Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2003 Audi Nuvolari Quattro Concept

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  • Alien
    03-13 12:57 AM
    How does that work? There is no law or process to connect an abandoned labor. I had approved labor with a PD of 1999 that got lost when I switched companies. But no one seems to be connecting that to me.

    I said I was *wondering*. Not quite a declarative sentence.

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  • makemygc
    07-06 02:07 PM
    I doubt it, uscis used up 60k visas in one month just to make sure we dont get any ead, why in the world after doing all this nonsense would they accept our applications.

    Well...this is the same argument we gave when we first heard about the July VB rumour in june but no one belived. I hope badluck's lawyer brings us some good luck but this is hard to believe this time.

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  • langagadu
    09-15 09:07 PM
    If you have guts talk on the open forum, why do you give REDs from the back?

    Abe Kutte, you did not fill out your profile properly, Moran.
    Application mailed date is 03/03/2005 and USCIS Rcvd Date is 04/03/2001.

    Looks like you learned in your Ph.d to go backwards in life, Moran.Keep going back and reach 1990, you will get your GC soon. Saat me leke ja tumara sunnysurya ko bi (don't forget to buy bangles for both of you):D:D

    By the way I am EB3 and I don't have intentions to port, still I support whoever eligible.

    Here is the form you can fill out to express support:

    View the read only document here:

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  • baburob2
    03-15 01:00 PM
    Sen. Majority Leader Bill Frist, frustrated by the sluggish debate over immigration reform at the committee level, plans to introduce a bill that deals solely with border security as early as today.....
    Republican aides say the move by Mr. Frist is not meant to trump similar legislation offered by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter, Pennsylvania Republican, but rather as an "insurance policy" to ensure the topic is addressed.
    Mr. Frist's bill, according to aides, would simply take Mr. Specter's proposal and strip out the guest worker plan and provisions dealing with illegal aliens already in the U.S.
    Mr. Specter's legislation has stalled in committee over his proposal to criminalize illegal aliens already here as well as other issues. His bill would allow employed illegal aliens to remain in the United States indefinitely, although it would require them to return home before applying for permanent citizenship.



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  • tikka
    07-18 02:06 PM
    50$ each month.

    for your contribution... :)

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  • willwin
    04-03 10:00 AM
    can you please CLOSE this thread, please ?

    1) It's annoying to see grown up ppl fight like children.
    2) This forum needs to keep it's focus. Members are supposed to help each other and our cause. We are IV and IV is us.
    3) we do not need internecine fights, that digress's from our mission.
    4) This thread is contributing to wastage og volunteer resources, computer resources, temperments and increasing member frustations and BLOOD PRESSURE.

    I humbly request you to put this to rest by closing this thread.



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  • Audi Nuvolari Quattro Concept (2003)

  • acecupid
    08-14 05:56 PM
    Mass porting to EB2 category is the only option. I think most people with old EB3 PD can easily do it. I was reluctant initially but since there is no light at the end of the tunnel, why not take a chance while PD porting is still available. Dont get discouraged by people advising against it, since there is no hope for EB3 anyways.

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  • hopefullegalimmigrant
    12-28 12:15 PM
    According to this


    many of us should have got AP by now. As usual a status does not match the fact.


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  • Green.Tech
    06-01 03:07 AM
    Who will be the first one to contribute this fine Sunday?

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  • insbaby
    08-13 04:45 PM
    EB-3 won't need help when everyone else is done because the only people left to allocate visas would be EB-3 only . I guess we are just in for a long long wait.

    That situation never occur. EB2 is going to be always filled up. No one is going to apply in EB3 in future and all in EB2, so all will go to EB1,EB2.


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  • paskal
    09-10 01:56 AM
    Greg Siskind's blog on ILW


    Thanks to Greg for posting about the rally a second time!

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  • chisinau
    07-22 11:44 PM
    Where are you schedule A? Come on, join this forum, share your opinion and propositions!

    Do all agree that "bridge bill" is the only real helpful measure for us? Or you can show us some other ways?

    I mean let's set at least one goal!

    After that we can establish what we have, and how we can make it real.

    Anyway, it might be quite difficult to organise such a work group, because the majourity of schedule A are outside the US, and on CP... But we all have our emploiers and attorneis who could help us to lobby our interests in the US.

    What do you think about it?


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  • carbon
    07-20 03:27 PM
    I thought Grassley is against skilled immigration!
    He voted Yea!

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  • dingdong12
    06-23 10:55 AM
    well, i just made my first payment for $100 thru paypal

    Receipt ID: 14F00794MF330594S


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  • ebizash
    07-14 04:01 PM
    Sig done too

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  • anurakt
    01-03 01:49 PM
    I have somebody in my family who is suffering from an incurable disease , thus I wan't to stay in this country till a medicine comes out. This country is known as the pioneer in the reserach of medicines . It may take 10 years for it to be in market but it may take another 25 years to be in India. I have been working with lot of pharmatuticals firms which may come out with a treatment.

    GC is not important to me for money ! Never. I want to make sure that my family member gets the best treatment available in the world.


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  • fuzzy logic
    07-18 03:32 PM
    Hi everyone!

    I just realized that USCIS has made a mistake in I-140 approval notice. My labor and I-140 application was for EB-3. However, my lawyer made a mistake in checking EB-2 box instead of EB-3 box in the I-140 application. All other description and details were for EB-3.

    USCIS also sent an RFE to know whether the application is for EB-2 or EB-3. My lawyer promptly responded that it was an honest mistake and the application was for EB-3.

    Just today I realized that despite our response to RFE, USCIS gave and approval notice of I-140 for EB-2 and not EB-3.

    I don't know, if my lawyer has noticed this mistake yet. I want to apply for AOS now and don't want to draw my employer / lawyer attention to it as I don't know what their reaction will be.

    Can any one please advice me if this will have any adverse implication down the line? I am concerned as the approval is inconsistent with the labor approval that was with the intention of filing under EB-3. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  • reddy77
    08-18 08:07 AM
    Lacris, I went to SSA office to get SSN rejection letter for my wife as she is on h4 (DMV needs rejection letter to renew the license) and SSA Agent checked the passport of my wife for the expiry date, May be they are checking the expiry date now a days, I think you need to renew the passport and go to SSA office for SSN, But I may be wrong

    Hi, ,

    Did anyone get a SSN with their passport expired?
    My passport expired in April and the Romanian embassy doesn't renew passports for people who are not US permanent residents or citizens. What I could do was to make a letter of representation for someone in my country, get it certified at one of the Romanian consulates and send all the ORIGINAL documents thru mail in Romania. Since I'm a full time graduate student, even finding time to go to the nearest consulate was almost impossible. I was also worried that we might be asked to show up for an interview and would not have documents like passport or marriage certificate in hand. I talked to the lawyer and she said that if I don't plan to travel abroad, not having a valid passport is ok.

    Yesterday I got the plastic card and today I went to apply for a SSN. The lady I talked to refused to take my application, saying that my Romanian passport is considered an "immigration document" and until I have an unexpired one, I should not try to get a SSN. Call me crazy, but since I am a permanent resident doesn't it mean I don't have to leave USA unless I want to???? And even more, how can a document issued by a foreign country be an immigration document, since I'm not applying for SSN based on a visa stamped in that passport.

    If anyone went thru the same situation or has some advice for me, please answer.
    Thank you

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  • permfiling
    09-16 03:06 PM
    Thanks Milind for the inspiration. I too echo your words of success to the rally. I would request the state chapter leaders to get together on weekends once or twice a month to keep the momentum going.

    Once again, I am very glad to see all members to echo a single voice through unity.

    - Sunil R
    SF Bay Area

    08-15 08:53 PM
    do u expect people to stick around even they get their GC? come on dude.. once anyone gets a GC they start working towards their next target. I don't see anything wrong in it:D:D
    True, once the people realize that they are close to GC they forget all tasks and move on to the other forums (R2I or USC or whatever) there are very few who actually stay on and help add this to the fact that most of the EB3-I's got fed up with the nonsense going on (most were only looking for a sounding board to voice their dismay, instead they were reminded of the caste system). So EB2's stop working because their PD is current and EBs stop because there is little hope/chance/help. We can dissect the VB as much as we want, the fact of the matter is that EB3 as a whole and EB3 (india &China) in particular are screwed big time. There is hope in the Logfren bills but the congress seems to have other 'important' issues to discuss.

    We should take the campaign to a new level move from individuals to involving groups and compaines. They have more money and power to make things move. EB3 & EB2 discussions will go on for ever, we can either decide to wallow in our sorrow or do something. Lets identify groups who can help us and write to them. Each EB should talk to his/her HR and ask them to write a letter to their congressman/Senator it will have a bigger impact.

    What are your thoughts?

    08-12 12:34 PM
    They could have done this and re-captured visas with additional fees or whatever. And called it greencard fraud fees it that makes them happy. But the fact is they did not want to do anything to give relief to Immigrants. Recapture (hundreds of thousands of visas) would have significantly helped helped retrogressed countries like EB3 India, China, ROW and EB2 India China. They can take additional fees as long as we know the recapture is being done.

    Very true. If he really meant what he said (inovating companies use of H1B) in the speach, bill would have something to alleviate employment based GC backlog.

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