Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • saimrathi
    07-05 08:18 AM
    Isn't that good news? Atleast we wont have to redo the medical exams if that were true.. Or do you think this is a strategic move by USCIS to be immune from any lawsuits?

    Hi guys,

    I have just called the USCIS. They told me that the applications will not be rejected but just put on hold until our visa numbers will be avialiable ifor the nerw FY 2008.

    In addition she told me that the Nebraska office is sending back the filing receipt to the applicants which it should not affect our h1-b visa status in case we are going to travel.

    For the last part I do not believe her. Is there anyone else that can confirm that ?

    Thank you.


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  • immiusa
    05-25 01:44 PM
    Transaction ID: 9NF02208A1037882U

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  • risker
    07-20 04:55 PM
    I understand that it might be late and filing a case might be expensive etc. But how come people like etc. were willing to fight the sudden revoking of I-485 by UCIS along with AILF? It will only be hypocritical to consider that as injustice and this as not. I don't think filing a case is going to bring the whole process to a halt. The BEC will still continue to process the cases while this case goes on.

    We have to do away with all those naysayers and all those IFs and BUTs. I don't belive in it.

    We know we have a justified case here and it is a simple matter of whether we are willing to fight.

    Why can't we get the support of AILF for this or other law firms? I know there are enough people who have been affected to justify that.

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  • mohican
    01-14 03:37 PM
    I finally got the letters and the root cause of my I485 denial. My previous employer informed that they used my approved I140 for another employee. As many of you might know this I140 substitution practice was a loophole until June 2007. These days companies can not do this any more.

    So probably when my I485 came up for adjudication, there was no I140 since it had been used and hence they denied it. Now, I changed jobs per AC21 rules--yeah the famous rule that USCIS ignores. I am waiting on my current attorneys to file an MTR as soon as possible.

    Question to forum members:
    1. Are there folks in EXACTLY similar situation?
    2. If yes, after filing MTR and it getting accepted, what are next steps since one definitely needs a approved I140?
    3. Further to #2 above, does one need to file another I140 and port the previous date? I am sure this would take longer time than the current H1b that I hold until June 2009.
    4. Can any one share lawyer name and contact info who might have favorably helped a forum member so that I can contact the person and get a second opinion to discuss legal strategies that might be available.



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  • needhelp!
    04-25 06:39 PM
    Please post on this thread when you contribute, so that we can track the contributions. Thats all!

    Once you have contributed, please post on the thread and we can know how much closer we are from our target. IV chapter leaders and Team IV members will run this thread and count the contributions

    -Which Thread or how to post ?

    I have singned up for $50 recurring contribution and willing to volunteer...


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  • smehta1
    06-13 07:41 PM
    Spouse and I are still going through labor (PD 04!) thanks to backlogged centers but am so happy for all of you who are able to file.
    Thats wonderful news!!!! Thank you to all active and core members of IV...every little bit helps :)


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  • gcformeornot
    04-26 01:22 PM

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  • Karthikthiru
    04-28 05:55 PM
    Just send $ 100.00 through PayPal



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  • alex77
    08-20 08:16 PM
    I guess you may try these to contact MEA and MoS:

    Ministry of External Affairs, India (

    Contact | Shashi Tharoor (

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  • abhijitp
    11-14 09:21 PM
    One of IV's goals is to abolish retrogression and take away all the glamor associated with priority dates and visa bulletins! So, wake up if you haven't already... join your state chapter, and become an active member!


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  • senthil1
    06-20 09:34 AM
    You will be surprised that even with the restrictions H1b cap will be reached but not in one day or one month but within an year as demand will be there. These restrictions will impact only Indian bodyshoppers who are running just by H1b. Though H1b will be costly if CIR in the same form is passed but Most of good companies will overcome. So if you want to relative number of gc then you need to increase Gc by atleast 50 to 100% from current level.

    Well..if thats the case they seem to have gotten a bad deal cause even togh the H1B visas will increase - there is still the $5000 inc in fee with other restrictions on consulting, removal of dual intent plus the Sanders amendment that deals with layoffs - these conditions nullify whatever the inc in numbers is

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  • prasadn
    07-23 07:34 PM

    I live in the Bay Area and my labor application is stuck with DBEC. In March 2007, we got recruitment instructions and ad was posted in April 2007. We got zero resumes and results were sent back to DBEC on May 16th, 2007. Still have not heard from DBEC and looks like I will miss the Aug 17th deadline for July VB and god knows when I can move to the next stage.



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  • ashutrip
    06-22 04:17 PM
    The debate in the senate begins on Tuesday. Dont know about voting schedule but I guess it has to complete by 29th.
    How badly will it screw us?????????//

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  • saimrathi
    07-18 03:29 PM
    Please close this thread... Someone wanted to apologize, they apologized... done deal... no point going on.. I have mentioned in my posts before that if you dont like someone or what they have to say add them to Ignore list, their posts wont show up while you are browsing threads... Lets keep the forum clean and informative... Thanks...

    Most people showing their cool wisdom still not getting the point. A BEC person with Feb 2005 PD may not be able to file for another 2 years while a PD 2007 person will be enjoying EAD during that time. In my dictionary this is injustice. And that's why i was kinda happy when they updated the July bulletin, now I'm not really happy even if my company has already filed my 485/EAD on july 2. I'm still wishing (and i'll be honest) USCIS come up with a reason/regulation/rule that will delay EAD for everyone until BEC people are able to file 485 OR in Oct they retrogress only till March 2005.

    P.S. if you are superstitious, you want to know this: most of my relatives/freinds call me "Black Tongue" because usually when i say something unpleasent it happens. e.g. i told my wife last month that i don't believe everyone is able to file 485, something will go wrong and everyone will be disappointed. (when everyone expects something it does not happen- contrarian theory)


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  • jkays94
    06-09 12:08 AM
    After watching Senator Kennedy say that the "highly skilled" are adequately taken care of under the H1-B program and thus that there is no need to work on EB amendments, then watching Bernie Sanders have his anti-H1 amendment passed under the guise of a scholarship program not to mention his claim that H1 workers replace laid off American workers, and to have Dorgan (the master of the poison pill amendment that probably killed the bill "for now") rail against the H1 program while constantly complaining that "fruit of the loom" underwear is no longer made in the USA and to see Senator Ensign's effort to reform the merit system to give high skilled workers more points shot down, one can safely conclude we have little chance attaching provisions for our cause to other bills. Any attempt to try to pass pro-legal legislation will likely meet strong opposition from the pro-undocumented lobby, not to mention the propaganda disseminated by NumbersUSA, Alipac and Co., IEEE etc etc who have managed to sneak in their provisions into CIR. Unless we can lobby stronger and dispel the myths perpetuated by these groups we face a very uphill battle. Recently these groups have been quoting a Tata executive saying that they pay their H1 workers lower wages than an American would receive. When the pro-legal immigrant groups fail to counter these accusations or fails to deny them, then they become accepted and give leeway to restrictionists to accept them as fact when they are not.

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  • fromnaija
    09-04 04:32 PM
    I would love to attend the rally. However my financial condition at this time does not permit me. I could have booked a ticket on my credit card but all my cards are max out!
    You want to know why I am in this financial deep hole? Well, I have two sons in college and paying out of state tuition, that is over $17,000 per semester for both of them.
    My wife on H4 could not work until now that she has an EAD. It is retrogression that I should blame and I would love to do all in my power to obtain relief or bring the issue to the attention of the American public.
    In my own way I have contributed to IV both in cash and in kind. I have told me story in countless media interviews. I only wish I could do more for IV financially but alas I am not able to do that at this time.
    I would be in the rally in spirit....only I wish I could attend in person.

    Please share what's on your mind! What is preventing you from wanting to attend? What will it take to change your mind? A lot of us are willing to work with you, donate money, transportation, housing, etc to get you to attend! Let us know and we will help make your trip easy, painless and even free. We just would love to have you! Please post on this thread or PM, we will make it work for you!!!


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  • snathan
    03-26 01:03 PM
    Just to add.... porting process is legit for EB-2 as well. EB-1 is current now. :p

    The Indian CRAB is the story of how a fisherman kept a basket with crabs, uncovered. When asked, he replied " They�re Indian Crabs - If one tries to climb out, the others will pull it back in, hence there�s no need for a lid "
    The Indian CRAB - Contribute - MSNIndia (

    You wont talk about this crap/crab if you are on the receiving end.

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  • gimme Green!!
    07-02 08:37 AM
    I am surprised that two of the biggest immigration law firms in the DC area have not been mentioned.
    Wonder why?

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  • desi3933
    03-21 07:17 PM
    I read it, not to redicule you but, look who is quoting murthy! :D :D

    Its convenient han!

    I do not want to go back and forth with you guys. I rest it and thanks for posting the link.

    There is a reason, I said read it and understand it. I don't think you have understood it.

    I was referring to the opinion letter by Efren Hernandez, Chief (at that time), Business and Trade Services Branch. How does it matter if it was response to a query by lawyer.

    Just because I don't agree with a lawyer on a particular issue, it does not mean that I have to disagree with all other issues as well. Do you think that attorney is correct all the time?

    The bottom line is that opinion letter is written by a USCIS officer and that I was referring it. And most important of all, you were proven wrong, again. That is the real reason of you being upset.

    Have a good day!

    Not a legal advice.
    US citizen of Indian origin

    02-13 04:47 PM
    If this could be pushed as admin fix, that could help a lot.

    In such difficult econonic downturn, this would probably give hope for people.

    09-20 11:08 AM
    Hello guys!

    I wanted to volunteer a thought that had been in my head, so I am basically thinking out loud here for a bit, just throwing this out there for your guidance, tell me if you think this is too aggressive, or even premature?

    I think we need another rally before the end of the year. There are 2 reasons:

    1- Presidential campaigns: After this Fall, presidential campaigns will be in full swing, and thus commanding all the attention of Congress, the media and the American public.

    2- Memory: People's memories are short. Now that we have the attention of the media and Capitol Hill, wouldn't it make sense that this is the time to redouble our efforts and push harder? If we wait, the iron might just cool off.

    Having said that, and as we know, a rally means a lot of money, a lot of work, a lot of dedication to organize. Yet, no one said our struggle was easy, and other people and groups who have gone through tough struggles have had to go through extraordinary lengths to achieve their goals.

    So, if we were to hypothetically hold a second rally this Fall, we could go for the "low-hanging fruit", i.e. we can hold the rally where the most of us live, such as Silicon Valley (and we know those folks really come through), we can plan to reach attendance to this event in the tens of thousands. I know we might not have enough time, and the people who worked so hard on the DC rally are probably exhausted. But, what if we just focus on an area where there are a LOT of us, and do a "no-frills" rally? Just get the police permits and show up. Our numbers will do the rest.

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