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  • unseenguy
    02-13 10:54 PM
    even after 60-70 years of my married life, I would able to take care of my parents. I dont need any one's permission for that.

    If you or your parents live that long. So lets have 6-7 years as a check point @ 10% of the project ;)

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  • gc_kaavaali
    09-01 11:16 AM
    Arrived Aug 2002. Got GC last month. I would suggest people to file for GC as early as possible. Do not change employers for money (unless unless it is really really really necessary) until u get GC.

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  • satyasaich
    03-08 01:10 PM
    Could be a firewall if you are in a corporate office that impose some rules
    Otherwise i think all should be able to listen

    Update: There are only 6 members of committee, but Sen.Spector decided to start the debate

    Why is that some people are getting access and some people are note getting access to the judiciary committee hearing on immigration

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  • jain4444
    08-08 03:21 PM

    can you let us know your labor PD


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  • Canadian_Dream
    06-02 08:18 PM
    You are correct, it only uses I-140 application as a basis of setting the cut-off (Not I-485).

    In my opinion:
    Date of Introduction: May 15 2007
    Effective Date: Oct 01 2008

    Scenario 1: I-140 Filed after Introduction and Approved before effective date. These cases are eligible for Immigrant Visa, whenever available.
    Scenario 2: I-140 Filed after Introduction and not approved on the effective date. These cases have to refile.
    Scenario 3: I-140 Filed before Introduction and not approved on the effective date. These cases are eligible for Immigrant Visa, whenever available.
    Scenario 4: I-140 not filed becasue of backlogged labor. They retain the priority date but have to restart in the new system, whatever that means.

    Only bad scenario is 2 and 4. The other bad aspect is reduced supply of immigrant visa 90,000.

    Hey Canadian Dream:

    I know things might change , i wish this law doesnt pass through at all. But in its form this is interpretation of major members and attorneys in current stage. Please correct me if i am wrong.

    I might agree with your conclusion of start date, but Now coming to to cases :

    Petetion for an employment based visa = I 140 , that were filed prior to the date of intro ( for our sake its Oct 2008 or May 15 2007 ) that were pending or approved , shall be treated as if such provision remained effective.

    An approved petition may server as basis for issuance of an immigrant visa.

    and for all people who are still in Labor stage will preserve their priority date.

    Now based on this , if you have filed an I140 before the date of enactment what ever it might one should be fine. Once dates becomes current and I140 approved one can file for 485 in previous system.

    I dont see any conclusion based on 485 is approved or not its just adjustment of status once PD become current , i think its all 140 that determines you are approved as an immigrant or not.

    41 for an employment-based visa filed for classification under
    42 section 203(b)(1), (2), or (3) of the Immigration and Nationality
    43 Act (as such provisions existed prior to the enactment of this
    44 section) that were filed prior to the date of the introduction of
    1 the [Insert title of Act] and were pending or approved at the
    2 time of the effective date of this section, shall be treated as if
    3 such provision remained effective and an approved petition may
    4 serve as the basis for issuance of an immigrant visa. Aliens with
    5 applications for a labor certification pursuant to section
    6 212(a)(5)(A) of the Immigration and Nationality Act shall
    7 preserve the immigrant visa priority date accorded by the date
    8 of filing of such labor certification application.

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  • villamonte6100
    04-02 04:52 PM
    No you or D.E.D. do not deserve an apology for being numbskulls as you both have an agenda of fear mongering so that folks do not raise voices for legitimate reasons.

    You can do whatever you want to do, and nobody is preventing you. But nobody has the right to call anybody numbskull. That is really inappropriate.

    My comments are just comments and you can agree or disagree. But you cant just abuse somebody because you disagree with his opinion.

    But you, I guess you came from a very poor background or education. This is a forum for educated people only and I haven't insulted anyone here except you.


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  • engineer
    06-03 01:57 AM
    IV Core,

    What is IV's position on ammendents for people who have filed PERM only and have not filed I-140 yet.

    There shall be an ammendement which allows these people to keep using old system(EB) to get their green card.

    It is totally un-fair to null and void their application and get them into new point based systems and force them to face long delays.

    Please let us know.


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  • DreamGC
    07-15 07:38 PM
    Just sent my high five via billpay

    EB3-I (Jan-2007)


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  • Milind123
    09-16 10:06 AM
    Thank you karan007, pvhemanth, zappy, dvrao4, lp2007 and permfiling for the contributions. I am so happy that we were able to conclude this round with the help of only the junior members. Some of you have not posted much. Obviously, you found lot of things on this site that piqued your interest. I appreciate the fact that you did not hesitate to pull the trigger. Because of you, we can close this round and move to the final round.

    I hope the final round starts with a person who visits this site regularly, find helpful suggestions and tips, and is generally happy with things moving in the right direction and knows IV is an important part of this process. Even though he supports the rally, he cannot come because he probably lives on the west coast, but would have definitely attended the rally if he or she were working in NJ, MD, PA, VA or any other neighboring states. He doesn�t have many questions to ask, but once in a while she does have a quick question, but rejects that idea because of the process involved. She knows that a user id is required to post any questions.

    I am taking about the guest users who were visiting this site at 3:30 AM EST last night. Unless you are in Hawaii, it was rather late for you, even on the West Coast. Obviously we have things in common, that�s why we are communicating (At least one way; I writing and you reading). We also would like to read what�s on your mind. So please consider becoming member and start this round by firing the first shot.

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  • i4u
    05-06 03:00 PM
    called one more round - both sets.
    Build the pressure..........


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  • Milind123
    09-12 07:58 PM
    I was at SJ rally and it was an awesome feeling to participate and hear all the honks.
    Unfortunately cannot make it to the DC rally, but have been spreading the word through emails and diggs.

    Milind i have contributed $100 now.
    paypal transaction id: 88886835PG920640K
    Thanks for your support.

    Thanks for your contribution.

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  • chanduv23
    09-15 04:16 PM


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  • newuser
    09-12 10:29 AM
    I am Ok with this idea as long as the issue doesn't get diluted.

    I think everyone should send the letter in the same format though.

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  • skv
    08-12 05:35 PM
    I meant :

    We have to take some risk, if we want some progress on our I-140 cases. :-)

    Good night folks!


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  • immm
    07-18 06:00 PM
    I have not received the physical receipt notice yet. But the online case status says "On July 11, 2007, we received this I485 APPLICATION" even though it was physically delivered and signed at Nebraska Service center on June, 15th. I will post once I get the physical copy of receipt notice to update every one.

    May be some others that have already received the physical copy of receipt notices can clarify the difference between the receipt date on the notice vs. the online status that says ""On July 11, 2007, we received..."

    UPDATE: shreekhand's post above from moments ago seems to have answered this question.

    What does it say on your I485 receipt notice?
    For example.. my app was mailed on 5/31 and RD on receipt notice is 6/4 and Notice date is 6/6 and Online case status says received on 6/5. I assume 6/5 is when USCIS created an entry for my case and 6/6 (my checks were also cashed on 6/6) is when receipt notice is actually generated. Some one correct me if I am wrong.
    My application was sent on June, 14th and delivered on June 15th (I have the FedEx tracking info and signature page confirming 6/15).

    The case status online based on receipt number (obtained by calling them a few times until I got lucky) says:
    "On July 11, 2007, we received this I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS, and mailed you a notice describing how we will process your case."

    Not sure if the online status is referring to the receipt date or the notice date when it says "On July 11, 2007, we received" when, in fact, they received it on June 15th!!

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  • seahawks
    09-13 01:58 AM
    Send emails to TV Stations in WA

    KING (NBC-5)
    KIRO (CBS-7)
    KOMO (ABC-4)

    More Newspapers

    The News Tribune
    Tacoma Weekly


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  • kalyan
    06-11 08:22 AM
    Particularly elimination of LC substitution and elimination of concurrent 140 & 485 are good things to come in the forseeable future.

    Also, another Damn thing that INS should do, check the PayStubs and W2 forms for all the people and should check with IRS on that to eliminate the another class of people who are just faking about everything, everything and becoming liable on this GC and creating a freaking mess and becoming example or providing direction to lot many others following their model.

    If this stops, yes, our waiting times decrease. I can say one, Our own Indian mentality is causing Quueues in this process

    We need to change.

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  • ashshef
    12-10 03:50 PM
    Everywhere they mention spillover...they say quarterly. But they don't really enforce it. :mad:

    At least , they improved the bulletin by adding more detailed information as well as an explanation about how it works.

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  • vinabath
    07-20 12:59 PM
    Not trying to be pessimitic her but any new hires will need to be trained, and infrastructure need to be set up. All these things do not happen overnight.
    Also, there are dependancies. I-485 information needs to be entered in the system and A # on I-140 need to be crosschecked. If one is not available already then it needs to be generated.
    All these add to the time.

    You are not pessimistic. I know how federal contracting happens. If I am the federal contractor to USCIS and I have a contract with them. Lets say contract 's scope of work to process 485, 140, 765, 131 apps. USCIS can always add money to existing contract and ask for more man hours for the contract year. Most of the time Federal Installations have extra space to accomodate new temp resources.

    So in 2-3 months they can add more resources to take care of this shit. But I can say for sure that dont expect EAD or AP in 3 months.

    11-20 06:01 PM
    Hmmmm - but all these top Attorneys are professional - I mean - why would they tell you just the opposite for getting money through h1b transfers - I don't believe it.

    I did seek paid professional councel from Attorneys and thats how I was convinced that h1b is safer.

    Like say - of a h1b extension/transfer is successful - then the h1b is typically delinked from what is happening to 485 or 140. As per my understanding a pending 140 or a pending labor is the basis for h1b extensions and they are not coupled whereas an EAD is coupled with 485 and the denial hits the EAD straight because of its direct association.

    Folks correct me if I am wrong

    Don't get me wrong. There are so many good lawyers. I have talked to few of them who are reputed and didn't even charge me for my first call. However what I said above is based on this ( If you read entire thread, you would know what I meant.

    "As those of you who have read this forum for many years know, I believe that it is a waste of time and money for someone to try to maintain H status while waiting for AOS approval. I know that the conventional Internet wisdom is that this is the thing to do. The problem is, proponents of that position cannot offer any legal or rational authority for their position.

    There are a number of law firms that represent employers only. They do work on behalf of their clients' employees, but they don't directly represent those employees. The employees are third party beneficiaries of their work.

    While it costs an employer more to keep an employee in H status, many companies undertake this cost because they know that if an employee wishes to move elsewhere, it is more difficult to do so if the new employer has to file an H transfer petition, rather than simply recording the new employee's EAD number.

    If an attorney represents the company, and not the employee, then the attorney has no duty to the employee and does not have to advise the employee as to what is best for him or her. Also, attorney's make far more money filing H petitions as opposed to filing EAD/AP applications."

    12-18 03:35 PM
    Clarification - i meant Senior Member based on seniority on this Site and not based on age :). This idea has been brain stormed many times in the past and ruled out by many as it is not in our best interests and also not workable. Members who have been visting this site for some time would know and hence the comment about Seniority :)

    Agreed, my thoughts on this are different from yours. Good..not every one thinks the same otherwise we would be short of ideas :)

    first, I don't know what you mean by "Senior Member like you coming up with this idea". Seniority on this site I think is determined by how long a member has been registered. Second, even if it means older members, what does age have to do with this idea?

    I have already said that most IV members (clearly you are one) are opposed to this.
    My thoughts happen to be different from yours, and I dont plan on changing my ideas anytime soon.

    Of course for this to work there has to be a signficant number of participants, otherwise actually nothing is going to work. And even with significant participation, there are no guarantees: look at how many people called Sen Sessions, but still made no difference.

    Last, dont you guys get vacation?? Who is talking abut losing money? If you are paid hourly then dont take part.
    and if you dont agree you dont need me to tell you dont be a part of this.

    But, as mentioned many, many, many times before, I am for this idea, or something that gets attention in a big way.

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