Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • needhelp!
    02-12 05:59 PM
    Too late in the game. Lets just finish up what we've started. I believe in go green (I pledged not to buy another box of ziplocs) , but if 25000 sheets of paper will bring me my fixes, I don't mind planting 20 trees to make up for it.

    Hi Needhelp,

    Why don't we do signature collection instead of collecting same letter templates from all people? Do we need to waste this much of paper?

    Go Green !

    Sorry if i hurt IV member feelings.


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  • naushit
    11-18 09:55 AM
    Well, If you sign up for IV credit card, the contributor is not paying from his pocket. It's the bank, who is paying for him, and contributor will keep earning miles/reward point as with any other credit card so it should make ZERO difference for card holder.

    Its like finding a advertising sponsor for any of the IV event,except this is one time effort.

    the earning could be huge. lets do simple math.

    Average CC monthly bill = $1000 , 2% of $1000= $20.

    20 * 20k = 40K monthly contribution.

    Now think how hard is it to raise 40K monthly using our regular fund raising ?

    Basic problem with fund raising is, once person gets his EAD/GC , he stops visiting IV website, I am sure he/she still supports the cause by heart but it just happens that he does not visit this site and does not notice our fund raising drive ( and as a result, we call them selfish :p) .

    But if he is carrying IV credit card , its very easy for him to pick up that CC and swipe every time he makes purchase and support the cause.

    Hope you get an idea :).


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  • Involvement of nail bed causes

  • walking_dude
    10-21 11:27 AM
    Thanks Bestin, for the quick update provided on the forums. Was caught up in personal work and hence couldn't update here.

    1) Thanks to CC, we had a good meeting. Around 15 members turned up, which is a good show as this is our very first meet as a State chapter. It was a great success as an ice breaker and people could actually see the faces behind the ids walking_dude, cagedcactus, curious_techie, alien etc.

    2) Sorry to have not posted pics and videos. It was the first meeting for all of us, though some of have been co-ordinating efforts online through phones and E-mail. Also some of us are prospective AC21 candidates (so you guys need to wait some more months :) )

    3) Every one of the attendees pitched in with their ideas and experiences in GC process. We had a fruitful discussion about IV Talking points. EVERYONE readily volunteered to our highest priority task. We will be going ahead with it in full steam in the days to come. Modalities were discussed to and agreed to at the meet.

    4) We got some more volunteers who agreed to share the Co-ordinator responsibilities with me and CC. We have formed a "Co-Ordination Committee" of 5 members - CagedCactus, Walking_Dude, Bestin, BReddy2000 and Ajobha. Committe will be dynamic and based on member choice and level of participation.

    5) I understand that we need a more central place which will facilitate more participation from all over Michigan. We are fine with it as long as we can get some volunteer from Farmington Hills, Dearborn, Southfield etc. who can book us a room/hall. Without a local participation it's hard to arrange a place for meeting. Till then we may have to make do with our current spot.

    6) I am co-ordinating with CC to get the hall Officially booked so we don't face the elements next time. We are looking at the possibility of booking a room for free ( a facility available to non-profit groups such as us)

    7) Me & CC had a meeting later where we compiled Minutes Of the Meeting (MOM) and other stuff too! Like a new Secure Yahoo or Google groups for secure dissemination of IV updates and chapter action plans. Teleconferencing options, Outreach, member drive etc. It will be communicated to Core as soon as I can type it into a document (along with the list of IV MI members as a trusted list)

    8) Every participant volunteered to do his best to help IV and the State Chapter in our cause. It was also agreed that everyone will get more friends, neighbors, colleagues and acquaintances in the chapter, which is GREAT. We have had a really good start. Thanks to everyone who volunteered full support and will bring in more members.

    9) Thanks to CC for the snacks and coffee. I will volunteer to get them next time.

    10) Most importantly - Thanks to Everyone who participated. WE WILL BE SUCCESSFUL TOGETHER.

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  • Zil
    09-19 01:44 AM
    Yes, a plumber occupation would not qualify as a Highly Skilled occupation, it isn't on the list of in demand occupations. So - are you EB3 category? You need at least a 3 year degree for that (or if you don't have a degree, you need 3 years of experience for each year missing - so 9 years experience - depending on your unspecified "equivalent qualifications" - NVQ may or may not count, but I'm only guessing that this is what you have)

    If you've been waiting 2 years, you have roughly 4 more years to wait imo, but to be honest, based on the info i have, I have doubts whether it would be feasible. If you can't get an H1B because your job wasn't applicable, getting an EB green card will be very tough.

    I think he already cleared LC and I-140 and his case is at the stage of consular processing. Unless the consulate has the authority to question his qualification for an EB3 visa he may get his IV as soon as his PD becomes current.



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  • gc_aspirant_prasad
    09-19 07:37 PM
    Well said LogicLife!
    Folks let us continue the momentum with good advice & coordination from IV core.

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  • bestia
    07-17 07:39 PM
    Now I'm gonna feel guilty for criticizing bigtime. Can admins un-ban him? Is there any option like that? Well.. yes, bigtime would have to wait until the celebration is over. But banning him is over the top.


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  • amorolfine. can only repeat the advice; can only repeat the advice

  • Eb3_frustrated
    03-17 09:49 AM

    The proposed bill does not have guest worker provisions. Hope this thing survives the senate and most importantly the House

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  • hebron
    06-15 06:58 PM
    Hi, I have a question about PERM labor process. How soon can an employer apply PERM labor certification after hiring an employee?


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  • punjabi
    06-26 02:28 PM
    Sorry, but reading your quote was really hilarious! :)

    Be happy that your EAD is approved!

    They hushed up and approved my EAD in 20 days. Why ???? 'cos So they don't hit Jun'30 and give 2 years. They wanted to milk another 680 from me so they hushed up and sent me the 1 year EAD in 20 days.

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  • Kodi
    06-22 04:02 PM
    When is this bill going to be voted on? I thought it was today but doesn't seem to be.


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  • manish_jain99
    07-18 05:32 PM
    People were very happy with the last USCIS announcement but we all forgot about pain of people who are stuck in years of backlog. Though some of those unfortunate may have used harsh or improper language, but they had all the right to express their feelings. We all talk about Gandhian philosophy, but we need to be more tolerant. Before we ask to ban anyone from our forum, please try to put yourself in their shoes.

    Our fight is far from over, we should all fight for for in-justice made to people who are trapped in the bureaucracy.

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  • andy garcia
    02-13 09:30 AM
    What categories are covered by health care professional? Which of these categories are Schedule A? Thanks.

    Schedule A

    (a) Group I:

    (1) Persons who will be employed as physical therapists, and who possess all the qualifications necessary to take the physical therapist licensing examination in the state in which they propose to practice physical therapy.

    (2) Aliens who will be employed as professional nurses

    (3) Definitions of Group I occupations:

    (i) Physical therapist means a person who applies the art and science of physical therapy to the treatment of patients with disabilities, disorders and injuries to relieve pain, develop or restore function, and maintain performance, using physical means, such as exercise, massage, heat, water, light, and electricity, as prescribed by a physician (or a surgeon).

    (ii) Professional nurse means a person who applies the art and science of nursing which reflects comprehension of principles derived from the physical, biological and behavioral sciences. Professional nursing generally includes making clinical judgments involving the observation, care and counsel of persons requiring nursing care; administering of medicines and treatments prescribed by the physician or dentist; and participation in the activities for the promotion of health and prevention of illness in others. A program of study for professional nurses generally includes theory and practice in clinical areas such as obstetrics, surgery, pediatrics, psychiatry, and medicine.


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  • felix31
    07-25 01:27 AM
    to gc28262 and maddipati1,

    Thanks for listening, I googgled to see if there are others like me and how the mess was solved.. I dont want to have problems down the line when naturalization comes around.

    If it turns out that GC was indeed approved erroneously, I will return it and that goes without saying...but who can tell how long will re-instating of AOS take and also I wish to know how I can keep my H1 from being denied. Luckily I am still with GC sponsoring employer, but ...still, I did not need all this hassle..

    I know I have received approved RIR Labor in June 2004 (it was for the same category EB3 ROW), but I do not know if the company filed I-140 or not. I will have to dig up old contacts from the company and inquire...But that was 6 yrs ago and I am not sure where people are...
    Anyways, I will try to patienty wait to get the hard copy of whatever USCIS is sending to check for Priority Date, and if it is not what I expect it to be (Nov 2005), I will call TSC to inquire.

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  • somegchuh
    07-19 04:46 PM
    I agree with you there is no point in moving to canada if u are going to do the same job there. You might as well do it here.

    The point is that if you move to canada or any other place you have the freedom to take a higher position and your spouse gets to work too. Thereby improving your income. I think these decisions are really based on personal circumstances. For some ppl it might be the right thing to do, for some it may not be.
    Again what is the point in moving to Canada just because you are tired in waiting here. Are you going to do the same job in Canada. If yes, I would do that here.

    For me, only person who could move to Canada is:
    1. Way better career jump.
    2. Do not have wavery mind of coming back to US. If happens come back, but do not start with that as you will not lead happy life.
    3. Keep the GC processing alive in US.


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  • alex77
    08-20 08:16 PM
    I guess you may try these to contact MEA and MoS:

    Ministry of External Affairs, India (

    Contact | Shashi Tharoor (

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  • KiranKashi
    05-19 06:04 PM
    Contributed $50. Sorry, I'm can't make it to DC due to work commitments.

    Transaction ID: 9G206832US856142B


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  • chanduv23
    06-12 03:37 PM
    Commercial airlines fly between 25,000 ft and 40,000 ft. Airlines generally take risks for profits. I know it. Some airlines like United are ultra sensitive to turbulence. Some fly right through turbulence. And sometimes I feel some pilots are plain incompetent, they have no control over aircraft during the storm.

    I have personally taken 500+ flights, almost 2 every week. And I can say, I get really nervous when turbulence or strong clouds are present. You are one second away from the big jolt or swing. A lot of times, it has been a roller coaster like ride. Now I would enjoy that once in a while. Sometimes I have seen big aircrafts like Boeing 757-300 series, flex, you see forward portion of aircraft going up and tail portion going down. But its required so that aircraft does not split up mid air. It can be a nasty thing for someone seated in the rear. Always always wear seat belt during turbulence, if it gets severe, you will hit the head on the ceiling. The turbulence during take off and landing is usually more risky as aircraft is closer to ground and can not afford to lose altitude. If it is at a higher altitude, aircraft can lose some altitude, due to "air pockets" and still be ok.

    I was in a travel job earlier and I have faced all sorts of similar issues. There was this AA pilot onroute from ATL to ORD who once announced that thunderstorms are on the route and he took a different route claiming he had enough fuel and if not he will land in St. Louis foor refuelling, but he never had to.

    I guess such decisions depend a lot on Pilots and their confidence and experience.

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  • qplearn
    12-01 02:06 PM
    its probably a better investment to get a Masters degree in your specific area than an MBA. Of course then you get pigeon holed in your specific area
    I agree: the MBA gives you perspective on strategic management and is useful in every field. But if it is not from the very very best schools, I would go for an MS in your own field. An MS from Univ of Arizona is almost as good as an MS from Berkeley when it comes to propelling your career. But an MBA from Berkekely is a different story. Of course, it is very hard to get into those top schools.

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  • newgcor
    07-27 05:50 PM
    I140 filed in Nebraska - 20th June 2007
    Received in Nebraska - 21st june 2007
    Receipt received on - 26th July 2007.

    Finally I140 receipt notice arrived and have filed my 485.. Thanks IV who gave me valuable suggestions

    05-24 05:37 PM
    Unique Transaction ID #78760778E4272854J)
    Business Name:
    Immigration Voice

    06-10 03:45 PM
    Every time it hit Nov 2001, the dates were made unavailable and the cycle started again from early 2001.
    I wonder what is going to happen next month??

    This time it will be different since we already crossed April 2001 which is a significant date in terms of 245(I) cases.

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