Saturday, June 11, 2011

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  • aspiration
    04-27 10:43 AM
    Thanks for your very clear directions... Just made a one time contribution of US$50.00 through PayPal and the receipt number is as follows.....

    Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID #3UM47167F79761703)

    Thanks !!!

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  • amit_sp
    02-09 10:17 AM
    I am in a lot of stress. Please help out if possible.

    Six years on my H1B expire in April 2008. I just got laid off from company A. My last day of work will be May 31st. I have LC and I-140 approved with company A.

    If I join company B starting June, and transfer my H1B to B, can it extend my H1B beyond 6 years based on the approved I-140 I had with company A? If yes, will it be for one year or three years?

    Gurus please help. I will be grateful.


    Hello Chitta:
    Please check the following link from "".

    As per it, you can get a 3 yr-extension as long as your existing company doesn't revoke your I-140 (and it wouldn't as you are not leaving on your own). So you should be fine. Good-luck for your next job.

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  • BumbleBee
    07-18 12:44 PM
    Its not over till its over :), and its not over yet by any means. I am willing to wait and fight ;) . Everyone has priorities in life, each person would view GC situation differently. For me, its not the ultimate dream, but just a vehicle to continue my journey for some more time (with peace of mind). I am definitely looking to gray my hair in my home country or atleast be there once I am grayed haired :D

    Doing an MBA/PMI and looking for managerial job is the only realistic possibility for most, I don't think most people would wanna still be programming when they turn 40/45 (depending on how old/young you feel).

    My gut feel is that there will be some kind of relief by end of 2007 or early 2008


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  • mallickarjunreddy
    09-25 08:49 AM
    Hi - I have had a very bad experience with Fragomen, everything was filed correctly but the way they treat their client is pathetic. I have heard a lot of people are victims of this big corporation, lets get together to fix this.

    I have a deja vu

    cause when i wanted to bring to the notice similar BAD lawyers nobody paid attention . I put in time to create a blog and if you would have researched on immigrationvoice u wont have been in this position the first place

    its 3rd on my list


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  • anilsal
    06-26 05:57 PM
    Is LUD mandetory after finger printing? I applied for EAD for my wife and me on 5/21. Sent supporting docs and had LUD on 5/23. Went for finger printing on 6/10 but no LUD so far. I am concerned if the finger printing center sent the data to USCIS or not. Our EAD expired 7/30 so I am concerned.


    Posting the same Q in multiple threads. I answered in the other EAD thread.

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  • GCUser1
    08-05 12:38 AM
    Please don't go to Law Offices of Mona T. Movafaghi, Merrimack, NH ..She accepted my case two weeks back and charged $4000 same day. She hasn't filed my case yet. She is not even responding to my phone call and she is NOT commiting anything. I couldn't come out of her, so much of frustration .....


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  • spicy_guy
    05-26 03:27 PM
    Please donate guys.

    Has anyone posted this link on other forums?

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  • geevikram
    02-09 10:07 PM
    In which case, the employer is accountable for the employees. If the employer is honest, there will not be any employees who can take advantage of the employer's crookedness.

    So, if there are a few good employees (which will be rare), they will have to bear the brunt. Kind of collateral damage. I feel sorry for those people, but I don't know what we can do about them. I'm sure that fraud employer is taking advantage of them too.


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  • chanduv23
    06-27 09:19 AM
    NSC or TSC?


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  • learning01
    06-13 09:10 PM
    from where would a child under 14 or a dependent spouse give I-131?

    I haven't checked at this point, but I think I-131 is affidavit of support. Am I correct?

    * USCIS Processing Fees
    I-485: $325.00
    (Per person) I-131: $170.00
    I-765: $180.00
    Fingerprints: $ 70.00
    TOTAL $745.00

    * USCIS Processing Fees I-485: $225.00
    (Per CHILD under I-131: $170.00
    14 years of age) I-765: $180.00
    TOTAL $575.00


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  • venkygct
    06-10 02:18 PM
    EB2 (India) - 01OCT05
    EB3 (India) - 22NOV01

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  • prem_goel
    02-15 12:31 AM
    I have six other guys who are in US for over 7 years who are also intrested in this admin(hopefully) fix . Please let us know what we can do? They just signed up@

    I am very interested as well. I find this highly ridiculous that people have to wait 6-7 years to get residency status in any country. It is high time that the laws of the land change.

    Please advise on what can be done.


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  • WeShallOvercome
    09-21 06:54 PM
    I flew from Seattle. Started 4:00PM monday afternoon and reached 7AM tuesday. left 5PM tuesday and reached home at midnight. HAd to take an unpaid vacation.

    I had asked IV for sponsorship.
    I got sponsored for a non-stop and a very comfortable flight. but it was $700. Although IV was able to collect $700 for me(thanks to abhijit), i felt it was a little too much to be spending on one person. I raised another $150 from friends and $75 from my own pocket and bought 2 cheaper tickets instead(with bad schedules) and got another friend of mine to go with me.

    I had a choice : spend $700 of IV money on one comfortable ticket
    spend $75 out of pocket and hours of talking to others to contribute and get one more person to go with me and fly a weird schedule..

    I'm proud to have made the right choice!

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  • svam77
    07-19 02:21 PM
    And SOA, if urs is not a labor substitution, u better send another i 140 application along with ur i 485 as concurrent filing. No harm in doing it and u will be safe side.


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  • needhelp!
    02-15 02:25 PM
    Did you get your three yet?

    I am pledging three more letters while the convincing campaign continues..Also trying to get something from my town's Mayor.

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  • kcforgc
    05-17 01:44 PM
    easy to use.. Just sent email.


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  • 485Mbe4001
    08-21 02:37 PM
    I have really had good experiences when i renewed my passport, my wifes passport and also when i applied for my childrens PIO card. On each ocassion the documents arrived before time and the service at the SFO consulate was great when i called them with a concern. On all 4 ocassions i use the $20 option to get the document by Fedex. We spend thousands on the recurring nightmare at USCIS, $20 for peace of mind is not a big deal.

    I have also observed that we tend to get overly agressive when we talk to indian govt officials here. I think we expect bad service and we mentally prepare ourselves to fight. I am not saying that all do this but some of my friends did concur with the thought. There are many geuine cases where there is a problem, as some desi govt officers are sticklers for making sure that forms are in 'order'.:D

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  • Abhinaym
    05-17 02:46 PM
    Thank you for making it so very easy!

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  • yanki
    08-08 12:38 PM
    I had H1 from company A with dates from 2005 to 2008. after working with Company A for one year, I moved to company B in 2006 (04/10/2006) and My H1 transfer with Company B is still pending. I got H1 RFE query from CSC last month with biglist of documents. Now I got news that CSC denied couple of H1s it seems recently..So can I ask company C to file H1 transfer petition so that even if CSC denies my H1 from Company B, I can maintain my legal H1 status. Or Can I ask Company B to file another H1 transfer petition at Vermont service center (because my company is in that region).

    Please advise me on this...Thanks a alot in advance.

    02-11 02:02 PM
    almost forgot to tell you'll that one Texas member sent me a package containing 28 letters.

    06-10 06:07 PM
    sagar_nyc, agreed. EB3 is a joke and even worst I have become a joker in front of all my friends who applied in EB2 cheating the system. Funny is, experience wise, I am well ahead of all those making fun of me but...:-(

    too bad, eb3 does not even have a place to vent these days as IV forums and its thread only has discussions from EB2 members.

    anyway, best of luck to everybody. the world is not fair, I am willing to fight my part to make it fair and just for all.

    I hear you. Yours may become current at the beginning of next FY year as they project Feb 02 for sept 2010. Wish you luck!

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