Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • Almond
    07-05 11:08 AM
    After giving all b..t answers she was asking me Do you need any other help sir? And I was like.. Ya... Just b..t down and I will show you what USCIS just did on July 2nd to us. We still can not sit properly :)

    OMG ahahahah:D I once asked one of them if she ever got tired of having to say alll that stuff they say when they first pick up the line. "thank you for calling blah blah in order to blah blah we may need to ask you blah blah blah" and 5 minutes later they ask you like, 4 questions. She said no, she likes her job. I'd say that too if I knew there was a chance the conversation was recorded, as their phone messages say. Now I just interrupt and go "You're welcome, and NO, not in the military, YES it's about an i485 application, NO it's not about an appointment, YES I have a question.

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  • mhtanim
    09-12 07:50 PM
    After searching on google, i found almost 20 cases on first 2-3 pages itself indicating the denial notice and MTR.

    I think they are just sending denials to put us in another limbo.... Its going to be the hardest and longest 10-15 days of my life........

    Please don't get too frustrated. If they denied your application by error, they will have to approve it when you file for MTR.

    By the mean time, you may want to get in touch with a reputable lawyer who has experience in such issues. I can suggest you few if you really need one.

    Remember - if you have never been out of status, never committed a serious crime, and all your documents are in good shape, it will be hard for the USCIS to deny a MTR.

    Please PM me if you need some reputable lawyers' names.

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  • sbabunle
    12-10 01:41 PM
    You should be proud of yourself. And people
    who did not show up after RSVPed. Shame on you.

    If you offered a $15 gift card or a free movie
    coupon or Flash drive, all of these people
    would have lined up at your door.( that is the
    Desi attittude )

    I got my green card 4 months ago.( by Lord
    Krishna's grace). I still contribute to IV on monthly
    autopay. I've been trying to help everyway I could from
    the inception of IV. I made numourous strangers during
    one time to talk about IV. ( My experience is that
    Desi's are so hard to convince. Their world is their family
    and four walls around them and save everypenny they earn).

    I've a friend who went to 5.00am to a autoshop
    to test drive and get a $50 coupon. But who would never
    bother to sign a letter for IV's cause( he is a green card
    waiter). I've tell him several times to do it.

    Needhelp, your best way would be to find one person
    committed like you to stand up. It will be much easier

    Here is Mother Teresa's Prayer

    "People are often unreasonable, illogical and self centered..forgive them anyway"

    all the bests to all of you.

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  • chanduv23
    09-17 12:08 PM
    He has made arrangements as well to come to the rally tomorrow.

    We are coming from Ashburn VA area...If anybody wants to come along please PM me.


    Great stuff , we welcome you both

    Come on folks , lets all make this a success


    anime couples wallpaper. anime couples wallpaper.
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  • jagmohan
    01-08 01:53 PM
    I am with Company A and my current H1 expires on Nov 2009. I got an offer from Company B and they are insisting to Join with H1B Transfer Receipt ( and not on getting I-797 Approval). Please let me know the following:

    1. Can I join Comapny B with H1B transfer Receipt, can Comapany A create any issue here (like if comapany A cancels H1 Visa after I get receipt from Company B)

    2. After I join Comapny B with H1B Receipt , and I get 1 payslip from Company B , Can I go to India and Come back to US with Visa Stamped (from Company A) and H1B Transfer Receipt from Company B ( Note I still may not have I-797 Approval Notice)



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  • gccovet
    06-24 10:16 AM
    Called today, talked with Liz. She knew about the whole deal, and mentioned they have recieved many calls.



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  • bekugc
    06-04 12:28 PM
    hi smartboy;

    as far as i know -> if spouse is working on EAD, she is NO LONGER on H4.
    and the agreed way of re-instating h1/h4 is via H1/h4 extension or amendment or via h1/h4 stamping.

    if she leaves US and wanna come back , then she can use AP.

    if she still has a valid h4 stamping in the passport, i guess she may be tempted to use it; but i dont know what the implications cud be at the POE. the IO can chk her SSN and find out easily that she is on payroll at employment and paying taxes etc and can question "well it seems like u were working, and now u want to come back to H4? did u quit ur job etc etc". im just guessing but these cud be very valid questions.

    assuming her h4 is accpted at POE, then she comes back to h4 nonimmig visa and is immediately not eligible to work.
    One may say that - oh ok, now taht im back in the US, let me use EAD again and get back to work. but this becomes like flipfloping and just misusing H4 for travel purposes.

    it may be a grey area, chk with a lawyer regarding this. who knows theoritically it may be allowed to flipflop between h4 and ead.

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  • amitps
    09-25 05:11 PM
    They didnt even care to communicate that my wife's labor was approved, we called them to check and they said oh yes it was done 2 months ago :)


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  • pbuckeye
    03-28 01:45 PM
    my friedn ask me go iv site i come site and see spillover give my family gc soon this consufion what happenning

    Hilarious! Talk about overplaying your hand.

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  • amitjoey
    05-20 12:48 PM
    I am having a lot of success asking my friends to also help us send emails. Some of these people are not stuck in the EB Queue, but are glad to help.

    Please ask all your friends to help out to send emails and printed letters.


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  • Lasantha
    06-19 04:37 PM
    One change I noticed.

    Now people can continue in the old system if the I-140 was approved or pending before the first day of the fiscal year subsequent to the the bill being enacted. So if the bill is passed right away, you need to have filed your I-140 before Oct 1 2007.

    Not true. The wording is still the same. The date of "introduction of the act".

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  • eb3retro
    07-07 11:29 AM
    need a good lawyer in dallas area for filing my AP. dont want to spend lot of money (already spent enough for a costly lawyer). also need to file G28 for changing from old lawyer to myself. Does anyone have any suggestions?? thanks.


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  • LostInGCProcess
    06-17 03:53 PM
    I have had all good experiences with fragoment till now, and I have been dealing with them for a couple of years now. They were very professional i should say. Again I work for one of the top 3 financial firms , and my employer has fragomen as preferred law firm.

    seems to me, you are one of the paralegals or employee of that firm :D or marketing that company :cool:

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  • smuggymba
    06-16 03:38 PM
    Hi, I have a question about PERM labor process. How soon can an employer apply PERM labor certification after hiring an employee?

    Anytime, no restriction whatsoever but sometime is need to advertise and do other paper work formality.


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  • rajuram
    11-19 11:46 PM
    I tend to agree. Anything that can give us positive publicity will work.

    The flower campaign was a huge success. The holiday season is here and I was thinking about a potentially new and innovative campaign idea. Greeting cards with a recorded audio message to be sent to the Director of USCIS. The message would be unique to the individual sending it. Should include something like "Dear Sir - I wish you a happy and safe holiday season. My name is "xyz". I am a legal immigrant stuck in the green card backlog for "xyz" years. Please help us. This message is just an idea - it could be anything agreed upon by consensus.

    Maybe this idea is a little corny but we have to think out of the box. Just imagine - hundreds of greeting cards with their own unique message - could make a point???

    dresses Anime couple in sunset anime couples wallpaper. cute anime couples wallpaper.
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  • rajeshalex
    03-05 08:40 AM
    I will contribute 25$ on my behalf. And I suggest that we can take a copy of this letter and send it to Ombudsman, president and hilar clinton telling that USCIS even dont know how many applications with PD per country.

    We can also send the copy of this letter to AILA and any other media and try to get an publicity so that ultimately aim should be like the processing times there must be a web page in USCIS where it should display each month what is the no of applications with pd per country. If we dont request this then after an year again we have to pay 5K to get this report.

    Third thing is can IV management contribute some money?



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  • ohmasala1
    06-23 05:09 PM
    I called and the staff member said, she will pass the message

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  • srikondoji
    12-24 02:01 PM
    You have to understand the simple fact that no,law or system is 100% perfect on day 1. Over time we have to learn the system and take the feedback and modify the system according to changing times. You cannot say that discrimination is built into the law. This is totally wrong.
    Again H1-B visa is a privillege just like Driver license. It is not a right.
    We can only request/protest democratically following proper protocols and get our things done. Otherwise there won't be any difference between us and those terrorists who protest by suicide bombers.
    I hope i didn't offend anyone here.

    of course, a different visa type, discrimination built into the law.

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  • needhelp!
    02-07 01:30 PM
    23800 more to go

    07-20 04:31 PM
    Guys keep in mind before applying for Canadian PR - ur H1 should be > 1 yr valid at the time of appliaction or else Canadan guys willl send it back.

    05-21 07:45 AM

    Unless we wakeup for the cause now, we will continue to suffer for many more years.

    Please contribute. Remember Anti's are sitting on millions of dollars and we the Hi-tech people can not even contribute $50K.

    Help yourself.

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