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  • ak27
    12-01 08:57 AM
    You are right about utilizing this time to increase skill portfolio. I have done it and many folks like us may doing it. But, it does not help in improving our situations because we are tied to our current jobs and employers which inhibits us from taking advantage of additional educations and skills.. However, people waiting for GC and are in last leg of GC journey should certainly consider it.

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  • forever_waiting
    03-25 01:26 PM
    Not many goodies this time..thats what all the analysts/experts seem to be predicting.

    Spillover will start happening in 75 days. Wait is getting reduced by the day.

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  • GCBy3000
    07-19 09:50 AM
    Yes, I used to say like this five years back when I had time and age in my hand. I assume you are in early or mid 20's. I will put it differently for you.

    Assume there is a big pond which starts from 1 feet and gradually increases up to 100 feet. People with one year work experience steps 0.5 feet. There are life jackets(GC) floating around the pool and whoever is lucky is picking it up. There are guys like me who are already in 5th-6th feet deep without finding the lifejacket, but we are sure if we go further, may be 3-4 feet more we WILL find it. There are guys who are lucky to find a life jacket at 1,2,3 feet also and happily float to the shore passing us. The fifth feet guy is practically seeing how the 6th and 7th feet guys are struggling. May be they are seeing some one in 8 feet to 10 feet. Now a big Tsunami (retrogression) comes and drags all the jackets 20 feet down further. These guys are dejected and some of these guys even pull their spouse/kids in one hand when they float/swim.

    Dont forget, it takes one year to step 0.5 feet. Every year the pond management drops a fixed number of jackets. These guys keeps their hope alive based on the above fact. But these guys are seeing some kids passing in motorboat(LC Substitution) paying that guy 10K and getting a life jacket. Hmm pain, but even if I had a chance I would have also done it.

    Now comes your saying. When the deepest s...t guys talks about their fate down the line and how to take their family safe ashore, a guy at 0.5/1 feet shouts saying "Dont give up, it is like deciding to take a sanyas because you are tired of dealing with social issues".

    If you are in 5+ feet, I take your statment. Otherwise, you will not understand what I am trying to say until you reach 5+ feet without finding a life jacket and also pulling your family in one hand and seeing your seniors struggling more in 8+ feet. :)

    NOTE: BTW, no offense. I thought to express what I am saying in different way. I understand what you meant. Cheers.

    I think that going back to your home country ONLY because you feel overwhelmed by the delays in GC processing/retrogerssion (assuming you are quite content in your job and standard of living) is not a good idea. Especially true in the event that you and your family experience difficulties in adjusting professionally and socially after returning back. Chances are you might soon get a feeling of having taken a wrong decision in the heat of the moment, especially if the guys who stay back and ride this retrogression storm see some relief while you are still trying to adjust to the changed environment of your home country. You may even get tempted to come back and give the GC thing another shot but then you have to start at square one again.

    Going back to home country only because of the shortcomings of GC process is like deciding to take a sanyas because you are tired of dealing with social issues. I belive a decision to renounce something should only come from a position of strength. A true jogi is one who understands the triviality of society and decides to rise above it...not the one who denouces it because he can't deal with it.

    As the saying goes..its darkest before the dawn...I truely hope this is the case for all of us here...

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  • walking_dude
    09-22 12:43 PM

    Those who had real genuine reasons will attend next time. Those feeling guilty of not attending, contribute 100, 200 whatever....[ I'm not at all pushy here, just requesting] that'll help IV more than posting your reasons. IV core are not "Agony Uncles" or "Agony Aunts" to counsel us on our personal problems or guilt issues!

    Don't get me wrong, I sympathize with those who had backpain, who were forced by the bosses etc. There is NOTHING IV CAN DO ABOUT IT (real genuine reasons). For those complaining about money, there was a thread on IV to sponsor tickets, provide accomodations etc. Why didn't you use those?

    So whoever posts their "Confession" next, please sweeten it by showing you've done your penance - by posting details of your latest contribution to IV, done to atone your absence. That way, it will it help you get over your guilt (if you really have it), and also shutup those who question your genuineness.

    if the movers of this thread have no objection i would like to close it.
    i hope though in the meanwhile we can turn the discussion to more productive directions. there is much to be done yet.


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  • senthil1
    05-31 03:09 PM
    Last few lines of this artice is clear about Senate mood. Even IV wants to lobby sepeately for gc numbers IV has to come up with reasonable numbers based on requirement. Arbitary numbers or blanket exemptions will have more chance for failure.

    But unless they can prove that they system is not currently being abused, and unless they can come up with specific figures for the number of visas required, they will have a hard time persuading lawmakers that the cap needs to be raised beyond the current proposal of 115,000.

    What you are saying is a high level picture of what the lawmakers think.

    Instead of asking reasonable numbers asking for no cap.
    True that the tech companies are not comming up with a cap because they believe by saying this, they might be restricted for many years to bring in extra people if they have an opening.

    Before dot com bust even lot of US citizens welcomed H1b persons as there was not much layoffs. But past 7 years layoffs increased to outsource to India,China and other countries. For that they have to hire H1b and L1 persons from Countries mainly India. Those things made anti immigrants hardened their stand. US workers fear that they may lose job if US opens up immigration too much.

    How did the anti-immigrants get a upper hand on this. They are allowing illegals to get an easy path to citizenship.. this will cause a huge influx of people who will benefit the economy but down the line their children will take up the jobs of the americans.. so why a benefit to illegals.

    Now you would say that there are so many companies lobbying for the illegals,
    true but why don't they listen to the tech lobbyist who are few in number but asking what is actually,legally, abide rulles ly necessary to increase the economy.

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  • ZeroComplexity
    09-21 06:11 PM
    I wanted to attend but I have pretty much exhausted all my vacation. 2 more days will be pushing it.

    Also, the flight schedules to fly from Portland Oregon to D.C is so ridiculous that it takes a whole day away in flying.

    Will definetely attend a rally in the east coast, or better yet will help organize one.


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  • kshitijnt
    06-11 05:23 PM
    The frustration of EB3 folks is very visible and I might get a bad rap for my post. But I wanted to share a few thoughts , if you will:

    I fully sympathize with EB3I folks. Of all, you have been waiting longest. But were you really expecting a miracle in this Visa bulletin? Or are you more upset now that EB2 has moved forward significantly and EB3 has not? This is not a criticism , just a question.

    Secondly, given the reality, I would say with lobbying etc, let me advise you that you ask your employer to start processing EB2 application for you and then use PD porting. With number of years you have spent in current job, I would advise you try and impress on your employer to do this urgently. If this does not work out, I would say you can look for another job. (This would apply to those who are in permanent job and not paying out of their pocket for GC). I mean with so many years in the same job, you definitely qualify for promotion. If I were you, I would not take the corporate BS.

    It is also a matter of numbers. If you are the only EB3 person from your company then you are probably screwed, but if you have a few employees, then you network with them informally and then press as a "group" on your employer.

    I have always been a supporter of EB3 to EB2 porting and even when I was not current, I did not oppose it. While there are other avenues such as lobbying, lawsuits etc, it takes a lot of work and at the end of the day benefits are not really tangible. I would suggest you guys make full use of the door that is open, EB3-> Eb2 porting. It is in your hands to get this done.

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  • sapota
    09-19 08:43 PM
    Campaign contribution is the lubricant oil of politics (all pun intended - big oil is the biggest contributor to both parties).

    Strength of IV & the skilled immigrant community should translate to campaign dollars. If the skilled immigrant community is in powerful positions in big firms, they can influence company contributions. Same applies for companies (to be) founded by immigrants.

    We need to put our money where our mouth is.


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  • needhelp!
    02-12 11:49 AM
    Thanks mpadapa!

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  • indiandude
    10-19 05:41 PM
    Hi eb2_immigrant,

    Thank you for your information.

    Can anyone share their experience applying PIO in CGI Houston ?

    Thanks !


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  • jayram123
    09-20 12:52 PM
    While we are at discussing participation, a question I heard at DC comes to my mind. A member ( anil_sap?) asked another Texan member ( forgot name) - 'What takes you to become an Active member?'. To which my friend answered - 'Isn't he active alredy. He is here'.

    That made me think - is being active a nebulous concept. Who's is the real active member of IV? The Core and near-core that strategize, plan , co-ordinate and conduct the business? The guys subscribed to monthly payment but missed DC? Guys who were at DC but not monthly contributors? Guys who were there all 4 days? Guys who visited for a day? "Lunch-Break" agitators? Who is 'active' among these will depend on whom you ask!

    The following portion is in humor. Don't take it in bad spirit.

    I did a self-evaluation, and guess-what, I realized I was a different breed. A 'Know-Nothing' IV member!

    Being a IV member

    1) Do I know why was such a mass mobilization done on that particular day? Is it because there was a push for STRIVE act as speculated in the forums here? Or is it SKIL we are pushing?


    2) What is the criteria for getting selected for Lawmaker meetings? Why weren't some selected after following the USCIS-inspired process? ( inspired by Marks skit)

    Step 1 : Submit Labor petition E-IV-LOBBYDAY ( twice)
    Step 2 : Verification by Labor department (or is it Name check)
    Step 3 : Receipt Notice ( Talking Points)
    Step 4 : Waiting...
    Step 5 : Followup with RO (Rally Officer). You are still under Processing Time
    Step 6 : Waiting...
    Step 7 : More followup..
    Step 8 : Retrogression due to insufficient (visa) numbers


    3) Didn't some members from my state attend Lawmakers meetings? What was the result? Where they positive or negative about our cause? What should we do to followup with them?


    4) What does it takes to become an 'Active' member as defined by Anil? What will take for IV to trust a member enough to let him know of the purported plan for World-Domination? Or should we just remain content gossiping (with near-core members) and making our own guesses?


    5) Does my State chapter even exist as of today? Or is it an IV version of Flying Sphaggeti Monster, that we should worship without questioning?


    With so many 'KNOW NOTHINGS' to my credit, I feel like the member of a secret American political party in the time of the Whigs.

    Hey, You are one of the most sensible forum members I have come across. Keep up the good work and keep the posts coming. I was there at the rally and I agree 110% with you on everything you said above.

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  • shx
    07-27 07:31 PM
    H1B visa is meant to be for people with skills that are in shortage in the US. If any H4 feels that he/she should be able to work, he/she should get a H1B. I agree that it may be difficult for some H4s to find a sponsorer for H1B, because their skills are not in shortage in the US.

    Some spouses may join their H1B counterparts in the US, with an expectation that they will eventually get the GC and will be able to work, no matter what their skill set is. This is a reasonable expectation. So, blame the retrogression.

    I do not believe that H4s should ever be allowed to work. They just take away jobs of more skilled workers who are unable to get H1Bs and who are still in their home countries trying for one. Skill-less free riders!

    Now, please don't bash me with counter arguments!! ;)


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  • vdlrao
    07-15 11:10 PM
    There are some significant flaws in your analysis. If you correct them, the number comes to around 25K.

    First. The family spill over has to be applied to all categories. So the total number is 140,000 + 19,000.
    Second. You calculated EB1/2/3 gets 1/3 which is not correct. They use only 28.6% not 33.3% This makes difference.
    Third. The EB1+EB2 combined 70K already counted 9,800 visas for India. We should not add them again.

    According to USCIS/DOS testimonies they will usually end up using only 95% of total quota. They go conservatively because they must ensure that they won't use up even a single visa more than what law allows.So total available is approximately 159000*.95 = 151050
    Third. EB1, EB2, EB3 each will get 28.6%. Not one third (33.3%). That makes lot of difference. So each category will get around 43,200.
    EB4 and EB5 combined will get around 21,449

    Now again, going by statistics and your assumptions that EB1 and EB2 takes up 70K and EB4, EB5 takes up around 10K. The unused visas are

    ((43,200*2)+21,449) - (70,000+10000) = 27849.

    So the total EB2 visa usage will be around 70K + 25K =95K.

    Based on your calculation its 27849 additional visas + 1/3 of 9,800 (=3,266) = 31115 for EB2 India for 2008 fiscal year and the coming years ahead.

    So this is almost 10 times more visas for EB2 India. So EB2 is going to be fixed for the time being.

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  • tawlibann
    06-25 04:44 PM
    They hushed up and approved my EAD in 20 days. Why ???? 'cos So they don't hit Jun'30 and give 2 years. They wanted to milk another 680 from me so they hushed up and sent me the 1 year EAD in 20 days.

    Well.. :) Look at it from the positive side. It may also mean that your I-485 application is going to take less than a year to approve. (According to USCIS, 2-year EADs are going to be issued only to applicant whose I-485 approval is expected to take a very long time, e.g. more than a year.)


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  • H4_losing_hope
    03-03 01:37 PM
    Scored 20 more over the weekend, thank you Adam!!!!!

    new total 257

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  • anilsal
    11-08 11:54 AM
    buddy I dont know if you watched chris matthews last night interviewing many dems who won. Several mentioned immigration reform as part of their mandate

    I watched msnbc throughout and every dem interviewed mentioned immigration reform. I do not think in public speeches Nancy and Hillary mentioned imm.

    The thing is with the new majority, we should see some activity on imm as a whole.


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  • grupak
    07-14 04:14 PM
    Lot of us are happy with the new VB but the call campaign continues. Its very important. We still have lot of work to do.

    We have to get the 3 immigration bills introduced with bi-partisan support.

    Did you watch Lofgren video?

    Start watching from about 6 1/2 minutes.

    Lets keep this thread on top.

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  • pathmaker
    09-20 01:19 PM
    Any thoughts on organizing rallys state capitals ?

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  • franklin
    09-27 12:34 PM
    Your application will be processed until the stage where a visa number is needed to adjudicate your case. Since EB3 (am assuming here) ROW is not current. Your app will wait until visa numbers for your category becomes current. In other words, your last sentence may be true. But not if you become vocal about your plight and fight for it through activism (i.e by supporting Immigration Voice).

    Exactly correct - if your pd is no longer current, your application will still progress. If all goes well, it will then fall into the "approved pending visa availabilty" - ie when your pd becomes current again, it will quickly be granted. This phenomenon is how uscis managed to approved so many applications from may onwards this year, there was a queue within a queue, so to speak :)

    Back to the numbers game - what I was trying to say is, regardless of what the total numbers of pending applications are (because no one really knows - we can have best guesses), and not taking into count the country caps, the main issue is effciency of processing. The country quotas could disappear, and the overal limit couyld be increased, but without reforming the actual processing side the speed of approval will not change.

    07-06 12:30 AM

    11-10 04:50 PM
    Are we/employees really supposed to know all the steps involved in the approval of GC process (Perm, 140/EAD/485 etc.)?

    I work for one of the fortune 100 companies, to my surprise, none of my European colleagues is aware of all the GC process. All they do is just provide documents what ever the HR department asks for. They don’t pay from their pocket for GC (ideally correct). None of them has clue about priority date etc….they get communicated by the HR department about their GC process.

    So putting your case in perspective. I am assuming that the HR department would just hand over the GC to the employee. Neither the HR (I think) nor the employee (definitely) would worry about the PD being current.

    Ideally if a law firm is point of contact for a petition, what would they do? Would they go back to USCIS and tell them that the GC is approved by mistake? I don’t think so but some one can confirm if they had experience otherwise.

    I agree we are not suppose to know the details and that's exactly why we have attorneys. HR follows intructions from their attorneys on immigration matters. I work for one of the BIG three in Detroit. I had no clue about PD related laws and stuff; it's my attorney who pointed it out to my HR and my HR came to me and said you need to talk to so and so (attorney), you have a special case....

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