Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • desi3933
    02-25 10:06 AM
    Reading through this, this only says that the status cannot be changed (to a PR). It does not say that the prefiling of of AOS application cannot be done.

    I think we should definitely try to work towards this. There was also an article on Immigration daily (,0225-endelman.shtm) which suggests pre filing as a administrative fix that will solve a lot of problems.

    I am definitely in for such a initiative.

    Read again
    (3) an immigrant visa is immediately available to him at the time his application is filed.

    Explanation - At the time when the application (i.e. I-485) is filed by applicant, an immigrant visa is immediately available (i.e. PD is current).

    If you still have doubt, talk to your attorney and post here what he/she told you.

    Have a good day!

    Not a legal advice
    US citizen of Indian origin

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  • anilsal
    03-04 10:32 PM
    Overall - $5000.

    Advance - $2500 within 30 days to start the work.

    Is the overall work something like 100K that they have divided by the number of requests to yield 5K per request? Unlikely. I think they just sent standard 5K demand to each FOIA request to shut it down.

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  • gunabcd
    07-17 10:33 PM
    What freedom and justice you are talking about? The folks on this forum are not responsible for you misery. So stop venting you frustation here. Though, I sympathize with you situtation but unfortuantely the whole legal system is unfair.
    What we have done here is a good start, soon we will lobby for passing of SKIL bill . And the day is not far when you too will be benefitted by these efforts
    Please and i'm begging you that please read the entire post and think for a moment before replying. I'm not in BEC, already filed my 485. I'm aware of the IV efforts towards getting relief for BEC people, I never disputed that. My point has been that the system and July bulletin is unfair (at least from one angle) and that calling it unfair/unjust should not upset others. I don't know what words were used by Bigtime and banning him was fair or unfair.

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  • m306m
    04-30 10:18 AM


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  • walking_dude
    10-16 09:25 AM
    Yes. Completely agreed.

    I've an idea that I want to discuss at the Meet. It will not only help us show the World how much we contribute (real figures), but also get our group (state chapter) legitimacy in the eyes of Lawmakers. It also might get us some media attention. This and other ideas will be Exclusively premiered at the Meeting. So anybody interested, be there.

    Anybody with great ideas - FIFO for GCs, Earned GCs (based on years in US) included, be there at the meet. We'll surely forward these ideas to the Core. If there's a great demand for these ideas at the grassroots, Core'll surely include these as their top agenda. So be there and share your ideas. Ideas will be put to vote and passed on to the Team IV. It's a great opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and push for your ideas.

    You are being given a rare and valuable opportunity here. Use it! Don't crib later on IV forums that IV doesn't care. [ I'll be there, for sure, to ask you - Did you care about your state chapter meetings? If Not, why should we care for you?]

    PS : Bestin, same here. Lets build a strong network in Michigan and succeed together.

    We also need to make the public aware what we contribute to the society.Not only our jobs,but also how we contribute to ssn,work without unemployment benefits (when compared to citizens),how much taxes we pay,etcs tatus of h4 dependents without driving licence and with all these stress we also do our job with a smile isnt?WE DEFINITELY NEED TO OVERCOME THE PUBLIC OPINION THAT WE ARE JUST HERE TO TAKEAWAY JOBS.

    Rather than mentioning it as our right,we need to make people aware of how we contribute and why we deserve a green card.;)

    My 2 cents.

    BTB,nice taking to u over phone WD.

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  • cagedcactus
    10-18 07:17 AM
    WD, good idea...
    bring all the material and pointers to kick off the meeting. We clearly see you as our technical leader. Formalities will be quick at the meeting so that we can recognize a few people as leaders, who can communicate with IV leaders and keep working on local plans...
    People please share your experience, and thoughts about how you want to approach the local task....

    confirm your place at the meeting....
    we have 4 people posting here in thread... that wont do.... meetings are once in a while things... we need constant participation from others here on IV.... this place is the center point for us. If you are busy, mark down your cellphone calendar for a daily time when you can visit IV and michigan chapter thread to keep yourself and others updated....


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  • needhelp!
    02-11 01:30 PM
    Thanks for your pledge.. Looking for the same spirit to awaken in all our members.

    I will do 50+ from my side over the weekend , sorry shadowing till now will post exact as i mail all these. I will try to pump up as much as i can .

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  • ZeroComplexity
    09-21 06:11 PM
    I wanted to attend but I have pretty much exhausted all my vacation. 2 more days will be pushing it.

    Also, the flight schedules to fly from Portland Oregon to D.C is so ridiculous that it takes a whole day away in flying.

    Will definetely attend a rally in the east coast, or better yet will help organize one.


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  • eb3_nepa
    03-17 10:15 PM
    I think I-485 filing clause is needed. Please note that the USCIS is not staffed enough. So there is a high possibility that the priority date retrogression will continue even if all the current provisions included in the Frist bill is passed. They will retain the retrogression in order to control the number of applications. In such a scenario, it is important for us to try and introduce the I-485 clause, so that people could get their EAD while they wait for USCIS to clear the mess. My 2 cents.

    This actually CUD very well happen. It may be good for IV to consider that.

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  • santb1975
    05-01 07:31 PM
    We need 939$ to get to out first 10k

    Total: 9061 USD.

    Thanks lalithkx, sirinme, gc78


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  • vbkris77
    03-05 09:37 AM
    What we get

    1. We get number of EB2,EB3 Primary and EB2,EB3 Dependent applications.

    2. From the wordings, I won't be suprized if they give a summarized number from 2001.

    But if someone else requested this info broken into PD buckets by month and Year, then I think we need to use that. The letter I sent had that wording, but I never received any response yet.

    Here is what we don't get

    1. Break up by country - Helps folks in EB3 as ROW is not current

    2. Some might have not applied for AOS for various reason like their I140 is still pending, Some companies mandate that. - This could be a small percentage

    3. Break-up by PD month& year

    More insight is welcome.. Pre-adjudicated cases are not approved cases. So they can't eliminate them..

    I have received a response on my request last year to USCIS for information on number of AOS applications pending. Here it is:
    February 24, 2009

    We received your request for information relating to Adjustment of Status applications in the employment-based category. You have specifically requested the number of pending employment based AOS applications, (excluding approved, denied) filed with USCIS since 2001, for each of the following countries and categories:
    - EB-2 China
    - EB-2 India
    - EB-3 China
    - EB-3 India
    - EB-3 Mexico
    - EB-3 Philippines
    - EB-3 Rest of the World

    Your request is being handled under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C 552). It has been assigned the following control number: NRC2008065126. Please cite th is number in any further inquiry about this request.

    In order to extract the information you have requested, a customized computer program will be required. You will be charged for the time it takes to write the program as well as the time involved in running the query to extract the date. You will not be charged for duplication, review and search time. We estimate the cost to be $5000.00. Due to the time and effort involved, you will be asked to sign an advance fee agreement before we proceed with your request. In addition, a deposit of $2500.00 payable by check or money order, must be paid within 30 days of the date of this notification. Please make your check payable to the United States Treasury, Failure to submit the $2500.00 deposit within the time frame given will result in your request being administratively closed.

    In order to assure that we provide the information you seek in the format you have requested, we ask that you clarify the information sought. Employment based status is broken down into the following 14 categories.

    Page 2

    E21 203(b)(2) PROF/EXCPTNL ABILITY
    E22 SPOUSE OF ES1 OR E21
    E23 CHILD OF ES1 OR E21
    E26 203(b)(2) PROF/EXCPTNL ABILITY
    E28 CHILD OF ES6
    E30 203(b)(3) CHILD OF E36, E37
    E31 203(b)(3)(A)(i) SKILLED WORKER
    E32 203(b)(3)(A)(ii) PROFESSIONAL
    E34 203(b)(3)(A) SPOUSE OF E31, E32
    E35 203(b)(3)(A) CHILD OF E31, E32
    E36 203(b)(3)(A)(i) SKILLED WORKER
    E37 203(b)(3)(A)(ii) PROFESSIONAL
    E39 203(b)(3)(A) SPOUSE OF E36, E37

    Are you asking tha the information we provide be broken down into the categories listed above, or may we group all EB-2 categories and ass EB-3 categories together?

    Please define priority date.

    You have asked for information concerning the country of chargeability. This information is not assigned until the application is approved or denied. Since you have requested information on pending applications only, this information is not available.

    If you have any questions concerning your pending FOIA/PA request, please address them to this office, Attention: FOIA/PA Officer, or call us at 816-350-5570, or fax any FOIA/PA related correspondence to 816-350-5785.


    T. Diane Cejka


    I will post a scan tomorrow

    From what I understand, they aren't able to get the numbers by country of chargeablility.

    Its funny they are asking me to define priority date ! :)

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  • va_labor2002
    12-01 12:45 PM
    SATYAGRAH is an Excellent idea.One day hunger strike near Capitol hill will give enough media attention ! I think it is legal to protest in a peacefull way. It is much better than rally ! I am ready to participate in SATYAGRAH in DC !

    Keep aggressively working on SATYAGRAH (insist for truth) to end retrogression. If nothing happen in lame duck session, I would suggest to gether at DC (may be 50-100 people) and have one day hunger opposition. One person can dress like Gandhi to attract attention of media. Send one flower and picture of Gandhi to all Congree members with just one line message and it can be repeated every week.

    Good thread !!

    There are two things we can do to fight for devil of Retrogression. Similarly Mahata Ganghi did for Independence

    1. Release stress, frustration, negativity encounter to all of us due to retrogression. Positive points are highlighed in this thread by many friends. Mahatma Gandhi also did the same to overcome enger, frustration of millions of people.

    2. Keep aggressively working on SATYAGRAH (insist for truth) to end retrogression. If nothing happen in lame duck session, I would suggest to gether at DC (may be 50-100 people) and have one day hunger opposition. One person can dress like Gandhi to attract attention of media. Send one flower and picture of Gandhi to all Congree members with just one line message and it can be repeated every week.

    This is just my thought !!! I am not sure every one like it or not. When MLK Jr inspired by Gandhi philosophy and made revolution, why can't we?


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  • stucklabor
    03-19 08:21 PM
    Yes, by removing "or" from (I), adding "or" at (II), and adding (III). I think this is how it would read. How do you think it should read?

    Your interpretation is incorrect. An advanced degree holder from the US will not need labor certification. Please go through my and Appu's reasoning in earlier posts on this thread to understand why.

    Per Frist's bill, an advanced degree holder in STEM with 3 years experience will be subject to special handling in labor cert. Your (iii) refers to this person. This person is not subject to the numerical quota.

    An advanced STEM degree holder from the US does not need labor cert. This is because notwithstanding the applicant's admissiblity for permanent residence, the applicant can file for adjustment of status as long as he has an immigrant petition. "Applicant's admissibility for permanent residency" refers to labor cert for EB 2/3 workers - see section 212 of INA. So irrespective of labor cert, the advanced STEM degree holder from the US can file for Adjustment of Status and I140. However, this person is subject to numerical quota and has to wait for a green card number for 485 approval.

    Put both the above paragraphs together - the advanced STEM degree holder from the US with 3 years experience has the best of both worlds - no labor cert, no quota, can file for I140 and I48.

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  • desperatedesi
    09-19 10:53 PM
    First of all I think logiclife will go in the history of immigration books as the movers that existed in this generation. I am amazed at how motivated the IV core team is and how smoothly they have organized the whole show so far.

    I salute you. Hats off to you guys.

    I read a lot of newspaper articles after the rally and they always seemed to mention that Indian and Chinese legal aliens protesting backlogs. I think there should be some effort to also include people from other nationalities such as Russians, Englishmen, Philipinos, Chinese and other nationalities. Now I know they are not hit as hard as us but they go thru some serious backlog as well if they are in the EB3 category.

    Question is I am thinking how?

    Any ideas guys?


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  • arnet
    06-13 08:42 PM
    This is old posting, but might be helpful for I-485 filers. so check this and verify with your attroney and with USCIS before filing I-485.

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  • cnag
    03-17 03:12 PM
    Does the Frist Bill refers to advanced degree from the US or advanced degree
    from Indian Universities also ? I mean MCA/MS/Msc/MTech etc? Can anyone
    please clarify ?


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  • manish_jain99
    07-18 05:32 PM
    People were very happy with the last USCIS announcement but we all forgot about pain of people who are stuck in years of backlog. Though some of those unfortunate may have used harsh or improper language, but they had all the right to express their feelings. We all talk about Gandhian philosophy, but we need to be more tolerant. Before we ask to ban anyone from our forum, please try to put yourself in their shoes.

    Our fight is far from over, we should all fight for for in-justice made to people who are trapped in the bureaucracy.

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  • sam_hoosier
    11-15 03:29 PM
    Flower campaign wasnt started by iv (atleast not by the seniors), it slowly gathered momentum on its own and produced results. After seeing this bulletin I ve lost hope in all this lobbying and stuff. We need publicity and more of it. Fasting for a day if organized by iv could bring more results.

    Lets not undermine IV's efforts in promoting the flower campaign. IV may not have started it, but the publicity on IV went a long way in making the campaign a big success.

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  • Sunx_2004
    07-17 02:09 PM
    If you file today it will be past october when you have to choose between EB2 and EB3 (I485 stage for EB2) till that time you have both the process going on EB2 and EB3.
    If you start EB2 process in October it will take 6 to 9 months to clear labor and I 140..

    I wouldn't make that decision until Oct of 2008.
    My personal opinion and analysis tell me that EB2 will soon get retrogressed from what it is today and the picture will not be that rosy in a couple of months.

    I would wait until Oct 2008 and see what kind of visa numbers are available at that time for EB2 and EB3 and them make any decision on switching.

    Again..just my opinion.

    02-11 10:55 PM
    All your questions about Immigration Voice�s funds and financial disclosure are answered here:


    Same thing on Yahoo if the link above does not work:

    Thanks for listening.

    09-28 04:10 PM
    Hi All,

    Just a brief overview of my scenario...I came to US on H1b in Nov 2006 for a small consultancy and started work after 2 weeks .....and continued at the client until the last day..

    My Company used to pay us 1 month lately i.e for say month of mar we were paid in such when i left them after giving them proper notice i had to take 2 months salary ......after a lot of persistence from my side my employer deposited my 1 month salary in bank account but diditn sent the associated paystub and stopped replying for the other month salary and paystubs...

    meanwhile I applied for H1 Transfer through a reputed company in July before resigning and giving the paystub for may which was generated in month of July......

    I am waiting for the transfer to complete so as to report my previous employer to DOL....for recovering my wages and documents.....

    I have all the valid documents like approved timesheets and client reference and letter citing out details of dates till i worked as well as email correspondence with my previous employer...

    In worst case if INS ask me for the June and July Paystubs which i didnt get from my employer, can it effect the H1 Transfer and if so can the document like timesheets and client letters,bank statements, email correspondence with my previous employer suffice.......

    If u all support i want to teach this guy a please come forward and give me suggestions....although i was always working but still due to this stupid guy i have doubts in my mind....

    Hey People i want justice ,this guy has harrassed me a lot and put my carreer at least 2 years back....i had excellent background allways worked with reputed concerns...

    Please help...any help will be highly appreciated.

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