Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • amitjoey
    05-27 03:59 PM
    Thank you KRS, checklaw, navinms, TempWorker, vshar, rkg000, sanju_dba, vallabhu, vinodmp, metroparknj, satishbsk, kkt_tkk, akkotai, bikram_das_in, what_now, sweet23guyin, mantagon, WantGCQuick for your contributions today!!


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  • vin
    09-21 07:07 PM
    This question is not to undermine the effort, which was tremendous but just from a realistic point of view...

    I'm just curious to know how long it will take (or rather how long we are prepared to wait) for the impact of this rally to be felt and what are the changes that can be expected from USCIS as a result ?

    Say, after waiting for a few months, status quo continues, what further actions are planned to persist with IV's cause (i.e. more rallies or by other means) ?

    If the same question has been already raised, please ignore.


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  • coolpal
    05-24 11:58 AM
    Sent $50 via online bill pay.

    pal :)

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  • eb3_nepa
    07-10 11:02 AM
    Any further word on this SKIL bill?

    Havent heard anything concrete (except speculations) since it has been Introduced in the house. :)


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  • gc_mania_03
    06-13 10:29 PM
    I am sure we are all rejoicing and this is surely a cause to celebrate.

    But, the battle is not over yet. I hope once most of the members get their 485/EAD applications rolling, they will get back on track and fight for the real objective. To obtain our green cards in time!! Dont forget the wait is NOT over yet...

    I am sure we all are going to be a lot rejuvenated and continue fighting retrogression with greater zeal..

    Just to set the record straight even I benefit from the visa update, but I hope we dont slow down at this juncture...

    waddle along folks...


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  • chunky
    07-26 03:09 PM
    My company filed my green card and have applied for 485 for me and my wife on July 19 with July visa bulletin reinstated. We have also applied for AP and EAD for my wife. We both are on H1 at this time. My wife' job is going to end by month end.
    Does she need to file change of status to H4 or it is fine to stay in US with AOS pending status.

    My 140 is still pending


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  • pappu
    05-28 12:54 PM
    I have made small contribution of $50/-. Thanks to the fellow IV members on their efforts to make this a success :)

    Thank you

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  • Gravitation
    05-31 07:33 PM
    very funny! :D

    That's why there is a saying that you should never watch sausages and laws being made.

    The Cantwell amendment and Lieberman amendment will fail to pass the vote. It doesnt matter whether its ordered to lie on table or whether its ordered to take a nap on the table or have some lemonade on the table. And it doesnt matter what any of those "Motion to... " means.

    Both of those amendments, if debated, will fail. It will take 10 seconds for Bernie Sanders, Ted Kennedy and Dick Durbin to scream on top of their lungs and kill it. And the reason is very simple. There is a massive H1B exemption ON TOP OF 180,000 QUOTA. People who have been so successful this year so far in restricting H1 and employment based GCs are not going to miss that nice little H1 exemption at the bottom of both these amendments. So stop scratching your heads over what the "lying on table" means, because whatever is lying on table is unpassable if it somehow awakes from the table and starts dancing in the well of the senate floor.


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  • Houstonguy
    04-25 08:02 PM
    Payment Details from Pay-pal:

    Transaction ID: 4Y270408A2155393D
    Item Price: $200.00 USD
    Total: $200.00 USD

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  • bugmenot
    06-27 12:39 AM
    Its only going to take 5 people to break away from the 64. Those 35 "No" votes are the ones who want CIR dead NOW. They are not going to change. But those 64, its only going to take 5 people to walk away.

    There are 24 amendments. I think atleast 5 people would see their amendments fail on the floor of the house and probably another 5 atleast who would withdraw support because someone else's amendment passed. This baby is going DOWWWNNN this weekend per my estimate. I could be wrong but again, 24 amendments ? That's too many darts on a fragile compromise.

    as far as i know Reid is smart about this thats why hes using the "clay pigeon" manuevre where all the 24 amendments would be tied as one amendment and then voted to pass on, once its passed then the cloture vote will come in (without the individual amdts yet voted on) once the cloture vote is secured then they will have 30 hours to vote all the individual 24 amdts after whc a simple majority vote ( min 51 votes) wud be needed to clear the bill...real smart


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  • mhathi
    06-24 09:38 AM
    Boss, any suggestions here?


    Just apply for taxes normally next year with your wife's SSN and you will get the rebate next year

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  • testsite
    08-20 07:44 PM
    Berry Scheniderman, Virginia. Horrible experience. They took 3 months to file for my H1B extension and then I was running out of time so I had to get it converted to premium processing. They simply sit on the case.

    Alan Heckler, (Specially the paralegal named Cathy)., takes months to respond . The only thing they are quick are at getting money. Totally unresponsive.

    Under current, LLC in Chicago , takes weeks to see the paperwork that you send and weeks to process them


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  • Vsach
    09-15 08:36 PM
    Hi Chanduv,

    What does NOID mean? In other words we should invoke AC-21 if requested by USCIS?

    Appreciate inputs.


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  • eb3_nepa
    03-17 11:20 AM
    If this amendment can be included, and all our provisions passed, then Bill Frist for president :D

    If this does get passed with our provisions and 485 clause, we actually stand a chance of making him president ;)


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  • man-woman-and-gc
    07-17 01:55 PM
    I wouldn't make that decision until Oct of 2008.
    My personal opinion and analysis tell me that EB2 will soon get retrogressed from what it is today and the picture will not be that rosy in a couple of months.

    I would wait until Oct 2008 and see what kind of visa numbers are available at that time for EB2 and EB3 and them make any decision on switching.

    Again..just my opinion.

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  • zico123
    06-21 06:36 PM
    I do not have paystubs from company B and C. If I have to reenter US, will that be a problem? Please help me out.
    If you have to get visa stamping outside US then you only need to show paystubs for current employer. The CO will check if you have been in status throughout your stay in US and might ask you why you change employers so many times.


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  • munnu77
    05-12 09:02 AM
    My wife moved from H4 to H1 in June 2007 and obtained her SSN at the same time. We used her new SSN to file our returns in March this year. However, no sign of the stimulus package yet. Wonder how is our case being considered. Thoughts?

    I have same case..i got it..u ll get it for sure

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  • dilber
    07-07 01:04 PM
    Pardon my ignorance but are these bills dead now? or are wee doing some new campaign? havent seen any new action Items or any thing. I have called and I am calling again to follow up should I keep doing this or we have some information othervise?

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  • mpsamant
    07-19 10:53 PM
    As per the last revised visa bulletin, the extension period for filling I-485 is Aug 17. But it talks about only I485 and not about I-140.

    So can anyone confirm, if one can file I-140 and I-485 concurrently from Aug 1 to Aug 17.

    09-04 05:05 PM
    Someone asked earlier, who changed their mind after reading Jaime. I did after one of his earlier posts.
    I was decided on not going, but then as I spent more time on this forum, I realized it is definitely the right thing to do. If not us speaking up then who? Simply answer that. How do lawmakers even know that we exist, that an injustice is happening to us, that we feel frustrated about our situation. They keep getting lopsided anti immigrant venom from some well organized and well funded groups and keep hearing about illegal immigration. Our pain however has resonance with them. We played by the rules, we came and lived legally at the invitation of our AMERICAN employers and the US gov't certified that there is no one to take the jobs we are doing, we paid taxes, we have integrated into society and we are asking, why are we being made to wait this long?
    What's to feel bad or shy about in that?

    I'll tell you something, those who are skeptical simply do not understand how this country works. It is a representative democracy and people pressure and protests and lobbying DO WORK. Otherwise lobbying would not be the biggest growth industry of the day. There is no other way to inspire change, and it has been, can and will be done. I have seen it time and over again.

    The final point I wish to make is, those coming to this rally have pre-selected traits. They are the pre-selected ones who are programmed to be successful in this country. They understand it and are proactive and entrepreneural and willing to spend, take risks, take a leadership, are responsible and will do the right thing. These traits have been and will continue to be rewarded in the long run in this country. I wish we can project that our community has many of these people.
    Those meek, follow the leader, risk averse, miserly, behind the back types, may have their little breadcrumbs but will never have the attributes to achieve anything of note in the USA anyway. They will continue to find lame excuses for their lack of progress.

    Every reader needs to decide for themself which type he/she is. This is after all the greatest country in the world that you are asking for acceptance into.

    09-25 05:41 PM
    Fragoman has got lot of branches in different states,so please mention the name of the city or State , so that everybody will know about which group is bad and which is good.

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