Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • waiting4gc
    02-11 05:53 PM
    I met a US citizen to whom I explained the situation. She immediately signed this letter and asked for a soft copy and is going to get all her friends to sign it. If people who have nothing to gain can help out so much, surely we can do better.

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  • WeShallOvercome
    09-27 12:49 PM
    See this example to find how dates can move back after going forward in the last few months.

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  • Macaca
    09-20 12:14 PM
    How sad! Yet there are tens of thousands of us who are committed! We need to keep growing our unity!
    I was sick rest of the day.

    I hesitate every day in doing things that help them. So far I have taken temporary decisions to continue.

    It is mentally very draining!

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  • howzatt
    12-10 04:32 PM
    WOW. What a stupid thread? The OPs anger and frustration might be justified. However, his tone and language used is a bad choice. This is obviously not the first time.

    I have said this before; Calling people names or using stupid analogies is not the way to encourage people to volunteer or contribute.

    Your method of constantly bashing people and calling people names is unfortunately reflective of the organisation and core team as a whole. Do you even think before you hit the "submit" button? Imagine if a CEO starts making stupid remarks about his employees. Would it have a positive effect or negative effect? How many of the senior members really approve this approach? This approach will only alienate people further.

    Amma came out and apologised for her mistake. Will logiclife do the same? I guess he does not have to. I am not sure if he has issued any apologies in the past. If he hasn't, this might be a good time to do it.

    OLDMONK makes good points. I expect other senior members to respond by asking me what or how I contributed so far. Just to avoid more posts, I started off contributing but could not motivate myself after having seen numerous stupid posts from different people. Ofcourse, some people will use this behaviour as an excuse to not do anything.

    Logiclife's post does nothing good. It only increases the separation between the so called volunteers and bench warmers. People deserve to be treated with respect and that is something he needs to realize.


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  • girijas
    06-30 12:35 PM
    Great job LSK,

    Please follow up with the local office and encourage your local friends/family to call.

    Nixstor: I have sent you a PM. Do you have information on the representatives we should try and contact personally?

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  • coopheal
    05-31 07:39 AM
    Sent a check for $50.
    Wish I could attend and meet with the law makers but my in-Laws have decided to bless me with their presence.

    Amount = $50.00

    Transaction ID: 3F820914GJ459814D

    Hoping this helps. $250.00 sent via Paypal, unique Transaction ID #56A31011CU0883914

    Thanks a lot guys.


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  • headhunter
    07-20 04:59 PM
    I am not sure about effect of patriot act, but some of my friends who left in 2002 era still have accounts here. Another friend left for Banglore but his 401K is still here.

    You can keep accounts. NO problem. Patriot Act targets money laundering. You dont have to worry

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  • MDix
    02-14 10:20 AM
    Please PM me the Email you sent to CISOmbudsman.
    Don't let others to HIJACK this thread they have developed habit.
    We gotta follow this to the end.


    i had sent an email to c.. requesting allowing to file for a mode of temporary relief...they replied..saying thanks for the input...

    I think we must pursue this for now... since any meaning reforms are atleast couples of months away.. this relief can save lots of EB ppl during uncertain times.

    inputs welcome..


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  • grupak
    07-12 05:58 PM
    The call campaign is still on. We need the congressman's support.

    We need calls especially from members in the congressman's district in Texas.

    We cannot stop until all EB immigrants are helped. EB3 is badly backlogged , and we shouldn't start celebrating yet for EB2 China and India yet from a single VB.

    Please call. Especially from Texas.

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  • vgayalu
    07-12 01:08 PM
    Is there any improvement related to HR5477 bill in house?


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  • gcpadmavyuh
    04-26 12:04 PM
    100$ today. paypal Receipt ID: 4AT89021DD156772R. Go IV Go. Let's get the visa numbers recaptured!

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  • yabadaba
    06-27 09:51 PM
    I never imagined that the journey to GC would be such hard, and I have to give my whole life following these notices and EADs and what not. USCIS cannot approve my GC for years and years but now abrubptly they approved my EAD in less than 15 days, when I was expecting to get 2 years extension. My EAD app. was sent out on june 9th and my lawyer told me that they saw approval from yesterday 6/26 (wow 16 days including shipping!!!). USCIS always has hidden agenda, and everybody can tell that it is just money, which leads to such decisions. No body would forget last years july fiasco when they hushed up GC visa numbers for rendering people not to apply before fee hike. The present EAD issues everyone is reporting here is another fiasco. I wonder if there would be barrage of lawsuits for EAD fiasco as we saw last year for july fiasco. Now I understand why USCIS gave themselves time till 30th june, otherwise why wouldn't they make 2 year EADs effective right from the day of announcement in early week of june. Smart move!

    Oh well this is what we have to face till we get that "Gone Card"! Day by day my patience is losing. Is it worth all this trouble?
    i dont get it...the ead card is valid for a year. you are paying money for 1 year. Instead of being happy that your file has not been lost and have received your ead on are going on a conspiracy theory rant.

    Just ask those people who havent received FP notices or havent received their EADs for the last 90 days, what they are going thru. At times we have to count our blessings rather than thinking what we have lost. the 2 year EAD is not your "right." Your "right" is to a 1 year EAD that you PAID for. If one gets a 2 year EAD, its a favor to them done by USCIS.

    I dont think one can or should DEMAND favors.


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  • gsc999
    09-20 02:11 AM
    Yeah - whats with this "EnglishMEN" thing... pffftttt....


    Yes, wouldn't that leave out the Irishmen, Scotsmen and the hobbits et al. and ofcourse EnglishWOMEN :D

    I think IV is there for Green card issues.Please refrain from saying Englishmen, chinamen etc....,

    Yes, please don't do that.

    but I did my bit because I could not attend. I was part of the rally that happened in San Jose.

    Please try to understand the message I am conveying rather than making fun. Although I did have a hearty laugh :)

    We are just having fun because, if you had seen the rally you would have noticed the diversity even though the majority was Indian or Indianmen and Indianwomen

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  • amsgc
    06-24 09:38 AM
    Called this morning. The lady was really nice, and very kind.
    She took the message - said they were receiving a lot of calls.


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  • desi3933
    03-23 04:30 PM
    OP, Desi3933?

    I-797 validity dates determine employment authorization.

    Belle is incorrect, IMHO.

    Not a legal advice.
    US citizen of Indian origin

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  • browncow
    05-30 11:57 AM
    I don't like getting my ass kicked. Hence, I refuse to fly Air India.

    Last time I flew that Airline (Boston - Heathrow - Mumbai):
    1. The crew disembarked at Heathrow. The transit passengers were not allowed to disembark.
    2. The crew shut off the heat/power and opened the Aircraft doors (yes, it was winter).
    3. They sent the cleaning staff in to clean/vaccum the plane with a lot of passengers seated.
    4. At Mumbai, the airhostess was in some sort of a hurry shoving the passengers so that she could disembark first.

    I've never had such experiences with AF. They are not racist. Airlines are not allowed to issue transit visas and anyone who has lived in France can tell you how insensitive and lazy their bureaucracy is.

    Bad flying experiences do not equate to racism. It is strong word to use and I do not think it applies to this case. Yes, I have seen French show racism towards Africans, but this is not one such case.

    There is a reason why Indians are required to take a transit visa. Coz, in the past there have been Indians (at EU airports) who have claimed that they have lost their memory, do not remember who they are, don't have any ID and hence qualify for asylum on medical grounds. Now these gov'ts are requiring ALL Indians to have a transit visa so that if anyone pulls such antics, they have all the information that they need to identify the individual and deport. Some bad apples have f&^%ed it up for all of us.


    I agree on your points of AF following the process.
    But the burden here lies on the Airline Carrier, regardless of whether Indians have suddenly lost their passports or their memories, you simply cannot categorize everyone.

    And this exact attitude is why we dont respect each other.
    Oh, he is acting of being ill, or he is acting that he lost his passport. OR that indian is just lying that he never got his transit visa.

    Even if this was true, it is the airport authorities at CDG or AF staff that should be managing that. Bcos of some history, every indian was treated like a dog?

    And it is shitty that you are siding the AF guys, when your countrymen were illtreated. The attitude should be, I will first take care of my own brother and believe what he says, rather than going into the righteousness, which can be bent.

    I will bring an incident from the Clinton administration.
    There was this american arrested in Singapore for eating and spitting chewing gum on the streets of the city.
    The president personally called the PM of singapore and got this person out, who was just an ordinary cirtizen, who actually had broken the law of another country.

    So, I will believe whatever the Indian is saying over what the AF guys is saying. period.


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  • new_gc_guy
    11-15 10:41 AM
    Sounds good - Signed up for 50 $ monthly contribution.

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  • nixstor
    03-22 10:12 AM
    I am new to the site and have been reading these posts and I have very little knowledge regarding the greencard processing. But as far as I know, law is not clear in this matter and this results in different interpretations by different people. There is also little scope for any law suit as the State Dept is the ultimate decision maker in these issues. see section 202 of INA Act

    "(B) 1/ Nothing in this paragraph shall be construed to limit the authority of the Secretary of State to determine the procedures for the processing of immigrant visa applications or the locations where such applications will be processed"

    >> Good find. I havent noticed this. I will check this. This appears to be be granting immunity against law suits, if not, at least, weakens the claim of lawsuit <<

    Also it is not clearly explained if EB categories take preference or country limits have preference over EB categories. The State Department can clearly argue that EB2 is entitled for 28.6% of total EB visas and per country limit does not apply as EB2 category still has unused visas left for use this quarter and they intend to maximize the use of total EB2 visas available. I think we should all stop arguing(because in the end it will not change a thing) about who should get the first chance at Green card and pray for all those friends who have been waiting for years and sincerely hope that their wait ends soon. Instead we should concentrate on how we can help each other and see about how we can improve the process

    Initially my understanding was per country limits do not apply only in the final Quarter and PD trumps everything else. How ever, the snip from Nov05 VB says that AC21 modified this and unused visa numbers in any calendar Q can be assigned with out per country limits. You are exactly right. Some one in the line has to get out so that the line moves and people get ahead.

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  • anilsal
    03-04 11:05 PM
    Assuming thay the information they will share is what all of us are seeking, it is not going to be a bad deal if we can find 500 people willing to chip in for this initiative (I am an optimist guys).

    If they are going to give out the information, then it should be ok to pay $5k.

    Questions are:
    a) How soon will the work be finished?
    b) Can they please integrate this request into their processes that they generate the numbers periodically, such that visa bulletins reflect demand appropriately?

    06-14 09:44 AM
    Yes, certainly your wife can apply for I-485, that has nothing to do with your whether your wife is on F-1 or H-1.
    Her H,F etc. status continues independently of the Adjustement of Status petition. (Yes she can file even while in F-1 as she is not the primary beneficiary but your dependent for I-485)

    Infact as soon as your wife get's her I-485 receipt, she is legally in status even if she loses her F, H etc. status.

    Moreover I can say all this since I know someone who is an exact similar situation.

    Hello All:

    It is great that the dates have become current and many of our friends here at IV can apply for 485. Congratualtions!!! to all that can apply.

    I am in a dilemma and don’t know what to do:

    My LC has been approved PR 02/10/05
    My I-140 is pending.

    I know I can file for 485 but my wife is on F1 – OPT and is working she has applied for a H1 and will get it because of Master’s quota but will not be effective till October, 2007. Can I file 485 now even though she is on F1?

    I have two choices, either wait till October 2007 or cancel the H1 go to Mexico and get a H4 stamp for my wife and apply for 485. Please advise what I should do. Thanks!!!

    02-09 08:46 PM
    Is there anyway we can work on reporting fraud desi consulting companies to the USCIS so the fraud EB applications can be cleaned up from the system? That may help in clearing up the backlog. Believe it or not, many fraud desi firms have sponsored people in EB-2 successfully. I have worked with many such IT 'professionals' who can't speak a word of English and hardly have any idea what's going around them. I am serious here, this should be considered and evaluated. No offence meant to anyone but those who have had a wonderful educational background and don't work for desi 'firms' ought not to worry since this doesn't target them at all. I am just tired of fellow country men/women who have diminished our country's image, especially in the IT industry and am trying to think of solutions in addition to what we already have on IV's agenda.

    Is english speaking required to qualify for EB2 ? who diminished the country image ? In our company Indians are highly regarded and yes most of us work for desi companies . Dont blame others just becasue your company dont sponsor in EB2.

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