Saturday, June 25, 2011

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  • ganguteli
    03-12 03:40 PM
    I consider FOIA is a multifold success. Not only we achieved milestone 1 of $5K, we were successful enough to wake up members to do something after long time. Why do you think the very same members were sleeping? I don't believe IV Core was not doing anything in last few months but members always felt that there is no plan of action from IV. There is nothing worst could happen to us just by disclosing our plan of actions in controlled way like:

    1. <<ABC>> is preparing document for final data information.
    2. <<XYZ>> is evaluating other options how we could retrieve this information.
    3. <<DEF>> is understanding how FOIA works and how long it will take us to get data and what will be the best option to get it earlier.
    4. <<MMM>> is working on funding drive for this.

    There is no reason to hide even this kind of information. But if we do this, members understand what we are doing at high level.

    My 2 cents.

    I agree with you

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  • kumhyd2
    07-22 03:38 PM
    joined the yahoo group.

    Others may put a message about their joining here.

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  • BharatPremi
    07-05 04:11 PM
    BharatPremin you in CA?

    No... Why?

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  • gc_aspirant_prasad
    07-06 01:57 PM
    we really need this benefit....or else we may have our hair on fire....
    Rumor has to be true..or else I am ......................going to Canada
    me too. Personally I think Australia might have better weather but Canada is closer


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    10-18 04:07 PM
    Here are some facts:

    My I-140 was approved in April 2007 and I-485 was filed in August 2007. My H-1B expired on October 14, 2010 and my employer filed (using an attorney) for an extension last month. I have original H-1B filing receipt and copy for I-485 with me. I also had EAD which was scheduled to expire on October 15, 2010 and I filed myself for renewal of EAD and AP.

    I lost my driving license with my wallet yesterday.

    I checked NJ DMV website and in their 6 point ID verification they accept EAD and valid I-94 (which comes with H-1B approval, but I don't have either on me right now). Does anyone know what is the process in NJ. Do they accept filing receipts as valid document?

    Without license I can't drive and go to work.

    Any recent experience? I would really appreciate an answer.

    Thank you

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  • wanna_immigrate
    04-12 09:12 AM
    Officially 15 days. But according track itt website , it is taking at the most 8 or 9 days.

    Thanks for the info!


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  • zCool
    07-15 08:36 PM

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  • beppenyc
    03-16 10:41 AM
    Really bad news.


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  • ansh78
    02-10 10:42 AM
    I really think we are all split between EB2 and EB3. EB2 folks don't give a damn about EB3 dates.

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  • 485Mbe4001
    06-11 01:48 PM
    i wanted to aviod posting this, but please include a bit of realism in your optimism. Full disclosure: i am EB 3-I

    We had a discussion on our chapter here is the extract of the email that i sent based on a couple of similar comments from fellow members.

    After talking to a few of the fellow members, i feel that one the main causes for inaction is that folks who have applied under EB 2 India feel that the spillover from ROW EB 2/1 and India EB1 will be sufficient to get them their GC's in 2 years tops. EAD/AP for two years is no big deal. There is no urgency to get things done or the motivation to step up to the plate and make a few calls. If that is the case, then chances are that you are mistaken.

    a) we have no estimate of the per country breakdown of pending applications.
    b) we have no idea how many EB2 India applied in July 07
    c) we dont know the number of multiple applicants who have EB2 and EB3 applications pending (spouse and self).
    d) We have no indication of the 300k applications who were stuck in namecheck and are now eligible for approval. Namecheck victims were from all countries (you can see that ROW EB 3 is U)
    This affects ROW as well as the retrogressed countries as the per country quota is still fixed.

    We cannot wish this mess away. Making a few phone calls at lunch should not be a big deal.

    I am Not sure everybody follows Federal Reserve revising short-term rates by every month and Financal analyst were trying to understand language(tone) of Bulletin. And Looking at tone of VISA Bulletin for July 2008 and historical Bulletins EB2 for India is very encouraging till we see the language next month for India.

    There have been questions raised regarding the way numbers have been provided to the China and India in the Employment Second preference categories beginning in April. Section 202(a)(5) of the Immigration and Nationality Act .....


    All Employment Preference categories except for Third “Other Workers” have been made “Current” for July. This has been done in an effort to generate increased demand by Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) for adjustment of status cases, and to maximize number use under the annual numerical limit. However, all readers should be alert to the possibility that not all Employment preferences will remain Current for the remainder of the fiscal year. Should the rate of demand for numbers be very heavy in the coming months, it could become necessary to retrogress some cut-off dates for September, most likely for China-mainland born and India, but also possibly for Mexico and Philippines. Severe cut-off date retrogressions are likely to occur early in FY-2008.


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  • eb2_immigrant
    03-05 03:39 PM
    We had soft LUD on our cases as well, for both my wife and me. Hope it will be all good. My Atty mailed the application on 6/31 and it was receipted on 09/07/07.

    Where us your application at ? TSC or NSC?

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  • unseenguy
    02-11 01:22 AM
    OMG , what an utterly disgusting attitude !!! and on top of it, you are trying to "summarize" ???

    I tried to stop myself from posting on this thread since it's based on one guy's circumstances and though I feel sorry for him ( the same way I feel sorry for all the wives and their families being extorted huge sum of money in the name of marriage ) , it's hard to judge these things knowing only one side of the story.

    To each his own , but do you think your parents spent their whole lives bringing you up only to know that you think it's "legally" not right to help them monetarily ???? I guess, they should have not spent that extra money to send you to a good school/college or spend it on your tution classes and kicked you out of their house once you reach the age of 18 , like some parents do here ??? Man, it's hard for me to imagine how one can think like that about their parents.

    When someone gets married they should be grown up enough to handle the money matters and put their foot down in case of any unreasonable demands, it applies to both husband and wife. The intricacies of the "Indian arranged marriage" are difficult to understand and the equations vary from case to case, so it's better not to come to a judgement and come out with something utterly nonsensical.

    I'm sorry if my post is a bit rude , what rude comments beget rude reactions !

    Yeah right. Your wife should cook for your parents all her life because you were sent to a good school by them.


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  • gc_kaavaali
    07-14 08:31 PM
    come on guys!!! just $ IV help yourself

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  • bestofall
    07-15 11:51 AM
    I donate another $5 if we reach $2000.00 today.
    Total so far = $1170.00

    Thanks SkilledWorker4GC !

    Any one else would like to pledge just 5 $ when we reach 2000 $

    PD March 2005 India
    485 Applied Jul2 2007


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  • qualified_trash
    01-02 07:20 PM

    I know this has been discussed in the past on this and other message boards but I wanted to hear some more opinions about it. What is the value of green card to you?

    I know different ppl have different reasons like ability to switch jobs, ability to travel freely, ability to have a job for spouse etc. All said and done how many of you would like to go back to your home countries in the next 5-6 years? I know a lot of people have issues such as aging parents back home or they simply don't see themselves living in a foreign land forever. I guess my question is what percentage of ppl aspiring for a GC view it as a convenience vs percentage of ppl who actually see it as a path to settling down in US for good.


    you should maybe set it up as a poll. as for me, I am here for good unless asked to leave :-)

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  • I_need_GC
    03-25 02:23 PM
    If both the AP's are stamped they will put a stamp on the back or close to it.
    Its not a big problem you are allowed multiple entries :D


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  • chi_shark
    03-02 05:24 PM
    well said and I concur!

    I go to India atleast once every year and I agree that the urban infrastructure has changed a lot. But, such a change has created overcrowding in major cities which has lead to heavy pollution, rocketing inflation, high cost of living, and what not. You can get anything you want - best education, best food, best best best .... if you can afford.

    During one of the trips couple of years back I did a casual interview at a huge software giant in Chennai just to guage how well I will fit. This was for a programming job in C++. Interview was rookie, intrerviewer was surprised why I want to come back because people actually seek such companies as route to US or UK and also made me feel that I may not be satisfied with the job if he has to offer.

    So here is the thing. If you want to go back and lead a good life - I think it is a good idea provided you have very good education and experience and you get into the league of executives or you want to set up some booming business.

    If you want to go back and work at a managerial level - you may not find things that interesting because of the affordibnility factor.

    It is totally upto you to decide. If you look at urban infrastructure, India is developing, but in my opinion, the only way India can develop as a nation is by bringing about a change from the grassroots - change in beliefs, politics, innovations, products , hygene, uniform standards of living etc....

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  • immi_twinges
    07-20 03:01 PM
    Lest contact USINPAC!!!!!!!

    Lest see what they can do...

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  • raj3078
    09-28 06:48 PM
    This is just Sad.....

    07-05 05:09 PM
    Spoke to Congresswoman Office personnel in CA . Congresswoman Eshoo office staff and Congresswoman Lofgren office staff. Going to contact Senator Clinton. I had contributed towards her Presidential Campaign.

    Going to meet Congress Congresswoman Eshoo staff next week.

    If you are not aware of campaign finance laws , get in touch with them and make em aware of the mistake you made and you should get your check back if you are not a citizen or PR.

    06-08 01:32 PM
    Hi All,

    I'm new to immigration Voice. I've read abt this in immigration portal and understand that a group of people are leading this. I wish them all the best and i extend my full support. Also i heard that this group is collecting funds. Can someone please point me where would i contribute.


    SWA: Virginia
    SWA Receipt Date (Priority Date): October 31,2002
    EB2 - RIR
    Forwarded to Philadelphia Regional DOL on June 22, 2004
    BEC Case Number: P-04282-*****
    45 Day Letter Received and Replied : Feb 2005

    Use link on the home page at the right side

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