Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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  • immigrant-in-law
    01-10 02:07 AM
    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to let you know that my EB3 I-140 got approved today. I am a July 2007 concurrent filer. This wait has been frustrating and I've had to let many good opportunities pass by. I had, in the last 2 months, opened 2 service requests. I am not sure if they did the jobor may be the time has come when we will see July approvals coming in hordes.
    Good luck to all of you.

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  • nonimmi
    08-13 03:56 PM
    I believe some top-level IV core members are EB3-I with PD 2003-04. So it is hard to believe that they are not worried watching "U" month after month and don't want to do anything about it. But as IV-Core they can not just do something for EB3-I. We need to find a way to fix this issue without creating another subgroup for EB3-I and take advantage of IV movement.

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  • coopheal
    06-02 01:59 PM
    Contributed $100 for June
    Receipt ID: 47W850****

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  • needhelp!
    11-09 01:47 PM
    I am sure there are so many others like you. I hope all these affected individuals will set up appointments with their congressman to tell them how their system is playing with our lives.


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  • H1B-GC
    08-12 12:13 PM
    So much for unions to support them for mid term elections.. Come next year, if dems still have same majority, H1B/L1B word will be removed from India's IT dictionary..

    So much for Hisp@n*c lobby. How does this fee increase relate to border security??? These politicians have to remember that whatever money they are getting for Social/Medicare taxes from L1/h1 till now will be gone as well along with the job.

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  • shantanup
    06-25 12:03 PM
    This is what I think America loses due to delay in green card process. I can say this from my own experience. People with advanced degrees in Science and Technology have to keep doing same job to maintain status for 8 - 10 years since changing job / company reset's their GC process. When a guy comes to US for education the average age is around 23 - 24 years. MS completed by 25. Most guys at that time have burning desire to do something new and innovative (either in job or starting own business). But the most fortune 100 companies do not sponsor H1B or GC (Example Raytheon, Toyota, Lexmark .... based on my personal experience as electrical engineer) so you end up compromising with career to maintain status and work for companies that sponsor H1B ( future career prospects take a backseat). Then after 8 - 10 years when you get GC you already are married and possibly kids to look after you are already burnt out and want to keep working in the same desk/ clerical job that you have been doing for so many years. So its a lose lose situation to all neither government gains from the GC (by which they hope to make US a more innovative place) nor the immigrants since by then all they can think is a full time job, home and 401K.

    Fully agree with you.
    A thought comes to mind on reading your post.
    Is that what the average Amrican wants us to do? Do they want us immigrants to be kept away from participating in innovation? Do they want us to keep working mundane jobs? Do they want us to lag behind them?
    This is just a speculation no hard proofs but only a thought.


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  • prince_waiting
    07-05 10:45 AM
    My area senator is Mr. Sessions :eek:. What do you guys think, should I email him or not? I am sure that I am not going to get a courteous reply or as a fact of matter a reply at all.

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  • srinivas_o
    09-16 06:45 PM
    I have made one time of contribution of $100 through PayPal.

    Here are the details.

    Confirmation Number: 3YE50599L7886501J.

    Due to some personal reason, I am not able to make it to Rally, but my heart felt best wishes to everyone.


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  • sampath
    04-25 01:38 PM
    The priority date based on the person first entering the US on H1B visa, or converting to a H1 status from any other visa status in the US is an excellent one.

    This eliminates all the issues that H1Bs face today when applying for a GC. Employer portability, Visa retrogression etc ( and not to mention employer manipulation of H1Bs workers in delaying to file GCs ) are applied in fairness to everyone. This takes the fear out of H1B workers to change jobs at will without regard to negative impact on their pending GC applications..

    Way to go.. Why can't IV propose to add this one liner to any of the impending amendments or find another lawmaker to support this which can alleviate most issues faced by H1Bs today.

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  • raydhan
    03-08 10:13 AM
    Here's the link for the live hearing of the Judiciary Committee

    Click on room Dirksen 226 and let everyone know what you hear. Not all have access to internet from work


    This is the right link. It is very clear today. Interesting discussion.


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  • Libra
    07-06 03:43 PM
    You might be senior member than me, i may not post my comments more offenly, i just read what others are saying. Even i dont mean to disrespect you, and whatever i said below is not to offend you. I hope you understand

    I don't mean to disrespect you but I guess you are going too far with your words. [COLOR="Black"]We are with IV much before you born.[/COLOR...really core born in 1970's i cant beleive that]. ok so do not dare teach us what we should be doing, with your 49 posts there are many who had 200 to 300 posts but dont say a sensible word

    Now back to your comments. You seem to be lost in some dreamy world. What do you mean by just accept the application, so that you can save yourself from loosing money. Do you worry about your GC/EAD or saving your money. From your posts it look like you are more interested in getting your money back than the eligibility to file for EAD.
    this is not my agenda, and by the way am not asking USCIS to give back my money which i paid in fees, i have that much sense, if they dont accept my app then they dont draw my money. first read my post properly and then comment and am not living in any dream, when USCIS can do anything they can do this one too. and this is my opinion not IV's. I made that comment because many of them discouraging other by -ve talk

    I'm sure IV does not agree with you and that's not the IV goal. Focus is on to make USCIS accept what they promise and that is accepting the applications files on July for AOS.

    What you are trying to do is twist your own agenda of getting your money back by making it as an IV goal. It's not a bad thing to save money or asking the money back from USCIS, which you anyway going to get when they reject your application and send your check back. As far as attorney's fees are concerned, lot of attorney's are going to refile without any charge or for some additional meagre fees.
    Now the decision is yours, whether you want to get your money or you want the eligibility to file for EAD/GC/AP.

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  • cjagtap
    08-21 02:39 PM
    My drivers LC is completely linked to my H1 status. Twice I got DL only for 14 months and had to extend it again the following year. Generally they extend your DL 2 -3 months more of the expiration of your H1B.


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  • godbless
    04-27 02:37 PM
    I have my sister in law from India on H4. She got married after her husband got his 797B approved and so she does not have her own 797C. The DMV wants her own 797C approval notice to give her a temporary drivers license. How does she get that? Can she file some petition with USCIS to get it?

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  • jaihind
    07-20 02:28 PM
    Dear ALL and CORE

    Please remove such hypothetical - fear mongering threads. PLease friends do your jobs - support IV efforts - and all will be fine.

    If this person spends the time to send the Thank You notes to the people concerend that will be better.

    Jaihind !!


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  • coolvigo
    07-11 10:12 AM
    I am hoping this is not a typo from the mumbai consulate and USCIS visa bulletin will reflect the same.

    My priority date is April 06. Does this mean that there is a chance for me to get the GC now?

    How much time does it usually take for USCIS to approve the application after the priority date is current in the bulletin?

    And lastly, what are the chances of USCIS staying on this date for EB2-I and not retrogressing it back to some old date (after it issues 1 yr EAD to everyone !!)?

    I have the same I want to see this on USCIS website before I start enjoying the mood! But if it is true.....I am very very happy !

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  • yawl
    08-02 05:05 PM
    An article confirmed the number (~76K):

    "3. The unofficial reports are that the Texas Service Center received approximately 40,000 I-485 applications during the first day or two in July and the Nebraska Service Center received approximately 35,000 I-485 applications during the same period of time. "

    Since I was bored at work, I called this number and talked with a rep this morning @10. She told me that they have 76K applications pending for the receipt date as of July 27th. She said this two times thinking me to take on with surprise with this huge number. Yes, of course I am surprised. Is it only 76K apps by July 27th?


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  • wandmaker
    06-10 09:47 AM
    Let us focus our energy now in action items as we have the ACTUAL DATES as B&W.

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  • julsun
    01-04 11:11 AM
    Has anybody called the USCIS customer service number regarding AP ?

    If we have a emergency reason to travel out of the country, can we call the customer service and request expedited processing of AP ?

    One my friends got his wife's AP approved by scheduling an appointment with local InfoPass office. but you need a valid reason and proof for that. In his case he got his father in law's medical certificate from India.

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  • GCwaitforever
    05-02 09:37 AM
    The only way to get the stimulus payment is to obtain a Social Security Number for �non-work� purposes. The SSA may issue an SSN to an alien under the following provision:

    20 C.F.R. � 422.104(a)(3)

    (i) You need a social security number to satisfy a Federal statute or regulation that requires you to have a social security number in order to receive a Federally-funded benefit to which you have otherwise established entitlement and you reside either in or outside the U.S.;

    The Social Security Administration is required by federal law to issue Social Security Numbers to legal aliens who require them to receive federally funded benefits under Section 205(c)(2)(B)(i)(II) of the Social Security Act, which states that the Social Security Administration is required to assign an SSN to �any individual who is an applicant for or recipient of a benefit funded in whole or in part with Federal funds.�

    Good job Admin2.

    Folks with ITINs,

    Please file for SSNs quoting this stimulus package and get the refund. If someone tries and SSA refuses, we can take it up with legislators or even pursue litigation.

    09-14 06:57 PM
    For all those who have sent PM.... Please note I am not an attorney or accountant... But then I had consulted my account and few attorney's ( paid the required fees to get them answered)... So please use your own judgement/caution.

    1. Yes you can open a LLC singly or jointly with your wife/friend/anyone.

    2. You can start the LLC even when you are on H1B but it is better that you wait till you get your EAD to get oprationalized. reason very very conservative view is that you cannot even write a check for your company or deposit a check... but this is a very conservative view....

    3. To open a LLC you can use an accountant ( if you have one, it will be cheaper by a couple of hundred dollars) or use agencies like .... I have used both in the past....

    4. Intially you can just form LLC as single or joint partnership and then elect as S corporations for taxing.... I forget within which period it is to be done, if I correctly remember when you file your first tax return or within 6 months you need to elect as filing as single person entity( then it becomes like your personal income) or you could elect as S corp....

    5. You will a tax id for the LLC, business license and other documents when you form a LLC, You will need to maintain book and tax records for 3 years... best to have it managed by an accountant

    6. You/ your spouse can work for your LLC.... Some of you if you want to after 180 days change employers can move into your LLC and maintain that you are employed in same occupational duties for your own LLC...

    Hope I have been able to answer your questions....:cool:

    Thanks for sharing that with us. I'm sure IV will become a platform for aspiring entrepreneur in the long run.

    03-04 12:02 PM
    ohh mamaaaaaaaaaa. Waiting for it.

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