to increase due to baby boomer generation retirement.....with h1 numbers going down to 65k for ordinary and only 20k for masters,i am sure there would be some steps taken to ensure getting more PTs and nurses from outside US in the future(2-3 years)......lets hope for the best n keep our fingers crossed.......
    thanks for all the info again n all the best for ur process

    09-11 01:39 PM
    My contribution: Google Order #431974134732049 for $100

    03-31 08:20 PM
    How insane you are, you are giving the credit of that to USCIS ??? I think you were sleping when people had rallies in CA and IV had 'flowers to USCIS' campaign, how about Zoe Lofergn's threat, I'm sure you don't know any thing. USCIS shares most of the responsibility of you and I being on this forum. USCIS was doing a tardy job and wasting several thousand green card numbers every year that's why DOS had to push them by making the world wide dates current. And 'no' they did not 'realize' any mistake, they did not want to get into legal trouble and get publically exposed(Zoe Lofergn asked for emails and all communication regarding Visa cut off dates). So they took the shortest and safest way to get out

    I don't think insane is enough to describe that person Dard-E-Disco thought process, people know very little about the process delay's or troubles caused by the USCIS delay's. Either this personDard-E-Disco is either ignorant or doesn't know what he/she is talking about. I doubt if Dard-E-Disco knows how it would be for some one to wait 7 years for any immigration process and watch USCIS screw-up the FIFO process and how the customer service at USCIS is cannot differentiate between a RD and PD better than that I suggest this person to read the AMBUDeSMEN report if you don't what it is just google for it , after you read the report and recommendations come back and post your wise comments. I urge you to please read the ambudsmen report before making loose comments

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