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  • Sakthisagar
    02-24 08:40 AM
    Hi Folks,

    I am here for the past 10 years, 2003 I changed my H1 company and they applied my GC on EB3 , and again I missed the 2007 fiasco. because my Mother was ailing and have to rush to our Mother land India, and I lost my Mother too. Unfortunately last time when I applied for the H1 extension on Sept 2009, they were just implementing the client Relationship stuff without any notice, I could produce the client letter and agreement even though my I-140 is approved, they gave only 1 year extension, this Sept 2010, I again have to extend my H1,if I did not get my EAD by that time.

    In this times, two things are possible, One is a CIR, introduced in Senate and it passes with necessary vote, at this political situation it is most unlikely, and also if CIR fails then all our legal immigration will be passed as piece meal amendments. and the Visa recapture happens, Otherwise President, Senate and Congress together should know the situation we are all in and they take a decision on EB category, mind you, Legal immigration is blocked politically by Illegal Immigrants!. or USCIS should feel the back log reason, because of the 2000 amendment all our people back home coming as familes (nothing against them! everyone moves to greener pastures and good opportunity). In US, even if we are the most highly educated, all these carrer hike and promotion stuff goes by business situation, and as we all know US is still on recovery phase as far as economy is concerned, So be patient at least this year or next year some good news for all of us. Praying for all here in this situation. This is not a Problem, this is a Situation, even this will Pass away.

    May GOD Bless

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  • delhiguy79
    08-15 11:10 AM
    If its 2001 or 2003 ... ppl like me who r in EB 3 (with PD March 2007) will not get GC for next 4-5 yrs until and unless they spill Eb 1 cases evenly to Eb2 and Eb3...which is next to impossible :eek:

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  • chanduv23
    11-20 10:25 PM
    In addition to my above post, one can be on h1b and keep getting h1b extensions and apply for consular processing instead of AOS.

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  • Libra
    09-11 11:30 AM
    OMG, thank you so much coopheal. :cool:

    IV rocks�.. Just made contribution of 500$
    Cannot come to rally because of personal reasons. Feeling terrible about that�.

    Order Details - Sep 11, 2007 10:46 AM CDT
    Google Order #636002683618849


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  • knnmbd
    04-26 12:39 PM
    Guys ,

    We have to stick to immigration reform..
    Let's not get into the medicare/social security/income tax issues.
    That would open a complete new front on which the immigration refrom opponents can attack you...

    Our organization has to steer clear of the landmine issues like Medicare, Social Security reform. Those issues have sank many political careers in washington...These issues are tar pits..swamps...

    We are threading a needle here...the thicker your thread gets..the less likely it would get through the needle hole..
    We have to maintain focus and not get carried away.

    I agree with msp1976 on this. We need to focus on only the retrogression issue; everything else is great for time pass till the 27th when the SJC reconvenes.

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  • vparam
    09-18 09:41 PM
    vparam/ anyone,

    i have 2 questions

    when i move into my own LLC how far do I need to go in terms of documents/ pay-stubs to prove to the USCIS that it's a legitimate company/ job offer? i guess i am a bit confused as to how to present to USCIS my dual role as owner/ employee with 140 job description?

    also from your experiences is it practical (in terms of taxation) to just run your own payroll (from consulting) through your LLC - meaning you are the only employee in your company?

    thanks in advance,

    Ref (Murthy): " Foreign nationals can port their cases to a self-employed position! This is a very favorable stance, as many foreign nationals desire to establish their own companies and, in that way, control their own destinies. The entrepreneurial spirit is strong among many immigrants. The Memo reiterates the need to show that the new position or job is the same or similar. It also states that the new employer and job offer must be legitimate.
    In these situations, the USCIS is to focus upon whether the original job offer was really the intended employment at the time the I-140 and I-485 were filed. That is, the petitioning company must have intended to employ the foreign national beneficiary and the foreign national beneficiary must have intended to accept the position at the time of filing the I-140 and the I-485."
    I think the 2nd paragraph means USCIS might want additional RFEs from your 140 employer later on to prove that original 140 employment offer was valid.

    Easy way out... if you are married then your spouse could be the president (owner) and you could be a SW dev or whast so ever it states in 140/ labor.

    you need a bank account for your company, you could run your payroll by buying quicken business and issue check for you as employee... Mind your business is separate from you employment... that you cannot take all the earning as salary, some as salary, some as profits is possible


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  • ronhira
    07-06 02:30 AM
    U need to change ur handle :-)

    now that's not fair, i don't know how to change my handle, just think for a minute that my handle is - let me pick another name out of the blue - how about matloff. would that work?

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  • ind_game
    05-18 03:05 PM
    Those continuous LUDs are pre adjudication processes - means your name check status, other statuses. FP etc... are all processed.


    I just spoke to Congressional office and this is what she has to say:


    I just spoke with our liaison at the Nebraska office and she confirmed that your motion to reopen was approved on Friday (05/15/2009). That, I am told, means Nebraska agrees to re-examine your I-485 denial and a decision should be forthcoming within 60 days. I suggest that we wait to see what that decision is before our office initiates any formal inquiries with the USCIS Nebraska Director.


    But she agreed that my second MTR might have been on sidelines and the congressional office inquiry into the matter could have influenced USCIS to review my case ( probably with a supervisor) immediately. She told me that she would put another inquiry with NSC in 4 weeks if nothing comes up. Finally we have decided to forgo (just for now) the process of writing letter to the NSC Director as it might not add much weight to the process, as congressional office would be repeating the same argument that my Attorney has made regarding the AC21, which a supervisor is already looking at.

    I have already waited for 3 months. Another 2 months might take its toll on my emotional drain.

    God save AC21............


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  • 9years
    11-05 02:47 PM
    Check this thread

    Few months back I have seen a thread on immigration voice forum similar case approved.

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  • eb3_nepa
    07-14 01:29 PM
    Do you know how to pay online from my bank account? I checked the contributions page, but it discusses about paying through Paypal (and for $100+).

    Simply send the check of $5 to Immigration Voice at the address listed in the first post as if you were paying a utility bill. That way your bank will send IV a check of $5.00 (or whatever amount you want it to) and IV gets the WHOLE $5 and no fees are deducted.


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  • black_logs
    04-25 01:14 PM
    Guys let me clearify it. We cannot change our agenda at this point . It is not an option. We have done 1000's of hr discussions with QGA and so many meetings with various Senators and Congressmen to get our agenda finalized. Adding something new to our agenda is not an option. But this is a very healthy discussion going on here. Pleople can send personal comments and ideas to the lawmakers. This is surely a very good suggestion.

    . I agree. Also, since F1 is not a dual intent visa this will not hold water. Anyways this is a ridiculous demand. We are not the law makers and we should consider ourselves lucky that couple of IV's amendments are in a few of the senator�s bills, though there are no guarantees if they will be included in the final text or let alone be passed. We should only push for what is already include in the 2 bills and not confuse everyone every time one of us comes up with this "brilliant" idea of using H1B entry date as priority date. So what's the next amendment we want� include the day I first envisioned that I will come to America as the priority date. WE NEED ONE VOICE and we have already been heard so let�s stick to what is practical and push those amendments through.

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  • chanduv23
    09-12 01:35 PM
    I dont mind getting Red Dots, But please, for god's sake. Stop doing this fruitless campaign. Do you guys think Giving a Clock or sending flowers solved earlier problems. Enough of this Gandhiian ways. This country is not good for people like Gandhi. May be Flower campaign got noticed and created a whole new experience for the USCIS, but i dont think it really helped them do anything in our favor. Already, folks here are wasting their money, year after year, on their EADs and APs for them and their family. Just think for a second guys, It costs us 1000 $ to maintain status on AOS and visit our family and this is going on indefinitely for our years now. USCIS/Congress does not want to do anything about this, They are happy to get the revenue. Even if you think a minimum of 200,000 people spending 1000 $ an year, it is 200,000,000 $. Iam not even considering the amount they spent on other things like H1B extension, H4s..... Just think about the Dollars they are making on this Green Card SCAM. Accept it or not, it is indirectly affecting our lives, even though, GC is not really important for lot of folks. Iam one such person, I have a good client and a decent employer and iam with the same folks for 9 years and they are happy extending my H1b at their cost. But still, this whole GC game, is sometimes disturbing. They are playing with our emotions and our loved ones. So, GUYS we need to take a bigger and bolder step. To me, Calling people, sending flowers and letters explaining the situation makes no sense. Do you think, those guys dont really know about our situation. Let us a make a bold move. We are 70,000 folks just here in ImmigrationVoice. Let us compile a letter,that pushes USCIS/Congress on improving the condition. As long as they get those EXTRA Dollars, i dont think anything is going to happen. Even if they remove the provision to apply for GC while on H1B, it is good for us, for we will know that in advance and can plan on shaping our future better, instead of this false promise and emotional torture. I think even AILA or other Lawyers are useless. They dont want to do anything for us. All they do is, interpret the LAW , and explain us in the way we can understand. They dont take steps to fight for the justice. All they care is the money. So let us make our point clear to USCIS, we dont want to waste money on EADs and APs and H1B extensions. To me, it should be free of cost, since it is their problem that they dont work efficiently. Why should we pay 1000s of dollars for their inefficiency. let us all 70,000 work together in sending a letter to USCIS or Congress that We are not willing to spend any more money on the GC knowing that we are not going to get it anyway. Unless, we do something like this, the real impact of our situation will never get noticed. Again, our main aim should be to let them know about our situation and not just that IV is a group that will send flowers, to express its presence.

    To do what you suggest, we have to organize ourselves first. Opening threads and debating and then burying them deep does not help. If we have 30K IV members + 40 K families and friends 70K letters will definitely make a difference.
    Thats why I say, lets organize ourselves - andthe first step is to "pledge commitment for the cause" followed by coming out of anonymity - followed by actively participating in grassroots efforts by working through state chapters


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  • BornToWin
    04-11 11:48 AM
    Any Schedule A approvals for July filers?

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  • kuhelica2000
    09-15 05:13 PM
    I wasn't planning on porting my PD until I read this nonsense "Injunction" threat. I will now port my PD; GCTest - go and file your injunction. If you don't have enough balls to do that I can lend you one.

    That memo/document you pointed out is an interpretation. We have already said that USCIS's interpretation is incorrect. We intend to correct this interpretation with this lawsuit.

    Infact, it would be wrong to call this a lawsuit.

    We are aiming for an injunction (or a stay order) in step 1 of the lawsuit that would prevent USCIS from working on any interfiling/PD porting requests.

    If the injunction is with retroactive effect, all the EBs (not just EB3) who have ported their PDs will have their cases frozen. USCIS would not be able to work on them.

    The remainder of the lawsuit can take its sweet time... the injunction should serve the primary cause.


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  • mpadapa
    06-10 12:04 PM
    Yes there was an organization just like IV which was instrumental in getting the AC21 provision. I just don't recollect the name probably IV core folks can provide more details.
    Those time were different economy was booming and the anti-immigrants orgs esp against legal folks were non existent. Moreover EB folks had big uncertainty after 6yr clock on H1 expires. But now it is different, EB folks are busy tracking receipts and are happy with EAD and AP. SO who cares about rallying for a bill/amendment?

    Visa numbers have been recaptured in the past (year 2000, I think).

    Do we know more details on how this happened? Who worked for this and what did they do to make their efforts successful?

    Same with the AC21 provision that allows changing jobs after 180 days. That is a huge accomplishment for whoever worked to make it happen.

    Perhaps we can borrow some of their wisdom.

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  • maximus777
    06-11 10:25 AM
    In a weird way, I feel this is good news. An old saying in China says 'Things will turn to their opposite at their extremes'. The moment before dawn is the darkest hour of the day.

    USCIS is a different beast altogether - it defies all logic!


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  • texcan
    09-10 10:07 AM

    here is my humble contribution of 100.
    keep up the great work.

    A suggestion, lets keep a tally where we are for contribution goal,
    this will encourage everyone to contribute more and round off any shortfalls
    in overall contribution.


    On a side note,

    This is my understanding, even if there are some harsh things said
    on the forum, but in all everyone appreciates the great work being done
    by this group.

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  • needhelp!
    09-10 03:26 PM
    Thank you k3GC, ngodisha, Karthikthiru, deba, watcher , ek_akela, mpadapa

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  • vin13
    03-12 11:46 AM
    I feel contribution campaign for a specific initiative will have a better result than a general contribution.

    The home page should show all the initiatives that is being worked on. Who is leading the effort and then people can contribute for those efforts. This way everyone will have a say in what they feel is more important by contributing more to that effort.

    The reason i feel this is because currently the only way i can understand the progress about any initiative is by constantly reading the forum. A lot of times people change topics and open several threads. I need to keep pace with the posts. I spend several hours a day to keep up. I may not be able to do this forever.

    Legal employement based immigration has various aspects.Initiative are vast ranging from F1 visas to Advance Parole. If we break the contribution by initiatives, people can visit those areas so they can contribute their time and money more effectively.

    Just my 2 cents.

    08-18 08:18 AM
    What you are saying is absolutely right and there is no doubt what you are doing is the need of this hour but my guess is most of the people who are still waiting from 2001.2002 or 2003 have some reasons to Not do it. For me my employer is not ready to take the pain of going thru another GC process, even though I pay all the expenses, and I am not able to find a sponsor, I'm sure there are many in similar situation..
    You are forgetting the re-distribution of spill over rules which has affected the processing speed of different categories. So it doesnt matter how many numbers are pending in EB3 past years, its surely greater than the country limits based on past visa usage data. So it does make a lot of sense to port to EB2. Some one who applied in EB2 India in 2008 is likely to get GC before someone who applied in EB3 India 2003/2004 based on current situation.

    09-11 08:44 PM
    We do have sponsorships available. Please vote in the following poll and let us know your requirement. We will assist you


    I support this great org. Difficult to travel from WA with famliy and kid.

    Contributed 100$. Google Order #204480874815294


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