Friday, June 24, 2011

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  • coolpal
    09-10 11:04 AM
    thanks IV to all ur efforts...
    Here's my contribution of $100 (Google Order #431458970400945)

    Hope I'd make it to DC... but I am leaving on vacation this month, and might have to work that weekend to finish things before I leave...

    pal :)

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  • pappu
    03-12 10:43 AM
    IV has started a donor Forum for contributing members.

    Our monthly subscription based model will help members get access to this area for that time period. In the coming days we will be consolidating all previous subscribers who are continuing their subscription at present to be added as well. If you are an old continuing subscriber, and do not have access, do send an email to info at with your name, email, amount subscribed every month and your IV ID. We will verify it and add you. If you have given a one time payment this month more than $25, we will be dividing it by $25 and the system will calculate the number of months you are subscribed. If you have the old $20/month subscription, please continue that. We will add you in the Monthly subscribers as well.

    If you wish to subscribe, please click on the donate now link, adjacent to the green progress bar above and subscribe.

    From now we will post IV updates on the donor forum so that members who contribute get the privilege of getting the information. If the information can be released for public, we will release it on the main forums after a delay. Donor forum will have the first access to the information. All donors will be identified by a 'donor' status in their profiles instead of junior/senior members.

    If members want to start a thread in the donor forum, please add 'Donor Forum' before the the thread title so that everyone knows it is in the restricted area.

    Admins will visit this area more often and answer questions from members. This will also enable more close coordination and communication between committed members. It is sometimes difficult for us to to read every post on the forum or post certain information for public consumption.

    Thank you for your continued support

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  • GCwaitforever
    05-25 07:04 PM
    My company HR received a letter from PBEC questioning the existence of our company. This is another step in the bureaucratic ladder of PBEC. First the 45-day letter to signal the intent to continue the petition, then proof of company. I wonder how PBEC thinks the LCA made it all the way to federal without anybody verifying the employer details. HR manager sent the company charter to PBEC to prove the company exists. So the wait goes on ...

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  • pappu
    07-25 05:55 PM
    Contributed $100 thru PayPal(Transaction ID: 3X3138428V341142D)
    Thank you


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  • thomachan72
    12-15 01:02 PM
    Excellent idea Michael Chertoff but let us wait till the nest summer:D:D

    Next summer.

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  • vayumahesh
    11-05 11:57 AM
    It has been 15 days after applying I-140 under premium processing and still waiting for approval.


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  • texcan
    09-12 10:13 PM
    I was hoping to get people to start their monthly contribution, but it seems people are more inclined to make one time contribution. So I have added this to the start of the thread.

    >>For every $100 one time contribution by first time contributors I will match $25.00. <<

    So people with their fingers on the trigger, who don't want to commit long term, here is your chance. Please allow me to help you squeeze the trigger and fire your first shot.

    I already have Struggle and green_world. Just need 2 new first time $100 contributors to make my next $100 contribution.

    Committments in life do make people nervous, but in this case i am surprised
    what else will it take.
    Come on guys, this is best deal of century. Make some contribution.

    Once again, Great going Milind
    Hats off to you friend.

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  • kalyan
    06-11 08:22 AM
    Particularly elimination of LC substitution and elimination of concurrent 140 & 485 are good things to come in the forseeable future.

    Also, another Damn thing that INS should do, check the PayStubs and W2 forms for all the people and should check with IRS on that to eliminate the another class of people who are just faking about everything, everything and becoming liable on this GC and creating a freaking mess and becoming example or providing direction to lot many others following their model.

    If this stops, yes, our waiting times decrease. I can say one, Our own Indian mentality is causing Quueues in this process

    We need to change.


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  • h1b_professional
    07-20 10:19 AM
    Should we send emails to our Senators requesting them to vote for SKIL bill
    Email campaign may be

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  • bomber
    07-20 01:16 PM
    I think you can also switch using your H1-B. You can still invoke Ac21 on H1-B, just that EAD makes it easier to find new employers.
    moreover, you will now have to spend approx 4K on H1 renewals every year.

    I can see how it will affect many people's (including mine) spouses job prospects.

    Assuming it takes longer than 12 months, what are the options here? I would like to understand what AC21 says. Is having an EAD a precondition of using the AC21 provision i.e. does it say -
    "an employee after 6 months of filing 485 AND having an EAD in hand can switch jobs"

    or does it say

    "6 months after filing 485, the employee can switch"



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  • dummgelauft
    04-30 10:23 AM
    I don't know where the phone campaign stands in light of this

    Obama takes immigration reform off agenda - Yahoo! News (

    POTUS has openly declared "no appetite for CIR"...

    So, I guess, all we can do is eat the kela that has once again been given to us...

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  • pappu
    06-06 04:33 PM


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  • chanduv23
    07-06 12:33 PM
    Please update your profiles on IV if you have not done so - thanks

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  • Libra
    09-10 04:55 PM
    thank you.
    I contributed whatever I can. Please contribute your part.


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  • Cheran
    07-11 11:59 AM
    Between Fragoman, My Company and USCIS they sure are going to drive me nuts. I am waiting for green card for 10 years now with the same company. They are moving EB2 date and nothing gets done with EB3. On top of all these, 2 years from now, they will make all dates current which literally mean I will get my Green Card with a guy came here 10 months ago....

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  • 485Mbe4001
    06-10 12:07 PM
    Recapture is actually a non controvertial issue and most politicians support it in private. The business lobby was sucessful in getting it done (btw the democrats opposed it even then). These days we have the sword of 'amnesty' hanging over everything related to immigration plus the positions are so polarized that it is impossible to get anything done. The lame duck presidency isnt helping either, each congressman/senator has to worry about its own agenda and their people.

    With the internet every little bit of information is distributed immediately and the opposing forces can easly create noise to drown it...that in a nutshell is why nothing is working for us.

    As mpadapa mentions people satisfied with EAD/AP think that life is good and dont want to help. When people wait in EB3 for 7-8 years and renew EAD/AP for 4-5 times like i have, they will understand. Untill then we hope and pray and call

    Visa numbers have been recaptured in the past (year 2000, I think).

    Do we know more details on how this happened? Who worked for this and what did they do to make their efforts successful?

    Same with the AC21 provision that allows changing jobs after 180 days. That is a huge accomplishment for whoever worked to make it happen.

    Perhaps we can borrow some of their wisdom.


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  • Milind123
    09-12 12:39 PM
    Thankyou sukhwinderd and ravish_kaipa.

    All, please remember my intention is to motivate the people who never contributed and who start
    a $50 monthly contribution at least for six months. Also don't forget to PM me when you
    start your monthly contibution.

    Anyway good start. sukhwinderd and ravish_kaipa please consider monthly contributions.

    Here are the details about my contribution of $100

    Order Details - Sep 12, 2007 1:02 PM EDT
    Google Order #366145912118249

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  • pappu
    09-10 11:30 AM
    Thanks everyone for the contributions. I will add up tonight and give the update. We have a 30K goal. So lets do it before the deadline.

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  • ags123
    03-02 01:47 PM
    Finally 7 more days to go :)
    One more consistent fact for the last few bulletins is that it is published on the dot on the monday after the first week.
    In this case March 9th.
    Also another interesting titbit I found was VB moves only by dates
    15th and
    When the VB is 1st Feb 05 it covers dates 1st to 7th , when it is 8th 8th to 14th and so on.

    06-25 05:35 PM
    I agree with mpadapa,albertpinto and other folks.

    US is going to gain something.

    - We are staying in the apartment more than 8-9 years, we want to live in the own house but we cannot buy a house.

    - We have some idea and we want to implement it but we cannot do it.

    - We want to send our kids in the private school but we are sending in the public school and charted school.

    - We want to go for MBA/Higher education on own expense but we cannot do it.

    - We want to buy 57-60 inch LCD TV and other luxorious items but We cannot buy it.

    - We want to go on the Vacation/Home country but we cannot go.(Visa restriction for people whose H1 is expired or working on the EAD)

    Money is required for all above items. Each item will give at least micro level boost up to the US economy. But without GC we cannot spend/invest our hard earned money. Because we don't know what is going to happen of our status tomorrow.

    Another most important things, when we came to this country most of us were mid twenties and now most of us are mid thirties. We earned money but we gave best of time of our life to this country.

    I would like to share some real life experiences from my friends so that we can debate the questionable topic of what America is losing by prolonging immigration benefits.

    1) Friend A – (Current status - H1B) Came to US in 1999 for his higher education and later joined a Fortune 500 company on H1b. In early 2006, he quit and started a consulting company with his GC friend and transferred his H1 to the same company. He applied for his I-140+I-485 during the July fiasco and got his I-140 approved in May 2008. Currently there are 15 employees working for his company and the annual revenues stand at around $1 million. He is also planning to start offshore operations in the near future.

    2) Friend B – (Currently in India) – Came to US during the Y2K era and later joined a Fortune 500 company as a consultant on H1B and immediately purchased a 3 bedroom home. He stayed in one of the rooms and leased the other 2 rooms to his friends and used the rental income towards mortgage payment. Four years later he sold his home for a hefty profit, left for India and started an offshore consulting company.

    3) Friend C – (Current Status - TN) – Came to US during the Y2K era on L1 through a top MNC from India. Since his employer wasn’t sponsoring his GC, he applied for Canadian PR and got the same by 2003. He relocated to Canada, got his citizenship and joined a Fortune 500 company in US on TN visa. He’s not bothered about US GC at all as his Canadian passport provides unrestricted visa free access to 125 countries around the world.

    4) Friend D – (Current Status – H1B) – Currently works for a Fortune 500 company as a consultant on H1B. He lives in a posh apartment and drives a Mercedes C class sport sedan though his GC process is not even initiated.

    5) Friend E - (Current Status - US GC holder) - Came to US during the Y2K era and got his GC in 2003. Currently lives in a single bedroom apartment with his wife/kids and is known for frugal life style in spite of living in US for almost 10 years. So much is his frugality that he postponed purchasing a $500 worth laptop for many months so that he could save money towards his India trip. He still drives a late 90’s run down Honda Civic.

    6) Friend F - (Current Status - US Citizen) - Came to US during the Y2K era and got his GC in 2002 and US citizenship in 2007. Currently earns close to $100K, but still lives in a single bedroom apartment with a frugal life style. As far as I know he had never washed his car (late 90’s Honda) and avoids eating out.

    7) Friend G - (Current Status - US Citizen) - Came to US during the Y2K era and got his GC in 2002 and US citizenship in 2007. He purchased a 3 bedroom home even when his I-485 was pending and currently lives a normal life style just like many of us and plans to retire in India.

    Hence the underlying fact is that, there’s no relationship between a person’s immigration status and his/her contribution to America and it’s crazy to believe that people will go on a spending spree or start companies as soon as they receive GC’s.

    BTW I’ve got a Home Theater at my apartment and my current status is H1B with pending I-140 + I-485 :)

    08-26 10:01 AM
    I'm glad you didn't ask for beauty salon:)
    come to think of it trying to find out about kid's school is in fact very good are future..
    This forum is for immigration purpose ..yes ..but if someone wants to educate themselves on other related/non related topics that should be fine a long as they are not forcing anyone to answer their question or coming in the way of the purspose of the forum..
    any day better than some of the non-informative,unhealthy topics that have been discussed here..
    But again each to their own as I guess everybody has their style of thinking what's healthy and what's not.

    Thank you.

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