Tuesday, June 14, 2011

1999 Audi A6

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  • shatabdi
    07-18 06:39 PM
    IV has accomplished the current mission in a very american way, of lobbying, on behalf,of a grassroots movement, and based on fairness. Besides acheiving the goals, it also demonstrates that the legal skilled community is ready to integrate into the American society.....

    A small contribution for the future goals....$500 today and more to come....
    Thank you IV for your time, effort and support through the emotional roller coaster.

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  • andy garcia
    10-01 03:10 PM
    What is the relationship of 480K to 366K = 140K (EB) + 226 (FS)?

    Very interesting that FS (EB) can capture EB (FS) but can not capture FS (EB)!

    Worldwide Limits
    (a) FS Preference Limitation:
    The overall ceiling for relatives is 480,000, from which the previous year's total of immediate relatives and other family classes which are exempt from the numerical ceiling are deducted to determine the level of family-based preference immigration. Although the difference could be greater or less than 226,000, that figure is established as a minimum for the FS preference immigrant limitation.
    Specifically, if such family-related numerically-exempt immigrants and parolees are fewer than 254,000, the family-sponsored preferences will be entitled to more than 226,000 in the following fiscal year. On the other hand, if such family-related numerically-exempt immigrants and parolees exceed 254,000, the FS preferences are still provided at least 226,000 numbers by virtue of the minimum annual limit assured by Sec. 201(c).

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  • ultimo
    09-30 06:09 PM
    none knows the answer when u will get GC . Even uscis doesnt know .

    hope they will use the full number this fiscal year

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  • jonty_11
    07-06 01:56 PM
    old news...please look thru threads before posting.


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  • kak1978
    08-25 11:17 PM
    Try IDBI, they have good rates.

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  • sunny1000
    01-10 03:28 AM
    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to let you know that my EB3 I-140 got approved today. I am a July 2007 concurrent filer. This wait has been frustrating and I've had to let many good opportunities pass by. I had, in the last 2 months, opened 2 service requests. I am not sure if they did the jobor may be the time has come when we will see July approvals coming in hordes.
    Good luck to all of you.

    congrats! can you please post which service center approved it? Thanks.


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  • Legal
    07-05 12:42 PM
    I called the congresswomen and senator from our constituencies. They do not have any idea what I am talking about. I think I made them more confused than ever.

    We need to come up with a letter format, which can be printed and send it to them by mail as well as we need to have web fax with a clear message.

    Dear Senator,
    I am an immigrant who entered this country legally. I�ve been waiting for my US permanent resident visa -also known as green card for the past several years along with 500,000 other educated, highly skilled employment based (EB) immigrants. Many of us have been waiting for our turn to get the green card for 5-10 years while consistently abiding by all the laws of this country. Such long delays are due to tortuous and confusing paper work, back logs due to various quotas and processing delays at US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).

    Several categories of EB immigrant visa numbers have been unavailable (�retrogressed�) since the fall of 2005. Because our immigrant petitions are tied to the sponsoring employer, for many of us these delays have led to indentured servitude. Our professional prospects, job mobility and potential opportunities for entrepreneurship have been shattered.

    For the past several decades, the US Department of State (DOS) has been publishing advisories known as visa bulletins once a month to announce the availability of immigrant .visa numbers. On June 13, 2007, after a gap of nearly two years, DOS announced that all EB visa numbers would be �current� for the month of July. This meant, irrespective of our �priority date�, all of us were made eligible to apply for some interim immigration benefits. This �priority date� refers to the date when our labor certification (documentation verifying no US citizen worker was available for a given job) had been filed.

    This announcement by DOS on 6/13/2007 would not have led to immediate green card for most of us; but at least it would have ensured us interim benefits such as job mobility, some freedom from the employer, work authorization for our spouses and a travel authorization known as �advance parole�. This authorization would allow us to travel outside US without fear of not being able to re-enter the country.

    We spent thousands of dollars in legal fees, immigration medical exams, vaccinations, blood tests, x-rays and getting various supporting documents ready to file our immigrant petitions to USCIS. It has been an agonizing two weeks for us. Some of us to had to fly in our spouses from our native countries. To our shock and dismay, on the morning of July 2nd 2007, USCIS announced that EB visa numbers were not available and all our petitions would be rejected. Within a span of 2 weeks, to be precise -in 12 working days- USCIS claims to have approved 60,000 EB immigrant visa petitions. This unprecedented rapid action of USCIS has led to exhaustion of all the available visa numbers for this fiscal year. Meanwhile it is prognosticated that in the next fiscal year which begins on October 1, 2007 our plight and delays would actually worsen.

    Interestingly USCIS has never processed so many applications this fast, and it is unclear why they did not convey this potential exhaustion of visa numbers to DOS before June 13, 2007.

    For the legal skilled immigrants this has been a rather traumatizing and disheartening experience.
    We sincerely seek immediate congressional/ legislative remedial measures which would
    (1) Reduce the enormous backlogs of green card petitions of legal skilled immigrants
    (2) Ensure and enable USCIS not to reject our immigrant visa petitions and give us interim benefits of a pending immigrant visa petition.

    I make this sincere request on behalf of all legal skilled immigrants with the hope that people who played by the rules will be rewarded.
    Yours Sincerely,

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  • texanmom
    09-12 11:52 AM
    Let us each take up 1 city and target all the media in that city....

    Let us make sure that every major city has been covered. Please start posting in which city you have started the media blitz and I will keep track


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  • thomachan72
    12-15 01:02 PM
    Excellent idea Michael Chertoff but let us wait till the nest summer:D:D

    Next summer.

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  • diptam
    07-06 10:50 AM
    See - lets not fight within ourselves. We both have the same cause but expressing differently.

    Please read my other pots written to DDLMODES - my only intention was to say that if a "USCIS overhaul" has to happen that should be initiated by Senators.... For Senators to do something American peoples need to talk ( like they did for CIR)

    Chat with you later - got a meeting.

    Let me tell you one thing for clearly. I know that this is a hot button issue in both agencies right now. If you read Zoe Lofgren's letter, both secretaries have to answer her questions and it will be a press release as well. We need to make it a public story, but NOT by digging our own hole. Boat 1 is better for me, If I know for sure that Boat 2 will drown me in the ocean. In the heat of the moment, you might not see the consequences of the security lapse rumors.

    The established truth so far is

    USCIS used all the numbers ahead of time and shut the door on highly skilled immigrants on day one
    DOS revised its July 2007 visa bulletin on day one 1, which has not happened in a long time or never.

    The wind mill stories are

    Some law firms started hallucinating that the security checks were never done. They themselves do not know for sure. If you go and look towards the end of the blog post where it originated, he asks for confirmation instead of telling his resources.

    Do you know that there were people who got their GC in 45-60 days last year? I know some personally. The security check and how they say its done or not done has always been esoteric to us. Last year, some one put up the blog of a Taiwanese guy who got labor,140,485 approved in a span of 5-6 months. How can this happen? AFAIK, all the people who got their GC's have PD's like 2003 and 2004. Please do not sling mud, when we do not know for sure, esp when the issues are of paramount importance like security. I will leave things for your discretion.


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  • Humhongekamyab
    05-19 05:37 PM
    I guess you are now happier than before. You are close to getting your issue resolved.

    No one knows why people who are eligible for AC21 portability are going through this.

    When I discussed this issue at my congresswoman's immigration specialist, he asked me why do you think USCIS is doing this? So - basically no one knows.

    Many people have said that this is a training issue. maybe it is. We don't know

    Maybe $585 for the MTR.

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  • vgayalu
    06-01 10:01 AM
    Hi Guys,
    How it sounds ,If we give top most lazy award to Philly- BEC center from IV side.


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  • red200
    12-10 07:27 PM
    I missed the july fiasco by 15 days. Atleast if we get the administrative fix to apply atleast 485. That would help us a lot, after labor if we are allowed to apply for 485 within a specific timeframe it would be nice.

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  • gc_dream07
    03-04 01:26 PM
    I had soft LUDS 2 weeks ago. I do not know if it means anything.


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  • Sachin_Stock
    08-23 09:42 AM
    So I am guessing that there's no significant change in policy towards EB-2 from what appears in the memo. They are merely reiterating on what exists. Lets not sweat.

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    07-24 01:35 PM
    From what I understand many 485 applications(not all)received in accordance to the June bulletin MAY have been preassigned a visa number(from the leftover 60,000 visas) NOT an approval.Although they are not supposed to pre assign numbers without name checks etc, is'nt it obvious that they might have done that??. They have a lot of cases to approve until Sept 30(from that 60,000 number)

    They have preassigned Visa numbers to cases that were pending in USCIS(NOT the ones filed in JUNE)...even though the PD was not current according to June Visa Bulletein... Eg: COnsider your approval and mine..We filed for 485 in 2004.. These cases are preadjudicated and just waiting for Visa number to become avilable..Once the july bulletein came into effect(or according to rumor even before) they assigned visa numbers to all pre approved cases that were pending...AGAIN USCIS DID NOT ASSIGN VISA NUMBERS TO CASES FILED IN JUNE


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  • 485Mbe4001
    06-10 12:32 PM
    From Ron Gotchers site:-

    Something is seriously out of whack. EB3 is "unavailable." EB3 "other workers" however have a cutoff date. The applicable statute provides:

    203(b)(3) Skilled workers, professionals, and other workers.--
    203(b)(3)(A) In general.--Visas shall be made available, in a number not to exceed 28.6 percent of such worldwide level, plus any visas not required for the classes specified in paragraphs (1) and (2), to the following classes of aliens who are not described in paragraph (2):
    . . .
    203(b)(3)(B) Limitation on other workers.--Not more than 10,000 of the visas made available under this paragraph in any fiscal year may be available for qualified immigrants described in subparagraph (A)(iii). "

    That's not a set aside for "other workers" - it is a limit. In other words, "other workers are not guaranteed 10,000 visas each year, they are limited to no more than 10,000 visas out of the 28.6% of the overall quota that is guaranteed to EB3 applicants.

    How can "other workers" have a cutoff date when the rest of EB3 is unavailable?

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  • Milind123
    09-17 11:49 AM
    It is not my intention to make anyone feel guilty. Taking you there doesn�t solve my purpose. It is very momentary and there is a sense of regret for both of us, if this happens. You will repent for pulling the trigger and I will repent for not trying hard enough to make you see things the way I see it.

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  • vdlrao
    06-10 12:48 PM
    It is simple. If the number of pending EB2 Apps before April 1st 2004 (India and China combined) is less than the number of spill over visa numbers, then there will be some forward movement in EB2 next month. If not, the dates will remain the same or may even retrogress.

    what I am trying to say is USCIS works effectively for EB2 category as because they dont have much work in other EB categories.

    04-10 03:01 PM
    Hi pappu, I am contributing $5/month from 2007. This is $60 for every year. Am I eligible for donar forum? I am sending the checks from 2007 till now by bill pay from my bank.

    07-18 06:22 PM
    Since on 2nd July they said they will reject the AOS application, what if they would have done some rejection during that time, and by the time July filers get their application back, it is after 17th of August. In that circumstance, can you send the AOS application back arguing USCIS's mistake and ask them to take it back after 08/17 and would they take it back politely or reject it again.

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