Saturday, June 18, 2011

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  • greyhair
    04-29 10:36 PM
    Link to the video of the Senate immigration

    C-SPAN Video Player - Senate Majority Leader Reid & Democratic Members on Immigration Reform ( Immigration+Reform.aspx)

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  • gc28262
    03-12 03:12 PM
    .................................................. ..................................

    Core team may not like this but I can understand your point. There is a communication gap between IV Core team and members. Core team wants to hide everything they are doing assuming that anti are reading the forum and they will know what we are doing. On other side members feel uncomfortable as nothing comes out as solid / strong plan of action. There were couple of instances were I personally felt that core talks too much among themselves and release almost zero information to members, it may be good for community overall but not good for an organization where everyone is participating directly or indirectly. By recent posts by Pappu, I think they are improving.

    We need to give them a chance as anyways their act is selfless. They may be lagging in personal management but they are not bad by heart or doing anything for personal benefit.

    With all due respect to the selfless hard work of IV core, I concur with ItIsNotFunny. There are many members who feel this way. IV core should be more open to members. I feel a cloud of secrecy always surrounding IV. Of course they cannot be public about all their activities, but more needs to be done on this front. You will see more members actively participating if core is more open.

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  • 9years
    09-13 10:37 AM
    Hi All,

    My Eb2 Perm Labor Approved. It took 2 months to get approved. It was filed on 07/09/2010 and approved on (email received by HR dept) 09/10/2010. This is just to share with all of you.

    Thank you.

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  • Jimi_Hendrix
    11-05 11:46 PM
    GC Soon!

    Great to hear from someone in Southern California! I live in Orange County. Do you have other friends who are members on IV and in Southern California region?




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  • sayantan76
    01-05 11:21 PM
    Ok then, why did you come to America to study at Duke? Why did you spend all this money? The reason our people invest crores of rupees in American education is that it is better.

    You people seem to be too nationalistic. Even with the comments about quotas. Affiirmative action with 52% of all seats being reserved based on caste? You call this fair?
    I dont think anyone is arguing that american schools are not good enough.......they certainly are - specially with the kind of tuition fees people pay to get into these schools. Besides - people coming here for education does not necessarily mean its better - lot of people come here for the international exposure - lot of good students from around the world do indeed congregate here for education - combination of good schools, openness, english as common language....all these have contributed to the historical greatness of america - does not make your motherland any worse!

    Look at quotas as a way to bring in factors other than just your score in a standardized India that factor might be caste - here it might be affirmative action in favor of some sections of society and other subjective factors like essays, letters recommendation, the fact that you were a cheerleader in high school etc.....look, i am not saying quotas is a great system - but all i am saying is that there are shortcomings in selection systems in schools around the world not just India.

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  • willwin
    06-10 10:30 AM

    Much awaited bulletin which says no numbers for EB3 and that come Oct 2008 Eb3 I will go to Nov 2001 again. What a news!!!



    There have been questions raised regarding the way numbers have been provided to the China and India in the Employment Second preference categories beginning in April. Section 202(a)(5) of the Immigration and Nationality Act states that if total demand for visas in an Employment preference category is insufficient to use all available visa numbers in that category in a calendar quarter, then the unused numbers may be made available without regard to the annual per-country limit. (For example: If the second preference annual limit were 40,000, number use by “All Other Countries” were estimated to be only 25,000, and the China/India combined number use based on their per-country limits were 6,000, then there would be 9,000 numbers unused. Those 9,000 numbers could then be made available to China and India applicants without regard to their per-country limits.)

    Based on the informaiton available, it was been determined that the demand from “All Other Countries” for Second preference numbers, plus the amount of numbers available under China and India Second preference per-country limit, would be insufficient to utilize all available numbers under the annual limit for this category. Therefore, pursuant to Section 202(a)(5) of the Act, the unused numbers have been made available to China and India Second preference applicants. Since Section 203(e)(1) of the Act requires that such unused numbers be made available strictly in priority date order, the China and India applicants have been subject to the identical cut-off date. As there are more Employment Second preference applicants from India and the Indian applicants may have earlier priority dates, it is likely that Indian applicants will receive a larger portion of the available numbers than Chinese applicants.

    It should be noted that the Employment Second preference category is "Current" for all countries except China and India. If at any point it appears that demand from “All Other Countries” would utilize all available numbers, then an adjustment would be made to the China/India cut-off date. Therefore, providing the unused numbers to China and India in no way disadvantages applicants from any other country, and helps to insure that the worldwide annual limit can be reached.


    Demand for numbers, primarily by USCIS for adjustment of status cases, will bring the entire Employment Third preference category to the annual numerical limit by the end of June. As a result, this category will become “unavailable” beginning in July and will remain so for the remainder of FY-2008. Such action will only be temporary, however, and Employment Third preference availability will return to the cut-off dates established for June in October, the first month of the new fiscal year."


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  • micofrost
    07-06 01:38 PM
    For sure DoS knew that something is wrong at USCIS end. Looks like they dint get along well on this one. So instead of saying that all the visa numbers has been used up, they said " all the entire 2007 numbers has been made available". Which means they know very well USCIS are still processing the cases, even after July 2nd.

    Looks like, DOS trying to clean their hands and put the blame on USCIS.

    This is what happened. Again my thoughts based on last fews days before the july 2nd.
    USCIS was angered by DOS making it current for all categories. Every one knows there will be a minimum 100K apps flooding their gates. Imagine the revenue loss for them just bcoz of making it current b4 30th july. They expected DOS to make it current from Aug 1st instead of July 1st. Had the immigration bill passed, as promised by the GOVT., they would have stand to gain $4B in grants to secure the border. But the bill crashed on 27th of june. So what do they do to stop this loss of revenue from our application. They have to use of the entire fiscal 2007 quota in three days so that legally they can't accept more applications. Now that is legally correct. But they way they claimed all the visas within 4 days wasn't played by the rules and where the AILF stands chance to file a lawsuit against them.

    Someone in the USCIS was hell bent upon forcing the DOS to make it unavailable for July. WHY ?

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  • gova123
    08-02 05:33 PM
    Bumping ^^^^^^^^^^


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  • gc_chahiye
    09-28 06:49 PM
    Oh Law Firm Update :

    09/28/2007: Depressing News for the Year-End Backend 485 Delays and Potential Waste of Visa Numbers for FY 2007

    Unconfirmed sources indicate that two days before the end of FY 2007, there may be a substantial number of 485 applications for which visa numbers are available but have yet to be adjudicated, indicating that some visa numbers could be wasted this year. We know that the Service Centers have been working day and night and did not have enough resources to deal with the crisis which was brought about by the recent Visa Bulletin fiasco. We just hope for the better new fiscal year that will start from October 1, 2007.

    wow. just wow. I dont know what to say. These guys NEVER learn.

    huge retrogression, massive backlogs, lives on hold for years, all for this precious resource called a visa number, and they waste them again this year!

    Even after ombudsman took them to task in his report.

    Even after all the publicity of this issue.

    Lawmakers dont allow recapture and USCIS keeps wasting them year after year.

    This is sickening...

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  • dog123
    09-02 11:48 AM
    Come here in 1999 on F1


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  • ItIsNotFunny
    10-21 03:01 PM
    I have already sent the emails and will be sending the letters Tomorrow.

    GO I/WE GO.

    Need more people sending emails. This is really a very slow pace (and on contrary the same people don't like USCIS for being slow).

    Send emails now.

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  • sandy_anand
    04-29 03:43 PM
    Pappu, thanks for the list. I wonder why Lindsey Graham's name is not on your list?


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  • biomd
    09-09 09:13 AM
    My Contribution of $100 sent in today by Google. Will be attending the 18th Rally.
    C U Guys!.

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  • vkallank
    07-18 10:01 PM
    As requested by IV core, from now on my recurring contributions would be $50 ( till date it was $20).

    As fellow legal immigrants each of us share a responsibility to ease the process of GC. If each and every member engages in a financial contribution our confidence as a team would grow by leaps and bounds. This i believe would let core team lobby a lot stronger for our causes.

    I hope all contributing members would be a motivation for other IV members to contribute.


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  • ashutrip
    06-20 12:35 PM
    Do you know if you got an audit? Any idea about how they decide to do audits?
    per my lawyer...chances of audit is less for EB3

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    07-29 08:26 PM

    I am just showing you my ignorance but what is it about.My wife works in DC right now and very active in fighting for our cause,she is a nurse.She has few correspondence with few senators and congressman but it will be great if there is a bigger force behind it all.please let me know how we can help.I too am tired of waiting in a limbo,the uncertainty is too much and by the day I get so discouraged and sometimes on the verge of giving up.


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  • snathan
    08-23 03:16 PM
    My friend, "USA point of view is multinational executives can potentially create jobs", but the reality is the other way round. They are here to to make the transition happen from Onshore to Offshore. I have complete knowledge on how this EB1 thing works , as I was one of them once upon a time before taking up my current job.
    I'll stop and leave it here....

    I second this.

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  • YesGC_NoGC
    02-12 12:11 PM
    PD Dec 2004 from DBEC

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  • kushaljn
    07-15 11:56 AM
    Just sent $10 for me and my wife.

    Citibank - Reference Number: 10136

    09-13 08:15 PM
    I'm getting red dots now for believing in the right!
    Who cares? Give all the red dots in the world...:D

    05-06 09:53 AM
    I called
    John Ensign
    John Cornyn
    John Kyl - Had to leave message
    Lindsay Graham
    Judd Gregg
    Scott Brown
    Michael Enzi

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