Thursday, June 16, 2011

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  • reddymjm
    09-22 06:49 PM
    I just printed mine and will mail them tomorrow.

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  • Sachin_Stock
    08-23 06:58 PM
    Well explained.

    Most of EB2 falls into : 1.Advanced Degree-(where most of us fall into ) it is either masters or Bachelors+5 years

    Till now there is no proposal to change the above.

    The internal memo is for Extraordinary Ability quota, and it is in comment period. It is not implemented yet.

    The similar kind of restriction should be applied for EB1 - multinational executive quota.

    Thats why I asked earlier whether this memo has anything radically different then what already exists? Nope.

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  • immique
    06-23 05:41 PM
    America is definitely losing out because of prolonged Green card processing. I know of many well educated PostGraduates, Physicians who were not able to pursue their careers in Research, fellowships because they have to be stuck in one fixed position without any progress to obtain the green card. they are being denied of the opportunity to find new cures, innovations that could potentially help the humanity. true US is getting the taxes from the main H1 applicant, but what about the well educated spouses and dependants. don't they have a role in contributing to the development of the country, they are made to pay higher tuition fees and they cannot work on dependent status. Only the lucky few who were able to fille for I-485 in 2007 got their EADs, but what about the long waiting for 485 filing and EAD since 2000 and before? Even today you if you are EB3 or EB2, you cannot apply for 485 and so your family cannot get EAD and so cannot work.

    Many software professional and other highly educated workers can contribute much more to the Economy like how they did in 1990s by becoming enterpreneurs, but they will not be able to do anything while on "temporary visas" as they are much more concerned about maintaining their status, extending their status every few years. many people are even hesitant to buy a house, agree a few of us have bought houses and other properties, but vast majority of us are still very hesitant to do it as we can never feel fully secure of our job. If you have the Greencard you will atleast be confident that you can find a job in the area where you buy the house.

    If you look at the procedures for Drivers licenses, even though the legal workers go through rigorous security checks while obtaining visas and changing/extending status with USCIS and almost all of them are verywell educated and very responsible, you have to go through a big hassle to obtain the Drivers licences and some people are being made to wait for months even after providing all the required documentation. In some states, dependents are not given Drivers Licenses and in other states, you legal workers/students get a "special drivers license" with which there is much scope for being discriminated just on the basis of this license, and if you move to a different state, this special license is not recognized and you have to apply for a fresh license, take written test, driving test and go through all the hassles again even though you have been driving in US legally for more than 10 years.

    these hard working young professionals are losing the most important phase of their lives waiting for the elusive greencard and by the time the get it they are much older and don't have the same zeal for new ideas like how they did before and end up taking care of other responsibilities including family. I can go on and on like this. after we have been through all these testing circumstances, please do not say that America has not lost anything, but the biggest losers of all are the legal immigrants.

    this is a process where there are no winners, but only losers. this lengthy backlogged process is resulting in a great loss to the advancement of US and would be legal immigrants

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  • Blessing&Lifeisbeautiful
    07-24 04:12 PM
    Calling all Schedule A professionals? Anyone concurrently filing this July?

    Hope everyone has seen the USCIS release of yesterday


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  • Libra
    09-11 08:52 PM
    thank you venkat_gc for your conribution. please let us know if you want any help in attending rally.

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  • bharol
    08-13 05:20 PM
    EB2 requires Masters or 5 years of experience. For those waiting in the queue for more than 5 years should automatically qualify for EB2 because they have 5 years of experience. I dont care the fine wording that says the job needs Masters or 5 years of experience. We should push lawmakers for this option to reduce the huge backlog. What do others think of this option and start a campaign for it?

    Experience gained on the same position for which labor was filed, is not counted.
    Logic being that it would be seen as on job training and they could have
    easily hired a US citizen with less or no experience and trained him as well.

    So the experience should be before joining that position as temporary worker.

    Person offcourse can chose to quit the company and join another company
    and file in EB2.


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  • RNGC
    06-24 03:04 PM

    Here is an article on contribution of Legal Immigrants to Social Security:

    RNGC, excellent thread, looks like pessimistic folks have taking this thread for a ride.

    America stands to loose in many ways. Here is why..

    A study by Kauffman Foundation shows that "an average 13.25-year lag between a key founder�s arrival in the United States and firm formation" - source :
    Loosing well trained individuals due to frustration with the immigration system or due to expired visa duration is equivalent to outsourcing. impact of outsourcing to the US economy is very well debated these days.

    Another Kauffman report shows Immigrants were involved in 25% of the US patents approved in 2006 - Source :
    This leads to reverse-brain drain phenomena who's effects to the economy are well documented.

    Here is couple of NFAP study about

    The impact of immigrant Entrepreneurs and professionals on the US competitiveness: 6.pdf

    Driving Jobs and innovation offshore:

    Stalling the career path through GC backlogs will impede the creativity of the individuals and hence dampen their entrepreneurial spirit. It also kills the innovative spirits in the individuals.

    Those who feel that "grass is greener on the other side" will jump to the other side irrespective of their GC backlog issues, their criteria is different. But there are many who believes that the American system cultivates innovation and entrepreneurial skills, for them the GC backlog is a drag on their growth.

    EB1/2/3 is not a delimiter to innovation, innovation happens at all levels. All EB1's aren't PhD's, there are quite a few PhD's in EB2 and similarly there are quite a few MS folks in EB3 too. By saying US just wants EB1 is utter disrespect to fellow professionals who are not on EB1.

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  • 485_se_dukhi
    07-18 08:31 PM

    $50 is approx the cost of two lunches (for two people) per month => we are going to eat out two fewer times each month.

    So, we eat healthier food and the IV fund grows. :)


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  • ink_123
    07-18 06:45 PM
    Will do more in the future. Thanks IV for all your efforts

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  • tikka
    07-20 10:35 AM
    Contributed $100. Will do again. Thanks to IV for the job well done.

    your first post is a contribution.. cant wait for the second one :D

    Thank you for the contribution...


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  • pmpforgc
    03-07 10:44 AM
    This post is not entirely true.. I have never seen an college(recognized by AICTE) where u will pass only by paying fees.
    There are issues in india , but i have seen many people going back , and settling without any problems. The choice to move is more personal , then what could be discussed here ..

    I was in India recently for a 2 months vacation, and some work from our Indian office,. First few days were tough , lot of dust , traffic , pollution, But after 2 weeks i was loving it the old way .. and when i was flying back i realized I love Delhi .

    If you own a house in the major cities ( ie lot of jobs and business opportunities) then going back makes sense. But if you belong to a small city , and have to move to a bigger city anyway, then living here makes more sense.

    The reality (which is bad) is that if you have money in india , your life style is much better than what u have in US (dont forget , even earning 100K, doesn't really make u rich here , Honda and Toyota are poor people's car in US.. I have seen very few EB applicants driving a BMV,Bentley)

    When i was in India, i went to best hotels for food (2000Rs buffets) virtually every week.,just went to NY once for a 200$ buffet, in 6 years.

    So everyone has to take a personal decision, based on personal factors..

    I would agree with most of what you said that it is personal issue and personal choice. if you feel here homesick then better to go home at the earliest.

    I toally dis-agree with you in terms of education issue. I am in education field since I was born (as a student and as faculty both in India and US) so I had seen closely both sides of the coins. Our education system in India is detoriating day by day with no quality control on private institutions and no nation wide approach for QUALITY of education. We have made education available to every one (mostly !!) but during that process we have made it to go in to the tank. With few good institutions among the thousands of colleges and universities does not make it good quality. Percentage of below standard education institution are increasing day by day. Each time I go back home and see how the education is detoriating, I feel deeply sorry about state of education in India. Opening college in every village and giving degree to every one who wants does not make good education. In old days we were giving those degrees to only one those deserve it and can earn it. That is why our old mass of graduates was highly acclaimed all over world. Now a days our average scientist and engineers ( I am not talking about all high quality one from population of billion !!) is very poor.

    Also just to Add here same AICTE who approves technical colleges in India, Its DIRECTOR in CHIEF was under govt investigation of messive corruption in the approval process of the institutions.

    So dont feel so good about CURRENT and FUTURE education system in India, unless we try to improove the QUALITY issue of our technical graduates at put it AHEAD of QUANTITY OF GRADUATES

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  • yoyo12
    07-28 09:39 PM
    Hi everybody,

    I want to know if somebody knows what is going on with Atlanta perm lab center?I applied in Feb 2007 for perm labor and I checked my staus online almost every day.In jUNE 2007 IT SAID ''CERTIFIED''.My lawyer was waiting for the paper in mail..I checked again the status in July 2007and it said ''In progress''.Can somebody explain for me why is like that? What advice do you give me?

    Thank you very much....


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  • Sakthisagar
    02-24 09:11 AM
    Hello gcdream,

    If you apply on premium processing then fees is huge, lot of money, if you apply before hand I mean 6 months back before the expiry of Visa, then not this much money as fees, last time I opted for premium processing.

    Thanks for asking

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  • JunRN
    10-01 03:16 PM
    Pls excse my noob-ness, i have read all the pages of this thread but cudnt find a precise answer.
    I am in the Rn program, and wud be graduating in may08, hopefylly pass nclex and start OPT by june08. i can then start with my visa screen, and I140 as these are not retrogressed, but if retrogression continues and i am not able to file I485, do i still get an EAD. my guess is 'not' but just trying to confirm as i wud have to plan to continue with studies after 1 yr of OPT.
    and btw thanks for tons of usefull info!

    There is no such thing as retrogression for I-140. Any employer can file I-140for you anytime.

    For nurses, we are Labor Certification exempt, meaning we don't have to go through this long process. Our LC process is very short, only 40 days and need not be sent to DOL. What I would suggest is that you start looking for sponsor once you're on OPT so that you can establish early priority date by filing I-140 asap.

    PD is the date you file I-140. Once your PD is current as per Department of State Visa Bulletin, then you can apply for Adjustment of Status (i-485). EAD (I-765) can accompany that AOS application.

    So, the answer to your question is NO. You cannot apply for EAD if you're applying for I-140 only. To file for EAD, it must be accompanied by I-485.

    You get 1-yr EAD though once you do your OPT and hope before it expires, your PD becomes current and you can apply for EAD based on pending I-485.


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  • imm_pro
    07-20 04:35 PM
    NUMBERS USA Analysis opposing this bill-

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  • sam2006
    09-13 07:46 PM
    Milind123 you are the MAN !!!
    IV is proud of you


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  • roseball
    08-23 09:49 AM
    AFAIK, this memo only applies to those I-140 petitions which do NOT require a labor certification approval. It does NOT apply to EB-2 Advanced degree holder petitions which require a certified labor and BS + 5 yrs or MS + 0 yrs of experience.

    Though, for now, most of us who are filing in EB-2 Advanced degree holder category have nothing to worry, this definitely looks like a targeted approach where they are coming after everybody, one category at a time. So its just a matter of time it seems when they come up with something which targets everyone...

    As per Matthew Oh's blog, this will be adopted on Sep 3rd.

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  • bestofall
    09-12 04:48 PM
    for any IV core agreed plan

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  • gc_kaavaali
    06-24 12:18 PM
    I have been living in US for 5 years. I came on H1B and applied for labor in NJ in 2003. Spent $1000 for labor. Later i had to change employers because of employer problems. Then i applied my labor with new employer in 2005 march. i worked with this guy around 4 years. Applied 485 in july. I took permanent position on EAD. Here are the problems if they don't give me GC:

    1) Problem is i am stuck at Senior Software Engineer. I cannot take lead position because of pending 485 application. So that means person who doesn't know anything about our application will lead us. From organization point of view that person is waste. It is really waste of money. See how many people are in this situation and see how much money this country is losing.
    2) Because of excess use of human resources in particular organization It also leads scarcity of human resources.
    3) My company will pay for my EAD and AP cost. It is waste of money.
    4) I may not want to go to India because i may scared if USCIS send any details when i am in india. That means i don't use my vacation. I will try to get money instead of vacation. This is also loss for an organization. Not much spending on tourism.
    5) Suppose if i am on H1B, my employer has to bear cost. It is waste of money. I know for USCIS it might revenue but they also incur additional cost to adjudicate my H1B petition.

    No doubt being in america i have better life. But US also gaining so much out of us.

    05-24 10:18 PM
    Which bills are you talking about? I read most were dropped from Iraq funding bill that passed recently.

    We are just drifting my hope....

    Please contribute IVians. We need your support to lobby for the current bills which have been introduced.

    My perspective on contributing to IV, is that I would gladly contribute $100 if there was a chance that I can get my gc a few months faster because of the efforts of IV.

    Got GC Stress??
    Contribute To IV Today!!

    07-14 03:52 PM
    Bumpers...please bump this thread...this should be on top...

    That will help matters. However what we would REALLY like to see is, that the thread remains on top via actual people contributing and logging that they did so on here.

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