Saturday, June 25, 2011

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  • pappu
    08-28 10:56 AM
    since this last month has been one of the most frustrating in terms of any movement from any standpoint...thought i d write another op ed
    Where is my Ellis Island?

    IV member

    Thank you very much for your effort. IV team is working on getting op-eds published.

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  • cpolisetti
    07-21 11:59 AM
    I believe this is amendment to reconcillation bill between the house and sentate bill.

    Sorry, I'm still confused, but it is entirely possible its my misunderstanding of American Senate and House of Representatives proceedings. How does a Senator add an amendment to a House of Representative bill?

    Are we talking about 240,000 greencards to recapture or 2,400,000?

    By the way - just because you make the letters huge and bold, it doesn't make it easier to comprehend.

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  • visves
    07-15 09:10 PM
    $50 from my end through BOA.

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  • mheggade
    07-20 04:52 PM
    On positive note , if you multiply
    500,000 X400$(EAD and AP)

    USCIS will have $200,000,000 bounty in just one month.


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  • evildead
    10-22 08:13 AM
    you could have sent a porting request letter along with the i140 application

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  • vjkypally
    07-06 05:47 PM
    Does Condi know what shes speakin? That they worked during weekend clearing 25000 visas so that no one can apply on July 2nd.


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  • arihant
    05-03 07:20 AM
    I keep hearing that DOL has allocated more resources to entering data. Does it really take so much effort to perform data entry. One of our customer is a large multinational company that has hired a few interns to convert huge stacks of paper files into electronic format by manually entering data into the system. These paper files go back decades, and these 5-6 interns have been making great progress.

    In contrast, how long does it take to enter 300K cases into the system? Besides, if they have hired about 100 additional people or so, why are they using case reviewers to enter data? Can't they use interns to perform such low-skill job while continuing to use reviewers to perform their primary task?

    My company recently interviewed a fresh computer science college graduate who is working with DOL in entering data. I wish we had hired him so that I could talk to him more about his job duties there.

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  • WeShallOvercome
    07-20 05:29 PM
    And who says only Matthew Oh has all the right to create sensations ! :)

    If you are determined to make sensational calculations and postings then who can stop you, but seriously stop assuming things.

    1st assumption: 750000 applicants (realistic figure near 500,000)
    2nd assumption: all are adults (why would kids need EAD, and there would be several in that category)
    3. it takes only 5 mts could take more or less who knows,
    4. work hrs
    5. number of people.

    Stop being so negative and sensationalizing everything. There are more genuine problems to talk about.


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  • nojoke
    09-05 07:05 PM
    There is no doubt about NRIs are the prime reason for the real estate boom in India. It is tottally unbelivable that 2 bedroom flat in a normal second class town has gone to up to 40 lakes. Decent independent houses are in terms of crores in small cites. Two factors. One is foreign money and second in black money from local dadas/politicians. Also demand vs supply. The availble land is small and demand for that land is too high due to these two gropus.

    I visited one of my NRI friends house in India, where he is not going to live as he is a US citizen. His parents already won two houses and they bought another house as a investment. This house in a recent development area in a small town where there is no high tech employment is avialable; In my feeling it may not worth 5 lakes; they were selling at 45 lakes. Even if anyone ready to pay 45 lakes there is no unit is avialable; everything was sold to NRIs. No resident won the houses in that area. All the dads and mos are baby sitting the houses. Renting alos not that easy. It is tottally unbelivable. I wonder why all the NRIs buying house in India and increisng the house price? The guys working here (or any part of the world) and not going to live in India, why government should allow to buy the house and increse the price? Everyone tries to do real estate bussiness there. That is the main reason for price increase.

    Is is sad. All these NRIs are going to learn a very valuable lesson. Speculation is not a good strategy for investing. A lot learned that in the past few months here in USA. In a year we will be seeing the full blown post bubble correction in India. If one can rent an apartment for 15,000 why would one buy it for 50 lakhs. The interest alone on 50 lakhs is 50,000 every month. It is like buy and rent it and loose money. Instead why don't they deposit in a bank and get 50,000 every month:confused:

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  • tabletpc
    09-10 02:33 PM
    How is that DOL website does not have this information...???


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  • desi485
    11-24 05:34 PM
    I left my GC sponser employer 3 months ago and joined new employer on EAD. I spoke to the new company's attorney to file H1B after 2 months of joining. She said that since I have completed 6 years of my H1B so it does not matter if I am on H1B or on EAD as none of them will provide safety net if something goes wrong on 485. Suddenly, after 15 days, I got an email from my Lawyers's office saying that my new company has given permission to them to apply a H1B extn for me and asked me to send the required docs. I am not sure what prompted them to apply my H1B as I had already given up H1B thing and was happy with EAD. I dont know, it might be something to do with charging fee from my new employer or something. Bottomline is no one knows about it and may be even USCIS might not have this scenario in their rule book.
    One more thing, in one of the conversations with my new attorney, she mentioned that I can still work on EAD if 485 gets denied because of AC21 reason and MTR has been sent. She said, unless, 485 is denied because of some criminal reason, u can continue working during the MTR period. so another twist??

    The lawyer I am working with also said the same thing. If 485 is denied in error (whatever is the reason, AC21 or not), one can file MTR and also continue working on EAD. Since the 485 was denied in error, the employment while MTR is being filed, pending will NOT be counted as unauthorised employment. If you read RG forums, he gave exact similar opinion.

    I agree with Chandu, we should try to get this from CIS. Just don't know how:(

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  • bsbawa10
    09-12 10:23 AM
    How about each one of us does whatever is suitable with common theme being similar letter/concern etc. If we choose clock/cal etc. shortly we will run out them at sites such as amazon, etc. Anyway only some of us will be able to do it...But flowers, letters, fliers are limitless and everyone can send...

    So my suggestion is --draft a common themed letter and send the letter along with whatever anyone chooses to send along (with clock, cal, flier or simply letter. But please make sure the fliers are not offensive)...
    I think , I like that. Some of us depending on what we like can send flowers, some of us can send calculators, some of us letters and pamphlets and some can send more than one thing.


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  • mirage
    04-01 02:33 PM
    Guys don�t presume you don�t have rights for this and that. late in spring of 2005 I had a meeting with my state�s senator and he took all my details and wrote to Backlog Center in Philadelphia. After 2 months his office called me and send me the correspondence they got from BEC. They had description about my file etc. my labor was cleared in a month after that. Apparently BECs informed his office about the approval too, and to my surprize they called me up again and told me the news. They are public office they are answerable to us, we need to ask�Mirage,

    I think what Dard-E-Disco is pointing out is that, we are foreigners (Not citizens of the USA), therefore our rights are not the same as a US citizen.

    We could create rallies, voice our concerns on this forum, write letters to congressmen and senators, etc etc etc, and that is fine, but we don't have any right to really ask particularly USCIS about their internal workings. I would assume that even US citizens are able to do what you are saying. There are certain levels of confidentiality specially in government that they will never share with anyone.

    I think the same is true in your country.

    How do think would your people or governmnet react if a foreigner in your country start to question your immigation policy.

    Think about that.

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  • priti8888
    07-18 05:35 PM
    You should be happy as you have a very old PD.

    As u mentioned that you applied in mid june but the receipt date is mid july. What is your notice date? I thought that receipt date is the date when uscis receives your application. I may be wrong.

    RECIPT DATE is the date when they input your info in the system. Before inputting in the system they check I140,medicals,etc. Notice date has no bearing. If your packet looks fine you get your receipt number and then you will be able to view the status on The status will be something like "On july 9th 2007 we received your applivction ..............etc"

    "Status :case received and pending"


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  • delhirocks
    07-28 06:55 PM
    Are you sure it was Atlanta and not Chicago?. Your timeline suggests it was applied in Chicago.
    My company applied for PERM ALC EB-2 category at Atlanta on 18th June 2007, got it approved on 20th June. Received hard copy on 26th June.

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  • alterego
    07-06 02:00 PM
    I think they have to be current when they get an appointment or something like that. I am pretty sure that they accounted those 18k as CP numbers

    Definitely not when you get the appointment. I am 100% certain of that. There have been cases of people going for the consular appointment and not getting it as dates retrogressed.

    Only possibility is that the cases up to May were the 66K for 485s PLUS 18K for CP throughout the year until may. Right now noone wanting to get into the system will go for CP.


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  • EndRetro
    03-08 01:42 PM
    Thanks for the real time updates. Please keep on doing it...

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  • gc_on_demand
    04-30 01:49 PM
    30 Minutes to go !! :):):):):)

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  • JunRN
    08-08 06:11 PM
    I'm on Schedule A. My attorney filed my I-140/485/EAD on July 30 and it reached USCIS on the 31st. I am now waiting for the Receipt Notice which my lawyer says may take three to four weeks.

    I keep on praying that my I-140 will not be returned due to some mistakes in filing. My lawyer filed I-140 using the new fee. Is this correct?

    07-14 01:18 PM

    08-13 06:33 PM
    first: indulging in a completely useless dicussion
    this is your prerogative but this forum really does have a purpose and a well defined goal. it behoves those who use it to be aligned with the goals of the organization, not completely obsessed with a receipt that is at best a tiny way station in a long journey.

    second and this needs undivided attention- and rereading as many times as needed: personal attacks, offensive language and divisive fueds are against the policy of this forum. if you have a problem with this, read the posting guidelines. make sure you understand them completely.

    third: junior and senior is nothing but a representation of the number of posts from a member. if the posts are nothing but self obsessed rantings, then senior is just a word that means nothing. posts can be approved or disapproved by members using the tools above. this results in green or red squares in front of a members name. that may be a better representation of other members opinions than just the number of posts.

    fourth: those who live in glass houses do not a lot of things frankly. you cannot complain about other's language or content if yours fails to meet the same criteria. i urge you to be civil in your tone and choose your words carefully. we are here to be a one united community working to end retrogression. not to rave and rant about each other, take or make sides, threaten (with what?), or endlessly obsses about dates and notices.
    please by all means track your progress and give and take information.
    but do it with some decorum.

    many on this thread need to read this post carefully. please keep this forum a civil place and let's behave like the highly skilled immigrants we claim to be.
    please direct your energy to more useful directions, volunteer, contribute and join the rally in DC on 9/18. join your state chapters. complete your profile on iv- what's the point of so much smoke and fire when you want to hide from everyone- your profile is not public, but iv needs you. you and i are iv. there is no iv but us. if you believe there is some nebulous entity that will magically solve your problems without your lifting a finger, well that's usually the stuff of dreams- and maybe your GC will arrive tonight with your beauty sleep...

    Very well said!!! Logically this thread with the title "June end and July 2nd filers receipts by monday" MUST NOT be here. Please delete it. Thats what Buddyinus was trying to point out. But ppl took it personally.

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