Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Honda Accord 2011 Coupe

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  • ramus
    07-06 12:10 PM
    Please change subject of this thread or close it . It seems like we have new visa bulltein from DOS..

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  • gc_on_demand
    04-30 03:07 PM
    ... King is happy with the current numbers. "Don't take the risk to go over the caps" he says...

    Why King is not understanding this is not over cap. These are unsed visa from past years.. Such a foolish politics.

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  • Junky
    09-12 08:23 AM
    Same loser MF AssHole give me a red with the remark. "gimme red!" for my following post

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  • glus
    08-12 09:51 AM
    I'm asking this question again. Can someone please respond?

    Uscis will mark it received on the 3rd. Anyway, what's the difference?


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  • desi3933
    09-15 04:30 PM
    That memo/document you pointed out is an interpretation. We have already said that USCIS's interpretation is incorrect. We intend to correct this interpretation with this lawsuit.

    Infact, it would be wrong to call this a lawsuit.

    We are aiming for an injunction (or a stay order) in step 1 of the lawsuit that would prevent USCIS from working on any interfiling/PD porting requests.

    If the injunction is with retroactive effect, all the EBs (not just EB3) who have ported their PDs will have their cases frozen. USCIS would not be able to work on them.

    The remainder of the lawsuit can take its sweet time... the injunction should serve the primary cause.

    Best of luck for your efforts for injunction order. BTW, How many, in past, such injunction orders have been issued against USCIS? That too, with retroactive effect!! That should give an idea how feasible this is.

    Just because you believe in something is NOT same as proving that in a court of law with legal basis and damages caused. You have to show both things - legal basis as well as damages caused to you.

    Good Luck again.

    Proud Indian-American and Legal Immigrant

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  • gc_rip
    09-01 02:13 PM
    Arrived in US Aug 99.

    Couple startups went down, and finally filed in EB3 category, PD Feb 2005.

    Current calculations, should have adjudication by Oct 2023.


    Surely, it's been a joke.


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  • mrajatish
    04-25 09:52 AM
    This makes a lot of sense and so does the fact that GC wait times for EB immigrants be considered as part of citizenship waittime after 140 is appoved. However, let us do this in parts, let us get the basics right before we build a castle.

    Without simple effective legislations like filing for 485, increase in total numbers etc, we are talking about inhuman suffering for everyone.

    I came in 1999, my friend came in 2000, he has GC, I am in 140 stage, is that fair, of course not. But then life is not fair in lots of things, and we got make things work for us.

    Let us concentrate on our agenda for the time being.

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  • danila
    07-25 08:40 AM
    As I already stated, it is proven beyond the point that DOL and USCIS has only the ability to count the numbers. They do not even know exactly how much labor is pending by country. The same is true for I140 as well.

    There is confusion even about how the count works. When your name is struck at FBI name check, it is not counted as backlog itself by USCIS anymore :( [I vaguely remember someone posting this quoting some reference from USCIS memo regarding reduction of processing times].

    This is why in many cases you see the sudden forward movement in PD followed by heavy retrogression. Historically those who got approved when the PD is moved forward are always lucky.


    It is mentioned in the Ombudsman report.


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  • 485Mbe4001
    08-15 11:50 AM
    True, once the people realize that they are close to GC they forget all tasks and move on to the other forums (R2I or USC or whatever) there are very few who actually stay on and help add this to the fact that most of the EB3-I's got fed up with the nonsense going on (most were only looking for a sounding board to voice their dismay, instead they were reminded of the caste system). So EB2's stop working because their PD is current and EBs stop because there is little hope/chance/help. We can dissect the VB as much as we want, the fact of the matter is that EB3 as a whole and EB3 (india &China) in particular are screwed big time. There is hope in the Logfren bills but the congress seems to have other 'important' issues to discuss.

    We should take the campaign to a new level move from individuals to involving groups and compaines. They have more money and power to make things move. EB3 & EB2 discussions will go on for ever, we can either decide to wallow in our sorrow or do something. Lets identify groups who can help us and write to them. Each EB should talk to his/her HR and ask them to write a letter to their congressman/Senator it will have a bigger impact.

    What are your thoughts?

    actually people are already complacent ..eb2 is in joy and waiting impatiently, eb3 people have given up hope and there is not much news from core. people may not like my post but that is the fact

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  • vrbest
    03-10 10:31 AM
    Chase, Union Savings bank, Wells Fargo & Citi. I think if the sales person(agent) talking to us is well informed about our status they will work with the underwriters to get the loan approved- since it helps on their commissions as well.

    vrbest, Who is your lender. Can you name the bank you worked with. It might help the some in this group. I have done a Mortgage and 2 re-fi in the past with no issues, but last time, I had issues with Bank of America, Wells Fargo and one other bank (don't remember name). The reason was being on AOS/EAD, They were fine with H1b, but did not understand what EAD / AOS is. It all depends on the underwriter and if he is not knowledgeable on the Visa issues, then you are done. You can't ask for an alternate underwriter. I was able to secure through a credit union though.


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  • lonedesi
    08-05 05:04 PM
    If you are one of those who has been waiting for I-140 approvals at TSC or NSC, please join this campaign. Please post a comment on this thread after you have mailed the letter & Form 7001.

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  • vdlrao
    07-11 08:16 AM
    I have expected EB2 India would move Fast but I didnt expect it would move like Super Fast. Really good for EB2. But the thing infront of us now is to work for EB3 INDIA and EB3 ROW.


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  • a_yaja
    06-12 04:28 PM
    IV friends ,
    Last week my lawyer has asked for copy of Driving License of me and my wife for filing the H1-B and H4 extension.

    Then one of my friend told me that INS is asking for copy of the driving license for filing the h1-B extension.

    My employer is supposed to file my 3 year Extension based on I-140 in Dec this year( Dec 2007) but my Licences expires on Sept 2008, So I will I be just getting the extension till Sept 2008 and Not 3 year extension.

    Any Idea on that
    I have already submitted my driving license to my lawyer.
    Please Let me know because I was couting on that I will get 3 year extension this time.
    Ask your lawyer why the driver's license is required? Passport is an accepted form of identification. Either your lawyer is ignorant(time to get a new lawyer?) - or he is taking you for a ride (he will milk you/ your employer for more money when extension time will come again).

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  • Milind123
    09-14 01:05 AM
    The last sixth round and this seventh round is to encourage people, who beleive in IV, to contribute their first Ben Franklin ($100). I still need 3 people to close this round. I absolutely positively confirm that this is the last time I am going to single you out.

    Looking at the last few posts, I think I am talking to myself. Time to go to sleep. Good night. People on the west coast, please help to keep this thread on the screen by bumping it.


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  • Macaca
    09-14 01:05 PM
    Bush Counting on Tougher Enforcement To Carry Revived Bill (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showpost.php?p=89800&postcount=475) By DAVID ROGERS (david.rogers@wsj.com) | The Wall Street Journal, June 25, 2007
    High-Tech Titans Strike Out on Immigration Bill (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showpost.php?p=89882&postcount=481) By ROBERT PEAR (rpear@nytimes.com) | New York Times, June 25, 2007
    Revised Bill to Add Fuel To Immigration Debate (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showpost.php?p=90213&postcount=492) By DAVID HALL (david.hall@wsj.com) |THE WALL STREET JOURNAL,
    June 25, 2007

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  • satishku_2000
    07-05 11:45 PM
    Worked over the weekend so that they can relax for 5 more years ...and collect those inflated fees ..disgusting ....


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  • hpandey
    07-11 11:15 AM
    CIR is the Worst thing on the planet for the legals.

    Girish - CIR was meant to help the illegals not us folk. I hope we never have to see CIR again . It would just mean millions more ahead in line whereas we who have been waiting for years will be sent to the dustbin.:mad:

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  • bkam
    04-26 11:44 AM
    When you apply for permanent residency in a developed country, you have to cover certain criteria and then you get the approval prior to entering the country. This criteria may include job invitation from a local company (New Zealand recent approach) etc but the point is that the relationship between the potential immigrant and the country-recipient are clear.

    The situation in the US is different - you come here to work temporarily only and you must state that you will return back upon expiration on your visa. On the other hand, there is an option to apply for permanent residence but it is not guaranteed - it is only a possibility.

    OK, I can live whit this approach. But when applying for a GC and would like to BE ABLE TO GET REPLY IN A RESONABLE PERIOD OF TIME - 2-3 months, not 3-4 years ! If approved, I would like to BE ABLE TO GET MY GC IN A REASONABLE PERIOD OF TIME - 6-12 months, not another 5-6 years ! Than I can take a decision what to do and where to go.

    I also do not mind to pay for SS and Medicare. That is OK as long as I get these money back if I do not became a permanent resident/citizen of this country. And I should get it back with an average market interest rate for those 6-7 years. Same if I would have invested them in bonds or so.

    That is a fair approach ! Why I have to state that I am coming here temporarily only and then be forced to pay for SS and Medicare ? Because I am retarded and do not understand what is going on ?!

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  • tcsonly
    11-10 08:37 PM
    Count me in. I am in Pasadena, Los Angeles county.


    04-01 12:10 PM
    It is time now we ask USCIS about this information. More than DOS or DOL it is the USCIS who has all this information in their bags like how many applications they have from high chargeability countries, of which year and which categories. So we stop predicting and be ready for the real....
    With all the revenue and system they have, do you think this is so tough to streamline? I doubt.

    They can, at the minimum, have the cases in sequence, process per FIFO, control PD movements logically. The minimum they can do, easily.

    07-06 01:08 PM
    According to the State Department, from October 1, 2006 through May 30, 2007, the USCIS requested and was authorized the total EB visa numbers of 66,426. Between June 1 and the first few days of July (?), the USCIS requested and was authorized over 60,000 EB visa numbers, in approximately one month. Since it has been made clear by the USCIS that during the last weekend of June (2 days) the USCIS approved 25,000 EB 485 applications, apparently over 40,000 visa numbers were requested and authorized before the weekend. Obviously the 60,000 plus cases must thus have been approved (?) in one month

    Source: http://www.immigration-law.com/

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