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  • lordoftherings
    06-19 10:21 PM
    So assuming this is all correct and comes to pass what will EB GC applicants do from the date this is decreed to take effect (May 15th, June 19th October 1st etc.) until October 2008? Will there just be no applications allowed for over a year and existing applications made past the cut-off date get scrapped?

    Does anybody has answer to this qns please?

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  • rayoflight
    05-19 09:37 PM
    Thank You GreenMe for your support and encouraging your friends as well.

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  • alterego
    09-04 05:05 PM
    Someone asked earlier, who changed their mind after reading Jaime. I did after one of his earlier posts.
    I was decided on not going, but then as I spent more time on this forum, I realized it is definitely the right thing to do. If not us speaking up then who? Simply answer that. How do lawmakers even know that we exist, that an injustice is happening to us, that we feel frustrated about our situation. They keep getting lopsided anti immigrant venom from some well organized and well funded groups and keep hearing about illegal immigration. Our pain however has resonance with them. We played by the rules, we came and lived legally at the invitation of our AMERICAN employers and the US gov't certified that there is no one to take the jobs we are doing, we paid taxes, we have integrated into society and we are asking, why are we being made to wait this long?
    What's to feel bad or shy about in that?

    I'll tell you something, those who are skeptical simply do not understand how this country works. It is a representative democracy and people pressure and protests and lobbying DO WORK. Otherwise lobbying would not be the biggest growth industry of the day. There is no other way to inspire change, and it has been, can and will be done. I have seen it time and over again.

    The final point I wish to make is, those coming to this rally have pre-selected traits. They are the pre-selected ones who are programmed to be successful in this country. They understand it and are proactive and entrepreneural and willing to spend, take risks, take a leadership, are responsible and will do the right thing. These traits have been and will continue to be rewarded in the long run in this country. I wish we can project that our community has many of these people.
    Those meek, follow the leader, risk averse, miserly, behind the back types, may have their little breadcrumbs but will never have the attributes to achieve anything of note in the USA anyway. They will continue to find lame excuses for their lack of progress.

    Every reader needs to decide for themself which type he/she is. This is after all the greatest country in the world that you are asking for acceptance into.

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  • msyedy
    02-11 06:01 PM
    Pappu's post

    Other companies/coalitions have stopped pushing for temporary H-1B increase as they do not want to be in the bad books of committee chairmen and the leadership offices by trying to sneak temporary relief that divides the supporters of CIR. Leadership wants support for CIR and want all sides to wait for CIR. And not doing so and trying to get interim relief before CIR would put them in bad books of Senate and House leadership, which no one wants coz if CIR fails, then after CIR, these offices will not co-operate with any group that tried to take away support from CIR. So it would be counter-productive politically to do things that take away good stuff from CIR. Also, if you think that any effort in the final week could help in anyway, then let me to share with you that most provisions and their language are decided much in advance and last minute efforts almost never yield any result on the Hill."

    I don't want to oppose IV, but think it this way.. If Microsoft and many big companies asking an increase in H1-B for so many years did not get anything done since 2005, then what are our chances of our voice even reaching them.
    Everyone were so desparatly waiting for the I-485 relief before 15th feb.
    Now that we know that the provisions and their language are decided much in advance, can we know if senate is really going to introduce CIR next month and are inclined towards passing it.

    After reading the complete post, I have come to conclusion that we cannot
    hope confidently that anything can pass this year or in the comming years.


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  • mohican
    03-16 06:47 PM

    My MTR was reconsidered--what a relief. Here is the response:

    "Service motion to reopen or reconsider:
    In the case at hand, the I-485 was denied because the underlying I-140 was revoked. However, the applicant is eligible for portability consideration under Ac21. Therefore, the applicant should have been notified of this eligibility before any final adverse action was taken on his I485. Pursuant to Part 103.5, Title 8, Code of Federal Regulations, the denied I-140 petition referenced above has been reopened/reconsidered."

    My attorney says that what this means is that only my I140 that was revoked is now open and they have yet to make a decision on I485.

    My question to fellow members of this forum:
    1. Has any of you recived similar response to your MTR filing against wrongful I485 denial
    2. Please note that my case is slightly peculiar in that the I140 was revoked and aproved labor certification was substitued--if some one was in similar situation, please respond with specifics?

    My MTR was recieved my TSC on Feb 9th, i received receipt notice on Feb 16th and final approval was made on March 10th and the letter arrived on March 16th. I am glad and thankful that they understood the urgency of my situation. Now the hunt starts for NEXT STEPS?

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  • sunny1000
    07-01 03:46 PM
    Looks like the call volume has gone down considerably in the past few days. Those who have not called yet, please call asap and ask your family/friends to call as well.


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  • muni_k
    05-31 05:53 PM
    Receipt ID: 3347-9248-3773-8217
    contributed $ 50

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  • vina92
    06-08 06:56 PM
    May be we should try to lobby for a bill with one time relief of Backlog of EB retrogressed.
    I feel that once this backlog is reduced, it will be easier for future applicants anyway as H1Bs are reduced to 65000 from last few years.

    I request IV core to look into this option as the opposition from anti immigrants would be less for something like this. This has happened once before in yr 2000.



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  • h1techSlave
    11-27 04:11 PM
    I don't know if any one has noticed or would agree with me. But based on the numbers I feel USCIS is the real bottleneck in EB green card. They have somewhere around 250,000 EB visas available per year for the last severel years, but they were issuing only around 80,000 EB visas per year.

    I bet they have only issued around 120,000 EB visas in the year 2006 (Oct 2005 - Sept 2006), even though the quota is around 250,000. (140,000 direct + 100,000 from family other category).

    Unless we do something to fix this bottleneck, most of us are not going to see the GC. Even if the Congress raise the EB quote to 1 million per year with out any country quota, it all boils down to USCIS's usage of those available visas.

    USCIS had given one week time to file for I-485 and then closed it. Later after the flower campaign they opened it up for a month. I mean to say, They had opened a small opening for us to get in. Now its our chance of how to get the opening bigger. We were successful by doing a flower campaign. We got to do more. The slot should be made more and more wider and should lead us to green card.

    "Give the camel an inch he will ask for a .........."

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  • needhelp!
    03-06 04:15 PM

    Number of Backlogged Requests as of End of Fiscal Year: 67,545

    FOIA has its own backlog!


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  • Eb3_frustrated
    03-17 09:49 AM

    The proposed bill does not have guest worker provisions. Hope this thing survives the senate and most importantly the House

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  • senk1s
    09-26 11:29 AM


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  • Almond
    07-03 07:21 PM
    here goes another one........


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  • perm2gc
    12-04 03:55 PM

    I am a filmmaker and writer, and am currently developing a proposal for a digital documentary on the experiences of dependent visa holders. The film primarily aims to educate potential dependent visa holders and their families about the limitations of life on these visas so that they may make an informed decision. It also aims to reach policy makers in the US and others who can influence policy change.

    As part of my background research I have some questionnaires for the following categories of people.

    1) Those currently on dependent visa.
    2) Those who were once on a dependent visa and now have an H1 (or some other working status, not a Green Card).
    3) Those who were once on a dependent visa and now have a Green Card.
    4) Those who are back in home country after being on dependent status.
    5) Those who are here on a primary visa but have a dependent spouse.
    6) Those who are currently in home country but are considering going on a dependent visa.

    The identity of the respondent is optional and s/he is not required to give any personal details. Please contact Vaidehi Chitre at dependentvisafilm at if you would be interested in answering the questionnaires or in being involved in the research in any way.

    I really appreciate your help!


    Involving in research is best can know yourself...


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  • acecupid
    06-16 02:44 PM
    Dear Folks, I have a question:
    For example, if someone's Advance Parole document validity is terminating on (say for ex), July 16, 2009, then, should the person apply for renewing his/her application prior to July 16, 2009? In other words, should a person's application to renew his/her AP document be made prior to the termination of the current one, OR, could this application for renewal be made after the current AP document's validity expires (in this case after July 16, 2009)? Thanks a lot, friends.

    USCIS accepts AP renewal applications 120 days in advance of expiring AP. The normal processing time for AP is approx 1-2 months (usually it is about a month). Keep in mind that the new AP which is issued will have an immediate effective date from the date of issue and the start date will not be from the expiry date of old AP. So in most cases you will end up losing some days or even months. If you do not forsee any immediate need to travel you should wait till 30-40 days prior to old AP expiry and then apply. If your travel plans are unknown and you may have to travel if an urgent situation arises, then you should apply 120-90 days in advance to make sure you have AP validity at all times. You will obviously lose some days or months... but then who says everything that USCIS does is fair :)

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  • gk_2000
    03-26 11:57 PM
    You make no sense man. I am not against EB3. I just said what I think, and I can be wrong too. If you dont like this just ignore or give your view on how it justified to change the line in the middle of the game.


    You are right in acknowledging that you may be wrong. Where you may be wrong? Maybe your "opinion" that EB2 should be given GC first before a single EB3 is entertained. Maybe the first-come-first-served argument is the valid one after all.

    How does "my" argument make sense? I say, ok, give priority to EB2, but only within the same year. So, last years' EB3 has to be allocated first, before this year's EB2/EB3 are considered. And for this year, dont process EB3's unless EB2's for this year are done

    But, do you realize, all our opinions are moot? Come back to reality, and we immigrant community as a whole, get to ask only ONE wish. Using your wisdom, what should that one wish be? Ikken Hissatsu. Kill with one blow.


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  • a_yaja
    07-05 08:04 AM
    I am planning on sending my spouse's application and my application on July 27th so that it reaches USCIS on July 30th. Anyone else planning to wait till the last minute to send the application even though they know that it will probably be rejected?

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  • waitingGC
    02-13 09:32 AM
    Do go here and post some hard hitting arguements to shut up Kim Berry 31df832fcaa
    write to as well

    Pappu, I sent the article to my cousin in China, asking him to publish his story. Please read his reply. He graduated from University of Chicago and went back to China two years after working in US.

    "This is another sad story about skilled immigrant.

    I want to talk about this issue from my perspective.

    I got my M.B.A in a prestigious US university and worked as a Financial Analyst in US for two years. I was thinking of applying for GC at that time because I had planned to stay in US. But, that winter, when I took a vacation in China, I decided to look for a job in China because I was very impressed by the economic development in China and wanted to capitalize on the opportunity. The Chinese market was/is in urgent demand for US-trained financial analyst. After some interviews, I got a very generous offer from a multinational company and quitted my job in US without any hesitation.

    Now five years has passed. Because of my excellent performance, I get two promotions in the past five years and am a director in my company. My boss, who is an american, lost his job and has to go back to US because my company cannot see any fiancial advantage to hire him anymore. I have never been happier. I believe that I made a very good choice five years ago. Most of my chinese classmates during MBA study are still struggling for their GCs and get stuck in their career development because of GCs. They are quite regret that they did not come back to China back 5 years.

    So what I want say is that, US is not a very good place to stay anymore. There are many golden opportunities in your own country! Many countries are becoming stronger and stronger. It's not 10 or 20 years ago. 10 or 20 years ago, US is the best place in the world to stay. But now, it's different. My friends in US make about $150k a year and cannot afford a luxury lifestyle. I make $100k a year and enjoy a very comfortable life in China. I built my own house in China, which is even better than my house in New Jersey before. I hired my own chauffeur, housekeeper, two nannies for my baby... I cannot afford these thing if I were still in US. How many americans can afford the same lifestyle as mine? I don't think there are many.

    My point is, be open to opportunities in your own countries or other countries in the world other than US. You will be happy to leave US several years later when you look back. Besides, if more and more US-trained scientists and professionals come back to their own countries and help their countries to develop, maybe in another 10 or 20 years, no one would want GC anymore."

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  • garybanz
    09-20 09:54 AM
    Agree with you 100%. Instead of 'forming' state chapters in the last moment, they need to be established, nourished, strengthened and developed over a period of time. A grassroots movement needs strong roots in all regions.

    With all due respect, it was a disaster. They ended up scaring Americans - by holding Flags of thier countries, holding US flag upside-down or disrespecting US flag in other ways. This provided fodder to anti-immigrants to scare Americans of an 'invasion' of law-breaking aliens.

    We need to learn lessons from them, in not committing their mistakes

    As of now, idea doesn't look good. 10 people marching in Detroit, 20 in Minneapolis, 40 in New York, 100 in California - will it even be a rally, in the true sense?
    Agree with you 100%. Instead of 'forming' state chapters in the last moment, they need to be established, nourished, strengthened and developed over a period of time. A grassroots movement needs strong roots in all regions.

    With all due respect, it was a disaster. They ended up scaring Americans - by holding Flags of thier countries, holding US flag upside-down or disrespecting US flag in other ways. This provided fodder to anti-immigrants to scare Americans of an 'invasion' of law-breaking aliens.

    We need to learn lessons from them, in not committing their mistakes

    As of now, idea doesn't look good. 10 people marching in Detroit, 20 in Minneapolis, 40 in New York, 100 in California - will it even be a rally, in the true sense?

    Do you really think the numbers will be that bad? Look at the improvement in turnout in DC from San Jose? Every movement political or not builds gradually. The idea is to make it easy for people to show up rather than ridicule them for not showing up.

    We asked people to show up at the rally giving up (1) A day�s pay ($400 to 1000) (2) Spend money on travel where ever the buses were not available ($$) (3) Spend time away from home. That�s a little difficult for people who have not seen a single person from IV yet (which is most of us). On the other hand many people who attended the rally in San Jose did not mind traveling all the way to DC�Can you think why? Do you think Indian�s in CA have a different mindset compared to those in TX or NY/NJ?

    IMHO, we need to do more work at grass root level. If rallies are local and on a weekend then more people will turn out. Not only will there be better turnout, many of these same people will being more passionate about their support to IV and might start showing up in out of state rallies and protests.

    Many of my colleagues did not even know until yesterday when I showed then the news articles that there was a rally like this in DC. Unless we have local chapters with an organized structure which meet regularly/ even if it�s a conference call, you cannot expect mass mobilization�this is Politics works!!

    I think the DC rally has caught every ones attention, this is the right time to push the drive for local mobilization, it will be tragic if we lose the momentum now.

    01-12 07:47 PM
    Mundana.. I'm not trying to discourage anyone, by all means people should seriously try it and see.. instead of the endless talk..
    You'd certainly find the poetic notion in the constitution that "all men are created equal" but if the purpose of the US government and its agencies didn't allow them to balance this with protecting the interests of the US public, a billion people from around the world would move in tomorrow. By your logic, an illegal or one with visitor visa would apply to a job he's qualified to here then sue USCIS because their stupid rules that do do not treat him equally like all other men cost him the job.. Congress enacted the INA (Immigration and Naturalization Act) and tasked USCIS to enforce it.. I researched Title VII and the INA in my paper (so much fine print than the highlights u mentioned) and can tell you that title VII specifically allows INA to override it in matters relating to Immigration, and in many cases INA obliges and in many cases walks all over the EEO and all men equal concepts.. as i discussed with my employment law professor who had a good background in immigration, the situation can't be changed without rewriting Title VII and the INA..
    Anyway, just my professor's opinion and mine, u have every right to disagree but plz let's do something instead of talking..

    Here is the history of derivative acts under 14th amendment related to employement:

    14th Amendment of the United States Constitution: guarantees due process and equal protection under the laws.

    The Civil Rights Act of 1866, Section 1981: covers race-based discrimination by employers. Individuals may sue to assert their rights under this Act; which, unlike Title VII, has no limitation on back-pay liability.

    The Civil rights Act of 1871, Section 1983: provides persons who believe they have been
    I therefore believe there is a good chance at the Supreme Court ruling that because of long wait times of more than 3 years for a Green Card plus requirement of same or similar job during that long wait until the green card is received plus country quota affecting people born only in few countries leads to disadvantage for people of these few countries at work.

    And yes, even I took law course and gave a seminar during my MBA. But even you would concur that this course at best is basic and does not make a person authority of the US legal system.

    Finally, forget me or you, even a lawyer cannot say for sure what the final ruling will be in any case. And hence the best a person can do is give an educated opinion. In addition by human nature, the way I would interpret laws would be to my advantage while the way you would interpret them would be to your advantage. And hence I can understand your biases (and mine as well) because in case the country quota is found illegal by the US Supreme Court, it is the ROW that is going to be affected the most.

    03-21 06:57 AM
    Fierce Battle Brews Over Comprehensive Immigration Reform and Difficult Road Ahead

    Report indicates that the comprehensive immigration reform battles are getting growingly passionate over the illegal immigrant issues among the different political forces and some news agencies question whether the Congress will be able to pass such legislation before this year is over. The real battle is waiting in the House of Representatives and reportedly the restrictionist members of the House are organizing and mobilizing their forces to oppose any bills that will give any relief to the illegal aliens including the temporary guest worker program and the earned adjustment of status of the illegal aliens to permanent residents. There are some indications that some of the House members favor the Frist bill over the Specter bill in the Senate because of the illegal alien immigration issues. The Frist bill does not offer any relief for the illegal aliens and proposes to reinforce the border security and immigration enforcement. Meanwhile, the Specter bill proposes the temporary guest worker program and earned adjustment of status along with reinforcement of the border security and immigration enfocement.
    When it comes to the reform of legal immigration, particularly the employment-based immigration, there appears to be no noticeable battle among different political forces. Indeed the Frist bill and the Specter bill agree each other in almost every detail in the direction of the reform. However, the Chinese and Indian immigrant communities are currently battling with these bills over the provision that restricts use of the per country immigrant visa numbers for fear that such bill will not be able to relieve current employment-based visa number retrogressions for India and China regardless of increase of the overall employment-based immigrant visa quota, recapture of unused immigrant visa numbers, and other provisions that exempt several employment-based immigration related groups from the annual numerical limitation, including family members and certain advanced degree holders.
    It is our view that the direction of the employment-based immigration system reform should focus on removing the clogs to the pipeline that supplies the needed foreign workers at both high-end and low-end. The reality is that these foreign workers are supplied primarily by certain countries. The statistics reflect that most of the high-end professional workers come from India and China. Considering the fact that it is the sense of the Congress and the nation that this country needs continuing in-flow of foreign brains as reflected in the special provisions relating to the advanced degree foreign worker immigration, the per country limit in the employment-based immigration quota system will work against the achievement of these primary policy goals since it will create another clog to the supply of foreign brains from the primary sources of these brains. It is proposed that the Specter bill is amended to remove the per country limit and the Senate passes the comprehensive immigration reform bill without imposing per country limit in the visa number allocations. In formulating the nation's policy, the Congress cannot contract itself in the same legislation.

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