Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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  • piperwarrior
    07-23 04:16 PM
    I got the e-mail today as well. My PD is Sep 2005 and my I-485 receipt date was Sep 30, 2005.

    They indeed are clearing up the pipes, so the situation is not as horrible as it seems to be. A pd of 2004 is considered "old" so as soon as visa nos become available in october, they would be the first ones to get approved.

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  • eb3_nepa
    07-05 01:19 PM
    People Instead of "PREDICTING" what will happen in Oct 2007, Call and FAX Now!!

    My local Congressman's office was very sympathetic and will look into it. Unless you make a noise, no one will hear you or even care.

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  • Eb3_frustrated
    04-25 02:22 PM

    There is too much curbing of free speech, you admins are taking a heavy handed approach to discussions. Deleting posts at will, diverting topics at whims and fancies...

    Let there be discussins, there is nothing wrong in floating ideas.. allow members to express. Not every idea needs to be implemented.

    This sort of arrogance is not going help anybody's cause.

    Just my two cents...

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  • pappu
    08-28 10:56 AM
    since this last month has been one of the most frustrating in terms of any movement from any standpoint...thought i d write another op ed
    Where is my Ellis Island?

    IV member

    Thank you very much for your effort. IV team is working on getting op-eds published.


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  • h1techSlave
    10-01 10:27 AM
    EB limits�The 1990 Act specifies that the worldwide limit on EB preference immigrants is equal to 140,000 plus unused FS-preference visas in the previous year.

    What can we do, so that USCIS does not really issue that many FS category visas during 2007 - 2008?

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  • ys2jax
    07-06 08:39 AM
    here is the link

    I cannot believe CNN is completely ignoring this story which appeared in NYT, WSJ, FORBES and a 100 other newspapers

    there was a serious security lapse in issuing green cards, FBI Security check was bypassed, the USCIS might have given the visa to even terrorists.

    why is CNN completely turning a blind side to this story, i am appalled by the CNN staff who choose to ignore this story.


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  • Pineapple
    01-06 09:17 PM
    If you have a cogent argument, you can present it. It will be judged by its merits.

    Ad hominem arguments and irate calls to close the thread do not go a long way in proving your point (as much as I can make out there is one in the first place)

    You seem to be a guy from north India who dislikes anything remotely connected to south, or probably you are envious of the strides that south India has taken, anyways I do not care what YOU or Wadhwa says about the quality of education in some parts of the world.

    I do not know how this discussion is going to help our cause.

    Moderators, please close this thread. This thread has potrayed India in bad light to the rest of the world and has given enough ammunition to anti immigrants.

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  • sinhakavinash
    07-26 03:44 PM
    I think it will be based on the receipt date because if we look at the Service Center Processing Dates, they mention "Now Processing Cases with Receipt Notice Date of".

    Any suggestions??


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  • anantc
    09-08 12:07 PM
    Yes. Is there any Legislation/or anything that can be worked on to make it a Law for getting Citizenship application eligibility after 5 years (or 6 years considering time to process fingerprint/medical/etc..) of I-485 application Provided, it is been Pending for years becoz of Visa-Unavailability from state.
    Does any one among the Core IV committee aware or any such point?

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  • gondalguru
    07-11 02:19 PM
    "Demand for numbers will result in the Employment Third preference Other Worker category reaching the annual FY-2008 numerical limit. As a result, this category will become �unavailable� beginning in August and will remain so for the remainder of FY-2008. Such action will only be temporary, however, and the Employment Third preference Other Worker cut-off date will return to 01JAN03 in October, the first month of the new fiscal year."

    Question is how long will it stay 01Jan03?

    My PD is feb 03 :mad:

    Not too long hopefully. With new year quota it might move to Feb 03 very soon.


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  • dtekkedil
    09-13 10:01 PM
    Paypal Confirmation Number: 7GT536924Y063193D

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  • coopheal
    07-11 10:00 AM
    Congrates EB2.
    Hope 2008-2009 is better for EB3


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  • pitha
    07-19 04:09 PM
    Guys please enroll for recurring contributions. Its for our own good. Please dont sit under the misconception that since we applied for 485 and we get EAD we might be ok. you are not safe until you have the green card in your hand. durbin, grasley, ron hira are out there to get you, I wont be surprised if they come after EAD once they are done with H1. Please contribute to IV so that we can work on the next leg on the process, be it SKIL or visa number recapture or whatever comes but to do that IV needs money, please contribute so that we can build on the momentum. Junior members, news members you are the new blood please come forward and contribute. To existing members please think about increasing the recurring contribution amount.

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  • jonty_11
    12-13 02:04 PM
    I think there are many ways to look at it. Doing Free service , yes it is a form of Gandhigiri, but will that cause the lawmakers to recognize us and pass laws in favor o fus..I do not think so.

    I think our situation is no different than people in South Africa in Gandhian times. How Gandhi fought for them is by writing and writing and pestering the Authorities to reduce unfair taxes on Indians in SA and to solve other problems they had like cannot ride in the same Trains/cars as Whites etc...., fighting for their rights in a Vocal but Non Voilent - non aggressive approach.

    We, in this post , have equated Gandhigiri with - divide ur attention - Go Do MBA- be occupied with something else while u are retrogressed, furthur ur career/skills,,,etc I do not think that is what Gandhigiri is about i.e. doing something for the self, but instead do it for the community. In this case IV is our community and its leaders are doing the right thing for our cause and if we continue to support that by adding members, funds we will do a fair bit of gandhigiri towards our cause.


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  • DreamGC
    07-15 07:38 PM
    Just sent my high five via billpay

    EB3-I (Jan-2007)

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  • lonedesi
    06-19 03:14 PM
    IV Core, please help members like us whose applications are pending at the Atlanta PERM Processing Center. In spite of officials informing that they will reassign their staff to process PERM applications a month back, there seems to be no progress so far. Please help us get out of this mess as our applications have been pending at this center for few months now. We would like to take this opportunity to apply for the next two stages while PD are current. By the way, I had an old case at BEC and got an approval. I just changed my job and reapplied through PERM, and then all of a sudden PD became current. I have been in this mess for 5 years now. It was just an unfortunate timing of my job change that screwed me up.
    People from Chicago center have been getting quick approvals and are able to submit their I-140 & I-485 documents right away. But just because we live & work in the East coast, we are getting screwed. I don't think this is fair on part of DOL to penalize us because of our location. IV Core, please, help us.


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  • chi_shark
    02-23 01:38 PM
    Here start the fresh round of stories. Now we will hear many stories like this but don't know what to believe until it actually happens. I just hope (and pray) that what you said is true and Govt start treating legals and illegals separately.


    So, did anyone else hear anything similar? i am VERY excited about this... but dont know anything about what to make of it... maybe he was just saying it because my face looked tense?????? ha ha ha... no seriously, i dont know what to make of him and his information...

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  • Hope_GC
    07-18 01:33 PM
    Scheduled a Recurring $50 Payment monthly...

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  • vkxml
    07-05 12:21 PM
    I suggested this other day - nobody responded. Please anyone attending TANA can you please contact organizers and see if they can arrange couple minutes of Hillary's time to highlight this issue.
    This is the website for Tana

    Following are the members associated with it. Can anyone get in touch with them.

    Dr. Bandla Hanumiaiah
    (248) 470 1630

    Dr.Yadla Hema Prasad
    (301) 801-6973

    Jayaprada Valluripalli
    Deputy Co-ordinator
    (301) 869-9590

    Satish Vemana
    Regional Vice President - East
    (703) 731-8367

    07-18 01:44 PM
    Contributed $100 and will sign up for monthly contrbution.

    Thanks again IV and all members.

    02-24 10:49 AM
    I don't know if anyone of you has ever gotten on a rush hour train in mumbai. But before leaving for the US, a wise man told me that going to the US is like getting on a train in Mumbai, it's a struggle to get in. You'll have to push, shove, maybe stand on the footboard for a while. But once you get in, hold on tight until you get to your station. That's the philosophy I apply to all of this green card mess. I will hold on tight until my station comes.

    My personal opinion is that the US is really not that unfair when it comes to immigrants. All the complaining that we do about unfairness, we do because we hold the US to American standards. We expect justice, effeciency, fairness that is expected of the US of A. We would not even have a chance to complain in most other countries (such as the middle-east, asia and to some extent Europe), because we would quite simply agree that we are always foreigners in those lands, no matter how long we live there, and that our rights as foreigners are limited.

    Despite not having a GC, I have never felt like a foreigner here (I grew up in a bunch of countries, so I think I have a a few points of reference). I don't think having a GC will change anything. I can buy property and invest, work as I like, drive a car, speak my mind, pretty much do anything an american can.

    We all seem to think GC is a magic bullet that solves all our problems. But in my observation, I have seen people languish in middling careers even after getting a GC, and I have seen people shoot up in their careers, or start successful businesses on H1B. GC might make things easier, but it certainly will not ensure success.

    All of us are intelligent, enterprising risk-takers. I say risk-takers because setting up life in a new country is always fraught with risk. And we have taken that path. So we must accept all the ups and downs that come with it.

    So my friends, if you're on the train, hang tight till your station comes. If you're planning to jump off mid station make sure you jump off in the direction of the train. :)

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